The Party

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This is my first submission of my work to any site or service. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and requested.

* * * * *

For as many years as I can remember, my buddy Dave would come from the city to visit his grandmother two or three times a year. We grew up together, and each time we met, the conversation would involve what the other had done in the last six months since we had seen each other. Over the years, the conversation moved from cars and games to girls, to girlfriends, and eventually our sexual experiences. We became each others confidant, the person that we could tell absolutely everything to.

By the time we were 18, we were well aware of exactly what the other had and had not done, and in several cases, who that had been done with. My parents had given me the downstairs of the house as an apartment when I started university, and Dave had come into the city for the weekend. After putting back several beer, he decided to crash at my parents place rather than deal with his mother when he got home with beer on his breath. My sister also had a couple of friends over for the night, Michelle and Heather, and the three of them were upstairs doing something or other and would occasionally make enough noise that we could hear them in my sisters room through the floor.

After a couple of hours of drinking and playing video games, Dave suggested putting on one of my Dad’s porn movies which we had found several years earlier, and that my old man thought he had so cleverly hidden throughout the house. Selecting a personal favorite, “Behind The Green Door”, I settled back onto the opposite couch from Dave and relaxed with my beer, watching Marilyn Chambers be prepared for her performance.

By the time the movie had entered full swing and our dear Marilyn was about to take on the toga-wearing black man with the cock that hung to his knees, I had developed a raging hard on, and noticed through the corner of my eye, Dave adjusting himself. Seeing that he had been caught, Dave mentioned “Fuck, I wish those girls were down here right about now”

“No shit,” I replied “I’m horny enough to fuck any of them.” By this time, my cock was raging against my underwear and the alcohol certainly wasn’t helping my disposition.

“Fuck this,” Dave mumbled under his breath as he stood up and placed his beer on the table with a slightly wobbly clunk. “Be right back” was all I heard as he shut off the VCR and opened the door to climb the stairs to my families portion of the house.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” I hissed at him from the still open door as he quietly climbed the staircase to the darkened landing and rounded the corner at the top. Seemingly without hearing me, I heard the knob on the door to my parents kitchen turn, and light spill out onto the top of the landing. I could see Dave’s shadow temporarily fill the doorway, then the triangle of light cast from the door shrank to nothing as the door was shut again. “Shit shit shit shit” I whispered to myself. I had a mental image of my mother confronting a drunk Dave in the hallway and wondering first what the hell he was doing upstairs, and second, where the hell the beer had come from. Both questions were not ones that I felt like answering.

I sat back down and slammed back a couple of big swallows of my beer, wondering what the hell he was up to. I heard the door at the top of the stairs open again and footsteps begin to descend the staircase. I stood and rushed to the bottom of the stairs, beer still in hand, ready to rip him a new asshole for risking a trip upstairs while he was obviously drinking. At least that was my intention, but when I noticed he was coming down the stairs with Heather and Michelle, my anger kütahya escort disappeared completely in place of absolute shock.

“Hi,.. got one for me?” Heather quietly asked me when she got to the bottom of the staircase, looking down and indicating the beer in my hand with her eyes.

“Um, ya.. sure” I replied, probably looking like a complete idiot as I stammered and mumbled my way back into my apartment and pulled a beer out of the fridge. “Where is my sister?” I asked when I returned to the living room with a fresh beer for everyone.

“She crashed awhile ago” Michelle replied, “Dave mentioned that you guys were having a bit of a party down here, and that sounded better than what we were doing, so here we are, what are you guys up to anyway?”

I instantly began to stammer and mutter again, as Dave came to the rescue and informed the girls that we had been screwing around on the Super-NES, which seemed a reasonable enough explanation for them. We spent the next hour or so playing on the video game, chatting back and forth about school and what had happened in each other’s lives recently, during which time there were a couple more refills of everyone’s beer. I was just returning from my third trip to the kitchen with a couple more drinks for everyone when I heard the unmistakable beat of porn music coming from the living room. `Oh Shit’ I thought as I rushed into the living room to see what had happened. I figured that the girls had decided to leave and Dave had put the porn back on.

