The Using of a red-headed female

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He caressed her thighs, drawing pleasure at the satiny texture of the alabaster hued legs. He did so like them pale.
She shuddered at the touch, part fear, and part pleasure. She was scared of him… yet…she was almost on edge, wondering at what he would do.
He chuckled, reading her well. He knew what she wanted, what they all wanted.
He compared his dark skin to hers. Dark and pale, black and white, Yin and Yang. They were meant to be together. He knew as soon as he laid his eyes on her. She was too frightened to defy him, in fear of what he could do, so he could do what he wanted.

He let his hand stray further up her leg, to the apex of her thighs. He could feel the heat resonating, and knew she was soaked. She couldn’t hide her response from him.
He could not resist humiliating her further, so he laughed derisively. She went red, and tried to cover her nakedness, but he suddenly took her hand.

“Feel yourself”, he said, and pressed her hand to her mound. He drew her hand up, and it was wet. He laughed again.
“You’re such a slut.” He said, “You know you love this.”
He spread her legs apart and saw the liquid travelling on her leg.
“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” He said, flicking her clitoris gently. She squirmed, gasping loudly.

“Hmm…We can’t have you making too much noise.” he mused, getting off the bed. He walked a short distance and then came back with a strappy object in his hand. It was a small ball in the middle, attached to two pieces of leather, with some buckles.
“It’s a ball-gag” he said with a cruel smile on his face, in reply to her look of slight terror. “I’ll attach it to your mouth, and then I can do whatever I want without much noise from you.”

He grabbed her head before she realised it, and had shoved the gag in her mouth. He tied it in a few deft movements before spreading her legs again. He thrust a finger up her passage. Immediately he had the feel of fluid silk. She was that wet. She moaned, albeit a bit muffled, and shuddered again.
He started to move his finger inside her, stretching her, and adding fingers to three, alternating by flicking her clit with his thumb. She started breathing heavily, and was on the verge of coming before he took his hand away.
“Bad girls don’t get to come.”

He made himself comfortable on the bed. Then he looked at her
“Come here cunt.” She moved towards him, no knowing what to expect. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over his knee. It was then she realised that he was going to spank her, and she panicked. But once again, he was a step ahead of her. Before she could think to panic, he delivered a hard blow to her ass.
She let out a muffled scream of pain, before her eyes stung with tears. She tried to reach out her hands to cover her behind, but he had grabbed her hands and would not let her.

He caressed her bottom, in almost a loving fashion, shaping the red handprint that was evidence of her pain, rubbing the soft globes till she was squirming again.
Then he started the spanking. Alternating cheeks, he rained blows on her ass till it was all red, and tears and snot was streaming down her face. She let out wild muffled shrieks. Tears were staining her soft cheeks and were dripping onto the ball-gag.

When he saw this, he was angry.
“You bitch! You’re ruining my gag!”
He drew her up and tore it off her, before dragging her face down and forcing his giant, solid cock into her mouth.
“Suck on this, slut!”
She gagged on it, but couldn’t resist sucking. She deep-throated it, with tears streaming down gaziantep escort sitesi her face, looking up at him. Her humiliation was obvious.
He grabbed her, and drew her up again, and then threw her on the bed.
“You’re not done yet cunt” he growled.
Grabbing pillows, he stacked them in the middle of the bed. Taking her arm, he pulled her over the stack.

Draping her on the stack, he turned and walked over to the table nearby. On it was a butt plug, a vibrator, a dildo, a crop, some lube and various other sex toys, compliments of the adult shops he frequented. There was also some rope. Smirking slightly, he grabbed the plug and the lube. He was excited, he had never had much experience with this, and now he could finally re-enact his fantasy. Not that she was to know that. To her, it was as if he had done this numerous times. Hanging on the wall, just behind the table, was a pair of hand-cuffs. He took that too.

He came back to the bed, and grabbing her hands, he cuffed them behind her back. Because he couldn’t resist, he stepped back to scrutinize his handiwork. Her ass was red, just as he wanted it. And as an added bonus, her pussy was dripping with her juice. Reaching forward, he rubbed his palm over her puss, and smiled when she arched back onto his hand. Just what he wanted. Finally his plans were coming into action.

