The Story

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I was in the hot tub alone when Penny and Rita came out. I admired their voluptuous bodies as they dropped their robes and got in. They sat down opposite me and we talked about things. I tried to not look at their breasts as they bobbed in the water across from me.

There were four couples at the party. Penny and Bill Smith. Penny had nice round hips with a narrow waist and large, firm breasts that still jutted out despite having two kids. Rita and her husband, Bill Jones. Rita’s breasts were enormous with large aureole and half inch long nipples when soft. I wondered how long they would get if she got excited. Both of them had long, slender legs. Back in the house was my wife, Linda, with a body and face that I will always refer to as a ’10+’ and Dan and Karen Williams. Karen was a slender brunette with a body that I had fucking in my dreams too many times to count. I had caught a glimpse of her naked breasts earlier when I came out to the hot tub and she was leaving. They actually curved upwards so the nipples pointed to the sky.

This was the first time the four couples had gotten together for a tequila party and we had all imbibed a few shots by this point in the evening. Bill and Penny, the hosts, said no swimsuits were allowed in the hot tub but they provided mid-thigh length white terrycloth robes for us all to wear. By now everybody had taken off their clothes and were moving around in the robes.

I drank the last of my tequila sunrise and announced that I was going to go in and get another drink. They were talking about their kids and barely heard me. I stood and reached for a towel and heard two gasps. I knew what had happened. My cock is seven inches long when flaccid. I’m not sure how long it is when it gets erect but have heard twelve inches mentioned a few times. It always gets the same reaction when women see it…and some men. I grabbed a towel and dried off slowly next to the hot tub and then put my robe on. Neither woman said a thing. They both just sat there silently with their mouths open and stared.

“See you later, Ladies,” I said as I turned and went back in the house. I got no replies.

Later as I was sitting on the sofa next to Penny, I noticed she was staring down at my crotch more than she was doing anything else. Rita, sitting on a chair across from me was doing the same. To tease them a little, I leaned over to get my drink and spread my legs slightly, letting my robe open a few inches and giving them an unimpeded view between my legs. Penny stared, licked her lips and her hand went down into her robe between her legs. Rita just leaned forward showing a lot breast as if that would give her a closer look and stared. As I mentioned, Rita had a lot of breasts to show.

I innocently picked up the drink and nonchalantly adjusted my robe so all was covered again. I took along swig of the drink and finished it. I stood and walked into the kitchen to get a refill. Of course, I spread my legs as I stood so they got another quick look at my penis.

As I was pouring the tequila, I heard the door open and close behind me. I wasn’t surprised when I turned around to see Penny standing there.

“I’ve GOT to see it,” she said boldly.

“You’ve got to see what?” I asked, knowing full well what she wanted to see.

“You know damn well what I want to see,” she said in an exasperated tone, “And it’s taking a lot of courage on my part to even ask.”

I leaned back against the counter and slowly opened my robe. I spread my legs slightly and my penis swung slowly back and forth between my thighs. Her mouth dropped open. It hung loosely halfway to my knees.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Can I touch it?” she asked tentatively.

“Go ahead,” I replied.

She reached out and lifted it and it stirred slightly in her hand.

“Oooh,” she moaned, “It must weigh a couple of pounds.”

Just then the door opened and she quickly dropped it and stood so she blocked my open robe from whoever just came in.

“I know what you were doing,” said Rita, walking boldly up to us, “I want to see it again too.”

Penny stepped back and they both just stood there staring at my cock.

“Why didn’t Linda ever tell us about this?” said Rita.

“Would you, if you were her?” I asked.

“Uh. Probably not,” said Penny, “And for good reason.”

“I want it,” said Rita, “I want it buried deep in every hole I have. I want it tonight. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Me neither,” whispered Penny.

“Well, if that’s the direction you want this party to go, we need to get things loosened up a bit,” I suggested, “How would your husband’s feel about a little neighborly swinging?”

“I know Bill has the ‘hots’ for your wife,” said Rita, “He comes home from work with cum stains in his shorts and I know they are from staring at her during the day.”

My wife, Linda, worked with Bill in his office.

“Well, I know that Linda would probably like to have him too,” I said, “Linda likes men.”

“My Bill will do whatever I tell abidinpaşa escort him to do,” said Penny firmly.

