The Project Can Wait

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My name is Adam Johnson, and I am a Junior at Bridgton College. I recently became friends, and then lovers, with a fellow Education major named Sarah. We worked together in a tutoring program through the college, from where we carpooled to and from our assigned tutoring location in a nearby town. We would occasionally make small talk during those rides, but it was often stilted and awkward. After a few weeks of tutoring, I became enamored with how patient and kind Sarah was with the students under her care. At the time, I was completely single. I had never had a serious girlfriend besides a few casual relationships in high school that lasted less than a month, and I began to consider Sarah as someone I could see myself being with. At this point, I began to notice other things about Sarah: namely her thick figure and sizeable breasts.

Now obviously I noticed these things before, namely the second I met her. I just never allowed myself to think of her in that manner. I was working closely with her, and that sort of thinking would only lead to me “distracting” myself, something I refused to allow as I was, and still am, very serious about the volunteer positions we both held. It was only after the tutoring gig ended and we continued to meet up for class assignments that she had the opportunity to change how I looked at her. Over the course of our tutoring semester, we became friends as we texted back and forth, joking about our experiences in class and off campus. We both had our own friend groups, but since we came from a small college, no one was really a stranger to one another. I learned she had a passion for tactile learning, a technique underused in modern classrooms where students can use touchable objects to cement learning. This matched up well with a subject I took an interest in, which was the effect unusual curriculum choices had on student engagement.

I mention this because, as we both entered into our second semester of junior year, two things happened. First, both me and Sarah ended up in the same “Intro to Education Research” class, and secondly, the first assignment was to pick a partner and write a simplified research paper related to education. We already had chosen seats next to each other, and when the professor announced the project would be changed to a partner project, we immediately looked at each other and grinned. At the time, I just thought she was excited to delve into a topic I knew she cared deeply about; I would soon come to realize there had been something entirely different on her mind.

It was a cool Friday night when we finally met up to begin working on our joint paper. As I walked into the library, I looked around for where Sarah is sitting. The interior of the library was shabby, with the carpet noticeably fraying at the edges of the room and some of the beige wallpaper beginning to peel off the wall. In the defense of our only library, the ceiling tiles were still mostly white. As I turned a corner to the student lounge, I suddenly stop noticing all those issues. All I can focus on is Sarah.

The first thing I noticed was her green tank top and beige wool cardigan. Compared to the outfits she wore during our tutoring days, this one was much more revealing. Even though I was a room across from her, I could still see quite a bit of cleavage! As I approached the table, which only had a few knife marks on it, she turned and a large grin suddenly appeared on her freckled face. She stood up and gave me a hug as I silently thanked the universe I remembered to shower before this, then turned to sit back in her seat. When she did, I could clearly see both the outline of her panties through the yoga pants she was wearing and the impressive size of her butt. Sitting down, I tried to clear my head of the fantasies that had suddenly appeared there as we opened our laptops and prepared ourselves for hours of combing through digital research archives. In a stroke of luck, I found that her laptop screen prevented me from stealing glances at her rack. Despite telling myself this is a good thing, I found myself disappointed every time I glanced up from my screen to see nothing but a slight amount of red hair as Sarah slouched over the keyboard.

After some back and forth about how exactly we wanted to structure the paper, we were suddenly approached by one of the library attendants.

“Hey, uh… We’re closing. Get out.” Then, without waiting for an answer, he immediately turned away and walked to the next table. Me and Sarah look at each other, and before I could speak, she hurriedly blurted out,

“Letsjustgobacktomyroom!” As she said it, her face turned so red I can’t even see her freckles. Not thinking much of her outburst, I responded.

“I think we’ll have to, I really don’t want to work on this over the weekend if I can help it.”

“You don’t mind Adam? My roommate dropped out a few days ago so we won’t have to worry about distractions.” I chuckled at this.

