The Professor’s Friend

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Professor Charles was at his desk at home on a Sunday, doing his usual work: reading student submissions, marking papers, submitting class grades online, and having his usual vodka-and-tonic to ease his burden. His eyes glanced over on paper in particular, Sasha Galonski. He and Sasha had exchange friendly banter back-and-forth. And at one point she dropped the informative statement that she had two kids from different people and never been married. She had longer-than- shoulder length light brown hair, piercing eyes, and a slim body. He also recalled her saying in passing that she was putting herself through uni without help from anyone. He smiled as he read through her papers, assessing, with a prejudiced eye, her work and grading her papers with more ease than the rest of the class, But it was British Lit, so the marks were indeed open for interpretation.

He got to the last of the papers and it was just past dinner time, so he thought he’d peruse the internet and see what porn site he might visit before watching some conventional TV and then to bed before heading to his classes the next day.

As he pulled up one site, there was nothing remarkable about the first page: “Step-Sister Seduces Step-bro”, “Slut Wife Fucks BBC”, “Pornstar Takes Anal”. So he scrolled down and hit the “Next” button… There, to his surprise, on the second video on the right is a woman that looks awfully familiar: “Amateur Woman Orgasms While Masturbating”. And looking closer, he sees that it is indeed the same Sasha whose papers he just corrected…

“Oh, I’ve GOT TO see this,” he thinks to himself, opening the page and as the video loads. Yes, indeed there’s Sasha with a Hitachi lying on the bed, legs splayed and holding the vibrator to her vagina. She’s moaning in the same Polish accent in which she talked to him. Her breasts, which he had only imagined through her shirts (both with a bra and without) were heaving mightily and her eyes were closed in obvious passion.

“Fuck this fuckin’ thing!” she demanded of the toy, holding it tighter and tighter against her quivering form.

Professor Charles couldn’t contain himself and pulled his cock out of his trousers, grasping and tugging at it as he watcher Sasha getting closer and closer to climaxing. They both came together and he grunted as she screamed out her orgasm with a small release of fluid from her vagina on his computer screen.

The video ended and he pulled his trousers up again then went to the great room to finish the evening. Going up to bed, he couldn’t help but think back to the video of Sasha and his own reaction to it.

He awoke the next morning with a stiffy, which he hadn’t had in a long time, showered, dressed and headed off to campus. At 12:45 as he headed off to his 1::00 class and Sasha, his head was busy with questions that had no answers. Should he say anything to her? Should he just ignore his being so turned on by her? How would he be able to concentrate in her class? She never wore anything truly revealing: just jeans and a top of some sort. And so it was she was already sat in the classroom (per usual) when he arrived and placed İstanbul Escort his carry-bag on his desk and started writing on the board the topics for the day.

“Professor,” Sasha asked from behind him in the same accent he had heard most recently, last night.

“Yes Sasha,” her replied turning around to face her. Sure enough, jeans and a red top. Maybe he was looking at her differently now, but her breasts seemed to be unconfined today as he observed though looking directly at her eyes… oh, those piercing green eyes!

“I’m sorry,” she continued with her arms folded on the desk in front of her., “but I could get absolutely NOTHING out of the readings over the week-end. The baby had a bad cold, my older one was no help at all, and this ‘Shake-pears’ makes NO SENSE!”

“Ok, ok, Sasha,” Professor Charles said calmly, “I’m going to be going over the readings here and maybe you could get something more out of it now.”

“Good,” she said in mock anger. But he could tell that this was just her way of teasing, as he saw a glimmer of a smile cross her lips and her eyes twinkled.

The class proceeded and he explained how “Romeo and Juliet” was a love story with deadly consequences sprinkled throughout.

The class ended and he called Sasha to his desk…

“Did that help?” he asked.

“Yes, it did,” she purred in her Polish accent. “Thank you, professor. I’ve gotta go, I have a long drive back home and my mother is watching my kids. She’s a nightmare.”

“Oh, Sasha,” the professor said, as he packs up himself., “If you want I could come over and work with you on how language works. Or I could just do a video tutorial, if you’d rather.”

“The video would be such a help,” she answered. “I live about 45 minutes form here and I don’t want you to make the long trip that I do. Besides, I’ve got my kids and they’re an handful, believe me.”

“Don’t you ever leave them at your mum’s for a bit?” the professor asks, “It’d be quiet, just the two of us. But if you think a video conference would suffice, it’s no worries.”

“If you cook dinner,” she said, “you always say you like to cook and I can’t. We mostly have mac-and-cheese or sandwiches for dinner.”

“I’d be happy to cook,” he told her, “Thursday night work for you? You could tell your mum tonight, if you want.”

“Ok,” she said gruffly, but there was that sly smile and those twinkling eyes, so he knew she was merely playing with him.

Wednesday’s class came and went without further distractions, but she did call “Thank you, professor.” on the way out. He caught her meaning of “See you tomorrow night” in there.

It took him nearly an hour to get to her house following the Sat-Nav from his phone after she texted him her address and he arrived with the fixings for a simple oriental noodle dish.

She greeted him at the door barefoot in jeans and a blue tank-top.

“Well, come on into this mess,” she said with THAT accent, as she opened the screen door letting him pass in front of her,

He entered the living room, containing toys on the floor and papers of the coffee table.

