The Niece Ch. 04

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When we woke the next morning, we kissed and began our regular routine. Breakfast, work and then home again. We didn’t have much chance to talk during the daytime hours but finally in the evening we relaxed in the living room, cuddled on the couch and watched a little T.V. I didn’t want to push the subject of Alyssa and how turned on Cary had been last night. I just wanted her to mull it over in her mind for a while. She was the one that finally broached the subject.

“Don. Last night was fantastic! I was so turned on pretending it was Alyssa doing all those things to me and eating my pussy. Not being able to see forced me to imagine it was her doing it all. It was hot!”

“I’m glad you liked it.” I told her. “I bet you’d really enjoy it if it were really her doing it, wouldn’t you?” I asked. “I don’t know if she is really into girls or not, but the thought of you two together really got me going. I was as hard as a rock pretending to be her. The only reason I didn’t fuck you afterwards was because I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy. Last night was for you.” I said. “I could tell how turned on you were by how you were writhing on the bed and grasping the sheets. When you came, you came in buckets. My face was drenched! If given the chance, do you think you would really enjoy being with her? Playing with her body as she plays with yours? Eating her out like she did you last night?”

“I don’t know Don. Until we went into that store I’d never really thought about being with another woman. It was a real turn on to think it was her doing all that to me though. But, I don’t know if I could actually let it happen. I mean, I’ve never touched another girl sexually before and I don’t know if I’d like going down on another woman. I love sucking a nice hard dick though!” As she said this, she reached for me and cupped my groin through my pants and then began to unbuckle my belt.

“I think you’d be good at it, being with another woman. You know what women like. Just do what you like to have done to you! As far as eating her, I bet you’d be a natural! You already have an idea of what it tastes like because we almost always kiss after I’ve eaten you and last night my whole face was drenched with your come. You didn’t seem to mind it at all!”

When she had my pants undone I raised up and she helped me push them and my underwear down to my ankles. Cary cupped my scrotum with one hand and began to gently fondle my testicles. She held my half-hard cock with her other hand and began to stroke it. It didn’t take long for me to get completely hard. When she thought I was as hard as I could get she looked up at me with a smile and said: “You did make me come really hard last night and you didn’t even come at all! I think it’s time I evened the score, don’t you?” With that, she dropped her head down and took almost my whole seven inches into her mouth. The feel of her hot, moist mouth on my cock forced me to drop my head back and moan. She began to suck it and use her tongue around the shaft as she lifted her head up and took me completely out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“I love this beautiful cock of yours. It’s so big and hard.” She bent down and swirled her tongue around the head. I grabbed her long blonde hair and held it up so I could watch what she was doing to me. “I’m going to suck it and lick it and take it deep until you’re deep in my throat. When I’m done and you come, I want you to fill my mouth with your come!” She again took me into her oral heaven and began to bob her head up and down. I could see her lips stretched to accommodate my shaft as she bobbed up and down on me. She used her tongue to stroke the underside and when I was almost all the way out she’d use it to tickle the little bundle of nerves just below the crown. I was in ecstasy! She turned her head sideways and began to tongue the underside of my shaft licking from the crown down to the beginning of my scrotum and back, watching my expression as she worked on me.

“Oh, fuck Cary!” I moaned. “That feels sooo good! Suck that cock girl! You’re sucking it so good!” She went lower and took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked on it, then did the other before resuming her work on the shaft. I splayed my legs as wide as I could to give her more room. When she worked her way back to the top she licked across the head like it was an ice cream cone and dabbed the tip of her tongue into my slit. I just about jumped off the couch at that! She just smiled a bit and took me deep. When she went as far as I thought she could she just pressed on until she began to gag. I felt her throat contract a bit. She pulled up and immediately went back down, then removed her hand and kept going until her lips were tight against my pubic hair. Still gagging a bit, she swirled her tongue around the base of my hardness and licked her way up again. I could see tears start to form in her eyes, but she just took a deep breath and went back down and took me deep again, swirling her tongue as she went. I couldn’t help but moan and grab escort kartal her hair tighter.

