The Second Time with Andrea

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Andrea. She was about the wildest chick I ever fucked. Up for just about anything. This story is about the second time I was with her, the story of the first time is here:

While the first time I got with Andrea was pretty crazy, that was nothing compared to the second time. That girl was a freak and as long as she got what she wanted, she didn’t care what anyone would think.

After we had hooked up, we didn’t act differently toward each other at work. I sure wanted to say something dirty to her just about every time I saw her, and I could tell by the way she might glance over my way that she wanted to say something too. But we worked in a busy, crowded, loud place where gossip flew around like crazy. So we kept it cool.

But I wanted another crack at her body. People still gave her shit about her weight behind her back, but I looked at her differently now. Other people saw a larger body but I saw sexy, sensitive tits; a round ass that might still have red marks from my grip; and curves that would scream in delight if I got to run my fingers down them again. Of course, I was the only guy at work that knew from experience that she had the loveliest tasting pussy that could be found.

A couple weeks went by and I was at a party thrown by a couple of guys at work, and I was sure glad to see her smile and wave at me when I walked in. I had a good feeling that with a few beers in her she would be all over me. I joined the group of people she was hanging out with and sure enough, her flirting started to come my way pretty quick – within half an hour she had found about 4 different excuses to run her hand through my hair. Easy pickings, I thought. Just get her in conversation away from everyone else and we would be upstairs immediately. I was getting hard just thinking about it.

It didn’t take too long to get a chance to talk to her – I came out of the bathroom, saw her sitting on the couch, and dropped on the seat next to her.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I said, placing my hand on her knee and moving it up toward her thigh.

She smiled and leaned toward me. “Great! How’s your classes been? Anything interesting happen in the last couple weeks I should know about?”

“Ha, I don’t go back to that part of the building at all this quarter, but I wish I did.” I leaned closer to her and whispered into her ear: “That room would just remind me of your incredible pussy, and how much I’d like to go down on you again.”

She smiled and put her hand on my leg. “Sounds great. Any time. Like how about right now?”

“I don’t know,” I smiled. “I’m not that easy. Might need some encouragement. I’m not just a performer, ready to fuck on command. What’s in it for me?”

Who am I kidding, I was totally ready to just run upstairs with her.

“Well, you can’t cum in me but it would be okay if you fuck me. It’s the right time of the calendar for that. Or … want to fuck my bootie?”

Bootie. Oh shit, I almost started to laugh. Like, instantly my hard-on was gone. She just had a way of saying stuff that made me cringe. I mean, not only am I not into anal anyway, but that just sounded too dumb.

But still … I could probably make it work. I had an idea about that, and what she had told me the other day. Let’s see where Andrea’s limits really were.

“Really? You like anal?”

“I did it with a boyfriend a couple years ago. He got me started on it, I started to enjoy it. Haven’t had it in a while but sometimes when I’m really into sex I start thinking … Yeah … I’d like it there again.”

“Look, I’m not into anal. But I’ve got an idea … You said the other day you might be open to a threesome with the right guys?”

“Yeah?” She said, straightening up, the same interested/surprised/scared look she had in her eyes when I had challenged her to let me eat her out a couple weeks earlier.

I nodded across the room. “You know Jackson, over there? Good friend of mine. He loves anal. Not my thing but he’s into it. I bet he’d love to join in.”

“Oh, yeah, Jackson … he’s cool. He’s good looking. You know … as long as you start and make me really horny … Yeah.”

Jackson wasn’t quite as cool behind her back as she might have thought, he was one of the guys who usually had something to say about her weight when she wasn’t around. He was the only person at work who I had told that I had hooked up with her and he had given me some shit about it at first, but that had stopped once I told her how sweet her pussy had tasted and how she had been down to run off and fuck at my suggestion.

“Alright, let me talk to him.”

I left her on the couch and pulled Jackson aside.

“Dude, are you ready? I’m going to hook you up.”

“What’s up?”


“Yeah, yalova escort how obvious is it that she wants you? She’s had her hands on you all night. Just take her upstairs, the guys that live here won’t care.”