“I know what that’s like. My roommate dropped out within the first week of this semester after hitting Anadolu Yakası Escort it big with crypto!” She nodded, clearly distracted by something as she bit her lip. Seeing her so focused like that caused a small stirring in my pants, something I did not need if I am to finish this paper tonight. I pointedly look elsewhere, only taking one more glance at her boobs before gathering my things. At the time, I was so focused on not getting hard that I failed to consider what exactly she was thinking about. I would soon discover that very thing, and it would change the course of my college experience forever…

We both packed up our stuff and headed toward the library’s exit. Emerging into the cool dusk air, we began the journey back to Sarah’s dorm on the other side of campus. Along the way, we idly chatted about the most recent football game our campus had lost, and chuckled at the inadequacy of our team. While I was having a great time mocking our pitiful team, Sarah seemed off somehow. Her laughter was almost painfully forced, and her movements seemed stiff as if she was nervous. I found this odd, as Sarah typically loved the inadequacy of the Bridgton Bridges, but I decided to write it off as a side effect of breathing the moldy air from our campus library. As we approached Sarah’s dorm, she began to pull ahead, apparently eager to return to work on our paper. Walking past her R.A. who was currently rolling a blunt at the front desk, I see them wink in Sarah’s direction, which caused her to turn beet red and walk even faster to her room. Confused by her reaction, I followed her until we finally made it to the door to Sarah’s room. After fumbling with the key for several seconds and muttering something that sounds like an apology, she finally managed to open the door. As Sarah turned on the lights, I looked around her room. Overall, the room looks like the stereotypical college girls’ room, with lights along the walls and a soft and not-unpleasant artificial scent permeating the air, with one exception: half of the room is completely bare and unadorned.

Sarah drops her backpack at the foot of her bed and immediately hopped onto it.

“Adam, you can just throw your things onto my desk.” I nodded and began setting up my computer, checking my phone while it finished booting. As I am about to sit down, I glanced over at Sarah and noticed that she had removed her cardigan and was now only wearing her tank top. The comfortable lighting that comes from only the Christmas lights made it hard to tell, but… is she not wearing a bra?!

At this point, she turned toward me, and I quickly looked back to my computer which had finished turning on and the document was open and ready. I sat, and began typing, only to feel an intense stare coming from Sarah, who was still on her bed. I turned toward her.

“Are you ok Sarah? You have been acting weird ever since we left the library.”

Blushing, she replied “I… I think my muscles are kinda, uh,… stiff right now.” She said, using her hands to rub her shoulders while continuing the stare.

“Oh, that sucks. Have you tried those chairs at the mall? They always help me when I’m feeling stiff.”

“Um, Adam…”


“We aren’t at a mall. I could…” She paused. “I could use some relief like now.”

At this, everything suddenly clicks into place. Her strange behavior, the R.A. winking at her, how she was showing way more skin than usual: she wanted a massage but felt too awkward to ask! Immediately I stood up and walked over to her bed, hopping onto it.

“Alright Sarah, lay on your front. I saw a youtube video about how to do this a few years ago.” Since we were both on the bed, I decided to just sit directly on her ass. Careful to not put too much of my weight on it, I reached forward and gently took placed my hands on her shoulders while brushing her hair out of the way.

“Hnnnnnngg”, Sarah moaned softly.

I began to move my thumbs in firm circles, breaking up the knots in her trapezius muscle near her neck. The moaning increased in frequency and volume as I moved down her back, and by the time I reached her latissimus dorci muscle, I was harder than I ever remembered being. While usually I held back my stray sexual feelings I had around her, I found that right now I could not care less as I began to move back up her back again. As I did, I found myself imagining leaning forward and rubbing my erect penis in the crease her sizeable bum made in the yoga pants. After several more minutes of this, she broke the tension:

“Can you get my stomach too?” She asked tentatively, almost embarrassed to request such a thing.

Trying not to think of how I would manage to do this with her staring right at me, I mumbled assent and changed my position to kneeling beside her so that she could flip over. With a soft grunt, Sarah swapped sides, and I gulped as her boobs jiggled slightly. As I met her eyes, I realized I had just spent several seconds staring at her tits as she watched me do it. To my surprise, she Bostancı Escort did not look mad, just flushed. Eager to distract myself, I leaned down to throw my leg over Sarah, and as I did, I heard just how heavy her breathing was since my ear was just inches from her face. In this way, her breathing matched my own. Sitting up, I gently placed my hands on her tummy, noting how soft it was as Sarah let out a breath I didn’t know she was holding. As I start kneading her stomach, she resumed moaning as she did before, softly making noises I never in a million years thought I would hear out of her mouth. I explored her stomach area with my hands, slowly increasing the pressure. As I did so, Sarah’s moans again got louder, especially whenever my hands rubbed her upper obliques near her breasts. While I was massaging her, she put both her hands on my waist; squeezing my sides whenever I pressed in harder with my thumbs. Every time she did this, I moaned slightly and squeezed back, creating a feedback loop that continued pushing both of us closer and closer to pure arousal. Looking down, I saw the continued up-and-down movements of my hands had caused her tank top to ride up, showing off her creamy-white belly and bunching up underneath her tits. Finally, this drove me over the edge. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Sarah, I want to go farther. I know it’s cringey to say this now, but I’ve always thought you were really…”

