The Urge

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A sexy young woman seduces a middle-aged divorcee. She educates him about the pleasures of postponing his urge.

A few young women like her seemed to be at every party he attended since his divorce. Some of them were call girls hitting on lonely and wealthy middle-aged men, some were the ‘midlife crisis’ of some lucky guy and others were somehow related to the host a daughter, niece or family friend. Anthony stared longingly at the exquisite vision across the room talking and laughing with Brett the business associate who had invited him to the party. He scanned the room filled with mostly middle-aged men and women who were somehow related to Brett’s Advertising business. Some were couples, some single and some cruising to pick up a one-night stand. The men were dressed casually in conservative but expensive taste whilst the women were mutton dressed as lamb emphasising their features with blatant displays of ample cleavage and leg.

It had been six months since Anthony’s divorce and even longer since he had sex as the closing moments of his marriage had been pretty well devoid of the sex which was perhaps the only healthy thing about their relationship. She took that away along with over half his money and property- the old story, a sad horny old man at a party full of equally sad singles. His son and daughter had both gone to college interstate and so that settlement was not an issue.

Brett had promised an entertaining night with a surprise in store for all. As a PR guru he had done practically everything at his parties from lingerie waitresses and waiters through to jelly wrestling. Subtlety wasn’t a big part of Brett’s vocabulary but his heart was in the right place and he had been a great support to Anthony during his divorce.

His attention was drawn again to the beautiful young girl across the room who was perhaps of similar age to his eldest son- about 20. He could not help but stare at her longingly she had an angelic child like beauty, clear almost transparent skin with what his generation called ‘peaches and cream’ complexion. A small cute nose set between sparkling blue eyes and full inviting lips. Her silken blond hair cut short in a coiffured bob that highlighted her slender neck.

She was petite and child like in facial feature but below her angelic face was as womanly a body as inhabited any man’s fantasy. Nonetheless petite and proportionate her small firm breasts swelled into a seductive cleavage clenched tightly by the flimsy silk halter that barely covered them and clasped them in a curvaceous bunch he imagined the traces of her nipples were visible from across the room. Her delicious shoulders and back naked in the revealing dress, the red silk hugging the sensuous curves of her slender waist and sprayed tightly around the most beautiful little buns he had ever seen. The red silk clung to her hips flaring in arresting curves and stopping dangerously at her thighs, only a few centimetres of fabric separating a view of her panties.

Anthony had become an avid ‘panty peeker’, the fashion of hipster skirts and jeans displaying the tops of women’s multi coloured panties populated his imagination and fuelled his fantasies. Girls with short skirts presented the possibility that their skirts might rise up and display their gusset. Anthony fantasised regularly about bringing his dream woman to the edge of ecstasy kissing and fondling her panties and then sliding them aside to impale her on his eager cock. His pants stirred in recognition of his rerunning this favourite fantasy with the girl on the other side of the room in the leading role.

He wondered what kind of panties she wore beneath the thin layer of red silk hem- She looked like the kind to wear string bikinis not g-strings she seemed a little subtle at least, probably white silk or red perhaps to match the stunning skin tight dress. He let his eyes fall to scan her long shapely legs, bare and smooth to her slender ankles the contours of her legs emphasised by the thin strapped red paton stilettos providing the clichZ vision of sexiness that hi heels provide to the motion of a woman’s body to make it sway like a hypnotic pendulum when she walked.

He was conscious of her walking now, towards him. She was smiling brilliantly a flash of perfect teeth surrounded by tempestuous ruby lip sand looking right at him with her sparkling blue eyes. Before he knew it she was standing in front of him and offering her hand in introduction.

‘Hi Anthony, I’m Becky Fondell, Brett’s niece. He said you might be interested in talking to me I do PR work for an agency you do business with Simms PR?’

‘Oh, pleased to meet you Miss Fondell. Yeah I do quite a bit of business with them. It’s strange I haven’t seen you there.’

She giggled and pushed a lock of her hair to one side revealing her pretty little ears, decorated with a diamond encrusted drop earring. She was classy and expensive to maintain. He couldn’t help staring at her and his eyes flicked nervously over her delicious cleavage and darted back to her angelic mobil porno face.

