The Swap Ch. 01

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The order of my stories to read is:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, Case of the Executed Evangelist series.

The Swap series.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – The Sparks Fly

The eighteen year old boy grunted as he pistoned his large cock in and out of his mother’s sopping wet cunt as she lay beneath him, driving relentlessly into her with raw sexual power. Her shapely legs were hooked under his strong arms as he plunged into her over and over in the push-up position, and her pretty feet in the high heel slides he liked to see her in were high in the air.

Marlena looked down between their legs, barely able to see in the dim light. The sight of her own son’s penis pumping into her motherly vagina was an incredible turn-on for her, almost as intensely exciting as the feeling of his rock-hard young cock stretching her cuntwalls apart as he invaded her with the energy of youth and sexual passion.

In this position, the beautiful woman could only lie there on her back and take her son’s powerful strokes as he deeply fucked her, but she didn’t mind; in fact, she was in pure sexual heaven at this moment. She looked up into his face, her feelings of love and lust for her handsome, athletic young son growing every second as the rutting couple humped lustily in sinfully incestuous abandon.

“Kiss me, son.” she whispered. Though the position was slightly awkward for doing so, and put pressure on her as she was practically bent double, the boy leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers. Their tongues twined in a deep, sensuous kiss, the teen’s tongue straining to slide down her throat to her tonsils, her own tongue lashing and circling his. They kissed deeply for long moments, the boy knowing his mother loved being confidently, even forcefully kissed by him as much as she loved the steady fucking he was pumping into her with all of his youthful strength.

And now, she noted, Ryan’s thrusts were getting shorter as he stayed deep inside her, their thick, raven-black pubic hairs intermingling as he neared the crest, ready to ejaculate his large load deep inside his mother’s clutching cunt.

“Oh Mom!” Ryan groaned, finally breaking the long kiss. “Aren’t you glad Dad has to travel a lot in his job?” He shoved his meat into his mother and twisted his muscular young ass in a tight circle, the grinding motion intensifying Marlena’s deep pleasure as his words sank into her mind.

“Oh yes, son!” Marlena replied, knowing that her son enjoyed the words and thoughts of their incestuous deed as much as she did. “I love it that he’s working his ass off while you’re fucking his wife’s ass off! Fuck me, Ryan! Fuck me like your father wishes he could!”

“Oh God, Mom, you are so fucking… hot!” Ryan gasped. “I’m going to come, Mom…. do you want me to pull out?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“No baby!” Marlena gasped. “Don’t pull out. Come inside me, baby! Come inside your mother’s cunt, fill your mother up with your hot sperm!”

“Oh yeah… oh yeah… oh MOM!!!” Ryan cried out as the intensely painful pleasure of his orgasm overwhelmed his young loins and the first burst of his potent, virile semen blasted down his long shaft and into his mother’s pussy, coating her cervix with his full load!

A yellow burst of sparks flew and the loud noise of an explosion filled the teen stud’s ears as he ejaculated spurt after spurt of his male essence into his mother’s vagina. Only as he began to catch his breath did he realize something was amiss.

“What was that?” Marlena asked, looking towards the window, where only the blue-white light of the moon now streamed in. “I think a transformer blew.”?

“I thought that was my climax.” Ryan gasped. “Was it a real explosion?”

“I don’t know, I think so.” his mother said.

“I’ll go see.” Ryan offered. The teen reluctantly pulled his still-throbbing meat from his mother’s well-filled vagina, enjoying the sight of her spread legs and her thick pubic bush as he dismounted her and got off the bed. He went to the window and looked out.

“The power is off on the whole block.” Ryan said.

“It’s eerie.” Marlena replied, the stillness of the night in the dark seeming to add to her sensations of having just been fucked, the wetness between her legs and the sight of her muscular naked son’s ass as he looked out the window adding yet more.

“It pendik escort must have been the transformer right across the street that exploded.” Ryan said. “The one right in front of the Schelle’s house.” He was looking across the street, seeing nothing.

“Come on back to bed.” Marlena said invitingly. “With the power out, I guess there’s only one way for us to… entertain ourselves.”

