The Rescuer Bk. 03 Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

This story is a continuation of the Rescuer & The Rescuer Bk. 02. They’re good fun reads on their own, and it helps set up this story. It’s not required reading, but as I said, it’s a good read.


Chapter 8 — About Time

It’s been six months since the CIA fiasco. They gave me $500,000,000 for my troubles. The grandparents moved to Hawaii, where Mary is training the Americans and Canadians on how to train dogs. They all love it out there, and they travel a lot.

The house is kind of lonely now, especially when everyone is out working. I had some setbacks, so they are cautious with me. I can’t do squat; I am gaining weight because I’m not active. I do a lot of physical therapy. Enough so that I have my full range of motion back. However, it’s not the same, especially with stamina.

Everyone has babied me like you wouldn’t believe. There is hope, though. My final exam is later today when the last test results come back. That’s 4:00. Until then, I continue writing about my adventures in extreme detail. I am part of an experiment to learn the differences between what a terrible, average, great, and exceptional soldier is. They send me a ton of tests, exams, and questions about missions and how I felt throughout the mission.

They want to know the weather, temperature, wind direction, and how fast I do things. Then they want my opinions on suggestions for training and evaluations. They keep me busy. As you guessed, Max and Robert talked me into it. However, I am an advisor now. I do all my work at home and through video conferences.

We all advise both countries.

The Americans like a different perspective, and we can cover the female side of things well. I am the only full-time advisor. Grandpa taught me his dealing with death system; I do that a few times a month.

It’s different from saving someone, though. I miss that part. Was it worth losing a sister? No. It could have been any of us for three generations now. I guess we were lucky it didn’t happen before. I am woken up from my daydreaming by mom. She puts her arms out, and I stand up to hug her.

She chuckles, “You passed the first part of your test. Let’s go to the clinic and see if we have some results yet.”


The grin on Bonnie’s face tells me all I need to know. All tests have checked out perfectly. She examines my leg to see how the healing is going. I am still tender. The important part is that she has allowed me to have sex.

Bonnie asks me, “You do realize what this means, right?”

I grin, “I have to start bringing supplies up again and unloading them?”

Mom strokes my cock, slowly waking him up.

Mom shakes her head no, “You won’t do that for another six months.”

I try again, “Do the dishes?”

Mom strokes me faster, “Oh, you’ll get all the dishes for a while. You can count on that buster.”

She is stroking me quicker, “But that isn’t what I am thinking of.”

Mom bends over and takes my cock in her mouth. This, I have been getting all along. They eat my cock, and I eat their pussies several times a day.

I am teasing mom, “So, you want me working as a guide, right? Oh no, you want me leading a horse ride. Do I need to catch fish for tonight?”

Mom mumbled something, and I have no idea what it is.

About now, I don’t care what she has to say, I can feel my ability to hold out faltering. You would think that a heavy dose of blowjobs would prepare me better for this. Nope, not mom’s skills. This is one thing that she is far and away better than anyone else.

I am sort of surprised at this. I figured a game night, or a role play night, and she would save me for the others. Maybe so much has happened, those are done as well. That saddens me.

Mom saw me sadden and re-doubled her efforts. In no time, I am spewing down her throat with a very satisfying need quenched. She bounces up and hugs me tight.

Mom has a huge smile on her face.

I try to look sad, “Let me guess, there is a role play night, and you are so horny you had to do that, right?”

Mom has a look of horror on her face, “PLEASE make it look like you’re surprised. They worked hard to make you happy. This has been rough on them. ALL of them.”

I give mom my special smile, “It’s all I have ever tried to do for them.”


Before dinner, I take a nice hot bath. I don’t hear anyone in the house. It’s silent.

I smell food being cooked. I can’t tell you how rare it is to hear the house quiet. Typically, a sister is yelling, a mother is yelling, something is crashing, a dog is barking, the TV is on, or the radio is on.

Something is always making noise.

I am starting to get worried.

I hear the door open, but I can’t see who it is. They are silent. I don’t bother rolling over to gaziantep escort bayan ilanları look, they will find me, it’s why they are here. I say they because Paula and Pam walk in together. It’s not until they are at the side of my huge soaking tub that they slip in. They are both naked, of course. They add more hot water and still have not said anything.

