The Trip

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From his bound position, he looked up at Her through eyes still misty from his ordeal. Her was kneeling, his wrists locked to the top of a post by leather cuffs, his ankles in cuffs behind the post, his body strapped tightly to the stanchion by 2″ belts at hips waist and chest.

She was sitting above and in front of him, on a throne like chair. Her hair was down around her shoulders, wearing long black elbow length gloves with the finger coverings open. Her body was encased in a black leather bustier, and a black thong. Her long legs were covered in shinny black leather thigh hi boots with 5″ heels. She was half smiling as she watched him, Her legs slightly open, allowing him a glimpse of her loveliness. She radiated power and control.

After the two days, he was exhausted. His body ached and is mind was a blur of remembrances. The rack, the horse, the X frame and the various whips all were vivid in his memory..Her use of the plugs and dildos and clamps and cages had carried him to heights of submission never known to him.

* * * * *

His plane landed on time bringing him to Her city. They had spoken of this trip for a long time. He had known Her in Cyber for about 6 months. They had played together in scenes in VT but this was real. He was slightly apprehensive as he went through the formalities at the baggage claim. As he looked around, he saw Her. She was as lovely in r/l as he has seen in her pictures. He was not prepared for her physical beauty. Her pictures didn’t do her justice. I life she was astounding.

Together they walked to the front of the terminal where She had double parked and he placed his small bag in the trunk as She entered the drivers side of the new sports car. I the privacy of the car, She leaned over and kissed him…deep demanding. Taking…her mouth open and brutal on his lips. Taking his lips and tongue…using his mouth for her pleasures…letting him know that from this moment on, he was in Her control. He was in ecstasy…loving her dominance even as his manhood struggled to adjust to this situation. She leaned back, letting her very short leather skirt ride up on her thighs and smiles at him.

“Well, william, you finally made it to the city of my dungeon. I am delighted you followed my instruction. Are you properly dressed underneath those street clothes?” He blushed. Yes, Mistress Emanuelle. I am wearing a cage and a spreader under my shorts and clips on both nipples, as You ordered. She reached over and held his bulging package for a moment and then squeezed the balls tightly…smiling as he gasped.

“OK william, lets head for the dungeon.

* * * * *

It was large…much bigger than he had expected…and fully equipped with devices and instruments of torment. She allowed him to walk around and look at the various play things. As he looked she dimmed the lights and lit the candles spaced around the walls and on the tables and desk, giving the chamber a medieval look. As he turned to Her, She smiled. “Come, william, I want you to see your room” Leading the way to a door he had not noticed, she had him enter a small 8’x8′ space containing a cot, a small wash basin and a toilet. Sparse bare dimly lit with a chain attached to the top of the cot and leg cuffs at the foot. “This is your room, william, please use it to disrobe and place all your clothes and belongings in this basket for me. Then come into the Dungeon and kneel at the post in the center of the room. She turned and left him.

He looked at the small space and wondered if he had made the right decision. She seems so cool. So under control…with almost no sign of her prior caring attention displayed in the chat rooms or during the long phone chats. He sighed and began to quickly disrobe, placing everything except the cage and clips in the basket. Entering the dungeon, he saw she was not there, so he went to the post and knelt. Slightly shivering, he waited. There were no sounds, the chamber was dim and the flickering light from the candles contributed to his rising apprehension.

As time passed, his knees began to ache, his back resisted the position and her grew restless. He had no way of knowing the time. Was this what he really wanted?

* * * * *

She had waited almost 45 minutes. The time would allow him to either accept and adjust to this reality, or change his mind. During this time, She changed into her Dominatrix clothes. Her favorite exotic garments. Thigh hi boots, a thong, a bustier, fingerless gloves with her hair flowing long around her shoulders. Looking in her mirror she admired her appearance. She knew his many fetishes and was prepared to allow him plenty of time to see and feel them. The clock showed that She could now join him.