Ryan looked back at the bed. In the dim light he could see his mother stretched out luxuriously on his bed, her body magnificent, her face beautiful and framed by her black hair, the arches of her feet made even more shapely by the high heel slides. He loved fucking his mother, and he felt his youthful cock hardening, wanting more.

Just then he whirled back to the window as a movement caught his eye at the edge of his vision. Was that a black car that had just pulled out of the Schelle’s driveway? He was only able to get a brief glimpse of it.

“What time is it?” Marlena asked, then looked at the bedside clock, which was battery-operated. It was 9:38pm.

“Come here, son.” Marlena said, sitting up and swinging her legs over the side of the bed, her feet on the floor. “Let me get you ready for more.”

Ryan walked away from the window and back to the bed until he was right in front of his mother, his hardening cock just inches from her lovely face. “Yeah, Mom, suck my cock.”

Marlena did not reply but suited his order to her deed as her hand gripped the base of his cock and guided him into her hungry mouth. She heard and felt her son’s moan as she began to deeply suck him. As he rapidly grew hard again and began fucking her lovely face, Marlena moaned, the thought that she was eagerly giving her teen son head while denying his father that pleasure only adding to her own nasty delight…

Part 2 – Dorm Room Daughter

“Oh God, YES! Fuck me with that monster!” the beautiful girl gasped before letting her mouth once again descend on the large man-meat in front of her. She was on her hands and knees, and the boy lying in front of her just watched as she vigorously sucked his cock, then he looked over her back as the other young stud plowed his monstrous ten inch cock in and out of the her sopping wet snatch.

“Damn, you are one hot bitch.” the young man getting his cock sucked said. He was on the University football team and had an extremely powerful physique. They were in the other boy’s dorm room on the campus.

He’d heard of this hot babe before: her name was Karen Warner, she was nineteen and one of the most drop-dead gorgeous young women on campus, and she had a reputation…. she was nicknamed Karen “Wild Child” Warner. She was so promiscuous that she had caught the attention of the sex psychology professor, Dr. Laura Fredricson, who had enrolled the girl in a study of the biochemistry and genetics of nymphomaniac women.

“Fuck her, Ted!” the football player said to the other guy, thinking of a different kind of ‘biochemistry’ that they boys were dumping into the girl. He had only met this guy when Karen Warner had literally picked up both of them up at a bar just off campus, asking them if they could handle fucking her in a threesome. They had both agreed, eager to fuck this gorgeous woman, and had gone to the other boy’s room on the fourth floor of the main dorm.

The football player was fascinated at how the young woman was taking the hung boy’s thrusts, accommodating his enormous size as he relentlessly plowed her cunt into a frothy lather.

The football player had already come inside the woman while young Ted watched and fucked Karen’s face; now their positions were reversed and Ted was tearing that pussy up… which only made Karen beg for more. He looked down at her face as his hard penis disappeared into the girl’s mouth… damn, she was beautiful! he thought. And she can suck a basketball through a garden hose. Unnnh….

“I’m going to come.” Ted announced. “I’m going to fucking come in your tight little cunt, baby!”

“Yeah, give it to me, shoot that big load into me!” Karen begged, her voice husky and raw. She loved feeling men come inside her, flooding her womanhood with their hot seed…


Time passed. Ted looked at the clock on his desk; it was nearly midnight. They’d been talking and drinking after the last round of sex, and Karen “Wild Child” Warner’s thirst for sex had been unquenchable. He looked at the incredibly hot sight on his bed. Karen was lying on her back, the football player on top of her, fucking his big cock into her with all the athletic power he could muster.

Her long, beautiful legs were trapped under the guy’s powerful chest, her ankles draped over his broad, muscular shoulders. Her black hair seemed to glow in the light as she cooed and moaned, obviously enjoying the brutally hard fucking the football player was throwing into her, seeming to feel no discomfort even when Ted had rammed his ten inch monster up into her.

Ted maltepe escort watched their coupled loins as they fucked, seeing her cuntlips cling to the thick cock slicing in and out of her, enjoying the sight of her totally shaved pussy being used as a pussy was meant to be used.


The sound startled all of them. It was Karen’s cell phone, sitting on the desk, the musical ringtone blaring, interrupting the sounds of pleasure that had filled the room.

