The Unexpected Gift Ch. 02

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Note: Chapter 1 of this story was originally written by Svernmelus elsewhere. I have received permission from him to post it here. Chapter 2 and 3, (and any further chapters) were written by me.


Anna closed the fur collar around her neck, the clasp disappearing beneath light orange fur as soon as she did.

She turned to the mirror, admiring her naked form, before pressing the play button on the laptop in front of her for the second time.

“Oh this is going to be fun,”

The video began to play, and Anna’s best friend, Jennifer, appeared on the screen.

“To anyone who sees this. My name is Jennifer and something has attached itself to me and I can’t get it off,”

Jessica wore a short white fur coat, probably fox. Anna had never seen her wear it before, but was taken back by how good it looked. She reached for her fur collar, only to find that it had grown into a fur vest that went down to her waist.

“Oh my, this is beautiful,” she said, stroking her hands through the fur.

“My twin sister received a package today with something in it. When she touched it, it attached itself to her. And in the end grew around her body to a full length fur coat.”

A smile spread across Anna’s face as she realised what was in store for her.

“I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. But it has attached itself to me now. Any moment now the fur jacket will increase size. And after this…”

Jennifer’s fur jacket rapidly thickened, and extended down to her thighs.

Right on cue, Anna’s vest formed two sleeves that almost swallowed her hands. There was now a huge v shaped collar, wrapping around her neck, tickling her ears and going halfway down her chest. The fur then grew out and thickened, now several inches deep, to match Jennifer’s coat.

Anna wrapped her fur covered arms around herself and ran her fingers through the collar, embracing the changes.

“Oh, this is so nice, it’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt,”

Anna fought to focus on the video, where Jennifer had been distracted too.

“euhm yes. Where was I! It had grown a thick fur jacket. I also feel there is fur on the inside of the jacket,”

Anna realised this to be true for her too. Soft, dense fur was caressing every inch of skin on her upper body, turning her on like never before.

“Holy shit this is incredible,” she exclaimed, subconsciously Ataşehir Fetiş Escort bringing a fur covered hand between her legs.

Jennifer continued on:

“It has removed my clothes where I’m now naked in it. Feeling the fur on my naked body isn’t that bad, it’s quite enjoyable truly,”

Jennifer lifted the bottom of her fur coat, peering at the remains of her shirt, which quickly fell to the ground.

“Maybe it needs clothes to grow faster, and dissolves my clothes for that,” she said.

While Jennifer stripped herself in an effort to save her clothes, Anna decided on a different approach.

“So clothes make it bigger then. I don’t see myself wearing anything but fur now, so I’ll gladly sacrifice my clothes so that my coat can improve.”

She strutted over to where she had discarded her clothes, as the cuffs of her coat thickened and grew, covering her hands completely now. Each step she took brushed the soft fur against her tits, turning her on even more.

“Mmm, so soft,” she whispered, reaching for her t-shirt. As soon as her coat touched it, red fox fur began to spread across it’s white fabric. The coat slowly pulling in the fur covered parts, lengthening as it did so. She quickly grabbed more and more clothes, dissolving them into her coat, they were useless to her now anyway. Seeing something being taken by the fur even turned her on a little bit.

The coat now reached the ground, and the collar was wide enough that it covered her shoulders, and so thick that it went past her ears. She reached for her boots and put them on, careful not to touch them with the fur until they were strapped on. She then glided her sleeves across them, and they were rapidly covered in fur, and almost reached her knees. The fur spread through the inside, surrounding her feet in more soft fur.

As she lifted her arm back up, the fur caressed her inner thigh.

“Oh my…”

She walks back to the couch, still rubbing her leg with the fur, and turns back to the video.

Jennifer was sitting with her legs spread, rubbing fur across her clit. Jennifer’s coat was also full length now, and she wore boots similar to Anna’s.

“My God, she’s gorgeous. Just looking at Jennifer is making me wet. But… I’m not lesbian… am I?”

Anna slowly slid her arm up her leg, the fur tingling against her inner thigh, which was far more sensitive Ataşehir Gecelik Escort than it used to. Slowly she brushed her fur sleeves along her pussy.

“Oh, this feels a hundred time better than anything before.” She moaned, a smile spreading across her face.

