The Operation

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A semi-true story believe it or not. I made up a few things and some I forgot.


The Trio

The start of this story was so unbelievable that I just had to write it down. A long, long time ago I was in my 20’s and working as a scrub tech in a big hospital. Everybody was always asking me what exactly does a “scrub tech” do. Well I worked in an operating room with surgeon’s sort of like a registered nurse but I was not a RN. I basically passed the various instruments, held back the various body parts and made the surgeon look good. The job was good and I learned a lot about the human body. I had done the job in the Air Force for a few years and when I got out I kept doing it. I worked the 2nd shift, 3-11. This in my opinion was the best shift. We got any and all emergency’s and they were all different. The city we lived in did have its share of violence but my hospital didn’t get any of that. There were weeks where I worked from the time I showed up until way past my shift was over. Then there were times where we were done by 6pm and had to start sending people home to save the powers that be money. Overall we had a great group of people RN’s and scrub techs combined.

One night it was slow and they were looking to send people home “on-call” (we would call them back if something major came in) and I volunteered to leave early. A nurse I had been crushing on also volunteered to leave early but she didn’t have a ride home. I being the gentleman offered to give her a ride home and she accepted.

Now the locker room for the woman was in the day surgery unit across the hall and the men’s was right near the main surgical unit. Now due to needing to move patients all over the floor, there are doors that connect everything. So, I made my way to the women’s locker room going a different way than most folks and I arrived before my crush. Her name was Tanya. A tall brunette with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a figure that would stop traffic. I waited by the door when she came to change.

“Well aren’t you eager to get going” she smiles at me as she pushes the door open. I grab her by the hand and pull her toward me hard enough that she bumps my chest. We just look into each other’s eyes and I lean forward and gently kiss her, thinking this will be my only chance with her. After the kiss, I lean back getting ready to be told off, when Tanya takes my hand and pulls me into the locker room with her.

Soon as the door shuts I am pushed against the lockers and she pushes her tongue in my mouth. I am a bit stunned by it. Yeah, I started it but man, she was the aggressive one now. As we are kissing her hands start pulling at the tie to my scrub pants while my hands go up under her top stat playing with her gorgeous tits. I find the nipples and start rolling and pinching them with my fingers. Tanya moans into kırşehir escort my mouth and then let’s go of my pants as they fall to the floor. Her hands snaking into my boxers, they fall to the floor as well. After another tongue kiss she falls to her knees.

“Oh, very nice. Wish I had known earlier” she says as she is tugging my cock.

“I tried several times to get you to notice Tanya.”

“Yes but you should know that women like to play hard to get. Well, at least I do.” And with that she swallows my hardening cock. She tries to push her nose all the way to my stomach and it takes a couple of tries but she does and it is nothing short of euphoric. I have not been deep throated likes this before. I am not overly huge but not average either. Tanya doesn’t seem to mind as she is bobbing her head on my cock and moaning about it. I reach down and pull her scrub top of and she barely takes her mouth off my cock to get it over her head.

Oh, My GOD. Her body is so damn gorgeous with the most perfect set of tits I had seen at that time. I pull her up by her shoulders and kiss her before I lower my head and start mauling her tits. Pinching, squeezing and biting the nipples sends her over the edge to her first orgasm. As I leave my hands on her chest to play, I get to my knees and start licking pierced belly button, pulling her scrub pants down along the way. I lick a trail down to her moist and dripping pussy and grip her ass with both hands as I lean back with my head hitting the lockers and planting her pussy on my face as my tongue starts lapping up her juice. “God she tastes great” I thought to myself. I pull my hands down and slide a finger inside to find her “spot” while my tongue lashes at her clit. Tanya just squats on my face and starts to moan. After a bit, I slide another finger inside her pussy and work a third into her ass.

“Oh god I’m cumming again. That’s it baby fuck my holes with your fingers” Hmmm guess that was enough to send her over the edge.

After she has settled a bit I lick my way back up her body and finally I share the juice she has given me with her.

“I want you to give me a ride big boy.”

Me thinking that we are going to somewhere else to finish this, I tell her I need to get my stuff.

“Nope, I want it here and now” and she pushes me down on the bench.

Ok, I’m thinking that if we keep going we will probably get caught and fired, but I am not going to argue here since there are a lot of hospitals in town. I look up as Tanya grabs my hard cock and aims it at her slit, “Umm do I need to get some coverage before we start?”

“No baby, I’m on the pill, and even if I wasn’t I would be okay with this.” She then lowers herself on my cock and takes a few to get situated. “God that feels good” and she starts to move kocaeli escort up and down on me. The bench I was on was long enough where I could lie all the way down with no problem and also low enough that Tanya could sit on me with her feet flat on the floor and do squats on me. My hands grab her ass and I hang on for the ride. She is taking me all in each time she sits squats down. With her pussy acting as a vise on my cock I don’t know how much longer I can last.