Four eyes are on me, staring, trying to read my mind.

I start out simple, “What?”

They giggle, and Paula says, “I am trying to memorize your face right now. I want to compare it to the ‘after’ version.”

I roll my eyes, “You should take a picture. Pam can massage me while you take a picture, then I will really look relaxed.”

Paula exhales a long breath, “It’s so nice in here, I don’t feel like getting up. PORSCHE! BRING A CAMERA PLEASE!”

So much for relaxing.

I try asking for hints, “Any last-minute advice for me? I sense something big. It is way too quiet in the house.”

They both smile, but Pam says, “If we even breathe a hint about tonight, they will kill us. No matter what you think, you better tell them you love it. They have really gone all out for you. Your mother has had a heavy hand in this. She understands you’re not fully healed yet. Your leg is weak, and you don’t have the same stamina that you had eight weeks ago.”

Paula is next, “They have allowed for everything because they are. Hmmm. How do I say it? Oh yeah, hornier than a high school geek in a high dollar whore house. They spent money, called in favors, and have been planning this for weeks. This is more about them than you.

“They have had a blast planning this out. As you might guess, each of us mothers have put our fingerprints on this, and they even asked the grandparents for some suggestions. Penny, my mom, is amazingly clever.”

Porsche adds, “No father was consulted. They were deemed too unreliable as they would tell you. Personally, it’s not that big of a deal. They wanted it this way, so why not? Wow, don’t you look relaxed? I should take a picture.”

Pam splashes water teasingly at Porsche. She does take a picture of us relaxing in the tub. I am calm and relaxed. The heat is soothing on my leg, I have zero pain. I don’t see any way that I screw them all tonight.

I feel sad, sitting here with two beautiful moms, and I have no idea what fantasies my sisters have.

They have catered to me, pleased me, and I have taken everything I want. Sure, I eat pussy, and they love that. But I have never helped them achieve any milestones that they want.

We should do that some night.

Porsche says softly, “Dinner is almost ready. I need you all to get out, dry off, and use your robes. We will dress him up later.”

They assist me in getting up, it still takes some effort. They pamper me by softly drying every single part of my body. They both blow me a few times just for fun and then dry me off again.

I walk with a slight limp. After a while, it gets better. It’s a short walk to the kitchen. With the grandparents moving out, I now have the first bedroom on the main floor.

It’s weird eating in the kitchen.

For so many years, we ate in the dining room, we needed the space. With just three moms and me, this is much more comfortable. It’s a seafood banquet: smoked salmon, boiled lobster, oysters, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, clams, crab, and rainbow trout.

I chuckle, “Is this a hint? Spiking me with aphrodisiacs, I see. Is this part of the plan?”

Porsche smiles at me, “We told you, they are going all out. The salmon and prawns are from Seattle, the crab from Alaska, the lobster from Maine, and it was all shipped here by air today, so it is fresh. I sampled, and it’s all delicious. Eat while it’s hot.”

We all overate.

I sit back from the table, “Mom. That was something else. I enjoyed that way too much, but hey, we don’t do that often.”

Pam gives me instructions, “You need to take a quick hot shower. We will dry you off again, and then we will help you get dressed up. Yes, you could do it yourself. However, it’s soooo much more fun when we do it. We aren’t allowed to fuck you, so they let us dress you.”

I give them my evil grin, “When I get back if I can walk, and my cock hasn’t been ground to a stub, I will attempt to make each of you happy … if you want it.”

Paula laughs, “For a long time, Bubba was on base with just Hunter around the house with four horny women. He has had a lifetime full of fucking. He’ll let you take a turn. Now, go shower!”

I walk back to my room, and I am surprised when nobody follows me. I take a quick hot shower as instructed. I feel about as good as ever. I am refreshed, have lots of energy, and feel at ease with the world. I have zero stress over my sister’s plans. They want me healthy and safe. I know the moms were involved, which means they approve of this.

Nothing dangerous, demeaning, or painful is involved.

It escort bayan gaziantep ilanları seems like money is no object for whatever they have planned, that has got to be Penny’s influence. That means I can expect some awkward encounters. I exit the shower, and the three moms all have a towel.

They softly dry me and hit each part of my body at least once. My cock and balls got several kisses each.

