The Ultimatum

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“What did you just say to me?” Elaine said after a few blinks in disbelief.

“There’s really no need for me to repeat myself,” Dr. Doherty replied in his Irish accent. “I’m certain you heard me clearly the first time,” he said taking off his glasses allowing her to see his icy cold blue eyes without any obstruction now.

She scoffed as he pushed up the sleeves of the scarlet striped button down, revealing a tattoo on the inside of his forearm, no doubt in Gaelic. The tall, well defined man stood only enough to push open the window of his office and turned on the fan creating a soft whir in the room. Afterwards, relaxing back in his seat. Her coffee bean colored eyes scanned shelves and bookcases chocked neatly full and alphabetized. Her mind traveled back to last week and her professor’s aforementioned aversion to clutter when he ordered everyone to move their things out the aisles because it was too distracting.

“Dr. Doherty, I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong and…and I’m offended and disgusted,” she stammered as collected her satchel and rose to leave.

“No you’re not. Sit your arse back down. If you were as disgusted as you say you are, you’d have left a long time ago,” he said blowing the smoke into the fan.


At only his third semester present at the university, Dr. Doherty was recognized as the bad boy star of the history department. He was 31 single, originally from Belfast, cursed every other word, and didn’t give a damn who he offended, because basically, the man was a genius in the field of Western European history specializing in the UK. Rockstar would have been more fitting than a doctor of history. Elaine thought him attractive like everyone else, but more so charismatic, she enjoyed his enthusiastic lectures. That said, her passion was more so for the course, Celtic and Gaelic History, than him. Elaine, was actually a 25 year old grad student from the Middle Eastern Studies department, but she decided to take the course having always been intrigued by the mysticism of the Celts. As a result, she was always on time and never missed a class despite its late time of 6pm. She would watch girls add their phone numbers to their assignments slyly, wear low cut blouses in the front row, everything they could do to get his attention, but he only ignored them and would remind everyone “I run a tight ship, and shenanigans will get you tossed overboard.”


Elaine took a deep breath and did as he directed. “I know I didn’t fail that test,” She said trying to control the volume of her voice.

“Oh really? How do you know that? Study 2 weeks in advance, did you? Took Issac Newton equivalent notes?”

“Yes!” She retorted no longer able to keep her voice down.

“Well, you did a right shite job, I’ll tell you that. It does not show,’ he snapped back at her.

“You’re a liar,” she said folding her arms across her chest, the perfect little Cupid’s bow of her lip now pursed in a sour expression.

“And you can’t prove it, so you have 1 of 2 choices, Either leave and fail the midterm- meaning you’ll more than likely fail the class. or” the cigarette tipped in her direction as he gestured, “you can choose my alternative.”

Her head fell backwards and she exhaled heavily. The rims of her eyes began to burn as tears became inevitable. “Why are you doing this? You have all the women in all your courses throwing themselves at you, and you choose me?”

Dr. Doherty took a final drag from his cigarette before snuffing it out in the already ash laden tray. He shrugged as he blew out the smoke carelessly, no longer concerned with if it went out the window or not “I’m a chancer. Plus, you’ve got a dead on little body, gorgeous face, and nice curls. I’m a bit partial to curls.” His eyes went to the thick Sharpie marker sized raven ringlets that hung past her shoulders. In fact, it was her hair that had caught his attention 2 semester ago when they crossed paths early one morning coming out of the locker rooms at the university gym. They exchanged flirtatious smiles, but nothing more, and both thought the other had forgotten of the encounter. “And cause honestly, I think you’ve got a big stick up your arse, and this would be good for you.” He said like a mother would say to their child about eating their vegetables or playing outdoors more. “C’mere, enough of this blathering on, this is my last time asking you, otherwise, it’s F.” His blue eyes pierced hers and a sly illegal bahis grin surfaced as she looked away and her fingers brushed away a tear. The dimple in his chin that she once thought was his most attractive feature and gave him the most character, didn’t seem so attractive anymore. “Don’t cry, I promise you’ll enjoy it. It’s for your own good, really,” he said with a an affirming nod. Dr. Doherty stood and ran a hand back through his dark brown waves and then down his dark stubble of 5’o clock shadow that seemed to be there at all hours of any given day.

She groaned in repulse, dragging her hands down her face. ” Here?” her eyes not bothering to follow him as he moved from behind the desk to the other side of the room.

“Right, here. We’ve got plenty of room.” Which he was right, he did have a pretty ample sized office. There was even enough room for a sofa. “Would you like me to turn on the lamp, set the mood a little bit? I know how you good girls are about your mood.” He said not waiting for a response.

The yellow glow of the lamp filled the room weakly as the fluorescent overhead lighting blinked off soon after. He closed the window and the blinds and soon she felt his hands on her shoulders, massaging them deeply as he tried to relax her. She felt her body tensing, and as though she was going to burst into tears.

“Take off your sweater, would you?”

