The Triskele Collar Ch. 08

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“Please Master, don’t stop!” I gasped, as Tel’estar’s hand slowly twisted left and right deep inside my belly, my sex lips tightly stretched around his strong wrist, as he rubbed a thick rubbery gel onto the walls of my vagina. “Close your fist Master, your pet begs you!” I pleaded.

“So, you are finally MY pet?” my Master inquired, as he began to rotate his hand inside my vagina, his wrist flexing against my pussy lips, stretching my vaginal walls around his moving fingers and knuckles. I bit down hard on my lower lip, trying to suppress a scream of joy and delight, as I focused on answering his question truthfully without revealing the true nature of my relationship with his sister!

“Master has made it clear throughout my captivity that I am now HIS pet!” I gasped, interrupting myself with a long loud moan of pleasure before my collar caused me to say anything else!

I was strapped into the thick leather corset again, my arms secured behind my back as before. This time, however, I was hanging from a swivel bracket attached to a crossbeam in the ceiling, attached by two heavy chains that led to large iron rings that had been fitted to the back of the corset. My lower legs had been folded tightly back against my thighs and secured there with thick leather straps. Short lengths of chain attached to the thigh straps hooked to attachment points on the sides of the corset, forcing me to spread my thighs wide apart, exposing my sex for completely unimpeded access. Iron weights hung from clamps that had already squeezed my nipples to near numbness. My thighs now jolted slightly as Tel’estar slowly and carefully withdrew his hand from within my vagina, to deep groans of frustration from me. He then smeared the gel onto my sex lips, making sure that my little pleasure button had also been well covered in it, before he stood up and stepped in front of me.

“There.” he said “now, that needs a few moments to take effect. Relax, MY little pet.” he said, grinning “and my guest and I will be with you shortly!”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, gasping softly, my vagina still throbbing. I watched my Master as he opened the door of the room. Then he turned back to me.

“I nearly forgot!” he said, “as I’ve been enjoying our little chats so much recently!” He moved to one side of the room and returned almost immediately with a metal ring gag.

“Master, can your pet make a request before she is silenced for the evening?” I asked.

“Of course, little Hu-woman!” he replied.

“Can Master not spin me too fast?” I requested. “Your pet gets dizzy easily!”

“I’ll bear that in mind.” he said, smiling, as he fitted the metal ring behind my teeth, forcing my mouth wide open, before strapping it in place around my head. He then left me alone to contemplate the irony of my now being considered ‘too talkative’ as a girl. In my unlamented previous existence as a man, having no interest in sports, or any of the other classic male topics of conversation, I rarely had much to say in social situations; I had been considered ‘laconic’ or even ‘taciturn’ then, now I apparently had to be physically shut up when in the company of someone who intrigued me that way Tel’estar did!

I hung in place I waited, a feeling of coldness developing in my lovelips and nubbin, that gradually extended to my vaginal bonus veren siteler walls and deeper inside me. This gave way to a vague feeling of insensitivity, the drafts of warm air flowing through the room no longer gently tickling my exposed intimate regions the way they had earlier. The better part of an hour passed; a thread of drool dribbled from my stretched open mouth as I finally dozed off, despite my discomfort. I was suddenly roused to consciousness by the sound of the door opening.

My eyes opened wide and I squealed loudly, even with the metal ring forcing my jaws apart, as Tel’estar’s ‘guest’ approached. A massively built figure, a true Bull-demon, strode across the room towards me! He was to all intents and purposes a Minotaur from Greek myth, his horned head bearing no human resemblance whatsoever, an upper body that would have made the largest human bodybuilders feel inadequate and the lower body that of a bull, his leather breeches bulging incredibly in the crotch area. I wriggled and groaned, unsure if I really wanted to be coupled with such a beast-man, the resemblance too much like an animal for me, while at the same time curious to see if the dimensions of his cock would match the rest of him! However, he stopped a few paces before me, then gripped his horns and lifted his head from off his shoulders! I screamed behind the gag, then relaxed as a handsome human head, bearing a pair of short horns, one at each of his temples, was revealed. I could now see that the bull’s head was in fact a beautifully sculpted mask!

“You were right, Tel!” he said, laughing. “She was completely fooled!”

I glared at Tel’estar, who was now standing a couple of metres behind the Bull-demon, laughing.

“I’m sorry, my pet!” he said, tears in his eyes now as he struggled to stop laughing, “but I couldn’t resist seeing how you would react!”

I snorted through my nostrils and tried to glare at him even more malevolently! The Bull-demon gripped my chin lightly in his massive fingers, studying my face carefully.

“Pretty, very pretty, Tel! One might even describe her as ‘impish’!” he commented. I was starting to get tired of being described with that word!

“She’s a highly sexual creature, that is true, Kal!” Tel’estar replied, laughing. If he was expecting me to blush, or get angry at that assessment, then he clearly didn’t know his ‘pet’ as well as he thought!

The Bull-demon looked at me again. “I am Kal’taur. I understand that your name is Linzi, pet of Tel’estar.” he said. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.” I looked back at him quizzically, unsure of the etiquette for when a total stranger introduces himself before having his way with your trussed up and gagged body!

“Now, Kal,” my Master said, “where would you like to start?”

“This unction you spoke of earlier interests me.” Kal said, as he walked around behind me. He slapped my bum lightly, pinched my bottom cheeks playfully. “Is she ready for use there?” he asked, gripping my thighs and spreading them a little wider apart.

“Yes, I’m sure it’s fully dry by now.” my Master replied. “Let’s see how she performs with her little love-sheath coated on the inside!”