He gasped, audibly, as she entered. His eyes opened wide and he smiled, loving the ay she looked. He started to speak but her finger to her lips silenced him. “William, this is the time to make decisions. W/we have talked about this, we have played these games in CYBER, we have chatted about this. Now it is real. Before you answer, I want you to take as long as you need and think about the answer you are about to give me illegal bahis After you answer, there will be no more changes. And NO way to back out. If you elect to accept my Dominance…become my submissive, allow me the control I want and need over you, then you are to say “yes, Emmanuelle, La Maitresse. I william, am yours. Once you utter those words, and sign this written agreement turning yourself over to me for these two day, you mat not utter another word unless I ask you to speak. You may make sounds…wicked smile…but speak only if asked…”

After a very long pause, He smiles…brought himself in to full kneeling up position and said “Yes Emmanuelle, LaMaitresse, i william am yours”… She gave evidence of her delight by leaning over and kissing him hard on the mouth…a loving and sweet kiss this time. Her hands were soft on his shoulders as she moved his head to her thighs and let him kiss them lightly as she stroked his upper back and neck.

“Ah william, you have made me a happy Lady… you will suffer for me and you will be taken close to your edges many times…but I promise I will do no permanent damage and I will respect your limits, but I will use you and abuse you and enjoy your pain…and you will scream…even though I will not hear it…She stepped back and selected a small ball gag and placed it at his lips. “Open for me william, please”.

She locked the gag tightly, pulling the straps hard before buckling them… She lifted him and moved him to the rack like table and knelt and attached leather cuffs to his ankles…her breasts brushing his thighs and leg as she attached them…She smiled at his sudden intake of breath. She reached up and fondled his rising cock…”Ahh, william…already you are showing me your interest…” She continue to play with his sex until he was very hard and the cage was fully painful on him.

Pressing his chest, she made him lie flat on his back on the rack, as she attached wrist cuffs and the chains to the pullywheel at the table head and foot. The rack stretched both ways, and she began to turn the wheel at his head stretching his arms and chest…and then stretched is; legs and hips with the other wheel…he was beginning to feel the pressure all over as the wheel turned. He was sweating a little…his body showing a slight sheen of moisture.

As she turned the wheel slowly, alternating from head to foot, she caressed his body with soft touches at his most erotic sensitive places. She loved the way he responded his breathing rapid, the drool form the ball gag slowly dripping down his chin and from the sides of his mouth. Playing with his sex, she knew the his erection caused sever pain from the cage.

The alternating rising and falling of his cock told hr of his condition. She smiled and picked up her soft doe skin flogger and stood where he could se her and dangles the strands along his thighs, up on his chest brushing the clipped nipples…teasing his. Then She raised her arm high…looked directly into his eyes…”william keep your eyes on mine at all times do not shut your eyes” and struck at his chest…he arched up from the stroke and she continued to swing the flogger all over is body. “William, I want this warm up to be as pleasant as possible for you.” She worked the flogger from soft to semi hard over him…pausing to gently stroke his sex from time to time.

He moved from pleasure to slight pain as she whipped him. The flogger became a blur in her hands as she worked from chest to ankles…letting the flogger strands find all his parts curling into his most secret places…She whipped, her hands played with her own body.letting him see her excitement…her nipples extended as she pulled them…and fir fingers wet from her juices.

She placed a wet finger at his lips and circled the ball gag…”would you like to taste me, william” she giggled and leaned over his head and let her nipples move on his face…ahhh yessssss, william, you are making me so happy. The strokes became harder as she whipped him…loving the way his flesh marked…red stripe showing all over hm…she whipped harder…building the power until he began to moan in the gag. She wanted his sounds and the whip danced it song of pain on his body. She stopped and his eyes blinked.

She picked up a 3′ tawse…and showed it to him. He shuddered and shook in his bondage. She began to strap him along the thighs inside…working up to his enter…She skipped his sex and whipped his stomach with the tawse…the stripes began to show a deep dark color from the tawse…she whipped his nipples until the clips became loose and fell off…and she stopped.

After his writhing slowed, she approached his head and removed the ball gag and waited the drool from his face and neck…and kissed him…She straddled the table, stood over him and lowered herself close to his mouth…”william, open wide please…and she settled her dripping sex onto his lips…make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh william…make me cummmmmmmmmmmm. She road his mouth ands lips for a long time…he struggled to say calm and breathe deep as his tongue and lips worked for casino siteleri her pleasure…his jaw ached his tongue grew tired but he continued as she moved over him. Her sighs and sounds wire music to him…he loved her for this and his pain subsided as her orgasm overtook her and she spasmed on his lips…her shuddering body a pleasure for him.