‘Call me Becky I may be the youngest person here but don’t stand on formality. I noticed you looking at me from across the room and Uncle Brett told me about your divorce and I thought you looked kind of sweet and vulnerable rather than just plain lecherous like most of the guys in this place. Most of the women look at me as if I might be a call girl or a gold digger cruising for a sugar daddy. So I thought I’d come and talk to you.’

Anthony was uncertain what to say he was stunned to say the least. This vision, this fantasy had just chosen him out of every guy in the room.

‘Then I guess that makes me the envy of every guy in the room to even entertaining the thought that you’d spend time with me. I’m honoured! If I was staring at you it was only that I think you are unbelievably pretty and absence of contact with the feminine sex has made me fantasise about lots of women but you will be the object of my fantasy for quite some time, honestly.’

Anthony was pleased with how confident he sounded in this reply he had overcome the lump in his throat though the lump in his pants was still acknowledging the proximity of this sensuous creature. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue before replying and smiled when she noticed him looking at the outline of her nipple pressing against the fine slither of silk that stretched across them. She glanced down at the hardening outlines and smiled.

‘See your making me excited already! The truth is I like older men for a number of reasons. You see I like the attention I get from them, I like how they take their time making love, I love how they savour each moment because they want to enjoy my body slowly and sensuously, like they were never able to in the rush of first clumsy young sex and how they use their experience with women to make a me really, really hot.’

Anthony was almost trembling at the thought of what she was saying and when combined with the image of her pert round breasts straining at the halter and the nipple hardening before his eager eyes the lump in his pants swelled noticeably. Becky glanced down at his growing lump and smiled again.

‘I see the attraction is mutual. Why don’t we just go somewhere and fuck because I’m unbelievably horny right now.’

He couldn’t believe his ears or his eyes. This was the fastest sexual preamble he had ever experienced. Was she teasing or having a joke at his expense? He didn’t have time to contemplate it. She held out her hand and led him to the hallway and up the stairs into one of the guest rooms, closed the door and turned and put her arms around him and leaned back against the locked door.

‘You do want me don’t you?’ She purred seductively. Anthony nodded and sighed heavily. ‘Then make me hot and fuck me then.’ She leaned close to him and kissed him tenderly sliding her moist red lips across his and tonguing him sensuously. Their lips shivered in anticipation and trembled with desire. Each touch increasing in urgency and passion as they French kissed and sucked urgently at each other. She cooed in appreciation. ‘Touch me, make me hot!’ she urged.

He slid his hand to her pert ass and pressed her against his swelling cock. Grinding against her like a teenager aching for his first taste of sex. Her kisses increased in intensity and she moaned and traced outlines round his neck with her long red fingernails sending shivers through him. He nibbled her neck and ear lobes and covered her with kisses and slid his hand beneath her dress to feel her warm buns encased in shiny soft silk.

She was indeed wearing string bikini panties. They were so diaphanous and flimsy as to reflect the warmth of her delicious ass. He kissed his way down her neck until he stared down her silk clad breasts. He shifted a hand to cup them and continued fondling her ass, kissing her and teasing her nipple through the fabric until they were rock hard. One at a time she moaned as he ran his thumb around the outline then squeezed them hard so she winced in that combination of pleasure and pain that encourages rather than begs to stop.

He slid his hand beneath the tight halter and cupped her naked breast. The fabric of each halter was shifted to the side so her beautiful boobs sat pert and exposed. He could not resist attacking them with his tongue and suckling them as she writhed in pleasure she loved it! Loved him touching her tits she was writhing in pleasure almost cumming from his touch.

‘Feel how wet I am. I’m so horny, touch my pussy please!’ Anthony needed no further invitation and in a flurry of movement he glanced around the room at a nearby single bed. He hadn’t noticed before the room had nothing in it except a bed and a mirrored wall and ceiling. As she sat on the edge of the high single bed her ultra short dress rode up to reveal the white silk string bikini panties he had imagined she wore. His fingers brushed the small silk triangle that covered her pussy and he felt the surge of wetness that alman porno filled them and gasped with excitement.