“Yo, she wants a threesome. Like, right now. She says you can fuck her in the ass.”

He laughed. “Fuck you, asshole. You full of shit.”

“No, dead serious … I’m going to take her upstairs and get it started, you come up in a little bit. She knows and she wants it. Remember she said she’s not on the pill and didn’t want me to cum inside her? She said I could go backdoor tonight instead. But I told her I’m not down with that but you would be. She told me before that she wanted to try a threesome, so I figured why not suggest it to her.”

“And she wants it like that? Fuck yeah, let’s go .. Eiffel Tower on that shit! Hey, you ever had a threesome before?”

“No. You?”

“No. How we gonna do this?”

“Just stay at one end, I’ll stay at the other I guess. I don’t know, just be cool. See what she wants.”

He laughed. “Aright, I’m going out to get some lube, then. You get her rolling, I’ll be right back. Goddamn, and I’ve been all mean about her weight. You’re a good man, you’ve made me see the light. Don’t judge a book by its cover because that book just might let you plug her up the butt.”

That jackass looked across the room, gave Andrea a thumbs up, and headed out the door.

I went back to her. “Okay, he’s up for it and went to get some lube. Let’s find a room.”

“Okay … An actual three-way … I’m all nervous!”

“And horny?”

“Yeah, very horny.”

“I’m going to make you scream in pleasure. He will too. And it’s loud enough down here, I don’t think you have to be all quiet tonight.”

“Not with two dicks to play with, I won’t be quiet.”

We went upstairs and turned into the first bedroom we saw. I closed the door behind us, then took her by the waist, spun her around and pressed her hard against the wall. I held her arms out, pinned them against the wall as well, and started to kiss her.

Just like last time, she opened her mouth and kissed me back, furiously. Our mouths opened and tongues mingled, and we ground our bodies together. I broke our kiss, kissed her neck once, and leaned my upper body away from her, still pinning her waist to the wall with my crotch, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

She leaned toward me and kissed my neck. “Oh, I’ve wanted to have you again since last time.”

“I know, me too,” I said, unbuttoning the last button and pushing the blouse off her shoulders.

I stepped back and she moved away from the wall, reaching behind her back to undo her bra. It fell away, revealing her large breasts, which bounced downward and spread across her chest. I took them in my hands and bent down to take one nipple into my mouth.

“Aaahh,” she breathed heavily, leaning her head back and putting her hands on my head. “Oh my god, keep licking my boobies!”

I cringed, she wouldn’t stop using the dumbest terms for her body. I was just waiting for her to talk about her bootie again. But, those silly descriptors were starting to grow on me – she may talk like a dope, but she was all business when it comes to fucking.

I spun her body around and started backing her toward the bed, fumbling with her waistband but not really getting anywhere because, to be honest, her somewhat flabby waist was in the way. We stopped at the bed and I released her breast from my mouth, standing, and I pulled up my shirt while she undid my belt and pants.

As I cast aside my shirt and dropped my pants she lowered her pants and panties and laid back on the bed. She spread her legs for me, and I could see she had trimmed her pubic hair since the last time I had been down there.

“I did a little work down there for you,” she said, apparently reading my mind.

“Looks great.”

I leaned over her, taking one breast in my hand and twisting her nipple, kissing her aggressively again. Then I kissed her neck and shoulder, and went down to her breast, sliding my free hand between her legs. I pushed her legs apart and scraped my fingers along her inner thigh.

She started breathing loudly and moaning gently at my touch. “Ohh, this feels so good … don’t stop …” and her hand started pawing toward my crotch, trying to reach my hardening cock as it swung below me.

My touch reached her pussy, and I opened the folds of her lips, greeted by a release of slickness that invited me inside her. My fingers circled into her, and her muscles clenched in a welcoming pulse as she inhaled with a high pitched gasp and she grabbed the back of my neck.

I circled slowly, matching the movements of my two fingers with those of yozgat escort her hand, which had found the shaft of my cock and was sliding up and down on it. My tongue circled her nipple with the same rhythm, and her breathing became more urgent.