She stood up as he requested and undid the belt of the gray wrap cardigan. His hands pushed the material away from her soft skin and down her arms, letting the sweater fall into the seat of the chair. His fingers roamed over rich chocolate caramel tone shoulders and pronounced collar bone and she could feel his breath on her neck as he inhaled the sweet smell of her perfume. She was beginning to shake, and her stomach turned flips.

“Shhhh…” he said softly into the skin of her neck before he began to kiss it gently.

A breathy whimper escaped her mouth and she felt his lips curl into a devilish smile of success. Without warning, he pushed the chair between them half way across the room, and before she had a chance to catch her breath or gather her wits, his lips were on hers and his tongue was deep inside her mouth. With a firm shake of her head, she pulled away and began trying to squirm out of his clutches, pleading with him as she unknowingly backed herself into the wall.

“I’ll take the F, I don’t want to do this.”

But his body was already firmly against hers with no sign of shifting. “Stop whining.” he said centimeters away from her face and she felt the taste of cigarettes flood her mouth as he kissed her again. One hand traveled down to the hem of the white camisole she was wearing underneath the sweater. He pushed it up slowly, his palm grazing the soft skin of her abdomen as it slid upward towards her head. As he got to her breast, he stopped and gave it a firm squeeze- something he had been dying to do since she wore her first cleavage revealing shirt to class. She whimpered in pain and drew back from his touch, but her lips never left his. “I’m sorry,” he said raspingly with a smirk. Both hands now went to the sides of her shirt and jerked it over head, slinging it to the floor. Without hesitation, he went back to groping her delicious curves. Finding the clasp to her mesh black and white polka dotted bra in the front, he undid it eagerly. The young professor pushed the material away, revealing firm perfectly sized breasts that fit his tastes to a tee with peaks hued in dark chocolate. He couldn’t help but run his hands over both of them and squeeze them harshly even though he knew it caused her pain. Her whimpering only excited him more. He pulled away from her lips and traveled down to her chest where his tongue rolled over nipple just before taking the tiniest little nibble. She could feel herself growing wet even though she wanted to be disgusted. As he sucked away at her other breast, she felt his hands undoing the button and zipper of her jeans. He tugged the worn dark denim and began to kiss her toned lower abdomen and mound through the matching panties. He pulled the jeans off, leaving her exposed in the drafty room. Her skin, the delicious color of milk chocolate brown with a unique glowing golden undertone, had never looked more radiant. This split moment gave him just enough time to take in her long slender frame. She was taller than he had realized, only a few inches shorter than him -5″7 or casino siteleri 8. And though a 5 day a week workout and healthy diet concealed it quite well, he noticed her to be a little pear shaped, carrying the majority of her weight in her hips, thighs, and ass. Still she couldn’t have been more than a size 4 or 6.

Dr. Doherty, having always been more keen on nice haunches yanked her off the wall, and towards his desk in his moment of utter carnal desire. She felt the back of her thighs hit the edge and he pushed her down as he viciously undid the buttons on his shirt half way and then pulled it over his head. He had 4 more tattoos adorning his medium build- 1 on his left pectoral, 2 mirror ones on the front sides of his hip, and another on his shoulder. All of them were in black ink and only added to his physique. He would have been her ideal body type, not too muscular, but toned and defined.

“Someone must have been expecting some company today,” he said as his fingers discovered the unexpected smoothness of her most intimate area.

She looked away in embarrassment and murmured, “I wax,” remembering the pain she endured during Girls’ Spa Day last Saturday with her friends.

A flash of teeth appeared on his face only to patronize her more as he slowly began to run his hand over the length of her slit now. “Well they did a grand job.”

Elaine’s eyes focused on a paper clip on the tightly woven, institution gray carpet. Her concentration was broken as she felt 2 fingers slip inside her, making her gasp while his thumb simultaneously massaged her clit up and down just the way she liked it.

“Is that your spot, Elaine?” he said kissing her cheek after a malevolent chuckle.

“No,” she said restraining the urge to moan again. He applied a little more pressure to her clit now, rubbing a little faster. Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk and she bit down on her bottom lip, stifling her sounds. His free hand cradled the small of her back holding her squirming body close to him.

“Still not it?” his soft words facetious. Her panties were soaked now and her juices were dripping over his fingers sliding in between the cheeks of her ass. His fingers moved in and out of her tight pussy faster, keeping up with his thumb as it applied slightly more pressure to her now engorged clit.

“Mmm…no, no.” she managed to say as her head fell back in ecstasy, but still trying to fight the growing, immense sensation between her legs.

“Liar,” he breathed onto her lips.

Her body began to tense and her face got hot. “Ohhhhh, mmmmm, Ohhhh, yess!” she moaned loudly as the orgasm worked its way up through her stomach and out every inch of her spasming body. Elaine relaxed and breathed deeply, her eyes opening to see him watching her with a smug grin.

“You look lovely when you’re not cumming,” Doherty said slipping his pants and boxer briefs off his waist. His cock was already throbbing and stiff. It was quite ample in size and girth, She was honestly, quite taken aback at his manhood and the fact that he took the time and consideration to trim. Wait, what was she saying, she couldn’t possibly enjoy this, he was still a monster- a monster that had given her an amazing orgasm, but a monster nonetheless.