“Let me Anadolu Yakası Escort give you the 10-cent tour,” she said and led him through the front room to the kitchen, where he put his carry-bag, then through to a small bedroom on the right, a bathroom on the left and a larger bedroom in front of them. He instantly saw the same bed as in the video.

“I can’t make heads nor tails of this shit,” she confided in him. “Maybe you could clear it up, because I sure can’t. What the fuck is this all about anyway.”

As the professor sat on the couch with Sasha, telling her about “Romeo and Juliet,” he began to get the same feelings he had when he was watching her on Sunday.

“You know, Sasha this is Shakespeare’s most romantic and sexual play.” he explained.

“Really?” she asked in mock anger, “where’s the sex? I don’t read no sex.” she was clearly playing with him now.

“What about this,” he says, “what would you do if someone told you that you were the sun and made the moon envious, That you were everything he ever wanted in this world and would do anything to spend the night, the next night and for ever with you and only you? What would you do?”

“I’d fuck him right there and then!” she said. “And keep fucking him until he couldn’t stand up. Oh shit, maybe that wasn’t appropriate. I’m sorry, professor.”

“I have a confession to make, Sasha,” the professor said quietly, “and maybe THIS isn’t appropriate either.”

“What,” she said quickly, “what’s not appropriate?”

“I…I saw your video on Sunday,” he said sheepishly.

“I was wondering if anyone would,” she said unabashedly. “That’s how I’m putting myself through school. I used to be an actress in THOSE movies in Europe when I was younger, so when I came to America, I couldn’t because they said no one would understand me. So, I started my own company, making my own videos. mostly by myself now, but maybe in a few months I’d get some male model to help out and really make some money so I wouldn’t have such student debts. So, what you think, did you like it?”

“It was… amazing,’ he said, again sheepishly.

“Look, professor,” Sasha said, “In Europe, sex is not such huge thing, lots of women do this… and more. I knew you wanted to, whenever we went at it back-and-forth. I could tell. And it’s fine. Dinner and Shake-pears can wait.”

She stood up and took him by the hand, leading him to the back bedroom.

“It was a good idea to have my kids stay with my mother,” she said, taking off her tank top revealing gorgeous breasts, which the professor wasted no time grasping a hold of and putting in his mouth. Sasha moaned with passion at his first touch, unbuttoning his short-sleeve shirt as she did so. He took off the shirt and kicked off his shoes, wearing no socks, he was now as barefoot as Sasha. He turned her around so that her back is ground against his front and grabbed hold of her breasts again and she leans back against him even more in the throws of passion, moaning again.

He reached down and unzips her jeans which, though tight, he slid down her bare legs, and she steps out of, now Üsküdar Escort completely nude before him. He kissed her neck as he feels for her vagina, the same vagina he saw unfold and squirt last Sunday. Sasha opened her mouth in a loud moan as he enters the folds of her pussy with his fingers and feels her wetness already present As he focussed his manipulations on her clitoris, she reached behind her and skilfully unbelts, unbuttons and unzips his trousers which slip effortlessly to the floor exposing his erect organ dripping with pre-cum. She turned around suddenly and they look into each others eyes as they continue their mutual masturbation of each other. She gets down on her knees and with a look of pure wanton-ness, engulfs his penis into her waiting mouth. She spits on it and pulls on it with her hands as she continues to suck it, revelling in its wetness. Then she removes one hand, placing it on her own vagina, massaging her clit and opening as she multi-tasks his erection.

“Mmm,” she says as she moves back to the bed, still holding onto his organ. She glides onto the bed splaying her feet wide, just like the video, and guides him into her waiting, dripping and hungry vulva. He pumps into her surprisingly tight vagina with fierce abandon. He waited a long time to do this. and after seeing the video, he knew she’d be an animal at sex…

They change positions so that he is now standing behind her again and she is bent at the waist over the bed, feet wide apart and holding her arse cheeks with both her hands so that her vagina is wide open, as he looks at her as if he hasn’t had sex in months, which in truth he hadn’t.

“C’mon,” she tells him strongly, “fuck the shit out of me! Not in my asshole though.”

He thrusts into her again and again from behind and they are both moaning loudly. He briefly wonders if the neighbours are hearing them, then doesn’t care. She’s reaching her first orgasm now and he feels the wetness welling up in her pussy.

“Aaah” Sasha screams and lets out a moderate amount of liquid that is not urine form her vagina. “Oh, shit, did I do that? Again?” she says. “I’d better get a towel.” She tries to disengage, but the professor holds her where she is.

“No, no, no,” he tells her sweetly, “we have time for that later, and kisses her deeply on the mouth. She returns his kiss and then breathes into his ear: “you can take me however you want.” He then takes hold of her and swivels around so that he is now lying on the bed. She instantly knows what to do and climbs on top of him and puts his erection vertically against her vagina and clit, moving back and forth, stimulating herself as well as the professor. Then easily now that she is self-lubricated, he slips into her waiting vagina again. They fuck and fuck and she cums two more times, drenching him in her juices until he finally explodes into her. They both collapse on the bed exhausted.

They kiss some more as they recover from the passion for each other they’ve had.

“So, professor,’ Sasha tells him as they lie entwined on the bed, “so THAT’S what ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was all about. Now I understand. What’s the next thing we’re doing?

“It’s another Shakespeare,” he tells her, “it’s called ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’.”

“Oh, my god,” she says in frustration, “I will definitely need at least another tutoring session or two before I understand THAT one!”

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