Just as I pulled my robe back together and reached for my drink, my wife, Linda, came in the kitchen. She looked at the three of us standing there and the red faces on Penny and Rita and said, “I think I know what’s been going on in here. You too look like the cats that swallowed the canary.”

“I know what I’d like to swallow,” said Rita.

“I’m sure you do,” said Linda, “Do you think you are up to it?”

“I’d like to try,” said Rita boldly.

“She’s offering you Bill,” I said.

Linda stood there and looked at the three of us for about five seconds and said, “It’s a deal. However, he may not want to go back to you when I’m done with him.”

“I’ll take my chances,” said Rita.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us what he was endowed with?’ said Penny to Linda.

“Would you have?” Linda replied.

“Um. I guess not,” said Penny again.

“I’ll go talk to my Bill,” said Penny, “Rita, you go talk to your Bill. Who is going to talk to Dan and Karen?”

“I will,” I said, “Send them in here.”

The three women went back into the living room and soon Dan and Karen came in.

“Hi Scott,” Said Dan, “What’s up?”

“Well, you know I don’t like to beat around the bush so here’s what just happened.”

With that, I opened my robe. Karen’s eyes went immediately to my cock and she gasped. Her eyes got real wide and her mouth opened. Dan finally took a look and he too gasped.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this,” said Karen, looking at Dan.

“I didn’t know,” said Dan.

“Well, Penny and Rita saw it in the hot tub and now they want to take it on. Tonight.”

“I don’t blame them,” said Karen.

Dan looked sharply at her and said, “Karen!”

“Well. Look at it;” said Karen defensively, “It’s a horse cock. Every woman dreams of having a cock like that once in her life.”

“Don’t I keep you satisfied?” whined Dan.

“Of course you do,” said Karen, snuggling up against him, “It’s just…it’s just…well, look at it. I don’t blame Penny and Rita at all. Are the two Bill’s going to agree? And Linda?”

“Well, Rita feels that her Bill will jump at the chance to have Linda and Linda has agreed. Penny says her Bill will do what he’s told which says a lot about their marriage. What do you guys say about a little neighborly swapping?” I asked, “I guess you could just watch and not participate if you wanted.”

They looked at each other and then Dan finally said, “Well, I have always wanted to see Rita’s boobs.”

“As if I didn’t already know that,” said Karen, looking again at my cock, “I’ve seen the way you stare at them. I’m in any or all of it. Dan?”

“Okay,” he said hesitantly.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll go in and get things started. Let’s just do what comes naturally this evening…and have a good time doing it.”

We went back in the living room and everyone in there stared at us expectantly.

“Karen and Dan are agreeable,” I said, “And I’d like to start the party off by telling you all a story about ‘my first time’.”

I made everybody else sit on two adjoining sofas and pulled up a chair in the center of the room so it faced them all.

“Wait a minute,” said Penny’s Bill.

He ran into their bedroom and came back with a handful of Viagra pills. He gave two to everybody and then passed around a tray full of shots of tequila to wash them down.

“I don’t know if they work on women, but it can’t hurt,” He said.

I got everybody’s attention and got said, “This is a story about ‘my first time with a woman’ and it was with my seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Sowder.”

I began my story…

It was midway through the semester and I wasn’t doing too well in class. I was constantly horny and all the girls in the Sixties wore these short miniskirts and shifts. All I saw was legs…legs…legs and I had an almost constant erection in school every day. Mrs. Sowder had made me move up to the front of the class so she could keep an eye on me as I was constantly making jokes and distracting the class.

On this day, I had on a pair of tight jeans (we pegged them that way in those days) and Mrs. Sowder had on a very short skirt and a blouse that was almost transparent. Since I couldn’t see the other girls in the class from that seat, I concentrated on her and whether she had a bra on under that blouse. I closed my eyes and mentally began to lick my way up her thighs until I finally shoved my face up under her skirt and pushed my mouth against her wet cunt. She moaned and fell back on the desk. I pushed my face harder into her cunt and then reached up and grasped her breasts and she moaned louder and begged for more.

I was so wrapped up in my day dream that I never noticed that my erection was halfway down my pant leg and was oozing so much precum that half of jean’s pant leg was soaked through.

