The Transformation Ch. 01

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They had found each other online, and the conversation had been tentative at first. After awhile, though, they found that they had much in common, and the emails flew back and forth. Soon, she trusted him enough to give him her phone number, and they began talking on the phone. At first, things had been slow and they had just gotten to know the basics about each other – what they liked, disliked, and what they were looking for in a relationship. She was slow to trust, and he seemed to understand that and was willing to take things slowly. She liked that he never pushed her and was willing to take her quirks in stride.

Now, though, it was finally time to meet. They didn’t live close to each other, which is why they had gotten to know each other so well virtually. Although it went against the general rules, she was flying out to meet him. She could never afford such a luxury, so he had generously offered to pay for the flight. Initially, she had resisted the idea, but she eventually gave in when he outlined how she would be able to make it up to him.

As she readied herself to step off the airplane, she took a few steadying breaths. “You’ve come this way, there’s no turning back now,” she told herself. Full of confidence, she headed down the jetway and to the baggage claim. Although this was an extended trip, she had no baggage to claim, but they had agreed that this would be the easiest place to meet in a crowded place, especially in an unfamiliar environment.

As she reached baggage claim, she looked around for him. She knew what he looked like, and she knew he would be looking for her. Suddenly, she felt hand grasping her wrist, and she gasped. She turned around, and she saw him.

“Hi,” she whispered.

He stood silently and looked her up and down. “Let’s go.”

As he started to walk to the car, she followed him, careful to walk behind him. They quickly arrived at his car, which was parked in isolation. She walked to the front passenger-side door, waiting for him to open it. Instead, he opened the back door. “Get in, gook whore.” She looked up at him in surprise.

“What? You think I was going to wait to start in you? We’ve talked long enough that you should have known what to expect. I don’t like to repeat myself, and I sure as hell don’t want to be here long enough to have someone see us. So get in, slut.”

She got into the backseat, and he laughed as he kicked her down onto the seat. “You think you’re going to sit like a proper person? Lie down, bitch.” When she was lying down, he shoved a tight Spandex hood over her head, blacking out her world. Then she felt her wrists and ankles being tied together. Finally, a light blanket was tossed over her.

As she heard the car start, she began to wonder if she had made a huge mistake. As none of her friends or family knew that she was interested in this particular lifestyle, she hadn’t been sure how to explain this trip – so she hadn’t. Again, she knew it violated every safety rule in the book, but she hadn’t seen any way around it. But now, blindfolded and bound in a car, not knowing where she was going, she canlı bahis was beginning to realise that she had potentially made the biggest mistake of her life.

She didn’t have much time to ponder this, though, as he began to speaking to her.

“You remember our conversations, right, shovelhead bitch? Because I sure do. I hope you weren’t lying to me, because I have big plans for you. I remember you telling me all about how you’d love to serve me, how you love fucking big cocks, and how you aren’t picky about which hole I’ll use. You told me you’ll gladly do anything – ANYTHING – I tell you to. I sure as hell hope you weren’t lying about that, because if you were… well, you’ll regret that.”

As they drove, she began to wonder if he memorised every conversation they’d had. He kept up his monologue for the trip, which seemed to take them over a stretch of interstate, then over a stretch of bumpy road, where they navigated several twists and turns. As the car slowed, his one-sided conversation did, as well. Her heartbeat, however, quickened. The car stopped, and a few minutes later, he pulled her out of the car. Standing was difficult as her ankles were still restrained, and she nearly fell over, but she managed to right herself.

As she stood there, she heard the deafening silence, and she thought about saying something. She wasn’t gagged, but it felt wrong; she didn’t want to start out displeasing Him. After several, long, agonising moments, she heard a metallic sound. “Be very still,” He said. She felt the metal against her skin as He began cutting her clothes off.

Not knowing where she was, she hoped they were in a garage or at least in a remote place. She felt vulnerable, knowing that she was standing there, wearing only a hood, some restraints, and nothing else. Suddenly, He yanked the hood off her head. It took her a few moments to adjust to the light. She saw that were, indeed, in a garage. The ground was dusty, and his car was parked to one side. The other side was completely empty, although one wall was covered with equipment — ropes, whips, chains, gags, and many other things that she wasn’t familiar with but she was sure she would come to know intimately. He shoved her down onto the ground, where she just barely caught herself with her cuffed hands in front of her.

“My shoes haven’t been cleaned in awhile. Fix that, you worthless yellow whore.” He spit on each shoe several time and waited patiently. Crawling nearer to Him, she tentatively began to lick at the toe of His shoe. “Stupid whore! I’d like my fucking shoes cleaned sometime today!” The sting of a belt against her bare ass punctuated His words.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, as she began to fervently lick His shoes, using the spit He had provided, tasting His spit as she worked.

“What was that, bitch?” He yelled, as He brought the belt back down on her ass again.

“I’m sorry, Sir!” she corrected, mentally telling herself to remember not to make that mistake again. How could she remember that so well in her correspondence to Him and forget as soon as they were talking kaçak iddaa in person? Stupid mistake!

“Better. Now, thank me for correcting you.”

“Thank You, Sir.”


