The Power To Revenge: Hot Sister

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters are 18+.

John Bernard was a nineteen year old senior in his final year of high-school. Yes, nineteen. It wasn’t that he had failed a year or two, but being born in France his family had traveled extensively throughout Europe before at last settling down in Montreal, Canada. Due to a lack of stable education, he had been forced by the school administration to repeat a grade and so would be graduating late. Just a week ago John had celebrated his nineteenth birthday, and though it was a point of embarrassment that he was the oldest student at McGill High, he contented himself by looking at the young, hot schoolgirls running around in the hallways, classrooms, and sports-fields….

On this fine summer day John was in science class, busy dabbling with mixtures of chemicals as a Bunsen burner flamed below. He held a glass beaker in his hand, examining the green liquid inside with squinted eyes.

“Hey, John,” said Dinesh, an Indian boy raised in Canada. “John! Check out Jessica Chambers there. You see her? Look how hot she looks today.” As usual, when Dinesh said this he’d nudge John in the ribs with his elbow. He waited for a response till—

“What!” John hissed angrily. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

But Dinesh didn’t notice his friend’s glaring eyes; rather, his own gaze was focused towards the top left corner of the brightly lit room. He stared transfixed at the beautiful eighteen year old vixen, his mouth hanging open in a look of idiotic perversion.

Dinesh was tall for his age, around 6’2, 170 pounds with dusky brown skin, short, jet-black hair, and a squarish face, and though he was actually quite handsome for his age Dinesh’s poor choice of fashion made him look quite unhandsome. This afternoon he was dressed in his usual somber colours, a gray t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

John on the other hand was 6’1 and 200 pounds, with curly black hair down to his neck, eyes of vivid blue, and skin that resembled a natural tan. He was both tall and muscular with an air of solemn darkness—an attractive quality in any man—but due to a debilitating shyness around the opposite sex John had yet to lose his virginity.

Perhaps his greatest defect was a lack of confidence in himself. This could be seen by John’s loose shoulders, his ineloquence near the presence of women, or the way his long black hair would hang limply in front of his eyes and serve as a way to hide his otherwise striking face. Much like his friend John also possessed a dreadful sense of fashion, spending most days wearing a red t-shirt with blue jeans. It was no different today.

As John turned his eyes to where Dinesh was looking he noticed Jessica Chambers, one of the hottest girls in school, chatting with a group of her friends. She had vibrant blonde hair that fell in a single wave to her lower back, shimmering jade-green eyes, pink lips usually bright with lip-gloss, and a lean figure that could only be described with that old cliché: hour-glass. That is to say, her petite shoulders sloped downward to her hips, which then inclined and spread out into her long, gorgeous legs.

Quite aware of her feminine charms Jessica usually wore tight, form-fitting outfits which displayed her stunning body (such as the pink top and black mini-skirt she had on today) and though her breasts were but medium-sized, the way Jessica’s pink top hugged against those two youthful globes made them seem all the larger and more delicious. And as often happened in cases with a girl this beautiful, Jessica Chambers was also a total bitch.

“Yeah,” said John without looking at Dinesh, “she is hot. Like you, I’ve fantasized about banging her—but unlike you, I’m convinced I got no chance.”

Dinesh slapped his friend’s shoulder. “Come on, man! We can always dream can’t we?” Sighing, he went on: “But I guess you’re right….We can never get a girl like that. Hell, maybe my standards are too high, but when I finally do a girl I hope she looks half as good as Jessica.” He considered a moment. “…Think it’ll work if I just went up and asked her on a date?” John’s face revealed his skepticism. “Yeah, I know: she’s really into those macho dudes from the football team. It’s so—so….”

Dinesh was groping for the right word, his fist hammering his palm over and over in mute frustration. John volunteered an answer: “Cliché?”

“Yes!” Dinesh shouted, so loud that the students in the classroom jumped at the sound. Several heads turned to stare in dumb astonishment at the two friends before turning back to their science projects. It took a while for the murmurs to die down.

“I know what you mean,” John whispered leaning toward his friend. “It really is cliché. And it pisses me off to know girls like that will always end up going out total assholes then turn around and moan and bitch about it when they get dumped. And you know they’ll get dumped because the guys on the football team are all fucks.”

