The Party

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Julie was small, some would say petit, with an enormous personality. Her trim figure, patrician face and unruly shoulder length hair made her a focus of male attention at all the social functions she attended. I had known her for some time, being the wife of a work colleague and had spent many a pleasant evening in their company. I liked her, no, I must be honest, I lusted after her and fantasised about the many ways we would “accidentally” meet and become sexually involved.

My wife and I, together with Julie and her husband, had been invited to a party given by a mutual friend and we had arrived at the same time. Handing in our respective bottles we followed directions to the drinks table where we filled our glasses. The four of us then stayed together and chatted until Julie’s husband asked my wife to dance. They put down their glasses and took to the dance floor leaving me to invite Julie to do the same.

We danced to several lively dances but these were eventually followed by slower ones. My wife and Julie’s husband remained on the dance floor so Julie and I continued to move together, holding each other more closely as we slowly circumnavigated the dance area.

I have always felt awkward dancing with another man’s wife, particularly in his presence, and this time was no exception, particularly knowing how attracted I was to Julie. I let my mind drift away as we moved slowly around the floor and then, absentmindedly, I began to stroke the small of her back through her woollen dress, a habit I had developed when dancing with my wife.

I had been doing this for a minute or so when she made me aware of the effect this was having on her by pressing her pubic bone hard into my groin. Unfortunately my penis has always had a mind of it’s own and it responded immediately and, as usual on such occasions, it was not positioned to stand up neatly against my stomach but stretched itself out at an awkward angle. This encouraged my partner even more and she slowly gyrated herself to get maximum pleasure from my exquisite discomfort. I couldn’t move away without everyone else seeing my predicament so we clung together on the dance floor.

I felt I had to say something to Julie because I hadn’t deliberately started this encounter, that’s not to say that, despite my obvious embarrassment, I wasn’t having a hell of a time.

“I’m really sorry about this Julie,” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m rather enjoying it,” she whispered back,” If this is how excited it gets on a dance floor it must be great fun in bed.”

She pulled her head back momentarily and flashed me a wicked smile before replacing her head on my shoulder and grinding her mound even more deliberately into my groin until, eventually, the music stopped.

Luckily the slower music had attracted more people onto the dancing area and I was able to re-arrange myself under cover of the crowd around me whilst pretending to take a handkerchief from my pocket. Once my excitement had been disguised, we returned to our respective partners and drinks to resume the chat previously abandoned.

As the evening progressed, my wife and I and Julie and her husband went our separate ways until later, I found myself looking across the room and saw Julie looking at me. She smiled coyly when she saw that I had seen her and flicked her eyes towards the exit. When she was sure that I understood, she moved in that direction.

I let her pass through the liseli hikayeleri door and then following her out and along the corridor towards the bathroom. On reaching the bathroom she didn’t enter, but slipped through another door on the left into an unused bedroom. I was getting hot and hard at the thought of what I was doing, but continued down the corridor and, with the most cursory of glances back along the corridor to see if I was being observed, entered the same room. I closed the door behind me and turned the key in the lock.

With the door closed, the room was almost dark, being illuminated only by streaks of the pale, washed-white illumination of a full moon through the thin drawn curtains.

I turned around and Julie’s arms were about my neck.” Where were we?” she breathed into my ear as she thrust her pelvis once more into my groin and rubbed her mound against my, already, straining penis.

I held her taut buttocks in both my hands and helped her in her task, enjoying their soft firmness and feeling them clench and relax in unison with her pelvic motions.

My open mouth clashed with hers as our tongues writhed together, first in her mouth, then in mine. I broke off the kiss and recovered my tongue only to let it follow the nape of her neck down to the top of her dress.

My hands trembled in anticipation as undid, first one button of her dress, then the others to reveal pearl white orbs seated in their black lace cups. I kissed the pale sloping softness of each of them over and over before I found the clip that offered their release. Once free they sprang forth joyously from their snug homes and I covered one with my mouth, sucking it greedily.

Her breasts were much bigger than I had originally thought but I still managed to suck one in completely and then let it slip out a bit at a time until my lips held only the rigid nipple. I massaged it with my tongue and gnawed on it gently with my teeth, which clearly distracted her because she no longer ground her groin into mine.

Once one breast had received this treatment I repeated it with the other and, as I did, I felt her small fingers tightly grip my rock hard penis through my trousers, judging its size before moving to undo my belt and zipper.

Once my trousers had dropped to the floor, she fell to her knees dragging down my shorts as she went. I don’t think that I have ever been so big, so hard and so ready to receive what I was about to receive.

She clenched her small hand around the broad base of my cock but her fingers were not quite long enough to fully encircle it. Her tongue flicked out and licked the head all over before concentrating on the sensitive areas I didn’t even know I had. Finally, she took, first the head and then a good length of my shaft into her mouth and sucked, alternately tightening and slackening her lips around it.

My balls were throbbing painfully as she transferred her fingers to them, not fondling as some women do, like marbles in a bag, but stroking and pulling so as to relieved, however slightly, the pressure inside them.

I stroked her hair fondly as she performed the ultimate act of pleasing a man, but as the pressure built up in my overstrained organ I whispered, “Stop Julie, please or I will cum.”

She stopped for a moment and looked up, ” Cum in my mouth – I want a long fuck from you when it’s my turn.” Then she resumed with her tiny but kadın hikayeleri firm hands, driving my penis in and out of her mouth until it exploded.