Becky panted ‘Oh yes, make me cum.’ and his fingers began the familiar masturbation process he had perfected with his wife that he knew worked for her if he was persistent. Becky however was far more sensitive it seemed and in moments she was shivering and panting

‘Oh yes.’ breathlessly and repeatedly. Encouraged by this early success Anthony concentrated on rubbing her clit through the shiny silk panties and in moments she came not just once and not quietly either she squealed and shivered in repeated orgasms. As she came she teased his neck and alternated between passionate bites and tender kisses in between her excited moans. No matter what Anthony did with his hands and fingers she exploded in earth- shattering squeals, shivers and cries.

‘Feel how tight I am for you.’ She panted sexily. Anthony slid her sopping panties aside and felt the warm wetness of her sweet cunt swirl around his finger. He pressed one into her tight hole and she convulsed in pleasure and begged him to put more in. Two fingers fit tightly into her and he thrust them deep inside her and teased her clit with a banging action each time he thrust and she bucked urgently against his thrusts and recommenced her cycle of perpetual orgasms. This time however she was past coherence and was reduced to panting ‘Oh god I’m cumming!’ over and over again, as indeed she was.

Anthony was so turned on his cock was bursting over the top of his shorts. He was worried he might ejaculate pre maturely just kissing and fondling her. After a violent climax Becky beckoned him to stop and she kissed him appreciatively and stood up. Her dress had been pulled up over her hips the halter stretched between her breasts. She reached behind her neck and untied the halter then took hold of the hem of her dress and peeled it over her head and flung it to the floor. She was even more gorgeous naked except for her white silk string bikini panties. She adjusted them covering her pussy again, and fondled her own breasts seductively and looked at the impossibly distorted lump that filled Anthony’s pants.

“You know I love fucking with my panties on so please leave them on will you? That was so nice, I’m so unbelievably horny. You make me soooo hot! Now its your turn I’ve been a bit selfish.’

She kissed Anthony sweetly and he stood while she loosened his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. He hurriedly kicked his shoes and socks off as she unbuttoned his shirt kissing his chest with each popped button until all he wore was his shorts. She kissed him longingly and slid her hand inside his shorts to touch his aching cock. The moment her hand circled it gently he felt a huge throb and he knew he was too close to blowing his load.

‘ Mmmmmm you are excited.’ she purred. ‘I know what to do about that’ and she began stroking his cock with featherlike touch with one hand and running her fingernails lightly across his swollen balls with the other. He moaned excitedly and felt the throbs increase to crisis proportion then felt her pinch the rim and hold it tightly until the throbs subsided. ‘She was a fucking expert at this.’ He thought.

She started again teasing his thick shaft with her slender fingers circling his cock and her palm slapping to a rhythm that made him swoon with excitement. Her fingernails grazing his balls so lightly as to send shiver through him. As the throbs overtook him again and he felt his impending explosion, she stopped and squeezed his cock rim again in just the right place to quell the explosion. The ejaculation ceased but the orgasm continued and he found himself doubled over with pleasure and moaning loudly. Master and Johnson must employ her as a therapist she was so good at this.

‘I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I always say there’s no reason a man can’t enjoy multiple orgasms just like a woman. MMmmm and you are so big and hard. You look good enough eat.’ As she spoke the word ‘eat’ his cock spurted a little drip of pre cum and throbbed violently at the thought of her delectable mouth on it.

She smiled and slid to her knees and deftly licked the dribble of semen that oozed from his cock. He let out a long low moan as her lips touched his hyper sensitive tip and shivered involuntarily as she lapped at his cock greedily. Her hands began massaging his cock more firmly now as she began to envelop his tip with her moist warm mouth and she pumped at his shaft and sucked hard at the tip while flickering her tongue over it with each withdrawal. She teased his balls wildly until the tingles and shivers overcame him once more and he could feel a giant flood of cum welling up in him. He would spray her face with it there was no choice he could no longer help himself.

The pleasure and intensity was overpowering he felt the first spurt and the orgasm like a white flash before his eyes crippled with pleasure shaking with desire, wave after wave of pleasure passing over him alexis texas porno until he became conscious that she was once more holding back the full force of his tidal wave of cum. He looked down at her angelic face and saw the traces of a single burst of his passion dribbling from her fulsome lips as she swallowed and licked them greedily holding his explosive weapon tightly pincered against further escaping jism.