“Thank You, Sir, for taking the time to train me properly.”

“Not bad for such a worthless, dumbass, slopehead fucktoy. In the future, remember that you should follow my orders.” And with that, He lifted one of His feet and kicked her soundly in the chest, knocking her over.

Her mind was racing. She was hundreds of miles of home, she was with someone who was virtually a stranger to her. She was naked, being beaten by someone who had tied her up within minutes of laying eyes on her, and all she could think of was how she could please Him. Her cunt was wet and throbbing intensely. Her mind was racing. What else would he do to her today? How intense would things get today?

“You know, between the ride to the airport and back, I was gone longer than I thought I would be. I haven’t pissed in awhile.” Before she knew what was happening, she felt Him pissing on her head. His pee ran down her hair, and she closed her eyes so it wouldn’t sting. He laughed as she bowed her head. The dusty floor turned slightly muddy as his piss mixed with the dirt.

He reached down and released the restraints on her wrists and ankles. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and used it to pull her head up to His slightly hardened cock.

“Suck it. And if you aren’t as good as you told me you’d be, you’ll be trying to find your way back to the airport. Wait — you don’t have a ticket home. I guess I could whore your worthless ass out you’ve earned enough for this ticket and a ticket back. That’s why God invited craigslist, right? I’ll just post an ad there and let people come here and fuck you for a few bucks a pop.” He laughed at the look on her face as she began to suck His cock.

“Faster, you cumdump.” He facefucked her, and He ignored her moans as she began gagging.

“We talked about this, slut. I don’t care if you gag. And I really don’t care if you puke. So if you think all this moaning is going to get you anything, think again.” He pulled His cock out of mouth, smacked her across the face, then shoved his cock back in her mouth again. He forced himself as far into her mouth as He could, tightly pressing her head against His body. He laughed as He felt her throat gagging.

She began puking, and he started fucking her mouth again, using the slick puke as lubricant. Tears began streaming down her face. While they had discussed this, and she had watched hours of puke porn, she had never actually done this before. The reality of it was so different. It was humiliating, exciting, and frightening. There were moments when she felt she couldn’t breathe — they were just long enough for her to feel them, but not long enough for her to panic. She couldn’t believe she was actually combining puke and sex and enjoying it. What did that say about her?

She didn’t have time to contemplate that, though, as He tipped her head up and began spitting on her face. He smeared the spit all over, kaçak bahis combining it with the puke.

“God, you look pathetic. You should see yourself. Actually…” He pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and took a picture of her. He went back to fucking her mouth. “Want to see how pitiful you look, you stupid waste?”

She moaned in response. She could only imagine how she looked after travelling most of the day, having been thrown unceremoniously in the back of a car, kicked around, beaten, pissed on, and now smeared with puke and spit. It wasn’t her wish to see herself, but she could only guess that being forced to see herself in such a state would please Him. Besides, did she really have much a choice?

As she had been thinking, He had continued to mercilessly fuck her face and spit on her. She had produced more vomit, which was now covering her chin and spilling down her chest. “Here. Look at yourself.” He put the picture in front of her face, and she caught a glimpse of it before closing her eyes. “No, zipperhead whore. You will look at yourself.”

He used his fingers to pry her eyelids open, and she looked at the picture. She looked as pathetic as he described. Her hair was a mess from the hood and him having pulled on it. She had spit, piss, and vomit all over her. The picture had captured her with a mouth full of His cock. Looking at herself in such a state was so humiliating and degrading. Yet she could feel herself getting wetter knowing how much she had debased herself to Him in such a short amount of time.

“You fucking pathetic cumdumpster of a whore. Take my cum now.” He started fucking her faster and faster until He finally came in her mouth. He left His cock in her mouth until He could tell she had swallowed what He offered her.

“Suck it clean, you filthy fuckwhore.” She closed her eyes and tried not to think about the puke she was sucking off of His cock.

“Open your eyes, and look at me, bitchslut.” The humiliations of the day just kept adding up. She opened her eyes and forced herself to look at Him. The wicked laughter and the smile in His eyes was nearly unbearable, and she looked down. “Stupid bitch! I told you to look in my eyes!” She looked up in His eyes as she finished cleaning His cock. He pulled His cock out of her mouth, and whipped her again with His belt. “I told you earlier you should obey me when I give you an order. Should I have used smaller words so you can understand, dumbass sluttoy? Fucking worthless.”

He shoved her back and looked at her. He went to a shelf and grabbed a couple of towels. “You need to clean up before I’m letting you inside my house. Then we’ll eat and discuss a few things. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” She mopped up the mess as best as possible, knowing that her hair wouldn’t get really clean until later.

“That’s good enough, gook. Oh, and one more thing. I warned you earlier that you should obey me.” And with that, He shoved her to the ground and He whipped her again, several times in quick succession. He walked over and brought the belt to her mouth, saying, “Kiss it and thank me.”

She brought her lips to His belt and kissed it. “Sir, thank You again for teaching me to obey You at all times.”

“Good girl. And just think, we’re only just getting introduced to each other. Wait until we really get started. Inside the house, slut.”

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