“Let it go.” Karen moaned. “Keep fucking me!” The young man complied, continuing his thrusts, but beginning to tire and lose power.


The trio ignored the phone again, but moments later, it blared a third time, demanding to be acknowledged.

“For cryin’ out loud!” Karen moaned. The football player took the opportunity to dismount the college beauty. She was far and away the best fuck he’d ever had, but not even he and this other super-well-hung guy could satisfy her sexual needs.

“What the fuck IS it?” Karen screamed into the phone as she answered it. The boys just watched her as her face changed from anger to shock.

“What the hell do you want, Seth!… Wha… What?! Oh my God! Dad’s dead?” she gasped….

Part 3 – The ‘Chelle Chelle’ Crime Scene

“Whaddya got, Ross?” I asked as I walked up to the back of the house at 10:00pm. The house was in a district to the north of downtown, fairly affluent but not where the ‘hot rich’ that were further northwest lived. I vaguely remembered Laura telling me that a lot of University professors and employees lived in this area of Town.

A fire truck and two electrical trucks were in front of the house, as well as several police cars. There was no power in the neighborhood; portable klieg lights lit up the back yard and deck like a football stadium during a night game.

“Electrocution, sir.” Detective Cindy Ross replied. I looked into the hot tub of the back deck, wherein a naked woman was lying dead. She was a “big girl”, voluptuous and big-boned heavy, but her belly wasn’t blatantly fat. Her hair was wet, but I could tell it was not black but a dark red or auburn color. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that Lainie of my I.T. department was going to end up ‘big’ like this if she let herself go. I let that thought go as I noticed the plugged-in radio ‘boom box’ in the hot tub with the dead woman.

“Stop calling me ‘sir’, Cindy. And you did not call me here because a radio fell into this woman’s hot tub.” I observed. “What’s the full story? And… why is Croyle here?” I’d just noticed Teresa Croyle talking to some uniformed officers on the other side of the deck, nearly hidden around the other side of the house.

“One bite at a time: her name is Dr. Michelle Schelle, say that three times fast.” Cindy replied. “She’s 43 years old, married, no children, and she’s a professor at the University. English Department. Nicknamed ‘Chelle Chelle’. Say that three times fast. Yes, that actually came up on Myron’s record search.”

“Call in Captain Maxwell of the Campus Police.” I said. “Let’s get her in here so she’ll be up to speed from the get-go if we need to talk to people on Campus.”

“You talking about me?” said Cpt. Britt Maxwell as she came up to us. The house’s garage was at the front left, but to the right side of the house there were two long strips of concrete that ran to the backyard, and a large concrete pad in the back right corner of the yard. Along with the deck and hot tub, most of the back yard was consumed. Britt had walked up that driveway, as I had.

“I called her when I called you and found out the victim’s occupation.” Cindy Ross said, a bit too smoothly.

“Good job, Cindy. Yes, Britt, we’re talking about you in the most inappropriate terms possible.” I said, teasing her. I knew that Cindy had not called Britt… they’d been together when the call came in to Cindy, and the story was cover. Their interrupted liaison was not my concern at this point in time, of course.

“And Teresa is here because of the pot sitting by the hot tub.” Cindy continued, hoping to distract me from figuring out about her and Britt, which was way too late because I already knew. “You can see it right there, next to that big glass of wine. Apparently the woman was smoking the bong and drinking the wine. When the uniforms got here, they saw the pot and called in Croyle first, and she called me.”

“I see.” I said. I had already seen the marijuana, which is why I knew we might need Britt to talk to people on campus… about Dr. Schelle’s drug use habits.

“Thank God they didn’t call Ikea.” I said, a bit of a slip on my part which caused Cindy to smile. “So start from the top, chronologically.”

“Okay: the power company got an alarm of a major transformer blowout at 9:35pm. The transformer in front of this house was completely blown out, and it tripped a breaker at the substation, knocking out power to this entire kartal escort area. The power company people got here along with some of our Town Police, and a neighbor said they heard something like a scream or yelp right at the time of the power outage. The police walked down the path and found the body. They didn’t attempt to touch anything because they feared there might be a live wire somewhere, but the power company guys assured me that all power stopped when the transformer exploded. They also said that this was a ‘no-shit’ blowout.” Cindy said.