It’s hard to describe in words the sensations she was giving me and the sight of her taking my hard cock all the way into her throat! She wasn’t just sucking my cock. She was making love to it! The feelings she was giving me and the determination on her face made me fall deeper in love with my beautiful niece. This beautiful cock sucking woman was working so hard to give me pleasure and she really seemed to be enjoying doing it! Every time she took my cock into her throat I’d moan and grab more hair until I was close to coming. She seemed to sense that I was getting really close and just before I exploded she pulled off and squeezed the base of my cock.

Gasping for breath I said; “Fuck Cary. What are you doing? I’m so close!”

“I know. But I want to completely drain your balls of that delicious come they’re holding for me. I want to give you a taste of the pleasure you gave me last night.” With that she took me deep again. I just threw my head back and moaned. I was so close! She bobbed her head up and down and I knew I wouldn’t be long.

I grabbed her head and pulled it down as I started to thrust my hips up, literally fucking her face. “Take it Cary! Take it! Here it comes!” I moaned at her. Thrusting up again I pulled her head down forcing my cock deep into her throat. I could feel my cock swell as my seed worked its way up the shaft and just as the first thick rope of come blasted out Cary started to pull back until just the head was locked in by her lips. “Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ahh! Aghhh! COMING!” I screamed at her.

The first spirt was a big one and she started to swallow as the second one hit the back of her throat. Three, four five major shots of come filled her mouth. She kept swallowing with her lips tightly sealed around my shaft as I kept pumping my seed. I could still feel my muscles contracting even after I was completely drained. Finally, I released my hold on her head but she kept my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking me as it began to shrink.

I was completely drained of come and my body was like a limp noodle. I slumped back against the couch and slid down. My deflated cock popped out of her mouth. I could hardly breathe and was gasping for air, my hands limp at my sides as she kissed her way up my deflated shaft. With one last kiss on the top she looked up at me, licked her lips and smiled. “That was fun! Did you enjoy it?”

“Ohhh, my, God!” I gasped. “I can’t move. I have no strength left!” I told her.

“Good. I’m glad, but I want more. When you can finally gather the energy, meet me in the bedroom. I’m going to fuck your brains out!” With that she stood up and as she slowly walked towards our shared bed she began to undress. By the time she reached the doorway she was wearing only her birthday suit. She stopped, leaned her arm against the door frame, looked back at me and smiled. She swiveled her hips at me, blew me a kiss and walked into the darkened room.

I just sat slumped on the couch for a moment and though about what was waiting for me on the other side of the doorway. Visions of my hard cock sliding into that tight, wet pussy caused my deflated cock to twitch. Then the thought of that hard cock prying open her back door and sliding deep into her ass started to really make it grow! As I got off the couch and started to walk to the bedroom, I stripped my own clothes off and by the time I reached the doorway I was again as hard as a rock!

With only the flickering light from the T.V. to illuminate the bedroom, I looked in to see Cary laying on the bed watching me with her legs spread wide. With one hand she was pulling and twisting one of her nipples. Her other hand was busy between her legs, rubbing between her wet lips and then circling her hard-little clit. Between deep breaths she said; “Come fuck me Don. I need your cock in me. NOW!”

As I walked towards the bed she grabbed her legs behind the knees and spread herself even wider, holding herself open for me. I could see she was ready. More than ready! The lips of her sex were pulled apart and coated with wetness. She was so wet some of it had worked its way down and glistened in the flickering light around her puckered anal ring. I climbed on the bed, grabbed my hard cock and lined it up with her slit and drove it in completely with one thrust. As I bottomed out in her pussy Cary threw her head back, pulled her legs back even more and grunted. “Yeeeesssss! I love your cock in me. It’s so big and deep!”

I just held myself deep in her savoring the feeling of her hot, moist pussy clamping down on my cock. I rocked my hips from side to side and pushed harder trying to get deeper. As I leaned down to kiss her I grabbed her legs behind the knees and pushed them back against her breasts and began to slowly pull back out. Keeping the same slow pace, I pushed back in. “Fuck me Don. Harder! Harder!” she ordered. I quickened my pace and began to slam into her maltepe escort hot cunt. I adjusted the angle and began to pound her, hard! “Yes! Yes!” she moaned. “Fuck my little pussy. Take it!” I could feel my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. Looking down I could also see that her pussy was gushing and the moisture was running down her perineum and coating her tight little sphincter before finally forming a wet spot on the bed. Oh, what a hot sight!

