The Ultimate Pleasure

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You come over after a long week at work. The dogs are properly taken care of and you have the afternoon, evening and night for us. You come in the door and I greet you with a kiss and a glass of wine. I take your coat and you settle in to tell me about your day. Soft Latin guitar is playing on the stereo and I can see you actually starting to relax. I have taken the day off to do some shopping and get all the ingredients I need for tonight. I am making enchiladas verde with Spanish rice and grilled vegetable salad. After your glass of wine I take you into the bedroom and tell you to relax and slip into my house coat while I draw you a nice relaxing bath to help you relax – tonight is all about you. In the bathroom you find my pedestal tub, with candles and a bottle of chilled white wine.

The room is warm and comforting and the steam is starting to fog the mirror, you slip into the tub and I can hear an audible sigh through the door. I go about preparing dinner and whistling to the music. After about twenty minutes I stop and go into the bedroom and take the wrapped present from its hiding place and place it on the bed, before returning to the kitchen and pouring another glass of wine, with a smirk on my face. About ten minutes later you emerge from the bathroom flushed form the warmth, clearly relaxed and give me a kiss and whisper your thanks. I grab you in my arms, holding you close and kiss you at first gently but with greater passion. I feel intoxicated with your smell and the knowledge of what is to come. . . Diner, if I may be immodest, is lovely and you actually seem impressed.

I clear the table and suggest you relax in the living room. Instead you go into the bedroom and emerge a few minutes later wearing your present. It is a pink silk camisole and tap pant combination with a small housecoat ensemble – you look so beautiful. Your hair is dark and you have let it grow past your shoulders – I want to ravish you right then and there, but I resist the urge. You come to me, with a genuine smile on your face, kiss me and push me into the sofa, undo my trousers and thank me with a deliriously wonderful blow job, but I stop you as I’m about to cum – now is not the time. I stand you up, with my hands on your forearms, wrapped behind your back and ask if you are ready for dessert, you lower your eyes and say “yes.”

I turn you in the direction of the bedroom, tell you to stand still and place a blindfold over your eyes and remove the tap pants. I guide you into the bedroom and lay you on your back and firmly tie your hands at your wrists and your forearms to your shins. You are laying on the bed, on your back, with your knees bent, legs spread and your eyes blindfolded. Your beautifully shaven pussy is damp with the petals slightly parted. This is a result of the blowjob you recently gave me coupled with the mixed excitement and nervousness of the evening. I gently run my finger between your inner petals and savour your musky aroma before licking my finger. I lean over you and kiss you on your lips before whispering in your ear that tonight is all about you. . .

I look at you longingly and smile as I see your beautiful nipples are already hardening with excitement, you breathing is slightly heavy and your mouth is parted and your lips moist. I gingerly run my fingers over your body, from your lips, down your neck, over your nipples, down your torso and waist and up your legs to your feet. Your hands and feet are tied together and both have recently been cared for. I smile at the care you show your hands bedava bahis and feet. I caress your left foot, partially massaging and partially tickling. I take your foot in both hands and bring your toes to my mouth. At first I lightly kiss your toes and the top and soul of your foot and then I run my tongue between your toes, up and around them. I am doing this with your big toe when I take it into my mouth and suckle it, lick it and savour it, much like you recently did with my cock. I run my tongue along your calf to the knee and follow your inner thigh to your ever wetting pussy lips.

I lift you and place a couple of pillows under your bum before laying you back down. Lying in front of your exposed and glistening pussy I delicately part your wet petals with my fingers and run my tongue up and down your opening. On the second up stroke my tongue suddenly hardens as it reaches your clit and you shudder. I reach out and caress your stomach. On the down stroke I go past the folds of your pussy and my tongue again hardens as my tongue reaches your pink rose. wet from saliva and your juices I take my time running my tongue over your rosebud, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and making it hard enough to slightly part it. My hands are kneading your bum cheeks as I do this – I feel your shudder again and I am pleased. I move my hands and position my tongue back on your hot pussy, so soft and delicate. As my tongue dances over your lips, I slip a finger into your bum and another into your pussy, letting them find each other while inside you. As my fingers move slightly inside you my lips take one of your petals into my mouth and then another, separately and suckle, and nibble on them.

