The Party Ch. 10

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More than a year had passed since Annie and I attended the Party, as we liked to call it. We had discussed the things that had gone on while we were there and how exciting and daring it all seemed when looking back at it. We had had a few more daring sexual adventures since then but nothing even came close to what we participated in on that monumental Saturday in September. She and I still liked to push the envelope and poke around the edges of our sexuality but we thought that experience would last us a lifetime and we really didn’t want to ever partake in that type of scenario again. While we were certain that we didn’t want to ever play those games again, we were curious to know whether the parties were and ongoing fixture in our town for the other persons who were present that day, particularly the African American participants.

We had looked in various places online for discussions of the party we attended on ones like it, comments on what had taken place in parties of that kind and, perhaps with a bit too much appetite, whether another such party would one day become a reality for other daring and adventurous white couples who were our neighbors. The internet gave no hint of its ever happening or its being discussed in any public forum or way.

Every now and again, as we travelled about our home town, we thought we might have heard a comment, when walking in public, describing us as people who were recognized as having attended the party but we really wrote most of that off to paranoia on our part. Who wouldn’t think that blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in that manner could lead to adverse consequences? What we really worried about most was the fact that we knew videos had been made of the most risqué scenes and that no one would have taken the effort to protect our identities, if those videos were ever to be made public. Little did we know how prescient those worries would be.

It was late September, a bit more than a year after the Party when I was startled, again, by the phone in my study rudely interrupting my quiet time with the newspaper.

A voice with which I was unfamiliar asked, “Is this Tom?”

One of my pet peeves is to have someone call my home phone number and then ask if it is I that they have called. It just seems idiotic, to me and I’m sure my voice reflected my annoyance. I find it both rude and unthinking.

I replied as I always did, “Who was it that you were calling?”

“I was calling Tom who attended a party on September 6th at a friend of mine’s home. Is that you?”

Now he had my attention. “Who is calling?” I asked, catching my breath and hoping that my instantaneously nervous voice couldn’t be heard through the phone.

“We can discuss that later and, by the question you’ve asked, I’m going to presume I have the right party, unless you tell me something different.”

My silence probably answered any question that might linger.

“Are you interested in attending another party of the same kind?”

“No, I don’t think either my wife or I will do that again. It was interesting and certainly acquainted us with certain of our limits but we have discussed it and really don’t have an interest in doing it again.”

“I’d like the opportunity to discuss your participating again, if you’ll give me the chance. I think it would be worth your while.”

I really didn’t know where this conversation was headed and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know any more about his intentions so I responded, “We are really not interested. Thanks for calling.”

I hung up the phone.

The phone rang again almost immediately. Obviously this caller was persistent so I put on my best “I’ll put this guy in his place” voice and answered again.

He simply said, “I’d like you to discuss it with your wife and I’ll call you tomorrow at this same time.”

I answered, “There is no need to do that, we’re not interested.”

Before I could hang up, he continued, “I’ll call anyway. Think about it.”

I read my paper alone on Saturday morning and treasure the time away from the myriad disruptions of my normally busy life. Now, I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the call so I knew I needed to inform Annie about what had occurred.

Annie, like me, enjoys quiet time on Saturday mornings, usually in her beautiful garden. That was where I found her on this warm, fall day.

“We need to talk” is probably one of the worst messages any one person gives to another but that is how I started. I could see that the effect of the message was discomforting to her, immediately.

“Is there a problem? Are the kids ok? Did something happen to your parents?”

All of that gushed uncomfortably from my beautiful wife’s mouth even before I had the chance to tell her that I had received a phone call from the people who had hosted the party. Now that I thought about it for a moment, I didn’t even know that was who had called me, although I had made that presumption almost immediately.

I calmed Annie, telling Anadolu Yakası escort her there was no emergency.

“There is just something we need to talk about.”

I still wasn’t doing very well and she didn’t really want to take the time to let me gather my thoughts.