“So this is what you were doing” Michelle snickered as she moved back to the couch. About the same time, Dave popped out of the bathroom with a look that was at least as startled as I must have appeared. “I saw there was a tape in the VCR so I hit `Play’ to see what it was” as she looked at me with a sly smile on her face.

This seemed to me to be a good time to revert back to mumbling and stuttering, and this time Dave wasn’t able to come to my rescue as he began his own version of `Uhms’ and `Uhhs’. I noticed however that neither Michelle nor Heather were moving to shut off the movie, in fact Heather seemed quite engrossed by the scene, and Michelle was moving back to her original position on the couch. Looking at Dave with a `what the hell’ shrug, I decided to simply drop back into my seat beside Heather on the couch and hand out the beer. “We found it in the closet in the back room, Dad must have thought he had hidden it there”

“Uh huh” was the only reply I got from either of the girls as they thanked me for the beer and put it up to their lips. I thought I noticed Heather lock her eyes onto mine for a split second as she put the mouth of the beer to her lips, then she closed her eyes and swallowed.

The four of us settled back into the couch to watch as Marilyn took the length of the black stud into her body. The conversation soon began again, but with a decidedly more heated nature. We discussed what we had done, and what not, who we had lost our virginity to, and such. Soon the conversation lagged and we all simply paid attention to the screen, and the erotic action that was occurring. At about the same time that Marilyn was taking care of about six guys that were all hanging from various swings in the movie, I looked over to see how Dave and Michelle were doing. I could see that Dave had his arm around her and they were snuggling together on the couch. Tracing the path of his arm, I could swear that his hand must be on her ass! I returned to watching the movie, and soon had my suspicions confirmed when I noticed that Michelle was moving her lower body slightly, as if Dave was massaging her ass.

Without trying to be obvious, I watched Dave move his malatya escort arm up Michelle’s small body, moving his arm around the far side of her waist, and slipping his hand under her shirt. I could trace the bulge of his arm as he played his hand across her stomach, and slowly moved up until I could tell that he had reached around her, and was cupping her breast from the far side. At the same time I noticed that Heather had moved over beside me and was also watching the scene. I figured that this was my best shot, so I slid slightly towards her and our thighs made contact. Our bodies touching seemed to have broken the spell that the movie seemed to have on her, and I nodded my head slightly towards Dave and Michelle, who had now moved slightly so that they were kissing softly, his hand now under the front of her shirt and kneading her breasts.

Heather smiled slightly and almost laughed, then looked back at me, and locked eyes again. Our faces moved slowly closer together, until I saw her close her eyes, and tilt her head, her lips looking so kissable and inviting. Our lips met timidly at first, then opened slightly, moving of their own free will, the temperature in the room rising. The moaning on the tv, the beer, and the beautiful woman in my arms all contributed to the most raging hard on of my life up to that point. Moving my lips against hers, I slid my hand up her thighs and my mouth slowly and gently across her cheek, kissing my way to her neck as my hand made first contact with one of her small firm breasts, at the same time a small moan escaping her lips.

When she moaned, we both looked over at Dave and Michelle to see if the spell had been broken. Heathers hand tightened on my thigh when we both witnessed an incredibly erotic scene before us. Michelle had laid down, her back against the couch, and her top opened completely, one half spilling down the side of the couch, her legs wrapped around Dave’s waist, and his mouth wrapped around her nipples which were bared for all of the world to see. Michelle looked over at us and gave a moan that was also half mixed with giggle realizing she was being watched, at the same time her back arched up off the couch as Dave paid more attention to the nipple he was sucking on.

Heather looked back at me and moved in to kiss my lips again. Without saying anything, I could feel her begin to push me backwards, forcing me to lay down on the couch with her above me. Without breaking the kiss, I felt her hand move down my body, over my chest, moving back and forth until it came to rest on the top button of my jeans. My breath sucked in as I felt her hand fumble with the top button, my cock by now so hard that she must be able to feel it less than an inch from her groping hand. Finally the stubborn button popped free, and I felt her hand move down to take a firm grasp on the zipper which she pulled down with an audible zip. Again fearing that the sound may have broken the spell, I looked over at the other couch. Dave was working on removing Michelle’s pants, and her eyes were riveted to Heathers hand, slowly lowering my zipper.

