The Plutocrat of Buttermilk Falls

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Brye was fascinated by his lover’s relationship with her husband.

He’d dealt with jealous husbands much of his life, being a handsome young guy who didn’t like to commit, and then there had been the open marriages.

But this was so different. Brye and Treva were enjoying glasses of Chardonnay on the couch, and Treva’s husband, a doctor by profession, was bringing in little snacks for them.

Brye sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t be poisoned by Dr. Shep!

“So he likes to watch?” Brye said, as he enjoyed Treva’s head in the crook of a muscled arm. He was the neighborhood pool cleaner, among other landscaping duties, and was in fairly good shape.

“Shep? I think in a way he sort of hates it.” Treva said. She looked up at Shep as he set the tray in front of them, on the coffee table. Leaning over, she unzipped the doctor’s trousers, and cocked her head.

“Show us your little wee-wee, Shepherdson.”

Shep shook his head. “No, please, Treva. I’m-I’m trying to be-“

Treva’s eyes grew flinty. Brye was amazed at what a babe she was in her teal blue crop top. She had to be thirty-six if she was a day, but she looked about a decade younger.

“Are we having a problem? You haven’t gotten on my nerves in so long.”

Shep bit his lip and pulled his dick out. It was fairly bloated and erect.

“What are those little gray reddish spots on it?” Brye asked, curiously.

“Oh…”Treva smiled. “Those are cigarette burns. You know, when I’m premenstrual, I get kind of temperamental. Most of those are from me burning Shep’s Willy with his cigarette after I caught him smoking again. He was supposed to quit.”

She laughed airily. “And then that little mark on the end is where I stomped him with the heel Escort bayan of my Jimmy Choo because he couldn’t fellate high heels properly.”

“What, suck it with his mouth?”

“Sure, like it’s a dick. He’s much better at heel sucking now.”

Shep thought of that morning. Treva had sat on his face and had him lick out her asshole as she’d ground her high heels into his nipples…

Treva grasped Shep’s somewhat damaged penis with her magenta nails and stroked it a bit. This, Brye found to be a bit much, since she was supposed to be enjoying HIS dick.

“See, Shep’s ready to go.” Treva smiled. “Maybe later, after he cleans us up, post coitus, I might let him beat his meat just a bit. Just for fun.”

“That is so disgusting.” Brye said reflexively. “Clean us up?”

“It’s very freeing, you know, Brye. Shep can get all the sticky off our crotch areas, and it’s like dipping yourself in a bidet or something.” Treva said, with a smile. “He’s our Bidet-Boy.”

“You really put him through a lot” Brye observed.

“Sure, but maybe later I’ll let Shep jerk off on my bare ass and then lick off his semen, or if he pisses me off too much I will make him jerk off on YOUR hairy ass and lick it off.”

Treva flicked her husband’s penis with a long nail and he shrieked. Brye laughed involuntarily.

“Then often I cuff his hands behind his back and make him rub his dick against my beautiful buns and he shoots that way.” She paused. “This is after he’s not had a release in a while. It’s very cathartic.”

“Damn.” Brye said. But he felt his own dick harden.

“If I’m less pleased, I make Shep rub his wiener against a wall, or perhaps the dining room table-leg, as if he’s a dog.”

“But Bayan escort that couldn’t get him off, could it?” There was a huge difference between a girl’s soft, shapely creamy white ass, and the unforgiving mahogany of a dining room table leg.

“You keep him from having an um, accident for a couple months, and he gets quite tense. Especially with all the teasing I give him.” Treva chortled.

“You know, lots of hand jobs, stopping at the last moment, that kind of fun stuff. Sometimes with a feather or a vibrating wand, I’ll show you that later.”

She rubbed Shep’s dick a little faster. Shep began gritting his teeth. He was getting very close to the finish line, and certainly he’d not gotten permission to have an orgasm.

“Is it pissing you off, Brye?” Treva asked, looking at Brye as she continued to manipulate Shep’s member. “Having Shep’s big dick in our faces, on our date?”

“It’s not that big,” Brye said defensively.

“I have an idea.” Treva said, as she tickled the underside of Shep’s cock. “Maybe it’s time to calm him down a bit. See that thing on the mantel? Those five straightened coat hangers wrapped in the duct tape?”

Shep gasped. “Please, no, Treva. Let me just put myself away.” But he was panting faster and faster as his cock bounced against his wife’s soft fingertips.

When Shep was out of Treva’s sight, he was locked in an unforgiving chastity device, which was none too comfortable, especially when he popped a boner watching the little mall-rat girls sashay down the street on their skateboards…

Or having giggling nurses brush him at the hospital…or even being distracted by a secretary’s smile. And he’d not had a happy ending in some time.

But his Escort wife could be so sweet when she wanted to be.

The night before, she’d rubbed her full breasts against his stubbly cheek and tousled his cock for three hours…before locking him up because she felt tired.

And now she was being so nasty.

But Shep watched disconsolately as Brye rose and went to the mantelpiece and returned with that horrific multi wire whip.

Treva withdrew her hand. “Now, if you want to prove your point, make this gross husband of mine stop swinging his dick, whack it once or twice!”

“That’s an assault charge.” Brye said shaking his head. “I already have two weed busts-“

Treva rose and stood close to Brye. She threw her arms around his broad neck, being only five four to his six three and kissed him deeply. “You have to fight for what you want.” she whispered.

Enthralled by her perfume, Brye raised the wire whip and landed it hard across Shep’s straining member.

The sting overcame Shep’s penis and he almost fell over, but continued to stand manfully. Brye landed the wire whip again, and Shep’s penis wilted, and he burst into tears.

“And you see?” Treva said as she guided her hand into Brye’s shirt, rubbing his chiseled torso. “Shep hasn’t even taken his hands from behind his back. He won’t, unless I give him permission, baby.”

Later on that evening, Treva and Brye had an enjoyable post- lovemaking tongue massage from Dr. Shep, and then she locked him in his chastity device, so he wouldn’t “get up to mischief” and sent him to his little room down the hall.

As they’d continued making love with a new resurgence before going to sleep, Brye heard Shep weeping a little, but Brye knew at some level he envied the strange doctor.

Within a month, Brye was hoeing Treva’s tomato plants, nude, and he accidentally cut one of them down. Treva whipped him with a belt, and made him suck Shep’s dick, who’d done a good job.

And THAT’S the way things progress!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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