“Mr. Gross!” she said sternly, “Are altındağ escort you paying attention?”

I looked up and saw her standing right in front of me. I swore that her nipples were so hard they were trying to poke through her thin blouse. I’d have sworn she wasn’t wearing a bra but the blouse was just thick enough to hide that fact. She was about twenty five years old and had a great body. All the guys in my class had the ‘hots’ for her and, probably, most of the guys in the school. She had long legs, a great chest and full lips and we all knew she wasn’t married. My mind snapped back to where I was.

“Huh” I stammered while the rest of the class tittered at my misfortune.

“You will stay after class,” she said, “And maybe you will learn something then since you seem determined to not learn anything while everybody else is trying to.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I stammered. I could feel my erection crawling back up my pant leg as fast as it would go as the blood raced from my penis to my face.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and everyone exited.

(At this point, I was getting a bit warm and undid my robe and let it fall open a little bit. I saw Dan lean over and whisper to the two Bills. They both turned and tried to look between the opening in my robe.)

Mrs. Sowder turned from the blackboard, put a chair up next to her desk, and then went to the door of the classroom and locked it. She came back and sat at her desk and told me to sit in the chair.

“Would you mind telling what you were thinking about as I tried to teach you earlier this hour?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I stammered.

“‘Yes, Ma’am” what?” she almost yelled.

“Yes, Ma’am, I would mind telling you what I was thinking,” I said as I was acutely aware of the large wet stain on my pant leg. I tried crossing my legs to cover it but it was too large. From the size of the stain, I must have let go of about a quart of precum fantasizing about her.

“Well, I want to know,” she said, softening her voice.

I saw her eyes keep dropping to my wet leg and then up to my groin.

“Are they embarrassing thoughts?” she asked.

“Yes, very,” I said softly.

She shifted in her chair slightly and I saw her short skirt ride up until it almost exposed her crotch. Her long bare thighs were tan and looked very smooth. She leaned forward and I noticed that the top two buttons on her blouse had opened up and that I could see most of her breasts. She put her hand on my wet knee and I looked down and saw my cock start to snake back up my pant leg toward her hand. I tried to stop it but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her breasts.

“I know that young boys have fantasies,” she said softly, “And as an English teacher, I find them very interesting. It doesn’t matter if they might be ‘dirty thoughts’. I’m an adult and these things are very natural. Even I have fantasies and some of them are very ‘dirty’.

“Really?” I said.

“Really,” she replied, “Now tell me. Were you fantasizing about me?”

(At this point as my thoughts drifted back, I noticed my cock start to rise up from between my legs and through the opening in my robe. Everybody on the sofas was staring at it.)

“Yes,” I told her.

With that she shifted in her chair again and now I could see her crotch and she wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was shaved. Somehow a third button had come undone on her blouse and I could see almost al of her breasts almost to the nipples. She definably was not wearing a bra.

My cock was now only about an inch from her hand and still growing.

“Tell me,” she said.

I sighed resignedly.

“I was licking your thighs,” I blurted out.

“Yes, go on,” she said quietly but her breathing seemed to quicken.

“And then I put my face between your legs,” I said and stopped.

“Yes,” she said, “People do that when they are making love. It’s a very natural thing.”

“And then I grabbed your breasts.”

“Did you enjoy doing that?” she asked.

“Oh God, yes,” I said, “You are very pretty…and sexy.”

“Thank you, Scott,” she said, “That, too, is a normal reaction to someone you find attractive.”

My cock tip was now against her forefinger and as she lifted the finger slightly, it began to slide under her hand.

“And then what happened?” she asked.

“And then…you yelled at me.”

I see,” she said.

With that she spread her legs and let me see her pussy. It was glistening and pink and a small puddle of moisture was on her chair between her thighs.

Her hand moved up and covered my penis then and she squeezed it gently.

“Would you like to do those things to me?”

“Yes…please,” I said so softly that I was surprised that she heard me.

“You are very generously endowed,” she said as she slid her hand along the length of my penis.

(By now my cock was fully erect stuck up from between my legs the full twelve inches. I shrugged the robe off to expose my full bahçelievler escort nakedness. My wife had her hand on the erect cock of Rita’s husband. Karen was reaching down into Penny’s husband’s robe and Dan was opening Rita’s robe to expose her massive breasts but they were all listening avidly.)