I kept fucking her as hard as I could, pulling out until just the head of my cock was in her and slamming back in. Every few strokes I’d slightly change the angle so I’d stimulate a different area inside her. Pushing her legs back further I must have been rubbing her G-spot with each stroke because she started to go wild, thrashing about on the bed. “YESSS! YESS! Right there! Don’t stop!” she hollered. A couple of more thrusts and she stiffened, her whole-body convulsing with her orgasm, her breathing stopped and her eyes rolled back. “Aaaagggghhhhhhhhh!” she moaned. Her pussy clamped down so hard it almost hurt to keep pumping it in her! She began to squirt, her come drenching us where we were joined together. As her orgasm began to subside she shivered like she was suddenly cold. I slowed my strokes to give her a chance to relax for a moment.

I leaned down to kiss and my cock slid out of her. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues dueled. She could hardly catch her breath as I kept rubbing my hardness between her soaked lips, sliding it across her distended clit. I held her open with my elbows locked behind her knees. I spread my knees further apart which allowed me to rub lower across her perineum. She realized what I was about to do to her and said; “Oh yea, Don. Fuck my tight little ass.”

“Hold yourself open for me.” I demanded. She locked her knees back with her elbows and spread her cheeks wide. I could see her puckered little ring being stretched as she pulled back. Taking my cock in my hand I lined myself up with it and pressed foreward until the tip of my cock was nestled against her most private opening.

“Do it Don. Fuck my ass!” I slowly began to press against her and watched as the crown forced its way slowly into her. I watched her face and saw her facial muscles tighten until the head of my invading cock popped in past her tight little ring. I stopped to allow her to get used to being stretched open. After a moment her facial muscles relaxed and she gave me a little nod. I pushed in some more and stopped. I pulled back out and then pushed in further, continuing until I was buried fully into her tight ass. When I could feel my balls slapping her spread cheeks I leaned up and kissed her again. “Crap! You feel like you’re in my throat you’re so deep! I feel so full.” She took a few tentative breaths and then said; “Fuck my ass, Don. I want to feel you come deep in my bowels.”

I pulled partially back and pushed in, pulling out further with each stroke until I was pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in. “Ohhh, yesss!” she moaned. “It feels good. Fuck me. Fill my ass with that beautiful cock!” She started to rub across her hard clit as I continued to fuck her in the ass. Her pussy was dripping, keeping my cock lubricated as she strummed her clit. Looking down I watched her hand move faster and faster. I could feel the beginnings of my own orgasm begin with a tingling in my perineum so I pumped harder and tried to go deeper. Cary was panting. “Yes! Yeesss! Coming! Coming!”

I felt her muscles tighten, her sphincter clamped down just as I was burying myself balls deep. When I felt her clamp down it triggered my own orgasm. I pushed against her ass as hard as I could and pumped load after load of my come deep into her bowels. “AAAaagggggghhhh!” I moaned. I pulled out just a tiny bit and slammed back in again and again with each shot of come, finally holding myself tight against her ass as my orgasm began to pass.

When it was over I slumped down on top of her. She let go of her legs and they fell to my sides. I could feel my cock begin to soften and as I reached up to kiss her it slipped out. Both of us lay there panting and kissing for a few moments, trying to catch our breath. Her sphincter was gaping open and the come I had just deposited slowly trickled out to drip down and add to the wet spot we had so recently created. I rolled off to her side and pulled her to me, hugging her tightly. “I love you Cary. When I’m with you I feel whole again. I feel like a man again, young again. You do things that I haven’t done with anyone else in ages.” I held her head in my hands and kissed her passionately. “There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do to make you happy.” I told her, and I meant it.