What felt like an eternity later, Dave finally succeeded in removing Michelle’s pants and began kissing his way back along her legs, working his way slowly up her lower extremities. At the same time, Heather reached her hand into my pants and wrapped her hand around my rock hard cock. I heard Michelle gasp from across the room as Dave’s mouth made contact with her pussy, sending her into ecstasy, just as Heather pulled my cock out of my pants, sliding her hand slowly up and down it’s length.

Michelle continued to moan under Dave’s ministrations, her eyes locked with Heather who had turned manisa escort to watch the show. The both gave a subtle nod and Michelle reluctantly pushed Dave away from her, instructing him to sit on the couch beside me, and I was informed to sit up. At this point, neither of us were about to argue and quickly obeyed. As soon as we had both sat, Michelle began working on undoing Dave’s pants, and removing them at the same time as Heather was working on mine. Dave’s cock was as hard as mine, sticking almost straight up in the air. Heather moved up and kissed the tip of my cock, licking along the head, while Michelle started at the bottom of Dave’s cock, working her way up. My attention was then firmly affixed on Heather as she took the length of me into her warm mouth, sliding her lips up and down the length, with her hand leading the way, sliding along the moistness her mouth created. I could feel her lips pop over the ridge of the head of my cock on each down-stroke as her fist came to rest at the base of my dick. I could feel her tongue sliding back and forth across the sensitive head inside her mouth.

Looking over at Dave I could see Michelle take one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on it gently as her hand slid up and down the length of his cock. Such an erotic sight caused a twitch deep inside me. Standing up I led Heather off of the couch to the floor and laid her down on her back. Positioning myself over her, I guided the head of my hard cock to her opening, placing myself so just the head rested within her. I moved my face down to hers and kissed her deeply, feeling her hands on my ass as she pulled me down, the warm walls of her pussy opening and stretching to accommodate me entering her. She felt so warm and so wet. When I reached bottom I simply stayed there for a second, devouring the sense of her, the closeness. I continued to kiss her neck and pulled the length of my cock almost entirely out of her, her back arching as her small tight body begged to have something to fill the void. She moaned from deep within her throat as I slid myself back into her body, her hands coming up to grasp her small breasts as I took up a rhythm. Without being able to help myself, I looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of this beautiful woman. Her pussy felt so good. “Fuck” I whispered, the sensations crawling up and down my back.

I looked over to see how Dave was doing and saw that Michelle had crawled up his body and had lowered her pussy down onto him. I could see the length of his cock sliding into her tight little pussy, and could see her pussy juices soaking the both of them. I began fucking Heather harder and the moans of both women began to fill the room. I looked back at Heather and saw that she had moved her head so she could watch the length of my cock disappear into her. She reached down and began to frig her clit and would reach a little farther down to cup my balls as I fucked her harder and faster. “Oh God yes, fuck me please, fuck me harder” she whimpered under me.

I started to slam my cock in and out of her hot body, looking over at Dave and Michelle who had moved so they could watch us at the same time. Michelle noticed Heather playing with her pussy and reached down to do the same. Watching both women play with themselves while they fucked us both was almost more than I could take. “I’m gonna cum” I grunted, moving harder against Heather’s body. She began thrusting her hips up against me, I could feel her pelvis slamming into me on each down stroke, “Fuck me then” she whispered, “Make me cum on your cock…oooohhh God YEESS” she screamed as I felt her pussy begin to spasm around my dick. It was more than I could take and I slammed home one more time, burying as much of my cock as I could into her hot pussy, spurting my load deep into her. Each time my cock twitched it seemed to set her off again, her hands cupping her breasts, her body rocked on each convulsion, slowly subsiding to twitches and with one last squeeze of her breasts a small giggle and sigh.

… To Be Continued

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