The Submissive Babysitter Pt. 03

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I never really wanted to marry Brad. Even when I moved in with him it was just because I needed a place while I looked for a new apartment after my roommate left town. I loved being a single girl in NYC and had never dated one guy for more than six months. Not that Brad wasn’t a catch. He was handsome and wealthy, and I loved that he took me to all the best places NYC could offer. I just knew I was far from ready to settle down.

Then, just two months after moving in with Brad I got pregnant. I was pretty sure it was Brad’s so I told him I was carrying his baby and his response overwhelmed me. He was so excited to keep the baby. I made it clear I was unsure, but he made many promises to me, especially that we would continue to enjoy the city and not settle down. We signed a prenup that made sure the baby and I would be very well taken care of if we ever broke up (the issue of custody was left open).

Life has actually worked out pretty well. Brad has been promoted twice and has been taking home huge bonuses. I worked hard to get my body back in great shape after we had Nancy, running and doing Pilates almost every day.

More recently, however, I could feel routine creeping back into our lives, and I knew I couldn’t tolerate that for long. I pushed for us to go out more often, but it was like Brad didn’t hear me. I felt stifled and I knew I felt I needed to shake things up.

Brad and I had plans to go to a new club in town, but another business trip come up. I decided I would go anyway, and called a couple of girlfriends to join me. I was excited to have a girls’ night out. I called our babysitter Mei-Lin to come over that night. Mei-Lin has been great for us. I trust her completely with my daughter and she’s always on time. I’ve even trained her to do chores for me that the nanny doesn’t get done. I found her eager to please and I have been more than happy to take advantage. She does our dishes, folds our clothes. One night I asked her to hand wash my panties and she didn’t hesitate.

The night we were heading out to the club, Mei-Lin was taken aback upon seeing me. I was dressed sexier than I had ever dressed when going out with Brad, wearing very high heels, a short black skirt and a tight white top with no bra. I wanted to look naughty and based on the look Mei-Lin gave me I was even more convinced I had achieved the look. As I got my things ready and gave her the chores for the night, I could have sworn she was checking me out.

My intention was to go beyond looking naughty that evening. Brad might be ready for a routine life, but I was definitely not. My girlfriends knew I needed to blow off some steam, and they ordered two rounds of shots within minutes of arriving at the club. When hot girls are ordering shots, guys are attracted like bees to honey, and we were quickly invited to the VIP section where some hedge fund managers were getting bottle service. I sat next to one guy, Rick, who looked like Adonis in a business suit. I didn’t tell him I had a husband and daughter and I didn’t object when his hand confidently stroked my bare leg.

I did notice I was responding to him much faster than normal. Perhaps it was because I had psyched myself into being naughty, perhaps it was because of the shots, perhaps because Brad hadn’t fucked me for over two weeks, but as his hand went higher on my leg I was clearly feeling aroused. I leaned in towards him and he pulled me in for a long kiss.

This guy knew what he was doing. He pulled my hair back and became the aggressor as he probed my mouth with his tongue. I suspected he had probably fucked three girls from this club in the last week, but I knew then I had to have him. He whispered in my ear to follow him and I did so without hesitation, taking his big hand and trying to keep pace in my high heels. He took me to a bathroom in the back of the club, which the public could not access and gave a curt nod to a bouncer standing nearby. We walked in and he locked the door behind us.

The dude did not even say another word to me. Rick kissed me, even rougher this time, pulling me against him. He then handed me a condom and gave me the same nod he had given the bouncer. I was half offended, but we both knew what I was there for. I knelt, unzipped him, took out his impressive Escort bayan cock, and wrapped it for him. He helped me up, then turned me around and lifted my skirt. He lowered my panties and almost immediately started pushed into me. He entered easily since I was already wet. I put my hands on the bathroom door. I felt dirty and used, but I loved it. I had missed this kind of adventure.

I tried to be quiet at first, knowing the bouncer was just outside, but the dude took no mercy on me, pounding into me again and again. I started to groan loudly with each push and the door of the bathroom rattled. Somehow the idea that there were men outside the door, knowing I was being used as a party girl slut made it even hotter for me. I was getting close to cumming, but when Rick was finished he pulled out and started to zip up. I bent down to get my panties back up and barely had my skirt down when he opened the door. The bouncer looked at us with just the slightest smile, and we walked back to the VIP area.

I re-joined to girls and we danced with some other guys, but even thought it was still early, I had already got what I came for. I took a cab back home and when I arrived there I saw a strange car in the driveway. When I opened the door I knew there must be someone with May, and I heard a yelp from the living room. I walked in to see May on her knees with a skinny kid zipping up his pants. May was upset and started apologizing. I thought to myself that everybody seemed to be getting some action tonight.

