The Proving Ch. 02

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This is a collab between me and my friend
Make sure to read part one! Search, The Proving


Kitten, or now as she was called, May, almost shivered with excitement. Her Master had taught her how to read the clock so she would know when she could prepare for him to come home from his day. He was already training a new group of kittens, but May tried not to think about that. It made her very jealous that so many other kittens got to share her Master with her, even though he had chosen her, it was sad that he got so many to boss around. Still, May had grown very attached to the Administrator.. her new Master. She might have even loved him. And now it was almost five o-clock. She had everything prepared and politely waited by the door the way he liked, her leash in her mouth, naked, kneeling there having done mostly nothing the whole day except clean up their mess from the day before. Anyways, the clock now said that her Master was just about to walk through that door..! She waggled her tail about behind her excitedly, gnawing on the leash between her teeth until he stepped in, in all his glory.

“Master!” She exclaimed happily, through her voice was muffled due to the object obstructing her tongue. She smiled, rising up onto her knees, hands kitten-like in front of her chest as she gazed up at him brightly. He smiled down at her, took the leash from her mouth, and ruffled her hair and ears, to which she replied by nuzzling his hand warmly. “How was your day Master?” She asked

“Alright. We’ve started a new group so..” Kitten pouted. She didn’t like hearing about his work, but she would listen anyways. “… Hm. Poor jealous kitten..” Her Master yawned. “Cmon. Did you make my supper?” She nodded. “Up up, you may walk on your feet, pet.” She stood Escort bayan up quickly and followed behind him as he led her to the kitchen where she had prepared the supper he’d left pre-made instructions for. His home was plain and homely, since his work place was so modern and up-to-date, he said he grew tired of being on the cutting edge of technology constantly, it gave him a headache, so his home, was simple. He sat down at an already set table and let go of the leash, letting it trail down May’s body as she went to the oven and brought out the meal she had prepared, some kind of chicken dish with a creamy sauce, and served him, before taking her place beside him on the floor where a dish always waited for her. After he had finished his own meal, he poured some milk into the dish and stroked her as she drank, and his food settled. Then he moved to the living room, May tagging along and curling up beside him on the sofa and nuzzling his crotch, but he would push her nose away so he could watch television. Things went on this way for a couple months.. “No Kitten, I’m too tired.. another day.” By the three month mark, May had given one blow job. That was it. Her Master was always too spent from training other pets that by the time he got home, she was useless to him. Until one day, finally..

“Master!” May cried, after being denied anything for almost two months straight. “Why did you teach me these things.. why did you train me this way if I cant even help you? Im.. Im just a normal house cat now..!” Her Master frowned. It wasn’t like her to speak without being told to. She was usually so quiet and content. But how else would he have known that she felt this way. Nevertheless, he was shocked.

“” he quickly took her up into Bayan escort his arms, kissing her cheeks and sitting her on his lap. They were just about to go to sleep, curled up in his bed, when she’d shouted so suddenly. “I.. you know I just get so tired from work.. you know how I trained you.. I train all the kittens in similar ways.. Its very draining..”

“But Master.. what am I even here for then..” She pouted, burying her face into his shoulder. He was certainly a lot bigger than she. He stroked her head and ears.

“Does my Pet need a good fuck..? Hm..? I suppose you haven’t gotten a release in quite a while.. poor kitty.” He nuzzled her face with his own affectionately, being sweet and nice. “I’ll see what I can do about work.. I do want to use you, believe me.” He chuckled. She rubbed her face back up against him sadly.

“Please.. fuck me..” she whispered quietly, knowing that she wasn’t supposed to ask, and expecting a smack in the face or a yank on her collar. Her Master chuckled.

“I don’t know.. It should be for my pleasure, should it not, Kitten? Hm? Make me want to.. Beg me. Let me see how much you want it.” He raised his eyebrows expectantly, sitting up and pushing his hands behind his head to watch what his little May would do. She blushed and puffed out her cheeks, thinking quickly. She looked down at her Master’s crotch, hidden under the blankets, and quickly climbed up onto him, straddling his legs, one hand on his chest, the other helping her to stay balanced, and their bodies only separated by the blanket between them as she leaned in close and kissed his neck quietly, sweetly, sucking and nibbling, feeling him shiver. He sighed and stayed still though, waiting for her to take even more of the initiative.

“Oh.. Escort Master..” she cooed sweetly, nuzzling him and kissing her way down his chest, his stomach, dragging the blanket back sensually with her teeth, gazing up at him, nuzzling him as she revealed more and more of his naked form. He shivered again. “I know you don’t want anymore pleasing from mouths today… hm? It must be tiring to feel so good all day..” she grumbled, trying to make him feel guilty for leaving her unsatisfied. She bit her lip as the blanket was finally pulled away to reveal his cock, twitching a little but quite limp. She growled at it, shocked and upset that all her efforts thus far have given no results. She huffed again, thinking. “Fine then.. I know what you like..” She stood up and moved over to a toy chest at the foot of her Master’s bed that contained all of his sex toys and accessories. Chains, whips, candles, gags, everything. First, Kitten pulled out a nice clean, bright red ball gag and put it on herself, fastening it tightly in the back. Then she found a decently sized plug for her anus, bright pink. She turned it on and crawled over to a spot on the floor where her beloved Master could see her as she struggled and puffed into the gag, pushing the vibrating toy into her hole, on all fours where he could see everything. She shuddered once it was in, but didn’t stop there. She moved back to the chest, red faced, and pulled out two small lengths of chain. First she attached one length to both the cuffs around her ankles, the little leather anklets that never left in case of times like this. Now that her legs were restrained, she pulled her arms behind her back and, with some difficulty, attached the similar manacles around her wrists with the remaining chain. She shuddered on the floor quietly, having trapped herself quite efficiently, her hole pulsating with the toy inside it. Now all that was left was to wait for her Master to do something about it, or to leave her there for the night.. which she knew he very well might.

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