They all are full of smiles, Pam says with a smile on her face, “We sent the men out hunting. We wanted you all for ourselves.”

Paula adds, “We didn’t want them teasing you for getting dressed up either. This is all about you.”

I try to object, “Me? I was just recovering, my sisters suffered. This should all be about them.”

Porsche laughs, “Those that plan decide what to do. I think your sisters will be fine.”

She takes my hand and leads me into my bedroom, where my tuxedo is hanging up, and all my jewelry is laid out.

They are looking at the clock and not wasting time. Nothing sexual other than some kissing. They have each article of clothing ready before it’s asked for. It’s like a mini assembly line, one fetches pieces while two put the piece on the object, me.

They dress me in boxers, shirt, socks, pants, vest, tie, coat, cufflinks, pocket watch, Rolex watch, a gold chain containing six charms, one for each sister, a ring for my right hand, and a ring on my left hand. I am given a slimmed-down wallet with my ID in it and some cash and then my passport.

Interesting, no credit cards or entry badges. I am given no keys.

They assist me outside, and a carriage is there. This is new.

We have had horses since before I was born. We have had a variety of people movers; we have never had a riding carriage. I assist Porsche in first. Then I assist Pam and Paula. Porsche sits next to me as we are carried to the airplane. It’s a beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky.

It’s still cold enough to use a blanket. Porsche deftly places her hand on my cock. She never moved it, stroked me, or anything else to cause me arousal. It’s a sweet gesture. As we get closer to the airfield, I see the paved road with a hanger and some small plane tie-downs. I notice the plane isn’t ours.

Pam says to me, sexily, “We bought a new plane for the occasion. It was more than we wanted to spend, but for this event ……….”

Paula continues, “This plane is better than the last one in several ways. It’s bigger, faster, and more fuel-efficient. With us picking up customers frequently now, it’s a wise investment.”

Two mountains stand by the door at attention. They are dressed as pilots, but they are former military. They can easily double as security. Yup, I see that they both have concealed weapons.

Porsche confirms, “They are both men we saved a long time ago before you were with us. They are qualified for flying and security. Ann personally hired these two and assisted with the purchase of the plane.”

All three women get out of the carriage and walk me hand in hand to the plane. The two men have slight smiles on their faces.

Pam shouts, “ATTENTION! Wipe that smile off your face, soldier!” They stand perfectly still, eyes straight ahead. “That’s better. I think you two are going soft. At ease, boys.”

Paula’s turn, “You are flying two of my babies today. I want you in the clear air. No storms, no turbulences. Hanna, from your old unit, is at the destination control tower. Make sure you say hello to her.”

Porsche can see the confusion in the guy’s faces, “Technically, one of my babies is Paula’s. One is Bonnie’s, we raised them together, and they think of us all as their mothers. Our family lineage is sloppy, you’ll get used to it. Have a safe flight.”

They assist me into the plane.

I must take each step with my right leg; these steps are too big. It’s frustrating. Paula stops me and hands me a small pill packet.

Paula quietly says, “It’s a mild pain pill. It will make you sleepy.” She then hands me three more, they say aspirin on the outside. “These you can take any time. You haven’t exercised much; you may need these.”

I put the packets in my coat pocket and then board the aircraft. Immediately I am struck with how much nicer this jet is. Our other plane had what looked like stock seating. Nice, but not extraordinary. This plane is special. The paint job has clouds up until knee-high. Then it is blue sky all above.

There are swiveling tan-colored leather reclining chairs, and four sturdy and firm couches fill up most of the cabin. There is a small kitchen area for making coffee, storing hot food, a toaster oven, a refrigerator, and a small sink. There is a door in the back and three doors to my left. The two on the left are much larger than common washrooms.

The one in back I bet holds a sister and a bed.

Sure enough, there is an oversized bed in the back with a rich, luxurious carpet. The bed has an gaziantep bayan escort ilanları amazingly colorful comforter and blood-red satin sheets.

The walls are white, and a small shower is onboard. The best part of the room is the folded down sheets revealing a naked Ann.

The pilot warns us that takeoff is imminent. We both walk out to the chairs and buckle in. A minute later, we are off the ground and climb to altitude much faster and at a much steeper rate than usual. Ann has an orgasm. No shit.

