The Set Up (You Need This) Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: As always my thanks go to Jen, my editor who is super awesome, with some extra awesome on the side. She has great ideas and is always fun to talk to.


Second, this is the continuing saga of Ben and Joanna, which you can find under my story list. As always feel free to vote, comment, send me email.

Third, this story, much like the last, is full of random sexiness, while the group sex is the big part there’s a bit more then just that, so fair warning.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are fiction, and any that are found to be else where, living, dead, or other fictional characters is just random and is in no way, shape, or form meant to steal these people or characters, living or dead.

Ben woke up the next morning, laying on the couch. His shoes were missing and his pants were still undone. A blanket covered him with a pillow supporting his head. The rays of the early morning hurt his head slightly and made him groan and roll over. He fished his phone from his pocket, it was almost eight o’clock and he would need to take care of his body soon if he wanted to spend anytime with Joanna today.

Then his memories returned, when he picked her up, then in her room, the lunch, all the teasing and flirting. The way she sucked his cock… The video…

“Was it all a dream?” He asked himself, then he smelled the coffee brewing. Ben rolled back over and looked out to the kitchen. He didn’t see anyone and didn’t hear anything. Ben stumbled off the couch and made sure his pants were zipped up before he started walking toward the kitchen. Sure enough a fresh pot of coffee finished and Ben poured himself a cup. He gulped down the coffee and was half way through a second cup before Joanna pranced into the kitchen.

“Hey sleepy head,” she greeted him and smiled. She was now wearing one of those white sports bra/shirt combo things that showed off her flat stomach and forced her breasts high and firm. With a pair of blue, mesh short shorts and running shoes. Ben blatantly starred at her figure. Joanna didn’t notice or care as she danced her way to the fridge and grabbed a sports bottle full of water. Once she had the bottle she pressed her body against Ben’s and kissed him forcefully on the mouth. Ben kissed back for a moment before he started thinking. He forced Joanna back, who looked confused.

“Joanna what are you doing?” Ben asked seriously his eyes hard and staring at hers.

“Kissing my boyfriend,” she smiled widely at her comment.

“I thought we were working toward being friends again?”

“Oh come now, we were friends the second I saw you in the airport. We’ve gotten to be a little more then ‘just friends’ in a day. You told me how good Mel was in bed. Plus you watched the first time I had sex with Becky.”

“First time?” Ben asked, his mouth hanging wide open. Joanna giggled.

“Yes, first time. There are plenty more. A couple more are recorded too but I have to wait for my packages to come back from Italy. Look Ben, I want to be with you. I just want you to be comfortable with the person I’ve become. I found out I really like sex Ben. I mean really, really like sex.”

She wore a smile that Ben would have put on a wolf about to pounce on an unsuspecting sheep. “I like having it and watching it and even recording some of it. I like sex in strange places and in public places where we can get caught. I like seducing people, watching them shiver when I lick their ears gently while I tell them what I want to do to them. And the way a girl bites her lip when I am fingering her in public.

“You made all of that happen Ben. You did what I had wanted, just had shitty timing is all. Now I want to make up for all the ground we’ve lost. If you want to be a part of that, I kind of need to know now. I wont do anything you’re not comfortable with. Is that fair?”

“I suppose, but we are now dating?” Joanna smiled warmly, melting Ben’s anger.

“At the end of it all, you’re the only one I want Ben. I just want us to have fun.” Joanna kissed him again, rubbing her body against his. Ben’s cock was starting to become hard again. Joanna pulled away and smiled.

“I’m going for a run and you should grab a shower.” She laughed as she walked toward the door. “When I get back we’ll talk about what we are going to do tonight.”

“I have to go to my place to get clothes, though.”

“Ok, just be back soon.” Joanna called back before she slammed the door.

Ben finished his coffee, feeling better that they were dating now. He was still confused at what she had planned, but he was on board to enjoy the ride.

After showering, eating something greasy and throwing some clothes in a bag he headed back to Joanna’s. She was still gone when he came back so he left his bag on the kitchen table. Ben wandered up stairs to use the bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom, he saw Joanna’s door was cracked open a bit and a few colorful things were scattered on her bed. After yesterday he wondered if this ankara escort was planned or not. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened the door.