“What about your sister there?” asked Dinesh.

“What!” gaziantep bayan eskort hissed John.

Waving his arms in a comical effort to placate his friend, a nervous Dinesh quickly corrected himself. “No! No! That’s not what I meant! What I mean is: what about your sister there, talking with Jessica? Isn’t she one of the in-crowd? She’s one of them…right?”

John looked to where Jessica Chambers was having a busy conversation with three of her closest friends, one of which was his twin sister. The group of four, including Lauren Bernard, were laughing and gesturing with their hands in the typical girlish manner, quite heedless of their frothing science experiment below.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Dinesh had been infatuated with Lauren ever since meeting her years ago at John’s house. In fact, he would make any excuse just to go over and check her out (along with the rest of John’s sisters) even though the chances of Dinesh actually bedding any of them were zero.

As John watched the four girls converse between themselves he felt nothing but scorn. He hated them with every fiber of his being: these were the same four girls that had abused and belittled him throughout highschool, making his existence a living hell. And most of all he despised his sister—the ringleader of this bitch circus—and the one who had emotionally tortured him since childhood. She was the reason John felt so inferior, with her daily insults regarding John’s lack of social life or how he was doomed to remain a virgin forever.

Because of Lauren, all women seemed intimidating.

Fucking whores, John muttered to himself. I hate everyone of them. Wish that damn beaker would explode and mess up their pretty little faces….

As much as John craved to see his sister in agony, the truth was that he felt attracted to Lauren. He knew she was beautiful. At 5’5, Lauren had dyed her hair to a bright, golden complexion, and in wave after silky wave it dropped to the middle of her back. It was the kind of hair that bounced with every step she took, the kind of hair which seemed all the more radiant under the correct lighting. Lauren’s delicate face—lean and with high cheek-bones—was composed of the smoothest curves, vivid blue eyes, and full pink lips. In short, it was the face of an enchantress.

It’s a crime, thought John. It’s disgusting! Why does such a stuck-up bitch have to look so hot?

Lauren turned and playfully slapped Jessica’s arm, revealing a pair of firm, medium-sized breasts held by a snug-fitting black top. And what a pair they were. Pressed tightly together into the confines of her bra, Lauren’s creamy tits bulged over the rim of her black v-neck and thus presented a highly-defined valley of cleavage. In fact, each lush globe was packed in so close that Lauren’s chest seemed all the fuller and more massive, the upper half of the fleshy spheres visible above the margins of her bra while the bottom half lay concealed.

John’s eyes roved over his sister’s breasts, noting how the black top emphasized Lauren’s fair skin and squeezed against every line of her figure, before at last tapering down into her toned and slender waist.

Fuck, thought John, she has the body of a supermodel….

One of the students next to Lauren’s table dropped a pencil. At first glance the event seemed trivial, but John watched as the boy slowly kneeled to the floor and picked it up, and then his motives became clear: instead of getting to his feet right away the boy seemed to linger on the ground, running his hungry stare up and down Lauren’s exquisite legs.

John had seen this often: whenever his sister roamed through the hallways every male student would secretly admire her from their locker, waiting for her to pass just so they could catch a glimpse of her strutting behind. Hell, John had even seen the male teachers take an occasional peek.

And there was a a good reason for that.

The contours of his sister’s naked legs—so long and sleek in the afternoon light—were accented by the pink miniskirt she wore: it hugged against her full thighs, defining their seductive curvature and ending a few inches above the knees. With a giggle Lauren turned her back to John and continued chatting with her friends. As she did so, the miniskirt of pink leather stretched tighter across the round and supple cheeks of her derriere, highlighting each separate buttock and the cleft that lay between.

John felt a stirring in his pants. He couldn’t believe just how amazing his sister’s ass was, though he was quite sure all the male students had dreamed of sinking their cocks into it at some point.

No matter how much he tried to repress such indecent feelings, John constituted that large crowd of horny male teenagers that found Lauren to be at once revolting and attractive. As her brother John knew he should gaziantep eskort bayan never ponder anything so monstrous, but it was all true, no matter how much he tried to drive such wicked ideas from his mind.

