The Queen’s Bedmate

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He rubbed his cock up and down my wetness making sure to keep it going just enough to feel good and keep me on edge. His shuttering breaths of pleasure trying to hold himself back to not plunge himself inside of me. He couldn’t the King would have his head for that. His auburn braided back hair had gotten messy from where he was getting me nice and ready for tonight.

“How are you feeling My Queen? Anything I can do for you?”

He asked quietly so much shakiness in his voice. His needy eyes looked up at me for an answer. This had been the closest to being inside me he had ever gotten. I could feel him mildly twitching so close yet so far from what he wanted.

“Well~ what is it you want my pretty boy?”

My voice cooed into his ears as I could hear him make a gasp of pleasure. He was holding in his orgasm till I told him to but he was nearing his limit. He turned to look away from me his stiff cock still pressed right before my entrance. He mouthed something I could barely see, his shoulders slumped before he turned back.

“What was that?”

I questioned with a hint of authority in my voice. He didn’t dare answer. He just stared down at my stomach as I could feel him pulling away. I pulled my legs around him pulling him back. His cock had now been mildly pressed into me and I could feel güvenilir bahis him twitch again and a small groan escaped his lips.

“Do you want something you can’t have? Is that it? You want to sink deep inside me and bury your seed in there? Is that it?”

His eyes peered back to look at me, almost begging for him to do what I had just said. I pulled my legs to be slightly tighter around his back pulling in towards me once again.

“Please! My Queen! We can’t do this… what will your husband think?”

He pleaded with me as I moved myself up to be on my elbows.

“My husband will understand the situation if I was the one asking. It’s not like he’s managed to make an heir yet. How about just this once you can do as you want to.”

His eyes gleamed with happiness. He looked in awe of the situation.

“Thank you so much Your Majesty.”

He thanked me so heavily before moving ever so much to work the tiniest bit more of himself in side of me. His hot breath on my neck as he buried himself deeper and deeper into me. He was much bigger then my husband. It almost felt like a tight fit. He gripped onto my hips working every last inch into where he was now allowed into. The moment he reached his full length he burst out his seed into me, filling me up so deep inside.

He rested for güvenilir bahis siteleri a moment panting uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure rolled over him. His shuttering body inside and on top of me. My hands ran up and down his back causing him to give little whimpers. He held onto me squeezing before he pulled back pulling himself free of me.

“Thank you My Queen, I hope I didn’t make too big of a mess.”

I peered down to between my legs seeing his seed slowly spilling out of me. It made me want him inside me yet again but I knew he couldn’t so shortly after bursting. I ran a hand to between my legs feeling the ooze smiling.

“Well… now that you’ve spilled your seed in me, why don’t you make sure it sticks?”

I grabbed his hand placing it where I wanted it and he gave a nod working his finger inside me. It didn’t feel as good as his cock but I would have to settle for it. He sped up his finger slipping another to fill me up better. He lowered his face to kiss on my breasts mouthing them some.

It wasn’t long till he was ready to be inside me again. I was glad I choose someone so spry and agile to warm my bed. I wondered the rounds and rounds of this we could do before he would get tired. The hours of ecstasy he could make me feel. My husband could never manage that. I wanted iddaa siteleri him fucking me everyday till my belly is full of his seed. I wouldn’t tell him that just yet but he would soon realize.

“Good boy~ you want to be inside your queen again? Do you want to feel her wrapping around you?”

I ran a hand up and down his swollen cock cooing to him. Oh I loved feeling him twitch in my hand. Those pleading eyes looking at me so submissively so hungrily. He licked his lips looking at my body rocking his hips some to go faster in my hand. He so badly wanted me to tell him he could. He wanted me to tell him he could ravage me. He wanted to fuck me till I couldn’t walk anymore.

“Please… can I have you around me?”

He whispered through strained whimpers. I gave him a look with a raised eyebrow. He gave the most pitiful look of need.

“Yes, you may.”

His face lit up with excitement as he moved to be between my legs again his cock so swollen so needy. He grabbed my hips pulling me towards him. He placed the tip of his cock against the entrance of my wetness slowly working its way in. He gave a groan of pleasure. He rocked in and out of me as I gripped on to him.

He suddenly pulled out of me rolling me onto my stomach lifting my ass into the air as he plunged back in. He picked up pace much quicker. I could hear the slamming noises as he shoved as much of himself inside of me at a time. The bed squeaked with the effort of his thrusts.

Oh boy, didn’t I have my hands full?


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