The Return

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Daisy and I go a ways back in college. After my failed first attempt at higher education, I left school to pursue a promising Army career. Needless to say, that didn’t go very far. My girlfriend from college, who eventually became my wife, quickly grew tired of the constant relocation and long distance that comprises military life. So I found myself back in school once more. Freshly discharged, more mature, and single again looking for my degree and promises of a brighter tomorrow…

I don’t care where you go to school, the student center is the place to be. Our student center, colloquially called the U, came complete with individual cultural centers, a food court, a few game rooms, and an extremely large foyer that was perfect for scoping out girls ripe for the picking. My best friends Ace and Reed were a few years younger than I, but having been out of school for two years, we were now all on even playing fields. As upper classmen together, we were very much set on making our last two years of school one’s for the record books.

“What do you have left today?” Reed asks.

“I have BLAW 291 at 2:00 and MKT 201 at 3:30. I think I’m free after that. I might hit the gym for a little while later.” I replied. “What about you all?”

“Man, I’m done for the day.” says Reed.

“I have BIO at 2:00 but we’re just handing in a project so I’ll probably be out of there in 15. In and out hopefully, unless the professor decides to be a dick.” Ace responds.

“Oh, be a dick and teach huh? What an ass!” I laugh sarcastically.

“I know right!!” Ace acknowledges but still plays along.

“Well what’s on deck for tonight though? Anybody have any boobs coming through?”

Reed always referred to women as boobs, simply put 2 boobs = 1 girl naturally. And if there was ever an odd number, we had a problem.

“I have a group of 6 boobs ready to go. All warmed up and free. No conflicts and no drama.”

Conflicts were girls who didn’t get along with one another. If I had a group of 2 women who wanted to hang out with my friends and I and Reed or Ace had a group of 2 or 3 women that wanted to hang out, we had to make sure there were no conflicts between any of them. If there were any conflicts at all, one girl would catch an attitude, in turn her friends would be upset, the other group would follow suit and become enraged and before you know it, no one is getting any action at all that night. It’s a losing situation for everyone involved. No bueno.

Ace calls out, “I have 2 boobs tonight.”

“Man! You always have solo boobs! Why are your boobs always so antisocial?! You need more friendly boobs man, I swear.” We all burst out laughing at my miniature rant. But it was true, Ace’s women never had friends or at least never brought their friends around us. Maybe it was because we had a reputation around campus, maybe it was because they didn’t want their friends pushing up on Ace, or hell, maybe they actually all were antisocial!

“Well get your two on board and since Reed has six, somebody call up Garrett or Keith and we’ll pair off.”

We each had a demographic to cater to. Garrett was about 5’10, a little heavier set, and smoked weed just about every day. He liked his women with a little extra meat on their bones, extremely large breasts, and an affinity toward the sticky icky as well. Keith was a very large man at 6’4″ 350 lbs and was a gigantic teddy bear that could easily crush your ribcage. Keith wasn’t too picky, as long as a girl had a cute face and good personality he would be all over it. I was 6’6″ on a slim athletic frame and naturally always seemed to draw the tallest girl in group settings. Ace had a fondness for very thin girls. The smaller the frame the better it seemed. He always said this was because they were easier to throw around the bedroom which I got a good kick out of. And Reed, well Reed was a sucker for a big butt and a smile.

With the night’s Pussy Infiltration Plan in place, I decided to hang out in the U for a little bit. Upon entering one of the cultural centers, I saw many familiar faces but one stood out in particular, it was that of Daisy. Daisy was a freshman on campus was she was built like a grown woman. Not typically as tall as I like my women, Daisy was about 5’5″ on a good day. She had a slim waist and a rack that would make swimsuit models jealous, I’m talking about easily a D cup. Now Daisy and I were already familiar with each other from having stayed late in the U a few nights watching one of our favorite TV shows, Heroes. We went to school in the northeast and the less time you could spend outside freezing, the better. So we ended up getting to know each other pretty well.

Daisy sees me walk in, “Hey Travis, what’s going on? How are you? I didn’t see you here last week, you ditched me!”

“Haha, no I didn’t ditch you, but I was in the library late studying so I had to bail on Heroes last week.”

“Oh ok, well are you still in the gym every day? I need to start going.”

“For what?? Girl, Maltepe Escort you look fine. You don’t need to worry about the gym, trust me.”