In fact, all the women in his family were hot: they were all French beauty queens. And to live with them was nothing short of torture. John knew this because he would often walk around with a painful erection pressed against his jeans, a state which came about shortly after seeing Lauren emerge from a steaming shower wrapped in nothing but a bath towel. Then there were times his flaccid cock would jump to life after peering at his twin sister in her typical denim cut-offs as she bent over to grab a snack from the bottom part of the refrigerator—she would present her lovely ass to his view, and it would take all of John’s willpower to not reach out and grab those full, supple cheeks.

Sometimes (and he really didn’t want to admit this) John even had wet dreams about his sister….

They would start off in some dark hotel room already in the midst of wondrous passion, just the two of them in bed—naked, sweating, arms wrapped firmly around each others’ bodies. Their bare legs entwined, John would thrust his cock in an out of Lauren’s dripping pussy as the heat of the night would make their moist flesh stick together. Sweat would pour down Lauren’s joyful face, her glazed and pendulous breasts swinging through the air with everyone of John’s raging thrusts into her slimy pink cave.

All of the hatred between these two siblings would burst forth in this one moment of sexual deviance. And for once John would be in control. He’d grab Lauren by the waist and simply pound her vagina, stabbing his colossal prick in and out of his sister’s juicy folds as she lay there and took it.

“Tell me you love it!” John would yell. “Tell me you love your brother’s cock!”

“Ahh—I love it!” Lauren would shriek, lying on her back as her fulsome tits swung and bounced wildly to John’s frantic assault. Her face would be drawn hard with pleasure, her luscious mouth crying out in delight. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! I love my brother’s cock! I love the way it feels inside me! I love the way it tears apart my pussy! And I love the way it….it….OH—IT’S SO FUCKING HUGE!”

They would fuck like animals, the headboard slamming violently against the wall over and over, both lovers grunting like beasts, gasping for air, kissing wildly, their tongues slipping briefly out of their mouths and flicking together.

As John skewered his sister’s gushing cunt, Lauren would arch her slender back at an intensely sharp angle, moaning her brother’s name in ecstasy: “John! Yes John! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Brother!” And in return John would pump his hips even faster, sinking his fat, rigid cock deep into his sister’s quim as Lauren’s voice would reach a knife-like pitch, those vivid pink lips crying out in relentless hunger for her brother.

“Harder!” she’d scream, fastening both ankles around John’s waist. “Fuck me harder!”

And with every lunge forward John’s tongue would meet his sister’s, their soggy mouthpieces coiling together like glistening snakes in a dance. There’d be no love between them, only savage lust, an unrestrained desire that would compel John to penetrate his sister over and over with vigorous thrusts of his torso. She would bite down on his naked shoulder, squealing her pleasure into his aching flesh, and in vengeance John would maul his sister’s jiggling tits, driving his fingers into the wet and slippery tissue until it blushed red.

“Fucking bitch!” John would growl. “You’re gonna pay for that!”

Clutching his sister’s breasts even more viciously, John would now accelerate the movement of his hips. His massive cock would begin a pistoning motion—swift, violent bursts with which he’d batter his sister’s oozing twat, causing the headboard to ram every time threw his weight forward. Then pulling back, the crimson head of John’s prick would reveal itself for a moment, only to hurtle through the entire length of his sister’s pussy and repeat the frenzied process over and over.

With every shuddering pound Lauren would toss her head back, her face twisting with what can only be described as painful pleasure, blonde hairs plastered whorishly to her drenched forehead, eyes bulging open to squeeze shut in rapturous delight, and spit flying from her quivering pink lips. Of their own volition, Lauren’s hands would begin gliding all over her brother’s naked back, feeling his tense muscles as he plowed her wet and gripping burrow.

Sometimes she’d dig her nails into his sensitive flesh, drawing a harsh groan from John’s lips; at other times she’d let both hands wander down to his flexing buttocks, clenching both cheeks in either palm or running a single digit between the snug valley—pumping it back and forth, back and forth….Then, like some mistress eskort gaziantep bayan of lust and depravity, Lauren would begin caressing her brother’s scrotum with the tip of a solitary fingernail, raking it ever so teasingly and sending ripple after ripple of sinful pleasure throughout John’s body.

“Ngggggggggh!” John would hum long and loud. “D-don’t…p-play…w-with t-those! C-can you…h-hear me, L-Lauren?”