Kal’s lower abdomen was soon slamming hard against my bottom, my strapped together thighs and calves bahis held wide open in his huge hands. The iron weights on my nipples tugged on my breasts as he thrust, darts of pain radiating into the glands despite my little teats now being completely numb. I grunted sexily each time his cock plunged fully inside me, the little snorts from my nostrils seemingly arousing him more strongly, his huge cockhead driving harder and deeper within me. However, despite my sex lips being stretched wide around his incredibly thick shaft, the walls of my pussy opening wide and then relaxing as his pistoning cockstem pushed and pulled his glans within my belly, his pubis hammering against my pussy, all I could feel was the pressure and force of his thrusts; the delicious feelings that a cock this size should have made me experience were completely absent! However, I moaned with pleasure all the same, a feeling of bliss suffusing my body, my eyes rolling up in my head as my body surrendered to the pure delight of engaging in the sexual act with such a strong, supremely-endowed male.

“Your pet is incredible, Tel!” Kal exclaimed. “I’ve never had a female who has been able to take my cock this way for so long before!” I looked over at Tel’estar, whose face bore a look of deep concern rather than amusement as he watched his massive friend continue to use me, his cockhead plunging deeper than ever inside me as I moaned louder, more intensely. He would have been more concerned still if he had known that the ‘little pet’ who had begged him to close his fist inside her earlier had hated the thought of anyone pushing their hand within her there only a few short weeks previously!

“Can I try her ass now?” Kal asked. I looked to my Master and nodded, my eyes pleading. Tel’estar shifted uncomfortably in his seat, the look of concern still on his features, before nodding his assent. The pressure within my vagina vanished as Kal gripped my thighs tighter, pressing my strapped legs fully against my sides, spreading my bottom cheeks wider apart, fully exposing the little ring of muscle between them. I grunted loudly with pleasure as the huge bulb of his cock began to slowly stretch my tight little bumhole open, groaning as the widest part of his plum pushed inside, my muscles contracting reflexively to help draw it inside me. His thick shaft began to push, slowly opening me wider and wider as its girth increased, my long moan of pleasure echoing around the room as my bottom was so deliciously impaled, the largest cock I had yet experienced driven fully into my anal passage, the deep pleasure point, where the passage inside my body tightens, now being stretched and rubbed strongly even as my opened bottom hole received the strong pressure of Kal’s pubis, as he pulled my ass hard against his stomach and made me scream with delight behind the metal ring strapped into my mouth.

Kal then began to move me slowly back and forwards on his cock, swinging my bound body on the swivel hook, rather than thrusting with his hips; my moans and grunts of pleasure grew louder as the gorgeous friction in my bottom, combined with the amazing stretching sensation in my anal ring began to stoke the furnace of pleasure deep in my belly. Tel’estar now left his seat and approached me from the front. Despite the intensity of the pleasure deneme bonusu of Kal’s cock inside me and my already deep arousal, I pleaded to him with my eyes as I flicked my tongue as best I could in a beckoning motion, trying to entice him to do what I had wanted him to do so much in recent days, needing to feel my Master’s cock in my mouth. Another prolonged, intense moan of pleasure from my stretched open mouth seemed to convince him; he undid his breeches and pressed the already wet tip of his cockhead through the metal ring and into my waiting, willing and eager mouth for the first time in our weeks together.

An almost rapturous feeling of joy came over me as his glans finally pushed over my tongue stud and down my throat. I gave myself completely to being used, a fucktoy for my Master and his companion, moaning as the pleasure within me expanded; the coating on my sex lips and vaginal walls preventing any release through normal orgasmic contractions, my release instead suffusing my body in ecstasy, a resonance, a beautiful pure note of joy radiating through my every cell. The cocks in my mouth and bottom began to throb and pump as the sensation filled my entire body; I continued to cry aloud with the joy of it even after my Master and Kal had withdrawn from me and left the room. I was still trembling and moaning softly from the afterglow when Tel’estar returned some time later to release me; even the agony in my nipples as the blood began to flow again, once the weights were unclamped, was dampened by the pleasure still suffusing my body.

Tel’estar carried me to his own bed and laid me carefully upon it before lying down beside me. I snuggled up to him, my head on his chest as his arm wrapped around me. Finally, he spoke, in a voice of deep concern.

“Are you all right, Linzi?” he inquired.

“Yes Master, very much so.” I replied, sighing contentedly. “Does Master think his pet is unwell?”

“No,” he replied, “but your behaviour is confusing me. You do realise that you just referred to yourself as ‘his’ rather than ‘the’ pet, do you not?”

“Master has made abundantly clear that the pet is now his,” I replied, “and it is past time that his pet accepted the fact.” I continued, smiling at him.

“What about your Mistress, the Lady Gyn’estar?” he asked.

“I yearn for my Mistress!” I cried. “Master cannot possibly understand the pain I feel at being separated from her!” I broke down, sobbing, unable to reconcile this sudden division of my loyalties!

“It seems I am right to be concerned.” Tel’estar concluded. “I promised you that no harm would come to you, but now something extremely strange seems to have happened to you while you have been in my care!”

My Master then left momentarily, returning with something that very closely resembled a large icing bag. Laying me on my back, he spread my thighs apart and carefully inserted the large nozzle into my vagina. He then squeezed the bag flat, pumping the foaming contents inside me. The foam overfilled me, the residue spreading over my sex lips, which he spread thickly all over my lovelips and nubbin.

“That will dissolve the coating I put inside you when you bathe in the morning.” my Master said. He pulled the bedcovers over me, then tenderly kissed my lips. He turned to leave, but I reached up to him, arms open.

“Stay with your little pet, Master!” I pleaded.

“I’ll be back soon, Linzi.” he said.

“Promise?” I entreated.

“I promise.” he replied, smiling at last.

I drifted into blissful sleep and awoke the next morning in his arms.

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