Her bags from the airport lay open on the floor. The two smaller of them had her clothes she had taken with her plus a couple of books, a photo album, the occasional hat or two and a womans trench coat. The bigger suit case lay on her bed and had two things inside of it. One was a large box that was open, which Ben couldn’t see inside, the second thing was actually lots of things. Lingerie was half littered across her bed and half still packed away.

Ben was surprised by the amount, he saw corsets, thongs, panties, stockings all in a rainbow of colors. There were crotchless panties, bras that had the cups removed, sheer sets of bra panties in different colors, a few collars, one with spikes. Garter belts, chafe high socks, which weren’t really lingerie but were still in the suit case. It was like someone crammed a Victory Secret shop into a suit case.

Ben’s mind was instantly flooded, trying to picture her wearing most of the clothes. Joanna must have picked up a liking for sexy underwear also. Ben’s curiosity slapped him the face again as he looked back at the box. He carefully walked around the bed, avoiding stepping on anything on the floor and he peered into the box. His eyes were wide with awe. It was a box full of sex toys. Vibrators and dildos in different colors and sizes, and shapes. He noticed one shaped like a cat with it’s tongue sticking out. A couple of those sliver bullet things, handcuffs, silk rope, a ball gag, blind folds, a giant feather, which left Ben puzzled. The last thing in the box was a CD case, a label read ‘Play Time’.

Ben’s hands shook as he reached for the case. The zipper slid open with out problem. There were easily twenty discs in the case. He flipped through a couple pages, names like Jake, Paul, Hans, with things like, Blind Folded, Tied Up, Rough on the disks. Then about a quarter of the way through Becky’s name popped up. The First Time disk was replaced, then there were titles like Costume-Nurse and Doctor, Witch Time, First Strap-On, and Becky with Kelly.

“Holy fuck!” Ben shouted quietly. He returned the case to it’s place in the box, which was on top of a double headed dildo he hadn’t noticed before, and backed away. Joanna had done a lot more in her year away than Ben had hoped to do in ten years. “God! I wonder what she hadn’t recorded?” He half asked himself and the other half the universe, but knowing he wasn’t getting an answer here he crept back to the door and reset it to where it was.

Ben steadied himself before he went back down stairs. He poured himself a glass of water and sipped it as Joanna walked in. She was covered with sweat and the white bra thing she wore was practically see through and her nipples poked out for anyone to see.

“Woo, it’s hotter then I thought it was going to be.” She stated as she went to the sink and refilled her water bottle and drank most of it. “I hope you weren’t waiting long?”

“Ah, no, I just came in actually.” Ben lied a little but he was too embarrassed to admit he was looking through her room.

“Ok. Well, I am going to shower then I have to pick up my room for a bit before I do much of anything. About tonight, do you have some nicer clothes with you?”

“Ah, not really. I just grabbed a couple of things from my apartment.” He pointed at the bag.

“We are going out tonight, and I want you looking your best. So suit and tie mister, and make sure you spill handsome all over it. I want other women drilling over you.” Joanna smiled widely as she drank some more water.

“I think that with what you’ve been wearing lately, most people will be looking at you and not me.” Ben joked placing his glass in the sink.

“Well then I want to look super sexy all wrapped around a stud, ok?”

“Fair enough. I know a place close by and I could use a new suit.”

“Good. Can you pick up something for lunch on the way back?” Joanna asked with a slap on Ben’s butt as he walked away.

“Yes ma’am.” Ben gave a mock salute and left the house.

Ben bought a nice suit with a red tie, after Joanna texted him the color of the dress she was planning on wearing tonight. He ordered tacos for them both for lunch. He was waiting to pick up his order at the restaurant when someone bounced into him from behind. Ben looked back to see what was going on and the girl from the airport was there, wearing a sexy smile.

“Hello you,” she greeted him. She had to have been about Joanna’s height with dark honey colored skin and sleek black hair that was tied in a braid. She wore a simple white sundress with matching heels and purse. “Sorry I promised you’d like the next time I bumped into you but I guess you’ll just have to settle for this.”

“Ah it’s ok,” Ben stated dumbly. “Um, I’m Ben.”

“Clara, a pleasure to meet you Ben,” Clara looked at him with hungry eyes, a look he was getting ankara escort bayan a lot from Joanna. “So what brings you in here today?”

“Um, just ordering some lunch for my girlfriend and I.”

“So you do have a girlfriend. I was wondering. Too bad you’re not single right now, I know a nice little backroom where I’d love to mess around with you.”