As she said this Jennifer looked Anna in the eyes, smiling. She moaned softly.

Anna was turned on even more by this, encouraged by Jennifer to go further than she had before. Anna brought her free hand up to her breasts, rubbing around the center.

“Wait… are my tits bigger? They feel fuller, and I can’t even see my feet past them.”

Anna squeezed one with her hand. She gasped and her eyes instantly widened.

“Oh, they’re so sensitive! I could bring myself to orgasm on my tits alone.”

Anna rubbed her pussy even faster now, paying more attention to the clit. She sunk her other hand further into her coat, until she couldn’t see it anymore. Her fingers dug into her breasts, which pushed the fur on the inside against them.

“This fur is incredible. I never, ever want this feeling too end.”

Anna lifted her hand from her chest, only to find it was now wearing a thick fur mitten. The mitten covered what was left of her exposed hand, and had fur on the inside too.

“I know exactly where this should go,”

She swapped where her hands were, now fondling her clit with the fur mitten, and sinking her other hand into her coat.

“mmmmm… this glove works wonders, and now my other hand has one too.”

Anna’s collar had became even thicker, especially at her back. It spread all the way down the coat’s parting, being several inches thicker than the surrounding fur.

Jennifer was now riding a mass of fur between her legs, both hands were grabbing her tits.

“Oh, man. This is so good. My clit is so sensitive. Mmm, you all need to try it. So good.”

“You’re right Jennifer,” Anna spoke to the video. “It’s so, so good! We have to help everyone try it!”

Anna rubbed herself even faster now, and rubbed her cheek against the collar that lay on her shoulder. The video of Jennifer was turning her on more than she thought was possible.

“mmmm, the fur is so nice.. the fur… so nice.. so soft.. mmm!”

Anna’s knees buckled, she doubled over and reached out to break her fall. Her collar flipped up, and became a huge hood that almost Ataşehir Genç Escort covered her whole face. The hood even had fur on the inside, and rubbed against all of her skin.

“Oh… my..” she panted “I’m completely… surrounded… by fur..”

Anna lay on the floor, belly down and slid her hand into the coat, reaching down to her pussy and getting to work. Her other hand was brought up to her face, where she used the glove to caress it.

“Oooh. So soft. The fur is so warm and dense,”

She started to squirm around, the floor pushed the fur against both of her breasts at once, and her movements rubbed it around her tits, amplifying the pleasure even more.

“My God… the fur is so good … so soft… so sexy!”

Anna rubbed the fur all over her as fast as she could, her breathing increasing along with her speed.

“Oh yes, fur me! I’m so close!”

Her fur covered hand went over her clit as quick as she could.

“mmmmm… fur, yes… oh… OH… OH GOD FUR ME! mmmMAAAHHH!”

Anna’s body was wrecked by the best and longest orgasm she ever had. She lay panting on the floor for several minutes.

“Oh, that was divine. I think I actually blacked out for a bit there. And I came so much, there’s still a bit leaking as I speak.”

She slowly stood up, and pulled her hood over her head. Her hair, while styled forward, did not escape the confines of her coat. Anna picked up her tights, which morphed into a fox fur boa once it came into contact with her fur. She lay it loosely over her shoulders, and let the ends hang free.

“Now don’t I look gorgeous,” she said, admiring herself in the mirror and trying a few styles for the boa. “I’d best find Jennifer and Veronica.”

Anna strutted to Veronica’s room. There was a thick, white fur carpet outside the door, that seemed to come from the inside. Anna opened the door to find two women covered head to toe in white fox fur making out, moving their hands all over each other.

“Hello girls. Mind if I join you?” Anna said, her voice filled with lust.

“Anna… how’d you find my ‘tutorial’, sexy enough?” Jennifer asked, as a smile spread across her face.

“Nice coat Anna,” Veronica said, “I thought I’d have to give you some of mine,” she giggled.

“And I would take it any day, Verr,” said Anna, brushing her fingers through Veronica’s fur.

“More importantly,” Jennifer said, “I texted Kate, she’ll be here in an hour. And you know what we’ll be doing once she arrives.”

“What to do in the meantime then,” Veronica said, pulling Anna onto the fur covered bed with her.

The three women laughed as the door closed on the fur covered room, as they made love and laid plans.

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