Her lower body was quivering and I could feel more wetness pulsing out of her. She started to moan with a whine, her insides clenched and pulled on me.

But I wasn’t about to gratify her with an orgasm just yet. I pulled away from her breast, stopped moving my fingers, and leaned to her ear: “Here comes the first of many. You ready?”

“Oh, oh … Whatever you want to do … fuck … fuck me … feels so good …” she panted.

Instead I kneeled by the side of the bed and leaned between her legs. Fucking her sounded good, but eating her out sounded much better right now. I could faintly smell her lovely pussy, which from experience I knew tasted so unusually good that I had been desiring a return to her folds ever since the last time. It sounds so strange to think this, but I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her button.

I started by sliding the two fingers I already had in her a little lower, and pressing my tongue into her on top of them. She let out a little yell, “Oh yeah!” and gripped one breast in her hand. I inhaled her sweet, salty musk, which tasted exactly as I had remembered, and I withdrew my tongue from her and licked higher, while pressing my fingers deeper in.

I held my fingers still, feeling her muscled clamp and clench around them, while I slowly slid my tongue side to side inside her pussy lips, brushing along the bottom of her clit. Two or three minutes of this, and her moans were becoming louder, her ass grinding and twisting side to side. At one point she lifted one leg and wrapped it around my head, trying to force my tongue onto her clit.

“Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” she moaned, each one more insistent than the last. I could feel the clenching inside her becoming more insistent, her orgasm was coming on, and I released her clit from my tongue, afraid that if the orgasm came from there she might have one too strong for her to continue.

Instead I drew my fingers outward to the edge of her pussy, feeling her insides squeeze to pull them back in. The orgasm erupted through her, the flow of wetness and clamping of her muscles pushing my fingers out as her body shook.

She squealed in delight and agony, then began panting once again.

“Oh … Yeah … fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She propped herself up to one elbow and reached for my cock, stroking it feverishly and guiding me toward her.

I slipped myself into her, feeling her pussy spread and suck me into her. She squeezed her legs around my ass to hold me in, and I thrust against her, holding inside.

She threw her head back. “Aaahhh!! Oh, I’ve wanted you inside me so bad!”

I thrust slowly, not wanting to cum myself and end the session, watching her chest heave and belly shake. I reached down and brushed her clit with my thumb, and unwrapped one leg and placed it on my shoulder. Her pussy felt so good on my cock, and she rolled away from me a bit.

“Oh … just like that …just like that …”

Another orgasm was about to come up in her, and I went as slowly as I could, wanting to prolong the moment for her and not end it for myself.

Just then the door opened a little, and Jackson entered. “Hey … Andrea, rest of the party’s here …”

She opened her eyes a little … “Oh … Oh … good … yes!! I’m ready … I’m going to cum again …”

And I slowed my thrusting even more, focusing on staying still, as her pussy clamped on my cock for all it was worth and she started to shake.

“AAahhhh …” she exhaled, and in a surprisingly quick move she swung her body off me, around my body and she slipped onto the floor, taking my cock into her hand and reaching for Jackson’s pants, which he started undoing.

“Let me play …” she said, starting to once again stroke my cock. As he unbuttoned his pants she pawed at his crotch, then turned and sucked my cock into her mouth, curling her tongue under my shaft to caress the sensitive bottom.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I breathed. Jackson had lowered his pants, and his cock found Andrea’s other hand, which she began pumping as it grew to its full length.

With a loud pop, she released my cock from her mouth and began stroking both of us.

“Two toys for me!”

“Fuck yeah,” breathed Jackson, and she then took him into her mouth while he put his hand behind her head.

She switched her oral attention between us for a minute, until it was obvious that he was fully hard and I needed a break or I might bust my load right then. She turned and crawled onto the bed, resting on all fours and ankara escort looking back at us.

“He fucked me already, you want a turn?”

“Fuck yeah,” said Jackson, as he unrolled a condom onto his cock.

I went around to the other side of the bed and kissed Andrea again, reaching down to twist her nipples as Jackson entered her from behind. Pressing all of him into her that she could take, he started to thrust against her.