My upper lip, while I’m doing this, is just barely touching your exposed clitoris. You are coming to your orgasm and instinctively close your legs to hold me in place. Removing my fingers, I push your legs apart and suck hard and earnestly on your clit, hearing you vocalize your orgasm. Once it has subsided, I get up, retrieving more rope and secure your wrists and ankles with the rope and then the rope to the bed. Your legs are now apart and you are unable to close them – you are blindfolded, highly aroused and completely exposed to me – the night is JUST beginning. . .

Settling back on the bed, I gently tilt your head to your left and place a tiny bit of pressure on your chin, you open your mouth accordingly and I place my semi-engorged cock on your lips. Without moving I watch and enjoy seeing you try and suck my deep into your mouth. You are frustrated by the fact that being bound you are unable to move and the fact that I am only close enough for you to take the head of my cock in your mouth – I almost explode with the earnest talent of your lips and tongue and pull out determined to continue my play. . .

Still kneeling by your head, I notice that your nipples are quite hard and poking the silk fabric up, I slide first one spaghetti strap and then the other off your shoulders and expose your beautiful breasts. I take first one and then the other in my hand and massage and caress them. I take your hardened nipples between thumb and forefinger and softly pinch and rub them, making them harder. You are completely immobilized and you feel my weight release form the bed, I have gotten up, but where have I gone. with what seems like ages you lie there, bound, wet, horny and growing more nervous by the second. Finally I return and caress your reddened cheek and run my fingers lazily over your chest and belly, you casino siteleri calm at my touch as a fussy infant would. I bend and kiss your lips, gently sucking your lower lip into my mouth and hold it there with gentle pressure from my lips. As I’m doing this I place an ice cube on your left nipple and let it sit there for close to a minute.

I can taste your sweet breathe as I hold your lip. Finally I remove the ice cube and your lip and hold the melting cube over your breast and watch your reaction to the cold water. Wit your right nipple I run a new cube around the base of your nipple in lazy circles and rejoice as it gets impossibly hard. I take the remainder of that cube and quickly place it deep in your hot pussy!!!!! I smile and laugh as you gasp at the coldness in your hottest of places . . . time for a little fun I tell you. Getting up again you hear a drawer open and my removing a few items. I come back to the bed and you can feel rope as I tie a massage machine to your right thigh, making sure that the vibrating head is positioned just at the base of your clit. I secure it firmly to your thigh with the rope. I turn it on to a low setting to judge the correct positioning by your response to the stimuli.

Once I have the right position I finalize the knots and turn up the vibrator one setting to setting two of six. You are completely immobilized, and helpless to the constant ministrations of the tool. At this point my cock is still hard form your mini blow job and I place the tip of my cock at your incredibly wet pussy, I feel you try and mount me and I opening laugh at your determination!!! I move the tip of my hard cock around your glistening hole and finally with, agonizingly slowness do I enter you!!! I hold my cock deep inside of you and can actually feel your muscles contract around me – you gasp as another orgasm envelops you with the combination of my girth and the vibrations on the massager – I smile knowing what will be happening to you next.

With my cock fully coated in your juice, I put some additional lubricant on the tip of my cock and place the head at the entrance to your bum, with your legs fully spread, and your bum elevated by the pillows, you are at the perfect height and position for easy entrance. With the vibrator humming away on your defenseless clit, I lean, slowly into your arse. Taking my time not to hurt you I finally bury myself inside you. holding your elevated hips I start to slowly thrust in and out of your, the vibrator on your clit, your nipples still cool from the ice and the feel of my hard cock in your bum quickly brings your to your next and hardest orgasm – I thrust right through it, my fingers digging into your hips, not out of a desire to hurt but out of a need not to cum – just yet!