* * * * *

The rest was wonderful for him… She was tired from her exertions and her release and wanted to relax. He had ben let up from the table and was now attached to the X frame…standing his arms and legs forming the x but he was not stretched and his muscles cold return to more normal positions. His body was still acing and burning from the stretched position and the whippings, but he had ben given water and allowed to relax against the Frame…He looked at her with adoration…Knowing his ordeal were in a way, just beginning…

She relaxed on the long roman style sofa…resting on her side…watching his as she sipped her coffee. She was thinking of him on that X frame…It was adjustable so she could turn it in any direction from flat as a table to upright to up side down. It was versatile and she loved the device.

As she watched and drank, her mind raced to the next phase of her domination of him. He had not broken on the rack…no tears yet and she wanted his tears. Whipping was not enough, she needed something more…ahhh the violet wand…the electric wand…YESSSSS…She smiles, rolled over and began to breath deeply, taking a much needed nap. William noticed her change and let his body relax as much as possible on the frame, waiting.

When she awoke, she stretched, smiled at him, rose and walked to him and stood just close in front. She touched his bound cock…”william, I think it is time to release this little boy from its cage” and she released him…the rush of blood to his organ was intense and his eyes watered over from the sudden pain of the blood flow into his cock…She smiles and knelt down and took just the head into her mouth and softly sucked him until his body began to respond and she stopped and looked up at him.

“I think we need to have you tied a bit more…you may react violently to this next bit of pleasure. She used small belts of leather to tie his arms and legs in multiple places and large ones around his body and hips and chest…until he was immobile on the Frame…she knelt again and began to play with him as one hand reached for the wand and turned it on…She let it slide along his inner thigh softly until it reached the top and she pressed the trigger

. He screamed and arched as much as possible in the bindings…”aww poor baby…was that too much, she giggled” and set the control to 50% and brushed his legs again…pressing the trigger when the wand was behind his knee…aaaaaaaaaaauuugggggghhhh, his body jerked and writhed in the bondage. She watched him as she worked the wand along his thighs…shooting the trigger at random…loving the way he jerked and screamed…She decide to silence him with the flat gag and tied his mouth into it so she only heard muffled sounds. As she moved the wand closer to his genitals she could feel his panic and she grinned…Not yet baby, not yet.

Raising the wand to his nipples she made his body jump and writhe…working the electric shocks along his stomach to his navel to the hips and up along the arms to the arm pits…knowing he was in agony. She felt her own juices begin to flow as the wand tortured him.

The device was so good…with several adjustments which she kept increasing as she stroked him with the tip of the wand…letting the sparks arc to his body. She was enjoying it so much and decide to take him to the next level…to make him cry tears and sob in the gag. She knelt and took his now limp cock into her mouth and began to mouth love him…looking up into his eyes watching his reaction as she pleasured him…he became hard and extended as the joy of her pleasures flowed into him…his cock pulsing and dancing in her mouth…the veins standing out, the head deep purple and soft tipped the shaft long and very hard…she was so pleased…almost sorry for the next step as she brought the wand out of his sight up under him and touched it to his rectum and triggered it. She felt his scream and as his body writhed and jerked she sucked and triggered him…wanting the pain to flow to her form him, His cock went soft as she sucked and the wand tortured his as hole…his body shook and his screams were almost audible under the gag…She watched as she triggered his hole and sucked.

She wanted him to break, to give her the last full measure of his devotion, his tears of pain and love for her…he finally sagged in the bondage, his tears flowing down his cheeks, dripping on to his chest and down his thighs to her mouth where she tasted them…his eyes begging her to stop… she continued to trigger the wand on his hole and suck his now flaccid penis…he fainted, while crying his real tears for her.