Noticing her dazed countenance, he joked arrogantly. “Can you believe this nob actually posed as a problem for me when I was on the swim team?”

He yanked her up quickly and spun her around before she had time to say anything. Several ringlets of hair flew into her face and stuck to her lip as she moaned loudly while he shoved all 9 inches of himself deep inside her. She hadn’t been with anyone that big- actually, anyone at all- in a long time. He could tell she was a good girl from how the walls of her pussy gripped his dick as he moved himself in and out slowly, giving her muscles a chance to relax. With a strong hand, he pushed her further down towards the desk, allowing him more access. As he forced his hard, thick cock deeper, she winced.

“I’m sorry,” he said stroking her toned back apologetically with one hand as the other massaged her firm ass. Soon, his hand slid around to her breast, cupping it between his thumb and index and squeezing it gently just before pinching her nipple. The jolt of the painful pleasure made her reach for the edge of the desk and she cried out. His cock began to pump in and out quickly, it now glistening with her flowing poker siteleri juices, and every now and then striking her deep and hard making her moan even louder and white knuckle the strong, but aged mahogany desk. He was glad everyone on the hall was gone now. Elaine found herself grinding against his own thrusts and he gripped her hips with both hands, his fingertips digging into her skin.

“Mmm, fuck, yes,” he groaned as he let her take control. Her peach shaped ass looked more than tempting as it stroked his cock back and forth. Without thinking, he drew back his hand and it landed harshly on her cheek, the smack ringing in the office. As small shriek left her mouth and she jolted upward, her back now pressed into his chest as she continued to grind her pussy further on his cock. He wished he had a mirror so he could see her body in full glory. With free range, he began to massage her swollen clit with one hand and caress her bouncing tits. Her hand went to his neck and she moaned and cooed steadily and softly into his sticky skin. His head tilted and their lips pressed together passionately. She could no longer taste the cigarettes, or if she could she just didn’t care. The sensation was too much and her knees felt like they were going to give away as she tried to pry his fingers away from her clit to no avail with her other hand.

“Cum for me again,” he directed softly as his lips brushed against her own. Not being able to squirm away, she ended up grinding harder against him and his cock. His arms gripped her tightly and the rubbing of her throbbing button intensified.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck, yes,” she moaned as she came, the sensation flooding through her like electric waves. He held her quivering body to him closer, the sweat dripping between their skin. The contractions of her pussy around his dick combined with his deep thrusting and her satiated whimpers sent him over the edge moments later. His fingertips dug into her hips and ribs as he erupted inside her with a grunt. His body collapsed against hers, holding her there until he was soft, and slipping his member out of her swollen vagina, causing a large drop of semen to dribble down to the carpet. He kissed her temple and pulled away, their skin peeling apart like a sticker and its backing. Embarrassed and ashamed, she shielded her body as she walked to the bathroom picking up her purse and undergarments along the way. Being one of the older buildings on campus, some professors were lucky enough to have one in their office.

She frowned and her nose crinkled as she looked down at her enlarged privates, she’d be sore tomorrow for sure. The cum slid out with a small push and she peed. It already hurt. 30 minutes meant 2 days of pain, the logic of fairness was unbeknownst to her. She wiped her body down with a wet paper towel, and gently washed her vagina with a little soap and water, but his scent of cologne and cigarettes still lingered heavily on her skin and hair. This would suffice until she could take her shower of shame at home. When she came out the bathroom he was already dressed, and smoking a cigarette. She couldn’t bear to look him in the eye.

“See, not so bad, right?” He said, watching her put on her jeans. She pretended not to hear him and found her cami and cardigan. “I know this isn’t my policy, but here you go,” he said placing some paper on his desk close to her.

“What’s this?” She asked still jaded and tying her wrap tightly.

“Your midterm,” he said smashing half a cigarette in the ash tray. His syllabus plainly stated in bold letters, “exams will not be returned see professor for review of your exam.” A big circled 97 in fire engine red stared back at her. She threw the paper back at him and would have cried had she not been so numb.

“Why would you do such a thing?” She said through clenched teeth.

“Elaine,” he said after finally releasing all of the smoke. “I’ve been wanting to do that,” he said pointing weakly at the invisible scene that took place on the edge of his desk “to you since I saw you last fall in the gym. Knowing you, I wouldn’t be able to just ask you out for a date without being rejected, so, I had to come up with another plan.” He began to chuckle, “And it worked… brilliantly.”

She shook her head and picked up her satchel, her pride and esteem shot, “You’re an asshole,” she said as she opened the door to his office. The hallway was deserted and that was good because at the time she felt she couldn’t look anyone in the face.

“Cheers and see you in class on Wednesday,” he said as if she were just another student. As the door shut behind her, and the fluorescent lights of the hall left the office, he was already devising a plan to see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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