I told the boy to leave and he anxiously bolted out the door. I decided to play a little with our tearful babysitter and sat her down. When May started to cry I took her in my arms and told her she was a good girl who had made a mistake. Wanting to test her I then asked, “Do you enjoy sucking cock May?”

May tried to evade the question but I pushed her, channeling the dominance of the dude who had fucked me an hour earlier and making it clear I was in charge. May admitted she wasn’t sure she was good at blowjobs, and I told her to show me how she did it.

I held a finger out for her and held back a giggle when I saw the wide-eyed look on her face. I knew she would pretty much do whatever I told her to at this point, so was not surprised when she started to suck on it. Soon she was giving it her all, desperately trying to please my finger. Finally I pulled it away.

“You are obviously eager, but you need a bit more finesse.” I said a little teasingly.

I showed May the technique she should use by sucking on two of her fingers. I thought of the cock that had been inside me and all the cocks I had sucked in college. I could see May was getting excited and gave her the chance to show me what she had learned. May sucked my fingers slower and more purposefully and I felt she had genuinely improved her style.

I put my hand on the girl’s chin and made her look into my eyes. I scolded her for having a guest over without letting me know first. I made sure she could not look away, wanting May to know that she was owned.

“If you are going to have a boy over you need to let me know. I need to trust that you will always do as I tell you to May.”

When May went home I played back the adventures of the evening, and fingered myself to a climax. I thought of that night a few times in the days to come, sometimes when I masturbated, but for the most I moved on to my regular life.

My routine was broken again two weeks later when I was out at a friend’s party with Brad. May had come over to babysit. As I had felt when I had called her, it was clear she was more anxious than ever to please me. I smiled when I saw she had worn the outfit I told her to. I gave her a number of chores to do in the house which she was eager to agree to, then I told her she was a good girl and kissed her on the lips, as if offering a reward before we left.

Brad and I had had a few drinks at the party when I saw the Rick, the Adonis hedge fund dude, standing against a wall, chatting up a girl. He looked over and I looked away, but I knew it was too late. I snuggled up to Brad to signal to Rick that he should stay focussed on the girl he was with, and he seemed to go along with that. Not long after, however, I was coming out of the Bayan escort bathroom when I saw him standing there, looking right into my eyes.

Rick directed with his chin for me to go back in to the bathroom and he followed me. I started to tell him that my husband was in the next room, that I knew people at the party but I had barely got a word out before his big hands directed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted. Part of me wanted it too, part of me just wanted to defuse the situation, but either way, for the second time I found myself unzipping his pants and taking out his cock. This time I took it in my mouth hoping this would please him. I thought of what I had taught May, and knew I had to give this guy my best. I looked up at him but he didn’t look down. Instead he grabbed my hair and started to move my head to his desired rhythm. He made me take all of his cock, which was much more than I was used to but I was anxious to please. Soon he started to just fuck my face and I let him. He started to come in my mouth, then pulled out and sprayed on my face. I quietly accepted this, with every desire to stay as discrete as possible. He echoed the words I had used with May, telling me I was a good girl. He didn’t wait for me to get up, didn’t even say goodnight, just opened the door, pausing to make sure nobody was there, and left my on my knees.

When I cleaned up and joined Brad, I was feeling very horny. We had a few more drinks and then smoked some weed the host offered up. Brad always gets mellow when he smokes weed, and I quickly realized he wasn’t going to give me what I needed. As the party winded down, I suggested we go to a dive bar in the neighborhood. I texted May and told her she would have to stay late.

The place we went was the kind where there were bras hanging from the rafters and girls dancing on the bar. I was older than most of the girls there, but I knew I was also hotter. Brad got us shots and we did two immediately. I asked him to dance but he said he’d just watch. On the crowded floor I quickly drew interest from the just over college age boys who were packing the place. A couple of them in particular started to dance with me. Feeling horny, I was sure to give them the rubbing and grinding they were hoping for. I looked over at Brad and saw him doing another shot, looking at the girls dancing on the bar with a goofy grin. I decided to try something really naughty.

I asked Bobby, the better looking of the two boys, if he was up for an adventure. Bobby eagerly assured he was and I told him I needed someone to lick me until I came. He promised he was the man for the job. I told him about my husband and pointed him out, and the kid showed off his college smarts by asking his buddy to distract Brad.