“So why did you call me?” I asked.

“This one’s right up your alley, Mr. Holmes.” Cindy said, her voice level but the underlying teasing humor noticeable. “The plug-in that the radio is in was one of those breaker-types like those required in all kitchens and bathroom where there’s water. You can see it there in the wall panel. The radio falling into the water would’ve tripped that, and then the breaker in the fuse box, and maybe then the main breaker to the house… but no way it blows the hell out of a transformer.”

“And you’re calling me ‘Mr. Holmes’, Sherlock?” I replied. Cindy almost successfully hid how pleased she was at the compliment in my return repartee. “So what did the power company peeps say about that?” She did not get a chance to answer.

“Lieutenant!” I heard a voice call out. It was Patrolman Rudistan, accompanied by a short heavy-set man in the uniform and safety vest of the electric power company. I went over to them and introduced myself to him.

I asked “Is there any way you can keep the power to this house off while getting the rest of the neighborhood back up?”

“Yes sir.” the man said, then explained what they’d have to do. “But we can have everything else back on in about an hour.”

“That’ll be great.” I said. I did not want citizens to be deprived of power overnight and be reporting that to their Town Council representatives. “By the way, what do you make of this outage?”

“Never seen anything like it, sir.” the power company man said. “Except for lightning strikes, maybe. I’ve never seen anything pull this much juice that it actually tripped at the substation.”

I thanked the power company man and returned to the deck, looking at the fatal scene.

“Does this woman have family?” I asked Cindy.

“Yes, her husband is Robert Schelle. He’s 42 years old, they’ve been married about 20 years. He runs a consulting and contracting company, Schelle Electrical Engineering Services, ‘S-E-E-S’ for short.”

“And where is he now?” I asked as I put on gloves and opened the doors underneath the hot tub.

“We’re trying to find him. The cell phone number we have was not answered and I left a voicemail.”

There was a small “shed” attached to the back corner of the house next to the path upon which I had walked up. The door was open and as I shined a flashlight in, I could see that the fusebox was inside… and there was scoring around the main fuse where it’d blown out from the shock. On the floor of the shed was a lawnmower, which I noted was run by electricity, not gasoline. Orange extension cords hung on the sides of the walls, and below the fuse box I noticed two electrical plug-in outlets. The acrid odor of an electrical short could still be smelled.

“If we weren’t having decent weather,” I said, as Cindy, Teresa and Britt gathered around me, “I’d say lightning struck this house or the transformer.” And then my eyes fell on the concrete pad in the back yard. And I understood.

“Cindy, Teresa, put out the word. Everyone is to stop what they are doing and not touch anything! Is there a Crime Lab team here?” I asked.

“No.” Cindy said. “Just a team from the Coroner’s Office to handle the body.”

“Call in a full Crime Lab team.” I said, going into ‘command’ mode and giving crisp, clear orders. “Cindy, when they get here, have them check every one of these extension cords for exposed wiring. We’ve been walking up and down this path and have probably destroyed any evidence there, but look for anything that’s been dropped or footprints that might have come from rubber-soled shoes. Look for tire tracks on this path leading up to the backyard, also.

“Teresa, I’d like you to take some of the uniformed guys here and start knocking on doors around here. I want to know if anyone saw any cars drive into this driveway or out of it. Anything out of the norm.

“Last, if we cannot contact the husband by midnight, put out an APB for him. We’ve absolutely got to find him ASAP.”

“Okay boss, you gotta tell us what we’re looking for here. What’s going on?” Cindy said, trying hard to slow me down. Sometimes my mind ran ahead of everything and she was right that they needed to be brought up to speed.

“This wasn’t an accident.” I said. “If I’m right,…

“And you always are…” Cindy replied mischievously but witheringly as I paused. I just looked back at her as I finished:

“…then this wasn’t an accident. It’s murder.”

Part 4 – The Anthony Warner Crime Scene

At 10:20 I received a call on my cell phone. It was Crime Lab Supervisor Tanya Perlman.

“The Crime Lab team is already here.” I said as soon as I answered.

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