“Yea right! I look okay now but I see these upper classmen around here and I see what they used to look like when they were freshmen. I’m not going to have you and your friends talking and laughing behind my back because I gained that freshman fifteen or sophomore twenty, no sir.”

“You sound crazy, if anything we would talk about you to your face.” I say as we both chuckle.

“Well what are you getting into tonight?” Daisy asks.

“I think my friends and I are just going to have some people over for a movie night.”

“Oh, so you all are going to have a bunch of girls over and try to fuck all of them? Oh, okay.”

“Woah! Woah! What’s with the judgment?! Take it easy. Nobody said anything about fucking, I said we are having a movie night. We’re going to pop in a movie, make some food, crack some jokes, and just relax.”

“Yea, okay Trav. You know damn well that no one is going to be watching that damn movie.”

“Look, I don’t know what anyone else is getting into but I’m looking forward to the movie. I’m all into the plot, I’m ready for a prime movie watching experience.”

“Yea, you’re going to be all into somebody’s plot alright!” Daisy exclaims as we both crack up laughing. “What I really want to know is how come everyone else gets an invite to movie night, but I don’t get one.”

“Daisy, what are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about Travis. How come you never invite me over for one of your movie nights? We’re cool with each other and we hang out all the time.”

“What do you mean we hang out all the time? The only time we hang out is here in the U watching Heroes. We haven’t hung out once besides that.”

“And whose fault is that?”

“Oh, I suppose that’s my fault?”

“Umm, yea!”

“Why, do you want to come to movie night Daisy?”

“Not when you ask me like that I don’t! Sheesh.”

“Well I have an idea. How about you come hang out with me tonight and we’ll have our own movie night at my place then?”

“See, now that sounds much better when you ask like that. I’d love to!” Daisy says excitedly.

“Alright, well I’ll text you my address, come by around 9, okay?”

“Sounds good to me.”

As we part ways I frantically scramble for my phone to update Reed on the developing situation.

“Hey man, I’m not going to be able to make it to movie night. I have two gigantic boobs on deck tonight and it is going down.”

“For real? Who??” Reed texts back.


“Get the fuck out of here! Freshman Daisy? I didn’t even know she got down like that. Wow, that is a priceless opportunity right there my friend.”

“Tell me about it! But she just got mad at me because I never invite her to movie night and now she wants to have movie night of our own. So yes, that’s happening tonight, sorry to bail on you guys like this.”

“Man, don’t even worry about it. Make sure you throw an extra two pumps in there for good measure!”

I literally LOL when I read Reed’s text.

“Will do man. I’ll catch up with you and Ace tomorrow morning. Kegs n eggs??”

“You already know. Later bro.”

Heading into class, all I can think about is Daisy laid out on my bed. Daisy has an amazing smile, the aforementioned great rack, and lips to die for. I mean she has the kind of lips that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as my professor droned on and on, sounding like a Peanuts character as my mind continued to wander. Finally he dismisses class and I practically run to my car and head home.

As soon as I get home I scramble to fix up my place. When I was in class, time seemed to crawl by, but now that I was rushing to clean up, time was on crack. I had gone to high school with my roommate Ken and we were very close.

“Man, you’re in here cleaning like a mad man, you must have some pussy coming over.”

“You my friend, are correct. Daisy is coming over.”

“Oh, nice! Well do you need the place to yourself tonight? I can hit up Rosie and see if I can crash there tonight.”

“Man, I don’t want to sexile you or anything. But if you’re cool with it, that would be clutch. I’m not sure how she would act if someone else was around.”

“It’s no problem at all. Make sure you throw a few extra pumps in there.”

I laugh out loud again, “You sound like Reed.”

Before I knew it, it was 8:30 and Daisy texts me that she is on her way. I put the finishing touches on the bedroom just as the escort van pulls up. Now, the escort van was clutch! It would take you anywhere on or off campus before 2 a.m. as long as you had a student ID. This was great for me because it meant I didn’t have to drive all around campus to pick a girl up if I wanted her to come back to my place.

Daisy walks in and seems surprised, “I didn’t know you lived over here. My friend lives right up Ümraniye Escort the street. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you at any of her wild parties.”

“Well I try to stay away from the younger crowd. The chicks tend to be a little immature for my liking.”

“Oh, so all younger girls are immature?” Daisy remarks with a raised eyebrow. She only mentioned this because she was five years younger than me.