* * * * *

The next morning, they had breakfast together, eggs bacon, sausage, Orange juice, toast and deliciously poker siteleri hot and black coffee. Although he was aching and his body refused to slow its deep agony, he was enjoying being with Emmanuelle. She was in a sedate gown, fresh and bright after her long relaxed, if exhausted sleep. She was smiling and chatty…helping him to seconds, pouring his coffee, making him feel like a king. The conversation was much like any normal couple who had spent an evening together. She wanted him to relive parts of it, those that pleased her and in which she found pleasure. He read the paper. His eyes occasionally looking at her with devout respect…as his libido enjoyed the glimpses he had of her legs and breasts/ It was so much a lovely morning. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, judging his stamina and his state of mind and reached her decision quickly after he finished his third coffee.

“William, I want you to join me in the dungeon. Go and undress, put your wrist and ankle cuffs on, and add the leather cock harness and ball spreader…the one with the D ring at the head of the cock, an come quickly to the chamber.” As he left for the small room where he had spent the night, she went into the dungeon and moved the horse to the center of the room and locked it into place on its permanent location. And she also tested and approved the straps and leads and leather strands which hang from all corners and edges of the padded horse…It we made of solid wood, covered with a leather and with ample D rings all over it.

She watched s he entered…his eyes wide as he saw the horse and the strap-on she had added to her costume…fully 8″ long and 2″ in width…it was a large device one he shuddered to think she might use on him. Emmanuelle motioned for him to come to her and kneel and as he did, she took his mouth violently…kissing him by taking his lips and biting them…wanting to change the mood…wanting him willing and able to accept her dominance… She let his look up at her and she opened her gown wide so he could see that she wore only the strap-on. She held his face in her hands and moved his lips to her thighs…”kiss my legs and groin, william…kiss me and get me wet…and suck my cock…make it wet for you, william. He was bashful and reluctant but he opened his mouth and worshiped her flesh and finally sucked the dildo until it was soaked.

She motioned for him to lay across the horse and she tied his tightly to it, using all the cuffs and restraints available until his legs were spread, his buttocks open his arms immobile and his waist held in place. Going to him and kneeling under the horse, she attached a long cord to the cock cage and ball spreader D ring and pulled down and tied off on the lower part of the horse. “William, if you move or lift up, this will pull your cock and balls from your body causing a lot of pain…so please try not to buck and jerk and move…it will be better if you stay still.

Selecting the spiced lubrication, she moved behind him and began to apply the ointment to his crease and hole…her fingers pressing the lubricant into him opening him…massaging his sphincter until he relaxed form the pleasant feeling of her fingers in him…she lubricate him well and applied a handful of it to the dildo she wore… Moving before him she lifted his head and showed him the crop…the one with the wide leather blade…she tapped his back with it and looked at him…”william, today you are my bride, my lover. Yesterday I took your mind and your tears, today I take your soul…she smiles and moved behind him… He felt her hands soft on his back as she move close and placed the tip of the dildo at his puckered hole and began to press she crooned to him as she pressed…massaged his back. was gently with him as the Hugh thing began to pressure his ass hole.

Her gentleness turned slowly into force as the large dildo penetrated his hole…he moaned as the pain began…”william, relax…let your sphincter open…invite me in, william, my slave and lover and submissive delight…open for me. She strikes his cock as she pressed and began to move the tip in him. He gasped and struggled, trying to repel the stranger in his ass…but she continued to enter him…pressing her hips forward…she loved the way her end of the strap-on had a butterfly and small cock for her pleasure as she began to take him.

Thrusting deep now…entering him as he moaned and ached. his eyes wet and his body shaking in bondage as she took his virginity. He began to cry as she fucked him and as he cried she began to whip him,…lashing at his back and buttocks loving his struggles…knowing she had won his soul as he began to move with her, his ass bucking back into her thrusts even with the pain of his stretched cock causing him agony…he begged her to use him…make him cumm as she fucked him and whipped him…he surrendered all of his mind, body and soul to her as she pleasured herself as she reamed him in orgastic pleasure\s… She moved into and out of him for a long time…letting her orgasm build…waiting…enjoying…loving the power of her conquest and of his gift…she finally spasmed…and spasmed and spasmed as her pleasures grew as she whipped him to his climax…he spurted finally in a screaming orgasm of lust and love for her…They collapsed together. She lay on his back resting…and reached under him to release the cock bindings. Both resting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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