Your bum feels amazing, but I have other plans for it!!!!!

Sadly and with a tinge of reluctance I remove my hard cock from your arse, giving it a couple of strokes out of sympathy. . . I pick up the next object I gathered form the drawer, lubricate it and slowly insert the vibrator into your bum. It is an anal vibrator so it has a slight bulge at the base to prevent you your accidentally or otherwise extracting it through convulsions. The control switch is at the base and I turn it to the lowest setting. You start to involuntarily start to moan not only from the sensation of the massager on your poor exposed clitoris but now from the feeling of being filled in your bum and the fact that it is also vibrating but at a different frequency. Your delicious bahis siteleri juices are freely running from your beautifully bald and open pussy.

I can’t resist and lay down to start sucking and licking some of the juices, my tongue dancing over your lips and probing the entrance to your pleasures. It doesn’t take long and you are cumming again. I contemplate stopping there and thrusting my hard member deep into your and fucking away with mindless abandon – the incredible pleasure it would be to not only be inside you but to feel your pussy walls spasming around my cock but also the feel of the vibrators – I would be cumming buckets in no time, filling you with my warm seed – and still I desire to thrust my cock inside of you – but I resist! Tonight is about you and breaking your all-time high orgasm record!!!!

After another orgasm I remove my mouth and tongue from your pussy and get up, leaving you trussed within your hands and legs immobilized, your bum getting a good workout and a massager on your clit. You are so engrossed in the sensations that you do not notice that I left the room. I return fifteen minutes later, having cleaned myself and position myself at your head. I kneel at your head and place the tip of my cock on your parted moist lips – you instantly take me in your mouth and suck with a fervour I have never experienced. It is only from the gasping cry of wild abandonment that I am able to rescue my cock from imminent explosion in your sweet beautiful mouth.

Many the night I have been brought to blissful satisfaction from your mouth and enjoyed countless hours kissing you and feeling the growing love and fleeting moments of trust and hope spring from the passion of said kiss – tonight they have a mission – to suck every last drop of seed from my balls – I must be vigilant to that risk. I was able to prevent imminent orgasm (mine) by thrusting the final surprise into you – a life like dildo, on a short handle! By thrusting this into you, erratically and rhythmically, I am finally able to achieve the goal of the evening, consecutive and uncontrollable orgasms on your part . . . one after another after another!!!!!

You have not finished the cry of pleasure form the last orgasm when the next hits, your screams overlap each other – and my pleasure in this accomplishment is insurmountable. It has been over an hour since the massager as started. I settle into a kneeling position between your upturned, bound legs and fuck the hell out of you with this dildo!!!! Short fast strokes, long slow strokes and the reversal of that, leaning over while doing all of this I lick your engorged clit and marvel that one slight touch from my tongue can cause another orgasm. After another twenty minutes of this I start to hear a cracked, gasping plea to stop. Leaving the dildo half-way inside of you, I move my head to yours and kissing and caressing you I ask what you were trying to say.

I finally hear your plea for mercy and I immediately oblige you. I stop the massages and untie it from your thigh. I turn off and remove the vibrator from your bum and I finally take the dildo from your pussy. Leaving you trussed up I replace the dildo with my hard cock and cum almost instantly from the wetness and convulsions that your pussy is having.

I wrap my arms around you and kiss you passionately as my cum shoots deep inside of you. The feeling of my contractions brings you one last orgasm. It has been close to two hours since starting and we are both spent. Slowly I pull out of you, and remove the blindfold, placing my cock at your lips you suck the remaining cum from me and lick me of your juices.

Untying your hands and ankles I tenderly hold you, caressing your back and straightening your hair. You fall into a deep slumber while I gently rock and hold you. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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