“Let’s have an iced tea and sit on the lanai so we can have some privacy,” I quickly intoned.

I poured two iced teas and we adjourned to our private Eden by the pool.

“What’s bothering you, Tom?” Annie quickly asked as we sat.

“We just had a phone call from the people who hosted the party a year ago, wanting to know if we are interested in attending another party just like it,” I blurted.

Annie gathered herself for a moment, somewhat surprising me with her calm demeanor. “I don’t think I have any interest in repeating that experience,” she said quietly. “It was intense and it was exciting but we’ve done it and I don’t see that we will gain anything by doing it again.”

“I agree. In fact, I already told him that but he didn’t seem all that interested in my answer until I had discussed it with you. Apparently, he thought you might have some different thoughts about a repeat performance. After all, you were the one who receive the lion’s share of attention and who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance,” I joked, finally able to breathe.

She laughed and sighed just a bit. “It was fun and the sexual stimulation was certainly second to none I had ever contemplated, let alone experienced. That being said, I still feel that once is enough. I especially wasn’t comfortable with the videotaping of the party without our knowing that was going on.”

“Well, he’s going to call back tomorrow just to be sure. I’m glad you feel the same way I do but I’m not so sure he’s going to be happy with our answer.”

“It’s not our job to make him happy, honey,” Annie said.

We put the matter out of our conversation, if not out of our minds and went back to our separate but most enjoyable activities.

Of course, we both knew that the phone call would come in the morning and we both hoped that there wouldn’t be any hard feelings when we declined the offer to join in another party. How naïve could we be?

That night we went out to dinner at a nice quiet Italian restaurant not far from home and returned at a fairly decent hour having eaten too much pasta and drunk too much red wine. Both Annie and I slept well that night and were both still in bed when the phone rang in the morning.

Without getting out of bed, I answered the call, fully expecting it to be the same person who had called on Saturday. It was he and I said to him, “We appreciate your offer and we did have a good time at the party but we both feel very strongly that we are not interested in doing it again. We wish you well and hope you are able to find a symbiotic group of couples to attend as we did last time for everyone’s enjoyment.”

There was a pause on the other end of the line so I simply hung up the phone, thinking I had resolved the issue without any type of confrontation. Annie and I enjoyed the rest of a quiet, comfortable weekend and never discussed the issue again…until the mail came on Tuesday

With Tuesday’s mail, we received an envelope with a disc copy of the film showing our taped escapades, and those of our partying compatriots, at the house party. Accompanying the disc was a brief note that stated: If you’d like to know what our plans are for this disc, you can call 555-731-5566; if you have no interest in our plans, do nothing and you’ll see what we’ve done with it in exactly one week from the date of this note. The note contained Sunday’s date.

Annie and I took the time to watch the disc a time or two, seeing things we didn’t even know had been videoed. We were clearly identifiable in all our glory: first Annie and I in the ante-room getting naked and performing sexually for both the host and taxi driver; then, watching ourselves with the other whites in the bathrooms denuding our party mates, as they did us, of their body hair and abusing them with relish; the interim before the party really took off where we white men waited on the Blacks, naked, hand and foot while the women were tethered in their chairs, while being pawed, revealed and inspected by the partygoers; even my trip upstairs to perform cunnilingus on several of the Black women had been captured in total detail; last, of course, the women being serially penetrated by the Black men while their women cheered their every act of carnal knowledge of my wife and the other white women; last, of course, we white men cleaning up after every session, filling ourselves with what was left behind by the Black studs as they wantonly used our women.

After a second watching, Annie and I concluded that we simply couldn’t let that disc go public. We both held responsible, professional positions in our town and there was no way our employers, let alone our families, would ever understand our having taken part Anadolu Yakası escort bayan in such activities. We wondered to each other where this stunning and most uncomfortable turn of events might lead. We suspected that we might HAVE to attend another party and subject ourselves to similar acts as we had appreciated previously. We weren’t happy with that thought but we HAD survived the first time and thought we probably could another. Little did we know!