Soon Brad was doing another round of shots and playing pool with his new friend as I snuck off to the dirty bathroom with my new friend Bobby. The boy was no expert, but I directed him to do exactly what I wanted. At one point I even grabbed Bobby’s long hair and pushed his face into me telling him to lick faster. After I came we both realized there were people waiting for the bathroom, and we exited with embarrassed smiles. I was ready to leave, but Brad’s pool playing partner wanted me to reward him for his efforts. He asked me to get up on stage for a dance, and Brad nodded dumbly, the weed and the drinks making him very agreeable.

As I danced on the bar for the boys I made sure to give them a show to express my appreciation. I danced above them so they could see up my skirt and turned to shake my ass for them. They threw me dollar bills, bought me shots, and yelled up various requests and fantasies.

It turned me on to know that they were rock hard for me but could only look. It was also hot that my husband was not far away, leaning against the wall, head bopping to the music. After a couple of songs a bartender yelled out for last call, and I took this as a cue to head home. The boys helped me down, both of them groping my ass as they did so.

Bobby’s friend escorted me back to my husband, his hand on my ass the whole time. The three of us talked a little and at one point I felt the boy try to get his hand under my panties. I moved away and I think this finally alerted Brad that things Escort may be going too far. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and said we had to leave.

Brad dozed a bit in the taxi home, but I was still feeling the high off the night’s adventures. I quickly realized that I could use May as a way to keep the adventures going. When we got home I gave her a big hug, telling her she would have to stay for drinks. I made sure she drank quickly and refilled her glass as we sat down to chat. I decided it would be best to remind May of her submissive role with me, and asked her if she would mind giving me a foot rub after all the dancing. I twirled my feet to tease Brad, who had a bit of a foot fetish, and perhaps to tease May as well.

As I watched May kneel before me, I knew I could get her to pretty much do anything I asked. It turned out she was actually quite good at foot rubs and I moaned appreciatively. I looked at sweet May, trying hard to please me, then noticed Brad also appreciating the young babysitter. I reached over and squeezed his cock. As I suspected he was hard.

“Mmm…somebody is excited.” I teased. “May, look at how excited Mr. Taylor is.”

May looked up to see me holding Brad’s cock through his pants,. She looked back down and I could see her flush bright red.

I stroked Brad’s cock through his pants. “Don’t be shy May…feel it.” I paused for impact, “I bet it’s bigger than your boyfriend’s.”

I realized that May wanted to please but was too shy and proper to do what I was instructing. I grabbed her hand and placed it around my husband’s cock. May was very embarrassed but she didn’t move her hand away.

“He’s bigger than your boyfriend isn’t he?” I taunted. May nodded agreeably.

I could see Brad was very excited but also nervous. If only he knew what a slutty wife I had been I thought.

“Show her you cock honey.” I cooed. “May should see for herself.”

Brad was drunk, stoned and horny. He did as I told him, unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. I laughed as he let it go and it flopped back uselessly, then I took it in my hand and stroked it. Finally I took May’s hand and placed it on his cock, which made it jerk with excitement. I put my hand around May’s small fingers and helped her stroke up and down. I saw May looking at me as if I were a goddess she needed to learn from. I took my hand away to stroke her hair and she giggled sweetly and continued to stroke.

“That’s a good girl.” I said gently, and immediately May’s face brightened. She became even more eager to stroke my husband just right, likely thinking he would cum soon. I decided to push her further.

“Why don’t you suck his cock May?”

May suddenly pulled her hand away from my husband’s cock and started to stutter “I…I c…can’t Mrs. Taylor. I mean I…”

I responded in a nonsense way, “May, remember when I came home and you had your boyfriend here?”

May nodded, ashamed and chastened.

“Did you suck his cock in this house May? Tell the truth.”

May bit her lip, then nodded slowly, eyes down as she remained kneeling.

“Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to suck another boy’s cock in a man’s house, then refuse to suck his when it’s right in front of you?”

May looked up at my me, then again at the cock before her.

“Go on May, you can do it.” I instructed soothingly, rewarding her with strokes of her hair.

May hesitated, bit her lip, then shifted herself so she was between my husband’s knees. May finally took his cock in her small hand, titled it towards her and took it in her mouth. She was clearly trying to impress me by showing me all she had learned. She took just a little of it in, licking it like a lollipop. Brad groaned and I could see May was pleased with herself. Finally May started to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth. May looked up at me, blowing my husband, but looking into my eyes for approval.

I told May how good she was doing, then leaned over to kiss Brad. I decided to make this even more special for him, tweaking his nipple the way he loves. This seemed to push him over the edge and I could see he was about to cum. I mouthed the words ‘swallow’ to May and watched my husband shoot into her mouth while I played with his nipple. May looked up at me, with cum dripping from her mouth, hoping for approval. I stroked her hair gently and told her what a good girl she was. I smiled as I thought of the possibilities to use this eager pleaser on an ongoing basis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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