People talk of “gallons” of semen and it surely felt like gallons as I pumped and pumped into her sucking mouth. My prick twitched and my knees buckled as spasms of pleasure from an exquisite orgasm racked my body. She continued to suck and lick well after the last drop had left me, relishing the clean-up job she was performing on my softening cock.

She finished and leaned back onto her ankles grinning up at me. Drawing on reserves of strength, I gripped her arms and raised her to her feet and then slumped back against the wall, and held her tightly to me.

We held on to each other for several minutes before I said simply,

“Thank you.”

I took a handkerchief from my jacket pocket and wiped away small globules of semen from around her mouth and cheeks and then planted a loving kiss on her lips, lips that parted and allowed free access to a still urgent tongue. My tongue toyed with hers for a few seconds and then I lowered my head again to her delectable breasts. There, my lips lingered to savoured them once more whilst I undid the remaining buttons of her dress. As it fell apart, I turned her back to the wall and fell before her where I knelt gazing up into her face and sliding my nervous hands up the outside of her soft thighs.

She smiled down like a Madonna as I pushed aside the soft material of her woollen dress. When I lowered my eyes I was face to face with the briefest of black panties atop a black suspender belt. Despite my recent ejaculation this vision of soft white skin between the top of her stocking and her panties sent a wake up call to my brain for onward transmission to my resting penis. It twitched and came to life again.

I ran the tips of my fingers lightly over this cool skin to savour its texture and she gasped quietly and parted her legs, thrusting her pelvis forward. I could sense the heat rising from her as I buried my head between those pale thighs to feel the moisture of her desire on the crotch of her panties. For several minutes I enjoyed the feel and inhaled the aroma of her, rubbing my face all over her mound.

Wanting more, I teased the damp garment down her thighs and then removed it completely, revealing a dark woolly mass of pubic hair beneath which I stroked smooth with my index finger.

It took only gentle sideways pressure to part her legs and to expose two fully engorged pink lips waiting to be caressed with my outstretched tongue. As I worked it forward and backward around the rim of her opening she groaned and slid down the wall a little more, pushing herself harder into my face. Eventually, she reached the floor and once there, when her legs were no longer needed for support, she spread them wide apart and, by pulling my head into her smouldering depths, forced my tongue still deeper into her, now, soaking wet vagina.

I lifted her legs onto my shoulders to make her pussy more accessible. She would have scored zero in an elegance competition but I’m sure, that was the last thing on her mind.

Her breathing quickened and she writhed gently against my mouth. Her scarlet sentinel stood up proudly as I took it between my lips; rolling, sucking and biting it until her breathing was reduced to a succession of short gasps. Finally a long exhalation and erotik hikaye oku deep sigh signalled her orgasm.

When the whimpering and throbbing had stopped, I sat beside her, back to the wall and listened as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“How long have we been here?” she said at last.

“Would you believe only ten minutes?” I replied.

Her hand fell deftly into my groin and held me again. I was not quite hard but not flaccid either- the sort of dick men like to sport in the showers. Julie, I was to discover, liked playing with dicks in this condition but knew the experience only lasted briefly as her stimulation caused the hot blood that pulsed into them, made them hard. I was no exception and found my organ responding almost immediately so I just sat there, reached over and slipped several fingers into her wet pussy.

And so we sat, arm over arm groping each other and getting more excited.

“I’m ready for that long slow fuck,” she whispered at last and got up, moving to the bed. There she lay on her back, legs apart showing that wonderful pussy framed by her suspender belt and black stockings. If I hadn’t already been hard I would be at the sight of this.

I climbed on top of her and slowly slipped the head of my penis between those slippery folds and into that wet and wonderful pussy up to the ring of my bobby’s helmet. I moved it slowly, in and out and, every so often, would drive it into her tingly cavern up to the hilt, hold it there to feel the shivers of pleasure in her pussy walls and then stir the pot.

Her legs encircled my back, clamping me to her and restricting my freedom. This added to my excitement to the extent that the modestly hard prick, which had first entered her, was now a Hercules amongst pricks.

She moaned, pulling my head down to hers and whispered pornographically into my ear.

“Ram it home.” “Fill me – fuck me hard.”

I did as I was bid, in control now having already sowed my seed so violently not ten minutes earlier – or so I thought.

After many minutes of ramming my complete length repeatedly and deeply into her with my balls slapping rhythmically again the firm flesh of her lower buttocks, she ordered,

“Turn me over and fuck me doggy style,” releasing me from the vice that had been her entwining legs.

I withdraw and knelt up long enough to let her turn over and take up her position on all fours. She rested on her elbows and I lifted her dress to expose the exquisite arse that presented itself for my attention.

Her parted thighs allowed her distended pussy to hang large and low beneath her and I wasted no time in thrusting my engorged prick between its pouting wet lips and into her hidden recesses.

‘Slow’ had been forgotten as I drove my Trojan warrior forward again and again, quicker and quicker. I was holding her hips and controlling the thrusting, pulling her willing pussy down hard onto my glistening erection. My balls again smacked against her on each inward stroke and she responded by driving backwards against my thrusting hips and grasping desperately my retreating cock with her tightened vaginal muscles.

All good things cum to an end and several gallons of good came to my end in a tornado of pleasure. As I slowed and filled her slick pussy with my love juices, I could feel the ripples of her orgasm around me and she sighed deeply and fell forward onto the covers. I fell onto the bed beside her and put my arm around her, cradling her and nuzzling my face into her perfumed hair.

We rested awhile until she finally said, in a most matter-of-fact voice, “This is one of the best parties I’ve been to for a long time. How about you?”

I smiled as we dressed and returned to join the others.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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