As his cock ceased throbbing and the pleasure subsided to a sensuous afterglow she quickly licked the tip clean and guided his cock to her pert breasts pausing momentarily to run the sticky tip around each erect nipple and then pressed her taut nipples against his cock hole. ‘Do you want to be inside me?’ She teased as she slid his cock between her tits and squeezed them greeting the tip with her warm wet mouth and slurping loudly. ‘Oh god yes!’ he blurted.

‘God I want to fuck you so badly.’ ‘Mmmmm I know you do honey and I want you inside me too. I’m so wet, so tight, so hot- for you, but I think you need a little rest before you blow my brains out with that beautiful cock of yours. Don’t you?’ She said seductively.

She stood letting his distorted cock drop from her hands and stood to kiss him with her sticky lips. He pulled her to him desperately feeling her divine skin beneath his touch caressing her sweet curves and fondling her exquisite ass and kissing her as gently and lovingly as if this was his first kiss ever or his last. She moved against him and he was conscious of his hardness touching her wet silk panties- a mere fragment of silk separating him from impending paradise.

‘ I want you to kiss my panties until I cum.’ she cooed as she lay back across the single bed spreading her legs so that she was reflected in the wall and ceiling mirrors. She began to stroke her wet panties. ‘Come and eat me, make me so hot that I scream and then fuck me hard and deep and fast. Eat me, then do me with that delicious cock -soon!’

She began to writhe and shiver as her fingers pressed her clit through the silk panties. Anthony fell to his knees and began kissing her inner thigh as she continued to moan and call him to ‘make me cum.’ He dispensed with subtlety and kissed his way quickly to her panties inside her leg and planted a huge wet kiss on her panties. The scent of her cum filled his olfactory senses with desire as he felt the dampness of them was like she had just emerged from a swimming pool and they were both aware of how sensitive they were. His first kiss on the shiny white fabric touched her and triggered a wave of shivers and pants and as she moaned appreciatively he began to suck at her clit through the silk.

Her first orgasm was tumultuous and she convulsed unexpectedly, quickly and then another and another followed it as he suckled and teased her swollen clit and massaged her labial folds. As she grew use to his touch her violent squealing and urging him to suck her harder began to abate, as waves of pleasure became the norm. He sensed the evenness of her passion and slid her panties aside and sucked at her clit again while shoving three fingers into her aching pussy plunging deep inside her feeling the wetness squirt from her tightness and her wet velvet folds envelop his fingers contracting around them as she convulsed in another delectable orgasm. She bucked and panted ‘ Fuck me now, from behind, do me fuck me with your beautiful cock.’

He withdrew his fingers from her and reached for two pillows from the bed and placed them beneath her as she bent over the bed, then stood up and grasped her hips from behind. His cock level with her sumptuous ass. She reached a hand behind and pulled her panties aside revealing her swollen pussy lips and he pressed his aching cock against the swollen slit eagerly. The first touch of her dampness made him throb and he savoured the feeling of wetness that drizzled on his cock tip and ran down the inside of her thighs. ‘Fuck me, do me now.’ she begged.

He wasted no time to press his engorged shaft into her ultra tight pussy. He loved the unbelievable tightness of this sexy young woman the sheer excitement of her squirting pussy made him feel like he had the biggest cock in the world going into the tightest cunt on earth. As his cock slid deep into her she shivered and her pussy which at first relaxed to take his hugeness into her contracted around him like a vice. ‘Oh god it’s so goooood your so big so hard Fuck me deep, deep, deep, deep!’ She squealed it was urgent now, they had waited for an eternity for this moment and now they both had to have it hard, fast deep and as urgently as possible.

Anthony slammed his cock into her as she requested, his balls slapping her clit as he thrust deep inside her. She gyrated against his thrusts and her pussy’s muscular contractions seemed to match his throbs. He felt like a stud in a porno film as his expert thrusts built her slowly and dynamically to climax. This wasn’t like her masturbation orgasms, short and intense, this built up, getting more and more exciting, more and more intense. The shivers and tingles that passed through Becky seemed to envelop her whole body and translate into floods of wetness, incoherent screams and shouts and contractions that clamped his cock like a vice almost sucking him into her with each stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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