Before he got too carried away, he remembered the rope. Turning back to the table, he took the rope. He didn’t want her to squirm too much. Taking her right foot, before she could protest, he tied it to the bedpost. He did the same to the other foot. This left her bare and stretched out for his ministrations.

Taking the lube, he squeezed some onto his hand. Rubbing it between his hands, he approached the bed, and her waiting buttocks. He smeared some onto her anus, and watched her quiver. It was cold. Smiling, he grabbed each cheek and squeezed. This calmed her a little bit, and she relaxed. Before she realised, using his middle finger, coated in lube, he entered her ass slowly. That’s when she started to buck. He was braced for large protests, and lots of muffled screams, but then it dawned on him, that although she was moving, she was also moaning. She was moving against his hand, not away.
“So you’re an ass girl are you?” he said, chuckling. “You like that?” He rotated his finger, before he started plunging it in and out. He took her long, broken moan, and gasp as an affirmative.

He took his finger out. It was time for more fun. She protested, but was soon moaning again when he buried his face in her pussy. Smacking her ass, he said “Move it up higher slut!” She complied, wriggling in delight. He dragged his tongue up and down her slit, lapping up the droplets of liquid. She gasped and panted, like a dog.
“You are a slut aren’t you?” she groaned in reply. Smacking her ass hard, he said “I said, aren’t you? Answer your master bitch!”
“Yes! Yes I am!! I am such a whore! Please, let me feel your massive cock!” she cried out, for the first time.
“Not yet slut”
Moving away from her pussy again, he took the large plug.
“You’re going to love this” he said evilly.
Taking the butt plug, he placed it against her ass ring. He pressed it until it slid in, making her ass gape. She moaned again, half in pain, half in pleasure. Finally it slid in. Taking the handle, he wiggled it a bit, taking pleasure in watching her move. The handle of the dildo was like a spiral, so it looked like she had a tail.
“wag your tail bitch” she shook her head, feeling gaziantep escort forum humiliated. “I said wag your tail!” he said slapping her ass. She complied, jiggling her ass.
“Too slow cunt. I think you need a lesson….” Going to the table, he selected a paddle. Perfect he thought.

Coming back to the bed, he tapped the paddle against her ass. She turned to look at him, her eyes wide and pleading. He just smiled. Raising the paddle in the air, he brought it down with a resounding crack on her buttocks. She jumped and screamed shrilly. He turned away for a moment and brought back the ball-gag
“If you ruin this, you are in for more than a spanking, bitch, do you hear me?
She nodded jerkily, a fearful look apparent. He tied it around her head again. He picked up the paddle and tapped it on his palm. A few dozen should do it, he mused. Or maybe build up to them. Build up he decided. He didn’t want to tire her out too much. After all this was just the beginning.

Grinning, he raised the paddle, and rained slaps onto her already red backside. She bounced up and down and squeaked in surprise, as well as pain. She hadn’t fully comprehended what he was going to do. The punishment continued for another 5 minutes. When he stopped and looked at his work, he couldn’t help smiling at his genius. Not only was her ass a bright red, but she was on the verge of coming. Slipping his fingers between the lips of her pussy, he found he was right. Stroking his fingers idly through her cunt, he contemplated what he would do. To her, of course. He smiled. He had an idea. He removed the ball-gag first.

Taking the dildo, he pressed it against pussy. She stiffened. He plunged the dildo in and out, while absently rubbing his cock. She began to moan. He was getting aroused again. She was trashing around on the bed, her ass in the air, rotating it around. Taking the dildo out, he replaced it with his dick

He stroked in and out, spanking her ass all the while, alternating between each cheek. She started panting. Her climax was close. She exploded, and her juices cascaded down to cover his cock. He pulled out of her pussy, and came on top of her red ass.

She shuddered. She had never come so hard before. She felt…worn out.
“You’re not done yet, slut” he said. She raised her eyes. He had moved around the bed and his thick, dark cock was inches away from her face. “I do believe you have an appointment with big fella here?”. He removed the gag. She swallowed hard and traced her lips with her tongue. She couldn’t help it. He just looked so….appetizing. Reaching with her tongue, she made to lick him, but he moved away. She frowned in confusion, but he had remembered something. “Not as yet, whore. There’s still your butt plug to deal with?” he reminded her evilly.