“Cut it out. I didn’t mean it like that, and not all younger women are immature. I just prefer a woman with a little more experience under her belt. A woman that knows what she wants, that’s all.”

“Okay, well it sounds like you’re trying to settle down Travis. Let me find out Mr. Player has a sensitive side.”

“Wow! From one end of the spectrum to another that quickly huh? Pump your breaks Daisy, I definitely didn’t say all that. I just don’t want a young girl who is going to tell all my business to anyone willing to listen. I’m trying to avoid rumors flying about me and steer clear of girls accusing me of being ‘Mr. Player.'” I jest back at Daisy after her earlier comment.

Daisy punches me in the arm jokingly. “Whatever funny guy. You can’t blame us because we can see through your smooth talk and charming face. And about those rumors, I’ve heard a few of them and from what I hear they are mostly true!”

Looking half shocked I chime in, “And what rumors have you heard about me?”

“Well I’m not one to gossip so I won’t get into that.” Daisy teases me. I know she wants me to ask, and I’m up for a little game of cat and mouse.

“Well until the words come out of my mouth directly or you find out for yourself, I guess anything you’ve heard is just hearsay huh?” I say and add a wink for good measure.

As the night progresses, the sexual tension on that couch was almost palpable. At this point Daisy had cozied up to me and all but invited me to make the first move. Not needing any further coaxing, I begin to let my hand slide down from her shoulder. Inch by inch, my hand begins making its way to the front of Daisy’s shirt. I have no clue why I was being careful and moving so slow. A movie night in college was all but a sure bet. Daisy knew why she was here and so did I. Realizing this I confidently lifted my hand and let it come to rest on Daisy’s breast. Even through her shirt I could feel her erect nipple, clueing me in that she was just as excited as I was!

With a renewed self-assurance, my hand has now gone from a light brush to fully cupping and massaging Daisy’s breasts through her top. Feeling emboldened by her compliance, I draw my hand back and push it back down this time inserting it inside of her shirt. I can feel the lace pattern of her bra and pause here for a minute to appreciate the fact that she wore this specifically for me. I love a nice lace bra but that is not the end goal here. I proceed inside to her ample tits and begin working her nipple between my thumb and index finger. I peak around and can see Daisy lightly biting her bottom lip. Now, that’s the right idea.

I tilt my body into Daisy signaling her to sit up right. As she does, I lean into her and whisper, “Give me that.” I plant a soft kiss on her lips then back up and go in for another. The next is not so subtle and I light suck her bottom lip away from her mouth’s grasp and give it a gentle nibble. My next kiss parts her lips and our tongues find each other. I firmly grab the back of her head and with my other arm wrap it around her waist. I pull her into straddled position on my lap all the while never breaking our intense kiss. As Daisy goes to adjust herself on my lap, she raises her body up and touches down precisely on my dick.

Daisy pushes me back with both hands and gasps, “Oh my god. Is that your dick??”

I simply reply with a smile as I reach down to the bottom of her shirt and begin peeling it up over her head. She lifts both arms and as her shirt come off I get a close up view the intricate lace bra that had previously fascinated my fingertips. It is barely containing Daisy’s luscious breasts but it is doing a better job than I am at containing my excitement. I reach in back and begin frantically unfastening the bra hooks as Daisy grabs my head pulling me into her tits. Planting kiss after kiss in her cleavage and against her chest I manage to release three clasps but to my disappointment find her bra still in place. I reach in back again to find a fourth clasp and can’t help but chuckle to myself realizing what I was momentarily in store for. As her bra finally falls, her tits in contrast remain perfectly still, barely dropping at all. I enthusiastically take a breast into each hand and begin eagerly sucking on her nipples.

“Mmm, Travis. That feels so damn good.”

I’m relentless in my pursuit holding each breast in place as I switch back and forth making sure to show each nipple adequate attention. I wrap my lips around each nipple as if drinking from a straw and slowly draw back over the full length. I give a slight İstanbul Escort suck at the end of each draw back wanting to make sure Daisy’s nipples are erect as possible. Feeling as though they are at their maximum potential I pause and gaze upon the beautiful Hershey Kisses on display for me. I hungrily go back to work nibbling lightly on each nipple, making sure the nibbles don’t turn into bites.