After a thorough discussion about damage control, we determined that I should call the number we had been given and try my best to negotiate our way out of the uncomfortable spot we now found ourselves in.

I did just that.

The voice on the other end of the line immediately acknowledged who I was and stated that he was happy we saw things his way.

“We really don’t mean you any harm; It’s just that your wife looked so good in those vids and we wanted one more chance to enjoy her and, hopefully, to give her some pleasure we know you can’t give her.”

I acknowledged that Annie had said she had fun be that she had also said that she felt she didn’t need a second “bite at the apple” so to speak.

The “gentleman” intoned, “We are interested in her pleasure but, frankly, it won’t be our first priority. We are interested in using her in a similar manner as she was used before but our enjoyment will come first, if you don’t mind my pun.”

I really understood where he was coming from and now went into my best rendition of the damage control Annie and I had discussed.

“Perhaps we could work some kind of trade with you. It’s possible I might be able to hire a girl or two to take Annie’s place and give you and your friends all of the enjoyment you seem to seek from Annie.”

I can only describe his response as a snicker, but it was probably more of a sneer.

“We have seen your wife in action and it is she we want to use and abuse, Mr. Tom.”

While I appreciated the colloquial honorific, I also sensed a feeling of foreboding in the tone of his voice and the realization that I might not be able to avoid an unpleasant circumstance for me and for Annie.

“Can we meet and discuss what it is you want?” I asked.

“We can meet and talk, if you’d like, but you’re not going to change my mind. I want to enjoy what my uncle and his friends enjoyed a year ago.”

So now I had the connection, anyway. This was the nephew of one of our hosts or the people who had attended the Party. So many questions remained: Hadn’t he said we at one point? What did that mean? How would we know there wasn’t another taping going on without our knowledge? What guarantees could we negotiate that Annie could say no to certain uncomfortable activities? We would see.

“I’d like the chance to meet you then,” I quickly answered.

‘No problem, but I want your wife to come along. We don’t want her feeling as if her opinion doesn’t count or that we’re talking about her behind her back, now, do we?”

I didn’t want Annie to be in on this discussion and tried to bargain.

“She isn’t available for a bit and I’d hoped we could talk about this soon.”

He replied, “Any discussion about this get-together will include your wife. I hope I’m being clear. I won’t wait long, and she WILL be there.”

I caved. “Where and when can we meet?”

His answer surprised me a bit.

“I’ll meet with you anywhere and at any time. You name the place and time; I’ll be there.”

Annie and I discussed the outcome of the call and decided to meet at a local Applebee’s restaurant, thinking the chain was very public and that we would be safe there no matter the circumstance. We arranged for a Thursday meeting at 9 P.M., hoping that the dinner crowd would have thinned out by then and that we could grab a table in the bar section, hopefully a bit away from prying ears.

As the day neared, Annie and I decided that she should wear the least provocative clothing she had in her wardrobe, if she had to attend the meeting, hoping against hope that this might deter our antagonist, at least a bit.

On the appointed evening, I looked her over with approval as we were leaving the house: she had on a matronly dress that showed little leg and no cleavage, flat shoes and hose so dark that they almost looked like gaiters, the pants so many women wear for a yoga class these days. We knew that he had seen the video of our Party but we thought her conservative appearance might, at the least, mute his apparent attraction to Annie in the flesh.

We arrived at Applebee’s a few minutes before the appointed hour and ordered each of us a drink. The waiter asked if we wanted to see menus and we told him we were meeting a friend so would hold off for the moment. The drinks arrived and, shortly thereafter, our “friend”. The waiter came back to our table and we, again, declined a menu but our guest ordered a drink for himself so we waited a few minutes until the waiter returned with his drink to escort bayan begin our discussion of coming events.

He was a tall, thin man, something over six feet four inches in height, I guessed, with a very dark complexion and short, almost shaved, hair. He was dressed in jeans and a collared shirt with the Polo label above the left breast. He did not seem nervous, at all, and I thought Annie and I hid our tension adequately.