Suddenly the door opens and there is one of our coworkers, Patty. A tall redhead with 36DDD tits and an ass that I have drooled over ever since I started working here.

“Ooooo, what do we have here?” she asks looking straight at me like this is all my fault. Ok it is but she doesn’t need to know that.

“Patty, what we have here is a nice gentleman giving me a ride before a ride home.” says Tanya, giving no sign that she is going stop her riding of me.

“Oh, that is so considerate of him. Since my car is in the shop, can I get a ride too?”

“Sure the more the merrier, since he does have a big car.” I knew exactly what they were talking about, but I do drive a Ford Explorer.

Patty pulls her scrub top over her head and unhooks her bra letting her amazing tits free. Sliding down her scrub pants she looks me straight in the eyes. “I thought you might want to see what my ass looks like without scrubs on since you stare at it some much.”

Crap. Busted.

She then lifts a leg over the bench and squats her pussy on my waiting, drooling mouth Talk about a dream come true. The hottest women in probably the entire hospital and they are BOTH naked and fucking my brains out.

Tanya and Patty start making out while they ride my cock and face. I am lapping up Patty’s juices like I am dying of thirst. I slide 2 fingers in her pussy and one in her ass like I did Tanya earlier.

“I knew you liked my ass. Now lick it like you did my pussy.”

I obliged her and pulled my finger out and started licking every inch of her puckered hole. Even though I can’t see what they ladies are doing, I can hear both of them and what sounds like some serious kissing.

Tanya starts gasping, calling on God and her entire body shakes with orgasm. I push up with my hips doing my best to fill her entire body with my cock and she shakes even more. That is enough for me to start shooting cum all up inside her. I tried to warn her but Patty was still riding my face with her ass.

“Yeah that’s it baby shoot your cum in me. Make me your cumslut” Tanya moans. She slumps off me and Patty jumps up and shouts. “My turn, but I want it in my ass.”

“Oh God I can’t wait.” I say as I try to get up.

“Nope you are going to just lie there and by my boy toy.” She straddles my cock, facing me and I see her konya escort glorious 36DDD’s dangling in my face. I reach up to grab them, but get my hand slapped away.

“Not yet. Wait until I am fully seated on this thick cock.”

We both moan as she sits on my cock. God. Not only a gorgeous ass but a tight one as well. We wait a bit getting used to the feeling before we start. Tanya, now recovered, leans over me and shoves her tits in my mouth. I lick and bit her nipples make her moan again. Patty then leans forward and starts going up and down on my cock, fucking her ass.

I am absolutely in heaven with these 2 women.

“God baby, I love how your cocks feels. I could get used to this every night.”

Me just being playful, “Only if Tanya joins us every night.” Thinking there is NO WAY they would go for it.

Tanya gives me a tongue filled kiss. “I’m in, if its ok with Patty?”

“I don’t mind sharing Tanya.”

Now my mind is going warp speed with thoughts about what they just said. There is no fucking way that they mean this. Tanya and I are about 2 years apart, me being older at 28, but Patty was only 23.

Patty keeps bouncing on my cock while Tanya and I are sucking on her tits. I take my right hand and smack her ass so hard it leaves a mark.

“Yeah that’s it baby smack the other cheek. Get them to match.”

I do and then just grab her hips and just pull her down on me trying to push my cock as far in as I can.

“Oh god, I’m cumming” yells Patty.

I feel another load starting to go and I quickly get out from both girls and turn around. They are hugging each other on their knees. Reaching up they both start jerking me off.

“Here it cums girls.” I shot another load all over their faces. I slump down on the bench. Tanya and Patty start licking my cum off each other’s face and tits.

I look at them, still not believing what just happened. “You girls weren’t serious about sharing me were you?”

“Of course we are. Patty and I have been talking about moving in together. You would just be icing on the cake.”

“Ladies, as much as I have enjoyed this and I hope we can continue to do this, I am going back to school next fall for my degree and working part – time. And it won’t be in nursing.” I had already been accepted back to the big university in town and had talked to the supervisor about this. “If we do this, that’s what I will be doing instead of working here.”

“That’s ok, we both know and think that a nice big house for the three of us is just what we need.” Tanya says.

I just look at both of them, amazed at the idea of living with two of the hottest girls I have ever seen. “What if this doesn’t work out later?” I say.

They both look at me and laugh “Yeah ok stupid question”.

They start getting cleaned up and I go back to the men’s locker room to change and get my stuff.

It turns out that we had forgot to clock out when we were supposed to, but nobody said anything about it. We pile into my Explorer and head to my place to play some more. On the way, we decided to start looking for big houses in the morning.

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