“Fuck, your lips feel amazing!” Daisy squeezes in between moans. I may have been enjoying myself too much in the mountains that were Daisy’s tits. Her comments snapped me from my trance as I leaned back and watched as she had once again began to snack on her bottom lip under arousal. My right hand releases Daisy’s breast and finds the back of her neck to bring her in for another kiss. Her soft moist lips are driving me crazy and it is only further heightened now by the feeling of her exposed breasts pressing against my chest. Her stiff nipples brush against mine and the feeling is like a jolt of electricity. My body jolts forward as Daisy begins to sway her body back and forth.

“Oh, you like that huh?” she says as she breaks our kiss. “You like it when I play with your nipples too huh Travis?”

“What do you think?” I reply with a smile. “Shit feels fantastic. It’s like your sucking my dick without actually sucking my dick. It’s hard to explain.”

“Well we’ll certainly get to that, but first things first.” With that comment Daisy takes her hands from the back of my head and places them onto my chest. With her thumb and forefinger, each hand begins tweaking my nipples as she moves in and plants a firm kiss that immediately separates my lips. She is pulling no punches now and has somehow reversed control of the situation.

“Ooooh, damn.” I manage to get in as I adjust myself on the couch, scooting backwards and more upright. As I do so, my now fully rigid dick grinds into Daisy’s covered pussy.

“Well, that’s the trick huh? I’ll have to remember that for next time.” Daisy flashes a wicked smile as she stands up and begins to remove her pants. She turns her back to me in a cute imitation of a strip tease. Unbuttoned and unzipped, Daisy hooks her thumbs into the top of her jeans and panties as she slides them off, bending over to push them all the way down to her ankles. Her bare ass exposed to me I reach forward and plant a firm smack on her right cheek.

“Mmm, be careful, you don’t want to bring out that side of me yet.” She says, and by the look in her eye, I believe her. Sweet and innocent Daisy stayed on campus tonight. Instead, sexual temptress Daisy was ass naked in front of me. I realized in my daze that my pants were unacceptably still on. I quickly moved to unbuckle my belt when Daisy grabbed my hand, “No, please. Let me.”

As Daisy worked on my belt and zipper, I utilized the time to my advantage. Tilting my body forward I raise a hand between her parted legs where her exposed slit is completely vulnerable. I make contact with her wetness and it was exactly that and then some. Daisy’s pussy was practically dripping.

“Wow. That is fuckin hot girl.”

“I haven’t had any dick in over a year. My pussy was about to jump out of my pants when I felt your dick earlier. If it’s as big as it felt, I might have to hold you hostage for a few days.”

Daisy finishes unzipping my pants and as if to make a grand entrance, my hard dick springs free.

“No underwear though?” Daisy chuckles.

“Do I need them?” I quickly retort.

“Hell no, they would just get in the way.” As she finishes her sentence Daisy is reaching down to grab my dick. Hopping onto the couch, her legs straddle me, “I’ve been waiting too long for this already.” Daisy’s pussy lowers down onto the head of my dick and as if they were remotely connected her mouth opens as my dick is opening her pussy. “Oh my God, your dick is huge.”

“Take your time girl, no rush. Ease down onto that dick. Go ahead, I want to feel you sitting on my lap with my dick inside you.”

Daisy lowers herself onto my massive dick inch by inch, the more I stretch her pussy, the wider her mouth gets. “Fuck, Travis! I don’t think I can take it all.”

“Sure you can baby girl. Lean back a little.”

Daisy leans back as I look down and see that she hasn’t even cleared the head of my dick yet. This is one of those proud moments where I know I will be hearing about this scene for quite some time. Finally she is where I want her as I lick my thumb and place it on her clit. I slowly begin to draw circles and apply light pressure.

“Mmm, oh yea, that will definitely help Travis. Yes baby.” Daisy moans as her eyes close and her head tips backwards. Her hips are rhythmic as they oscillate up and down attempting to swallow more of my shaft. I pick up the pace of my thumb and add a little more pressure as I take methodic swipes up and down her clit matching her own pace. The juices from Daisy’s slit begin to crown where my dick is penetrating her pussy. I can feel her open up as she begins to accept all that I am giving her.

“Oh my god you’re dick is so big!” Daisy throws her head back as her hips begin taking more and more of my dick into her dripping pussy. “Mmm, I want it all. Fill me up Travis!” she screams out in ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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