Ben was shocked. He had women come on to him strong before, but this was a little extreme. “Ah yea, sorry. This is a new relationship I’ve wanted for a while now, I don’t want to mess it up.”

“Well you’re girlfriend is very lucky, since I am throwing myself at you but what can you do? Better luck next time right?” Clara’s smile was wickedly wide.

“Here take this,” she handed him a card. “My number’s on it, any chance you want to get a drink or a good fuck let me know.” Clara winked at him and walked away, shaking her amazing ass as her heels clicked on the tile floor. Ben looked at the card once she was gone. A lipstick kiss was on one side with her number and her name written on the other.

“Damn, two days ago I would have snuck in a backroom with her.” He told himself, and now you have someone else to sneak into backrooms with. Ben smiled at his thought.

His order was up so he grabbed the food and went back to the house. Laying out the meal on the table he called out for Joanna.

“Down in a sec babe.” She called back. Wait, did she just call him babe? A moment later Joanna came into the kitchen, buck naked. Ben’s eyes went wide and Joanna laughed. “I’ll never get tired of that look.” She stated as she picked up her food and took a bite.

“Let me guess, you like being naked all the time now, right?” Ben asked sarcastically, grabbing himself a taco.

“Well, not all the time but it’s fun to walk around naked. I like how I can watch my boobs bounce in things I shouldn’t be able to watch them bounce in.” She laughed loudly at her comment and Ben couldn’t help but laugh himself. “Anyway, how did suit shopping go?”

“I’ll be good to go for our date tonight.”

“Good, anything else fun and exciting happen?”

Ben always did wonder if a girl could pick up on when he got hit on. Mel liked to watch girls hit on him and another one of his old girlfriends actually liked to hit on other men to make him jealous.

“Yea actually. I ran into a girl I saw at the airport. I even got her number.” Ben stated proudly, Joanna raised an eyebrow.

“Now, I know you think you’re all that and a bag of chips but you don’t have to make up a story to get my jealous.” Joanna stated dismissing his claim.

“No seriously, she was practically throwing herself at me. She wanted to have sex in the backroom of the restaurant we were at. Here is the card she gave me.” Ben gave Joanna the card. She looked impressed.

“Wow, ok I can believe this now. Unless you’re wearing lipstick and want to tell me about it.”

They both giggled at that. They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and laughing. Joanna invited Ben to sit with her as she unpacked her things. Ben was worried for a moment but the suit case and all her lingerie was gone when they walked in.

Ben enjoyed watching Joanna prance around in the nude. He loved the way she shook her ass and the way her breasts jiggled as she moved around. The radio was playing in the background and Joanna danced around a bit. Ben always knew she loved to dance but this was something else, like she wanted to show off.

“So what’s with all the dancing recently?” Ben finally asked.

“What, you know I like to dance. That hasn’t changed. I just like to have someone watching a lot more now.” Joanna smirked, still putting things away. “Now I like to dance nude, I even won an amateur award at a strip club in Paris.”

“Really? You got up in front of complete strangers and stripped for them?” Ben asked not as dumbfounded as he would have been before. After watching her have sex with another woman, he didn’t think a whole lot more was going to surprise him.

“Yup. It took a couple of shots and a very sexy stripper to help me out but I did it. Walked away with a grand in Franks. Even had the same stripper sleep with me in the private room. God she was so hot, Ben. Big, busty breasts and a great ass. Maybe we’ll hit a strip club sometime later, I’m sure you’d like it.”

“Having been to a couple myself, yea I am sure I’ll like it.”

“No way! Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes at a strip club. Do you pick up a stripper at one?” Joanna asked, the fire had returned to her eyes.

“Sadly no but got a good lap dance from one. I even got a hand job from her.”

Joanna chuckled, “Sounds kinky. Maybe I’ll give you a little show soon.”

“But that would mean you’d have to put something on, and we are already at the best part.” Ben replied.

“Where the girl is naked? Yea that is the best part.”

Joanna started to shake her hips more seductively. She ran her hands all over her body, squeezed her escort ankara breasts together and pinched her nipples. Joanna then started to rub her body over Ben, brushing her breasts in his face then turning around and grinding her ass in his crotch. Ben ran his hands up her sides but she slapped them away. “I’m a stripper remember, you’re not allowed to touch the strippers.”

“I thought I was in a private show?” Ben asked playfully.