“Oh, Don. I love you too! When we’re together I am happy. I never thought I’d ever have to chance to be with you like this. When we’re out in public you treat me like a lady and I feel loved and protected. When we’re in bed, you make sure that I come first, and often! You’ve pendik escort bayan opened my eyes to things I’d never thought of before. You’ve taught me to trust you and lower my inhibitions. I had never thought about being with another woman until the other day and then you made love to me like you thought Alyssa would. I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard! And, I was always afraid of someone taking my ass. I thought it would really hurt! You made me feel so relaxed and I trusted you. When you fucked my ass that first time it barely hurt! You took your time and after a while I really liked it! Now, whenever you want it, you own it! Six months ago, if someone asked me if I were sleeping with my uncle I would have thought they were nuts! Now though, I would not want to be anywhere else or with anyone else. I love you too.”

We lay there for quite a while, kissing like teenagers, caressing each other and rolling around on the bed. After a number of times rolling through the wet spot we had created we decided it was time to get cleaned up. We changed the bedclothes and headed for the shower. We spent a lot of time cleaning each other thoroughly, kissing and playing and when we were done we climbed back into bed. We didn’t get much sleep that night and wound up making love a two more times during the night.

I awoke before Cary the next morning and decided to surprise her with breakfast in bed. I made some pancakes with butter and syrup, eggs, bacon, juice and coffee. I walked into the bedroom she was just waking up. She looked at me and saw what I had done and smiled. “Good morning my young lover. I made us some breakfast.” She sat up against the headboard and pulled the covers up to just below her breasts. I sat next to her and gave her a little kiss good morning. Then while she watched, I cut up the food and fed her the first bite. She looked for another fork to feed herself with and I told her; “No my love. I’m going to feed you this morning. You are my queen and this morning I am your humble servant.”

As you’d expect, some of the syrup dripped onto her breasts. She looked for a napkin to wipe it up but I again stopped her. “Here my lady. Let this humble servant clean that up for you.” I leaned over and ran my tongue across the drops of syrup. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and continued licking until I had taken one of her nipples into my mouth. She giggled as I began to nurse on her.

She was laughing and pushed me away. “Feed me servant before I waste away to nothing! I need my nourishment after being ravished through the night!” She looked so beautiful sitting in my bed and smiling up at me, it melted my heart. I decided then that I would do all I can while we were together to shower her with love and affection. There was no telling how long we would be able to be together like this and I wanted to do everything I could to please her- and me.

She had to work, so after getting fed in bed and teased by her humble servant she got ready for her day. I had the day off and began to formulate a plan that would turn us both on and broaden her horizons in the bedroom. She asked me what my plans were for the day and I told her my original plans were dashed because she had to work. She laughed and smiled. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll just go wander around and find something to do to occupy my time.” We kissed and she left for work.

A long time ago an old girlfriend and I had experimented with a little light bondage. I had purchased some handcuffs and blindfolds. We also used the kind of Velcro restraints that slid under the mattress in a pattern that enabled me to restrain her in various ways. I could either keep her arms above her head or stretched out to the sides. The bottom restraints allowed me to keep her legs spread eagle or if I slid them up a bit, I could attach them around her knees and pull her legs up against her torso. I had no idea what had happened to them over the years, but I knew that I wanted to try that with Cary. I also thought I’d stop by the lingerie store to see if Alyssa was working. I had a few questions I wanted to ask her.

My first stop was at an adult book store I had been to before. It wasn’t one of the sleazy ones you’d find in the wrong side of town, it was more upscale and offered a wide variety of items for every taste. It was a lot like the Dr. Mueller’s Sex shops I had been to while stationed in Germany. Clean, well-lighted and friendly but discreet staff. Greeted as I walked in, I walked around a bit and finally went to the salesman and described the restraints I was looking for. He directed me to the correct isle and I picked up a set of handcuffs and I was even able to find the same type of under the mattress restraints I was familiar with. Next, I went over to the toy section. If you’ve never been to a place like this you would be shocked at the selection of toys they have. Even after having been in a few of these shops I’m still amazed! I picked out a vibrator that was shaped like a penis and about the same size as I am. I also picked up a small training sized butt plug. I wanted to get a few other things but I thought better of it and didn’t want to push Cary too far too fast. I paid for my purchase and the salesman smiled and told me to have fun as I left. I assured him I would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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