“Damn girl, you are tight!”

“And already had a good fucking once, you know.”

She reached again for my cock as he slapped his thighs against her, her tits swaying across the palm of my hand. Then I laid so she could start licking my cock between pants, and she reached her hand between her legs, straining to reach her clit.

“Ooooohhh … Oooohhh … Yeah … Yeah … Put your finger in my bootie!”

I turned away and almost started to laugh at the bootie line but Jackson didn’t seem to care. I could see him start to finger near her asshole and she started to squeal as he worked it into her.

“Ah yes … Ah yes … That’s good …” She moaned, loving the stuffing she was getting. She had abandoned her clit and had both hands resting on my cock now, slowly stroking it as it seemed another orgasm was building inside her.

“Now fuck my bootie!” she panted.

Jackson pulled out and grabbed a bottle of lubricant he had dropped on the bed earlier. As he dripped it onto his condom-covered cock and her ass, she got back up on all fours as I positioned myself by her mouth.

She took my cock into her mouth as Jackson started to work his cock into her butt, inch by inch. She moaned and gagged on my dick as the sensations behind her alternated between pleasure and pain, but soon he was deep inside her, and was gently thrusting against her ass.

“MMMmmmmm,” she moaned as she licked around my cock. She was resting on one arm and, as far as I could tell, had returned her other hand to her clit. She seemed to be trying to squeeze another orgasm out, having invited him into her back door just as one was building.

I saw Jackson trying to make eye contact with me. He quietly mouthed, “Eiffel Tower!”

We had Andrea totally spit-roasted, and I knew she wouldn’t care about a little celebration. I shouted, “Eiffel Tower, Yo!” and loudly high fived Jackson.

We cheered and laughed, and Andrea looked up from my cock, laughing as well.

“What the fuck, you idiots?”

I looked down at her … she had taken her hand off her clit, and was weakly reaching it up for a high five as well.

After I dapped her, we got back to business with a vengeance. She started aggressively hoovering my cock, while Jackson tapped her ass a little harder. I started to feel my orgasm building up and I pushed her off my cock.

“I’m too close,” I told her, moving a little closer and cupping both breasts in my hand.

She reached back between her legs and started fingering her clit, moaning as she built to an orgasm from all the stimulation circling through her body. She started to yell and pant:

“Fuck yes … Fuck yes … slower Jackson … Fuck yes … OOOooooohhhh…” and she squealed and shook, her face turning red as she seemed to stop breathing, but continued to flick her finger across her pussy.

With a loud exhale she collapsed into my lap, raising her ass … “Oh my … Oh … take it out now … oh … I’m going to pass out … “

Jackson pulled out and stripped the condom off his cock, and she reached back and started stroking him. Meanwhile she grabbed my cock and alternated between stroking it while she caught her breath and deeply sucking it into her mouth.

Jackson and I were both close to cumming. He had his dick aimed above her ass, and as I leaned back to enjoy my own release, I saw the first spurt of his ejaculation land on her lower back.

“Ahh … Andrea … Yes … ” and as she felt my orgasm building up she turned away from watching Jackson’s cum and slid my mouth onto my cock.

Feeling the warmth of her mouth one more time sent me over the edge, and I shot my load onto her tongue, and then felt it trickle back out across her lips and onto her hand.

She collapsed onto the bed, licking my cum off her hand, then reaching back to trace some of Jacksons onto her finger, licking that as well.

“Oh my, you guys made me awful dirty.”

“Hope you loved it.”

“Yeah, just what I hoped for. Two cocks … Makes it awesome.”

Jackson and I got dressed and left her to clean herself up (something about needing to spend some time in the bathroom. I don’t even want to know, I’m not the one who likes anal). A while later she came downstairs, only looking a little bit like she had just been double teamed a few minutes earlier.

She came over to where Jackson and I were standing.

“Thanks, boys, for a great time. I’m heading home now, but I’ll see you later.”

And then, in front of everyone at the party, she kissed me full on the lips, then turned to Jackson and kissed him too, then turned and headed out the door.

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