The Opportunities of Youth

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It was a hot summer day back in the 70’s, I had just finished mowing my parents lawn and had retreated to the cool of my basement bedroom. I was wearing a t-shirt, and the short, athletic shorts that everyone had back then (if you don’t know just look at some 70’s summer pictures, we all had them). I was feeling a bit horny, so I pulled out an old Penthouse that I had stashed and started browsing.

Suddenly, I heard some movement outside the window, it was one of those egress type widows with a well that was probably four feet wide and long and about that deep as well. It was the neighbor girl Sally, she dropped into the well as I quickly tried to hide the mag and conceal the now large bulge in my shorts. What are you doing she asked? I responded, resting, in a rather frustrated tone. So that’s resting she responded with a big smile. Clearly she had an idea of what was going on.

Now Sally was a brunette with a tomboy like charm. She was about 18 at the time a month or two younger than I. She was rapidly maturing into a woman, something I had noticed for the first time this summer.

Now I was embarrassed and a bit annoyed and asked her what she wanted. Nothing, she responded, she just wanted to see what I was doing. She then asked where did I get it? Get what, I responded Kurtköy Escort quite curtly. The magazine, she said. I found it by the railroad tracks, but don’t tell anyone. She gave me a big smile and asked if it excited me? None of your business, will you please leave. No, tell me does it excite you? Of course I said, embarrassed to no end by the whole experience. I was at the age that no one admitted to or wanted to be found out for masturbating.

Let me see it she barked. See what the magazine? No, I want to see your pee pee. No I quickly answered. Show it to me or I’m going to tell. No I said again. Show me yours and Ill show you mine she said in reply. Now she caught my attention. This was a situation I never had been in before. I had played Doctor when I was younger and had seen my share of the female anatomy, but this was different. She was older, more mature and I had a definite interest.

Promise not to tell, I said. Of course not she responded. I stood up and walked to the window, she was separated from me by a screen and probably three feet away, crouched down in a catcher like position wearing the same type of shorts that I had on and a tank top.

You go first she said. How do I know you will show me too, I questioned. Don’t worry I will, Maltepe Escort she responded. So I dropped my shorts exposing myself fully to her. Now I was about normal in size and had a good deal of pubic hair and at this point was semi erect, so I looked bigger than normal. She stared at it. After a couple of seconds I started to pull my shorts back up. She said, no, leave them down, I did so and quickly told her it was her turn. OK, she said and stood up quickly looked around to make sure no one was there. She dropped her shorts and crouched down again. She kept her legs together, and said there, now we both have seen each other. I said you have to open your legs I can’t see anything. She thought a second and then spread her knees apart exposing her beautiful pussy. She had a soft nap of pubic hair, but it was not very full and spreading her knees, opened her pussy slightly. Now being she was elevated in the window well, I got a great look and she was gorgeous!

I immediately became hard as a rock. So that’s what they look like hard for real she said. I stood there embarrassed, but excited, this was the first real, somewhat mature pussy I had ever seen. Do I excite you like the magazine? She asked. I nodded yes, more I said, I’ve never seen a real one before. Does Tuzla Escort it squirt? She asked. Yes I said, now really embarrassed that she knew as much about this. Here I was, fully erect and raging with hormones with a real live pussy just feet away from me. This was a fantasy come true, but I didn’t know quite what to do. Play with it she said. No I responded. I want to see it squirt she said. How do you know they squirt I asked? I’ve seen pictures in my dad’s magazines she said. I responded you have to play to then! OK, she responded and I started to stroke myself. Now given the level of my excitement I was surprised I didn’t explode with the first touch, but I slowly started to stoke.

She reached between her legs and slowly teased her pussy. As I watched her slowly tease herself, I felt the cum build inside me. I told her that I was going to cum soon and within a couple of more strokes I released a 3 or 4 huge ribbons of cum that covered my shirt and fell to my feet. She watched in astonishment. There I was, in my full glory, with a now spent cock in my hand and cum dripping off my shirt and hands. Wow, she said, that’s much better than the pictures. I told her I need to clean up, she stood again pulling up her panties and shorts and then crouched back down and asked if we could do it again sometime. I said yes. And she was out and on her way. I quickly cleaned up and stashed the magazine.

This was the start of an interesting relationship with her, one that I will share a couple of more experiences if you like the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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