But Lauren would go on running her nails along the surface of John’s plum-sized testicle, at times flicking it with the back of her finger or rolling the pair between her expert hand, which would immediately trigger a small discharge of her brother’s cum deep inside Lauren’s womb.

“Mmmmhhhhh!” she would mewl. “Cum inside me, Brother; shoot that lovely sperm all around! Make me yours, Brother! Make me yours!”

So in revenge John would bend down and lick the sweat off his sister’s dazzling breast, brushing his fat tongue around the erect nipple several times before latching onto it with his teeth—biting, tugging, grinding, drawing moan after moan from his sister’s panting lips—after which he’d trace his drooling mouth-piece up Lauren’s throat.

“Oh—this is fucking nasty!” Lauren would gasp, her entire body writhing in the throes of arousal. “Your tongue—ahhhh!—it’s so wet! Ngghhhh! It’s like a gooey eel…r-running up my throat!”

An impassioned Lauren would toss her head left and right as John’s tongue continued drifting up her neck, her face wincing hard in disgust. Then their hungry mouths would unite as the two siblings engaged in a ravenous bout of kissing, John aggressively pumping his sister’s cunt while Lauren met everyone of her brother’s feverish strokes by working her own hips in rhythm.

And so the twins would fuck for hours into the burning night. Then, with a mighty orgasm quivering through her pussy and rippling up her chest, Lauren would discharge one final cry of delight, wrapping her sweat-glazed legs tighter around her brother’s naked ass and drawing him deeper into her clenching folds.

That’s when John would awake….

Damn it! he’d say to himself. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why the hell do I keep having these dreams!

Positively terrified, with his eyes wide, heart pounding and lust smouldering in his chest, John would remove the blankets from over his lap to discover that he had cum all over himself. The sheer rapture of an incestuous dream would make him orgasm, and orgasm hard. The first few times it happened John thought he’d be mentally scarred for life. He chastised himself; he felt incredible shame and disgust; he even contemplated seeking professional help, yet before long he grew to enjoy these dreams….

What would it be like, John wondered, what would it be like to fuck my own sister?

“Well?” asked Dinesh, snapping his friend back to reality. “Is Lauren one of them or what?”

“Yeah….” John mumbled. “Lauren is definitely one of the popular crowd. But unlike your sister—who’s actually a compassionate person—Lauren is a bitch. And not just a bitch, but a cruel bitch….just like her friend Jessica over there.”

Dinesh looked pissed. “It’s not fair, man. It’s just not fucking fair! How come we can’t get any girls? I can’t ’cause I’m from a culture that says no to sex before marriage, and you ’cause—well…you just read.”

John laughed, examining the contents of the beaker in his hand before adding a few drops of red liquid into the foaming mixture. “I read ’cause I can’t get any girls. And maybe we’d have better luck if we weren’t so shy all the time!”

Dinesh and his friend were both virgins, a secret they guarded very closely and never dared express out loud even between themselves.

Well, that would change one day soon. Very soon….

The two boys continued working on their science project for the next few minutes after which John turned to his friend.

“Alright,” he said very clearly, “we’re almost done. All I need from you is to pass me the beaker very carefully. Remember, it’s hot—so just be cautious. And then I’ll just add some sulphur to the formula and that should be it. Just remember—be careful.”

Dinesh snorted, using a pair of tongs to lift the beaker. “Do I look stupid?” He held the container towards his friend. “Don’t you think I can do something this simple without instructions?” John laughed, emptying drops of the white sulphur into the beaker as cautiously as he could. But then he noticed something: his friend’s hand began to shake, slowly at first and then more and more violently, and as he looked up at Dinesh he discovered the cause for it.

Dinesh’s eyes were fixed on Jessica Chambers—who had bent over to grab something from her backpack—thus presenting to him a view of her lovely ass, her black mini-skirt riding up her supple thighs and disclosing a pair of bright red panties biting into either cheek.

Before John could say anything his friend’s hand relaxed its grip. The beaker slipped from between the steel tongs, dropping to the floor with a shattering explosion of glass that reverberated around the room. Some of the girls screamed in surprise; others jumped at the sound or swore. A pool of glimmering red liquid now covered the floor with shards of broken glass peppered here and there, the foamy mixture hissing and bubbling at John and Dinesh’s feet.

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