“Why don’t we get those tight pants off,” she said, “They look very uncomfortable. Then I would like you to show me what you were doing in the day dream. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, thinking this must be a dream also.

“Stand up,” she ordered as she slid forward in her chair. Her skirt now had risen up and was bunched around her waist. Her blouse was open and her generous breasts spilled out, her nipples very erect.

I stood and she undid my jeans and pushed them down my thighs. I didn’t wear underpants in those days and my cock sprung up throwing a long strand of precum across her breasts and face. Her tongue went out and licked it off of her lips as she wrapped both hands around my shaft. Her eyes closed and she leaned forward let the tip slide between her lips. For the first time I felt a woman’s mouth on my penis and it was heaven. Her tongue was sliding around on the tip and stabbing into my pee hole and I couldn’t hold back. I began to cum and her head rocked back slightly as the first blast sprayed against the back of her throat. Her lips clamped down on my shaft and she began to swallow, but not fast enough to take in a young boys first orgasm with a woman. My cum began to flow out from around my cock and down her chin and onto her breasts. Her hands pumped my shaft until I moaned and had to step back from the sheer intensity of the orgasm. She let my cock slide from her mouth and her tongue came out and licked up all the cum she could reach on her face. Then she lifted each breast and licked the cum off of them.

I stood there breathing hard, still fully erect, my heart beating a million times a second.

(My wife was now sitting on Bill’s lap. His cock buried in her cunt. Karen was sucking the other’s Bill’s cock. Penny had a hand on Dan’s cock, stroking it wildly, and the other between her legs. Rita sat there alone with her legs spread wide and both hands stuffed as far as they would go into her cunny. Dan had an arm around her shoulder and was pinched her right nipple. Precum was oozing down my shaft and making a puddle in my pubic hair.)

Mrs. Sowder stood suddenly and pulled off her blouse, ripping the remaining buttons off and pushed her skirt down and kicked it off. She stood there totally naked and then lay back on her desk and told me to make my daydream come true and lick her thighs.

I stepped forward between her legs and bent down and stared at the thighs I had dreamed of one day licking. Her thighs were soaked with her juices as I began to lick them clean. I started at her knees and slowly worked my way up until I was between her legs. The smell of her cunt was overpowering as I jammed my face against her vulva, my tongue stabbing deeply into her. I felt something hard against my nose and pulled back to see her clit sticking out like a tiny penis. I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck and bite it. She responded by bucking and moaning as orgasm after orgasm rocked her. My hands went under and grasped her firm little ass as I held my mouth on her clit. She must have had eight or ten orgasms before she pushed me back and told me to put it in her.

I stood and pulled her to the edge of the desk. I put the tip of my cock gently between her cunt lips and then lost control and jammed all twelve inches into her as fast as I could. My hips slammed against her groin.

(At the thought of that, all four women on the sofa moaned and had orgasms.)

I slammed my cock into her for over a half of an hour until she began to beg me to stop. I kept going for another five minutes until I had another orgasm and filled her cunt another load of hot cum. It gushed out of her forming puddles on the desk as I continued pumping, totally out of control. I gave one last pump and then fell back into the chair and sat there staring at her, my cock, still fully erect.

She lay there on the desk moaning slightly and rubbing her very red and sore pussy for about ten minutes. Then she slowly rolled off the desk and got to her feet.

“I think you’ve have enough ‘after class lessons’ for today,” she said, “Why don’t you go ahead and get your pants back on and go on home.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

I pulled my pants back on and pushed my still erect penis down my pant legs and hobbled out of the classroom.

(Everybody on the sofas had stopped moving and was just staring at me.)

Without a word, Rita stood up and walked over to me, threw a leg over both of mine, positioned my cock between her legs and dropped down onto me. Her huge breasts bobbled in front of my face and I grabbed one and began to suck on the nipple. Behind her I could see the others pairing off and starting various forms of copulation. We had us an orgy, I was happy to say.

I put my hands around her waist and began to lift her until just the tip was still in her then let her drop the full length. About the third time she screamed and had a huge orgasm. She shuddered violently and I felt her cunt muscles spasm on my cock and then she fell forward against me moaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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