As we said hello, he spoke directly to Annie, “You’re even prettier in person that you are on the video. It’s my pleasure to finally meet someone I’ve admired from a distance for a while. My name is Ian.”

I wasn’t sure his name was really Ian, but that was what we would call him, at least for now.

I had to ask, “So how did you get ahold of the video, Ian, if I may ask?”

We had many questions but that was the one we wanted answered more than any other. After all, if he had it, did others have access to it or had others seen it? Did anyone else have possession of a copy of it? We really couldn’t assess our position without knowing those answers, although we were pretty sure of our position before asking.

I thought he would avoid my question but, instead, he simply said, “At the Party, you were guests of my uncle and he has passed away. My mother was his sister and she sent me here to organize his things and get ready to liquidate his estate. While I was going through his collection of videos, I found the one that memorialized the Party and I was pretty impressed with what my uncle had going there. I talked to a couple friends of mine and they thought maybe we could have some fun with the people we saw in the video and so here we are. You are the first people I have decided to talk to about the Party and maybe try to arrange another get-together like it. I’m happy you saw things as I did. I don’t want you to suffer as a result of your having taken part in something as awesome as the Party but I also didn’t want you to think you actually had a choice in the matter, either.”

I was impressed with his thought processes and with his obvious intelligence but I also had to try one last effort at escaping his obvious plan.

“Do you know what I do for a living, young man?” I asked

His answer was as direct as the rest of our exchange.

“Yes, Sir, I do and I’m not frightened of you one bit. I promise you that you will suffer a lot more than I do if you decide not to go along with me on this one. Your reputation personally and professionally is without blemish, despite your being a bit kinky. I don’t want to hurt you or your wife but I do have that capability and I’ve made copies of the tape and downloaded it to my computer so it can be made public immediately, if you don’t want to have some fun with me or if something happens to me.”

He must have read my body language for when I next looked up at him, he had what I can only describe as a “Cheshire Cat grin” on his dark face. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and sat quietly for a few minutes while we all contemplated our various positions.

Annie broke the silence, “Just what is it that you expect of us, of me?”

He replied, without a great deal of hesitation, “We want to fuck you like you fucked my uncle and his friends; we want to use you like the slut you are. We’ve seen the video and we know you enjoyed getting more than your share of Big Black Cock and we want to help you enjoy getting what Mr. here can’t give you, a second time, even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy yourself, as you obviously did the first time.”

I didn’t like the disrespect but I bit my tongue and asked, “And what am I supposed to be doing while you enjoy having sexual relations with my wife?”

“You can be present, as long as you’re respectful. You’ll be quiet; mind your manners; do as you’re told; and be assured that your wife will be none the worse for wear at the end of our little soiree. We will expect both of you to be as cooperative as you were at the Party and everyone should have a good time.”

I wondered aloud, “And if Annie or I don’t go along?”

“I would not recommend that course of action. Both of you just have too much to lose,” our antagonist added.

Annie asked, “How much time do we have to make up our minds?”

He answered, “I want an answer now. You have had time to think about this. It’s not an unknown quantity. Wasting any more time will not benefit either you or me.”

“One last question,” I asked. “How do we know this won’t be an ongoing problem if we decide to go along with your little scheme?”

“I don’t live here,” he answered. “I’m only here temporarily to help with my uncle’s estate. Even if I wanted to be an ass about this, I’d have to travel half way around the country in order to make it happen and, while I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy fucking you,” he looked Annie directly in the eye, “I’m not likely to make the trip on a regular basis, if that makes any sense.”

I wanted time to consider my alternatives but Annie spoke without further thought.

“I just don’t see that we have an awful lot of choice. I don’t like being blackmailed but I also don’t feel like having the whole world see that tape. It’s not like I’m a virgin and it’s not like they want me somewhere where you are not physically present and I might get hurt,” she blurted.

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