The Unexpected Encounter

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I opened the front door to a sincere face. Deep eyes projected beams of lust into mine and the heart-dropping sensation reverberated in my chest. Without words, he steps into my home, his brown eyes locked on mine, and his face comes close. Bringing his hand up to my face, he touched my chin and plants a slow, soft kiss on my lips.

It started not so long back when my circle of friends would gather at the pub to chat and drink. The first glimpse of his face was so familiar yet new. When I say there was an instant sexual attraction, I mean like fire radiating from my downstairs region, and horny images stirring around in my mind.

His presence within group became more frequent, as did my sexual cravings for him. A flicker of eye contact could make me melt; the way he spoke, laughed, his deep eyes and sex appeal was driving me crazy. The erotic fantasies continued when I got home, as I’d rock myself into pure pleasure with nothing but my soft, skilful fingers, and a picture of this guy in my mind.

I hadn’t arranged this meeting, but he was welcome all the more. It was obvious that after a fast and passionate kiss we had shared the previous night was playing on his mind, so much so that he had turned up uninvited and began to seduce me. Before long we had laid down on the sofa, intensely kissing. His large hands explored my body under my silk nighty, rubbing, stroking, caressing the flesh of my stomach and thighs. My finger ran through his hair as he moved his mouth down to my neck.

jolts of electricity shot through my body and down to my pussy as his tongue and lips touched the erogenous zones on my neck and collar bone. I let out a delicate moan and let my fingernails trail down his back, to which he responded by thrusting his crotch into mind, allowing our areas to grind.

Before surrendering to the mobil porno aggressive thoughts racing around in my mind, I gently push him away, maintaining our gazes, and silently lead him to my bedroom. The atmosphere is sultry with dimmed lights, a musky smell, silk sheets and lots of other delicious textures that would stimulate our bodies.

With his manly charisma, he pushed me onto the bed and we continue our hot kissing, the heavy petting becoming more and more intense. His fingers run softly over the tiny panties covering my sex, which is already wet from arousal. A few more delicate strokes later, and some fondling of my pert breasts and erect, pierced nipples, he traces lines down my stomach and underneath my underwear. The wetness instantly lubricates his fingers as he circles my clit, varying in pressure and ensuring my moans become louder and louder.

Instinctively, I reach for his big, hard cock, and feel the size and firmness through his boxers. I thrust my hands down the front and run my fingertips from the base to the tip. It’s like a lucky dip, and I feel as though I won the big prize.

Suddenly startled as his fingers are removed from my pussy, I look to him for an answer but instead I’m met with the sight of a gorgeous, sexy man stripping. He removes his t-shirt, exposing his trim, sensual body, and returns straight to my neck for a few seconds, before his lips travel down to my tits, then my navel, and finally he stops on my hipbones.

Peeling my panties away and down my shaking, limp legs, he begins to nuzzle the mound above my clitoris, lightly kissing and teasing my sex. I can feel my clit pulsating, crying out for attention but he continues to plant delicate licks and kisses on my inner thighs and lips. Finally he runs his tongue flat over my clit and caused a loud, husky groan to alman porno escape from inside me. He had awakened feelings of passion and pure ecstasy that I had been deprived of for so long.

I scream as an explosion erupts inside me and my juices gush out from my pussy. His tongue laps up my orgasm gratefully and his hands eagerly massage my hips as I attempt to restore calm to my disrupted body.

Feeling collected, I switch roles and push him onto his back. I glance and see that his swelling bulge under his boxer shorts leaves nothing to the imagination. I give his dick a few short squeezes before seductively pulling the shorts down and feasting my hungry eyes on his engaging member.

Looking up to see him eagerly watching, I lock eyes as my tongue flicks over the tip of his penis. I take my mouth to the base of his shaft and kiss his cock lightly, teasing him and building tension. Placing my hands on his chest, I take his dick into my mouth and throat, before returning back up and swirling my tongue around the bellend.

We engage in a conversation made up of soft moans. My dripping pussy still tingles as I suck his long hard cock, and he runs his fingers through my hair. Then he taps for me to stop and we initiate another kissing session. As we are both now naked, I begin to grind my juicy vulva on the underside of his shaft, not yet allowing penetration. A grin spreads across my face when I notice the frustration building inside him. He grabs me and jolts me forward into an energetic kiss and charms me back down onto his dick.

My hips swivel and I move up and down his shaft, taking his full size inside me and gasping and the friction against my G spot. We begin slow but our demanding bodies take control as the pace and sensation increases. With one swift movement, I find myself alexis texas porno lying on my back and my sexy man has placed his strong arms either side of my head. He enters me again and as the pace gets faster, I raise my legs to allow for deeper penetration.

Lovingly tilting his head, he asks, “Do you like that baby?”

“Yes,” I reply, panting as he drills into my soaking pussy. Almost without thought I blurt out, “I want you to fuck me harder, make me scream.”

Obeying my commands, he becomes rough and grabs my flesh as his pelvis pounds into mine. I am flipped over, remaining lying down but with my pelvis slightly lifted, he enters me from behind. I feel his mouth on my shoulder as he gently bites my flesh, sucks and kisses my neck, softly pulling strands of my hair through his fingers and tenderly allowing his breath to brush the nape of my neck.

The breaths become shorter and faster as he grinds and pounds into me. His cock provides a delicious pressure against my g-spot and progressively louder moans escape from my mouth. I want it harder. I want it deeper. I want it faster. Reaching around, his soft fingers run circles around my pounding clit, causing my pelvis to raise and allowing him to work his magic. My rounded ass lifts higher, allowing him deeper. His fingers frantically rub me and his hard dick is smashing into my tight pussy. I scream with delight.

His naughty hands wander; tugging my hair, smacking my ass, caressing my tits. The pace is becoming rapid, rough. Back on my clit, he massages my sex with his hand becoming rougher as he approaches climax. With a swift movement he pulls out and flips me over. He continues to touch me whilst my hands quickly find his cock. With skilful rhythm we caress each other into ecstasy as I scream aloud, feeling the tension building; my pussy pulses and my body jolts as I cum intensely.

He cums all over my tits simultaneously as I am wanking him off and we both let out a groan and collapse on the bed. Recovering from the sexual explosion I just experienced, all that is on my mind, is simply, “Wow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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