“You are, that’s why I’m going to do this.” Joanna turned back around and straddled his lap and began to rub her pussy on his cock through his jeans. She was thrusting forcefully right off the bat, her juices covering Ben’s jeans. Her breasts kept hitting Ben in the face but he managed to grab one of her nipples in his mouth causing her to moan loudly. “That’s cheating,” Joanna moaned, soon they were both grinding against each other like mad. Ben grunted loudly as Joanna moaned and quivered on top of him.

They laid together on the bed, Joanna laying on top of Ben and Ben was holding her close. Ben thought for a moment of how easy it would be to roll over and just take her, but she said she wanted to wait and Ben was ok with that. She was well worth the wait.

Joanna stirred in her sleep, looked up at him and smiled. “That was tasty Ben.” Joanna told him in a sleepy voice, Ben chuckled at her.

“Yea it was, but I was hoping for more of a show.” He told her as he kissed her on the forehead.

“You’ll get a show babe but first we have some other things to do, like eat dinner. Mind ordering pizza?”

“Nope, covered in meat is still your usual?”

“Yup, I’m still a carnivore as always.” Joanna rolled off him and off the bed. “I’m going to take a quick shower, but no peeking this time.” She giggled as she shook her ass walking out of the room. Ben wondered what he did to get so lucky.

The pizza was ordered and Ben recovered his laptop from his car. Even though he had a few days off, business still consumed a little bit of his time, He had answered about fifteen emails when Joanna came down stairs. She was wearing a sheer, strapless, red bra and panty set. “Pizza almost here, I’m starving.” Joanna stated as she went to the fridge and grabbed a soda.

“Should be here soon,” Ben replied finishing another e-mail.

“You’re not working are you?”

“The world still turns, whether I’m in the office or not.”

Joanna shut his laptop down, luckily he moved his hands in time.

“No working, I want you focused.” She flashed a seductive smile. The doorbell rang and Joanna jumped. “Oh pizza’s here, I got it.”

Joanna grabbed her purse and headed for the door before Ben could stop her. She swung the door open and the pizza boy was looking at the order form. “Ah, large meat craver’s pizza?”

“Yup, yup.” Joanna sounded sweet.

“Ok that’ll be twenty-eight….” He stopped in mid sentence as he looked up. Joanna grabbed the pizza and held it up with one hand and gave the guy a twenty. “Ah, th-is-is isn’t en-ou-ough.” The poor kid stuttered, Joanna frowned slightly.

“Aw, you drive a hard bargain but ok.” She pulled down one cup of her see-through bra and brought her nipple to her mouth and sucked it in gently, running her tongue over the nipple and moaned slightly. When she left go of her breast it made an audible ‘POP’ and jiggled slightly. “I think that’ll cover it.” Joanna then shut the door and locked it.

Ben eyed her as she returned. “What?” she asked, before continuing. “Here’s a tip when you’re in Italy, know a hot girl who’s not afraid to show some skin for a delivery boy and you’ll never pay full price again. It’s even better when you have two girls who are willing to give a little show, then you don’t have to pay anything.” Joanna laughed as she set down the pizza, fixed her bra and grabbed the biggest piece.

“When did you become such an evil genius?” Ben asked grabbing himself a slice.

“I think when I was in France. Once you win a stripping award you don’t have much of a problem showing off anymore.” Joanna laughed loudly as they ate.

Just after nightfall, Ben changed into his new suit and waited for Joanna outside her room. He checked his watch and wondered how much longer she was going to take. Then her door swung open and Ben’s jaw hit the floor. Joanna wore a strapless, blood red dress, which barely made her mid thigh and had a slit on the left side that ran almost all the way to her waist.

“So I am going to guess from the look on your face that you like my dress.” Ben continued not to say anything. “Speechless is good, but you look stupid with your mouth hanging open. Now come on, we need to look for a woman for you.”

Joanna started walking down the stairs, her matching heels shorter then he would have expected.

“Wait, what are we doing?” Ben followed her, almost tripping on the stairs.

“We are going to the club to find you a woman,” Joanna said, grabbing her black purse and locking the door behind them.

“Why are we finding me a woman when I already have you?” Ben stated getting into his car.

“Because I want to see what you’ve learned while I was gone. You watched me with another woman. I think you owe me the same, wouldn’t you say?” A foxy grin broke over her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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