Within another minute, we are above the thin clouds, and we both release ourselves. Ann takes my hand and leads me back to the bed. She is taking her time.

Slowly, I undress with Ann assisting me. I now understand the bowl on the table, my jewelry, wallet, etc., all goes in there.

My clothes are hung up on a hanger in the closet. No other clothes are in the closet. I expected a change in there for me.

Once I finish stripping, both her hands reach for me and pull my head closer to her. We enjoy a soft passionate kiss. She turns playful, her tongue reaches into my mouth. She can do anything she wants to me. She is frisky tonight; we kiss for a good ten minutes.

Ann breaks the kiss, “Damn, you are by far the best at kissing, nobody comes close. Let’s get in bed, I want to join the club. I’ve been saving it for you. You can see that I hired two capable men; both could have taken me to the promised land. I saved it for a special occasion. Now.”

With a tear in her eye, “There are too many of us. To be honest, Fred just isn’t that good in bed. We have ruined him, it’s a chore now. I am not going to be part of the problem anymore. I don’t know if we get married, but we need to find other ways to have a lot of fun.

“I wanted to be upfront with you in case that changes things. Once I start with them, I will be committed to them. But I will still love you more than life itself, though.”

Now she is constantly crying.

She is leaving the comfortable nest to make room for us. How sweet.

Hey, she is saying I’m not good enough.

They aren’t worth marrying, their fuck buddies. Those two over me? No way!

She can see me getting mad, and she is smiling.

Ann blushes, “Their interviews were quite … entertaining. They sure know how to fuck a woman. They will take care of me just fine. I don’t need you. Sorry, they hate eating pussy, you can still do that.”

Ok, I see this. Does she think I am stupid? She wants it rough and hard.

I encourage her, “So what, I’m not good enough for you? You rather have two Boy Scouts?”

She is all smiles now, “You used to hide in the shadows, and then kill from behind, like the coward you are.”

I know this is fake, but damn, that one hurt. I am mad.

It’s worse because I know it’s just a story. “They carried two-handed machine guns into battle and mowed down the enemy. They were feared. Nobody knew you existed.”

Without realizing it, my hand came up and slapped her face, stunning her that I would dare touch her. Now she is mad.

I have fire and brimstone smoldering in my stomach. I would bet I am blowing smoke from my ears and fire shows in my pupils. I seize her by her breasts and ribs and throw her on the bed, backside down. Breasts alone would have been too painful, I try to grab a bunch of body, to make it bearable. She is silent and is working hard not to smile. These women talk way too much to the grandmothers and their mothers.

My hands go out wide and then clap together on the breasts. It looks much more impressive, because of the long wingspan of my arms. The breasts wobble. I take two fingers and thrust them up into Ann. That bores her beyond belief. It’s about to become a whole lot more fun.

I shove all four fingers inside of her sloppy pussy, and then move them up and down. This isn’t your standard “I move them up, I move them down.”

Nooooooo. This is, I will move them up and down and up and down in a tenth of a second.

Then I will string 600 of those together. Well, if she didn’t orgasm two minutes in, I would have.

She looks shell shocked.

Complete and utter disbelief on her face. She saw what I did. She felt what I did. Heh, heh, she still has no clue what I did to her. She does seem to think it was good. I am still mad as hell, yet I take a breath to let Ann recover. That orgasm hit her hard.

I roll her over and spank her ass hard twice. I flip her body over again and am between her legs.

This isn’t going to be no ninety minutes of slow sex. Oh no, she is getting quick right off the bat. I shove my tree trunk up into her pussy, and she moans aloud. It’s almost a scream. I am rolling my hips at a nice fast rate. Ann is unable to move although she can grunt well. She emits a constant sound that has a hitch or grunt with each hard and deep thrust.

I’m not giving up any depth.

I won’t this time. I want her to get a full dose of my meat the entire time.

My hands are holding her tight around the waist. My knuckles have turned white from gripping her so hard. My body is slamming into my sister with a fantastic sound. There is a small echo because of the materials used to build this cabin.

In a dominating voice, “No orgasm for you unless I approve, or I will whip your ass with my belt until it bleeds. Explain that to your new lovers. HA, ha, haaaaaa.”

She tries to tell me they’re not her real boyfriends.

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