Before I could finish my statement, Sarah grabbed my right hand and put it on her left breast. Shocked, I met her eyes, and she nodded with a determined look on her face. Gently, I squeezed, feeling the pert nipple pressing against my palm and marveling and its softness. I immediately tugged off my shirt, watching as she did the same. Again, I was amazed at her chest, large breasts with hard nipples that looked almost magical thanks to the multicolored LEDs. I crawled off of her to the side, helping Sarah pull off her leggings and marveling at the smooth thighs my hand brushed over in the process. Throwing the leggings to the floor, I kissed my way up her leg, stopping at the knee to lick the kneecap. Irritated and impatient, Sarah whined my name, eager for me to reach my destination.

Blushing, I continue up Sarah’s thigh, feeling her fingers tangle into my hair. As I got closer to her panties, she began to gently tug, and as I halted my advance mid-thigh, I heard a frustrated sigh. Sitting up slightly, I grinned at the gorgeous redhead giving me a death glare between her breasts. In a teasing tone, I asked, “Panties off?”

Grinning hungrily, Sarah immediately began working to free herself from her panties. We somehow managed to get rid of them in a horny and desperate joint effort, and I only had a split second to take in her trimmed red pubes until she gently but firmly tugged my head to her core. Taking in her gentle scent, I just started licking as best I could. After a few seconds of not doing much, Sarah used my hair like Ratatouille to maneuver my tongue to a small nub I hadn’t been able to find on my own: the clitoris.

“unghhhAGHHHHHHHH!” Sarah’s back suddenly arched and she moaned louder than before as I increased the frequency of my licking, the muscles I had worked so hard to loosen minutes ago now tensing up again. I wrapped my arms around her upper thighs, trying to stay in a position where I could continue licking her clit. Glancing up, I saw the hand that was not gripping my hair for dear life was squeezing her nipple as she panted heavily, eyes closed as she was overwhelmed with pleasure.


Climaxing, Sarah stopped arching her back and collapsed, panting. I crawled up to lay next to her, and she grinned widely at me, hazel eyes sparkling. We sat there for a few seconds until I realized I had yet to even kiss her properly yet. Leaning in, our lips met in a way that was much more loving than lustful. As I pulled away, I saw Sarah had a weird look on her face.

“Are you ok?”

“Ya, I’m fine. I just… I never expected to…taste…myself.” She said, licking her lips. It dawned on me. I just kissed her with the evidence of her arousal all over my face. Looking at her, the apology I was about to spout died in my throat, as she seemed more thoughtful than disgusted.

“I’m going to get some water for us, ok?” Sarah asked as she sat up and jumped down from the bed.

“Yes please, I’m pretty thirsty after that, haha.” I replied, eyes glued to her ass as she bent over to pick up a towel to wrap around herself before picking up a canteen off her spare desk and walking down the non-coed hall to the water fountain, closing the door behind her.

Standing up off the bed, I remember the reason I came to Sarah’s room to begin with: finishing the paper! Scooching off the bed, I realized as I wiped Sarah’s juices off my mouth that I was very hot even with my shirt off. Factoring this with my still raging erection and high arousal, I decided I needed to cool off as much as possible if I was to get a decent amount of the paper done Ümraniye Escort tonight. I kicked my pants to the floor, figuring that Sarah wouldn’t mind after what we had just done, and opened her window a little, letting the cool Spring air into the room. I took my laptop out and opened it up just as I hear the key in the door. I turn to see Sarah walk back into the room, setting the now-full water bottle down on a cabinet near the door. Glancing at my pants on the floor, she looked at me eagerly, face falling and a scowl forming as soon as she saw my open laptop with the paper open right on the screen.