Her eyes became wide. She had apparently forgotten.
He smiled with pleasure. He just came up with a pleasing idea. Pleasure for him, that is….with some for her, of course. He came forward again, his large dick jutting out magnificently. Taking it in his big hands, he rubbed the almost purple, mushroom-shaped cock head onto her soft lips.
“Do it”, came the order
She opened her mouth, slightly unsure, and licked the broad tip. It was a salty taste, but not unpleasant. Becoming braver, she took a longer lick. When she looked up at him in question, he nodded. This added to her courage. Gathering up her muster, she opened her mouth wide, and enveloped him in. Her head started to bob up and down on his enormous dick.

He enjoyed the sight, escort gaziantep and feel, of her red head hungrily eating his cock. Her ass was up in the air. It was still red in places. Reaching over, he grasped the butt plug by its “tail”. She stopped.
“Did I say stop?”
She continued, but now at a slower pace. She didn’t know what he was going to do.
He waited until she went back to her original rhythm, before twisting it around. This made her moan around his cock. She attacked his cock with extra vigour. He kept twisting the plug around, and around in her hole.

Then he took it out. In one movement, he had it out, her turned around, and his cock buried in her ass in another. This made her gasp and almost scream. He sighed sadly, and took the gag and shoved it in her mouth. He didn’t want her screaming the walls down…even if they were soundproof.

He stroked in, and out. She was writhing in pleasure, and he couldn’t deny his. Absently, her fingers stole to her pussy, while she was moaning muffledly. She was dripping. She started stroking herself, she couldn’t help it. This added even more to her pleasure. He felt the movements and smiled. “Don’t deny your sluttish instincts whore” he chuckled, before adding his fingers to her pussy. He plunged in and out, digitally to her pussy, and with his dick to her ass.

His pleasure was building. And so was hers. He came with an exultant shout in her ass. She was right behind him. Breathing deeply, he eased his penis out of her ass. Cum was dripping out of her ass, and it was slightly gaping. She collapsed on her front, on the bed in exhaustion. Her face was buried on the pillow.

He grasped her leg and re-tied it to the bedpost. Their previous…activities…had undid the knots. He did the same with the other leg. She was a bit frantic now. What was he going to do? The door opened and closed. She felt something or someone enter the room. Footsteps padded on the carpeting of the room. Someone was breathing deeply. She craned her head to the side, but she couldn’t make out who or what it was.

She felt something cold and wet at her centre. It flicked its tongue at her pussy. She went into full fledged panic mode. It was a dog. He grinned. The dog started to lick happily at her pussy, entering every crevice. She was helpless to stop it. She started gasping and moaning again. This dog is amazing, she thought. Its tongue flicked at her clit. She stiffened, and came in rush. The dog lapped every little bit up. Then his tongue aimed towards her ass. It started to lick her ass, lapping up all the sperm oozing out. She started to babble muffled. She was out of her mind in pleasure. He made a move towards her and removed her gag.

“Fuck me, fuck me, let him fuck me” she moaned. He grinned. Making his way to the dog, he positioned its already stiff cock into her hole. The dog surged forwards and she moaned loudly. Moving to her again he rubbed his already rock-hard cock and shoved it in her mouth. She started to once again to move her head up and down on his knob, while the dog was pumping in and out of her. She had never felt like this before.

The dog pumped faster and faster, entering her just a little bit deeper each time till his knot entered her too. He stopped and came in her pussy, his cum spewing from the end of his dick, dribbling out and down her legs.

She was done. She gasped tiredly and moaned around his cock as his cum spewed into her mouth. She swallowed slowly, some dribbles of cum escaping her mouth.
“Please let me sleep now” she whispered “I’m so tired…”
He caressed her cheek softly, before moving to undo the knots on the bedpost. Picking her up, he laid her down on the bed, drawing the comforter up and over her.

Her eye-lids slowly closed, but not before she looked at him and whispered
“I love you”
he smiled and said “I love you too…wife.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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