Seeing Sarah pouting while wearing nothing but a towel caused my already hard dick to throb painfully, and as Sarah’s eyes flicked to my crotch, I knew she saw the movement she herself caused. Turning back to my computer, I asked Sarah while I read off my screen:

“I went ahead and shared the start of the document outline with you, I was thinking we could open the paper with a short quote from our text, and connect our next few paragraphs from that. What do you think?”


Hearing Sarah approach, I leaned back in the chair, satisfied with how I structured the paper’s first part. Instead of passing through empty air, I collided with a warm and soft sensation I had learned only recently: Sarah’s breasts. Strutting around to the front of the chair, a very naked Sarah sat on my lap while staring intently into my eyes. As if by instinct, I immediately grabbed her waist and roughly pulled her towards me with a grunt, forgetting all about the paper. I’ve lost control, having built up so much desire over the past hour that I needed her. Kissing her firmly, I felt her tongue with mine as she moaned happily. Sarah pressed herself against the bulge in my underwear and began to gyrate, causing an explosion of pleasure in my lower spine every time she humped me. Pressing back in time with her movements, the room soon became filled with the sounds of both of our moans. Suddenly, in a moment of clarity, I realized that there was no way I could go through with what my instincts were screaming for unless I had a condom. Pulling away from Sarah’s lips, I cry:

“Damn it! Sarah, we can’t go through with this. I don’t have any protection!” Without even slowing her hips, she reached behind her and pulled out a small yellow square from its hiding place on her desk, then tore it open with her mouth while her remaining hand rubbed her clit. Eager to assist, I moved both hands to my boxers and ripped a hole down the middle as hard as I could, letting my erect member spring out and smack Sarah’s pussy. Pausing her movement, Sarah leaned against the desk, giving me room to put the condom on. After a second or two, I managed to unroll the rubber onto me, and as I began to marvel at the bizarre feeling of having a latex wrap on my penis, Sarah rubbed herself against it. We both gasped at the new, intimate sensations we were feeling. Me, at how hot and wet Sarah felt against my dick, and Sarah as she rubbed her clit on my tip.

Sarah planted her feet on opposite sides of the chair we were on and lifted herself slightly upward, placing one hand behind her on the desk to help steady herself. With a hungry look in her eye and her soft lips slightly parted in concentration, she reached down with her free hand and began to maneuver my penis toward her vagina. Watching her focus so intently on my cock so brazenly blew any remaining awkward hesitation out of my mind: I wanted, no, needed this. Adjusting how I was sitting, I met Sarah’s hand, and together, we watched me disappear inside of her. As she lowered herself completely onto my shaft, I was so overwhelmed with sensation that I couldn’t bring myself to make so much as a noise until she had completely lowered herself onto me.

“Agghhhhhhh, Sarah! This feels amazing!” I exclaimed breathlessly. With a smirk, she lifted herself halfway up my cock, then dropped down on it. I gasped as I thrust back into Sarah in time with her riding, holding her waist with one of my hands to help her balance.

After a few thrusts, I felt a pressure begin to build deep in my core, and hearing Sarah’s pants mix with mine was only adding to it. In an attempt to distract myself and postpone an embarrassingly early orgasm, I placed my free hand on the small of her back to draw Sarah close to me and move her boobs towards my mouth. Giggling, she eagerly shoved her chest in my face and I wholeheartedly began licking her breast. As I switched to her other tit, she moved both hands to the back of my head and pressed me even harder into her pillowy breast, humming encouragingly as I flicked my tongue over her firm nipple. Despite my hope, the taste and feel of Sarah’s chest on my tongue did nothing but exacerbate my issue. Every time I ran my tongue over her nipple, she stroked her clit, matching my tempo. With one last thrust from both of us, I was overwhelmed by sensation as I came alongside her, burying my dick inside of her as far as I could as her pussy clenched down around my dick, becoming even tighter than it already was. I desperately pulled down on her shoulders for leverage, shoving myself inside her as far as possible. As I still had a face full of titty, all I could say as I came was an incoherent moan that vaguely sounded like her name as we came.

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