The Village Sluts Ch. 36-38

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Fetish Warning (Please Read if New):

The Village Sluts is a story focused around two women who continue to grow their bond and fall in love as they experiment with their shared fetishes. This story, therefore, contains strong scat and pee play. This includes smearing, tasting, eating, soiling, etc. Puke and puke play are also coming commonplace as the story progresses. If you do not share these fetishes, please stop reading. If you do continue to read and are put off by these inclusions, that was your own choice, and please do not rate the story poorly because of it. All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.

Author’s Note:

Sorry this release took such a long time to come out. It was obviously never my intention to make you wait this long for the next part of the series, but a mixture of work and writer’s block left me struggling to release this on schedule. As mentioned in a previous post, this series is coming to an end, and, unless I come up with another story point in the meantime, I imagine the next set of chapters will be the last. I can’t confirm this yet, but I’m beginning to really struggle with this series and find that I’m losing interest. I’ll still try to make a fitting ending and, if that means more than one more release, so be it. I may return to this series in the future, but I have new ideas for stories for now.

Thanks to all the readers who have read and enjoyed my story up to this point. I know that it is larger than the majority of the works on Literotica and I can imagine it is intimidating for new readers. All comments are read and appreciated so if you have any ideas please let me know! I hope you continue to read and enjoy this series.

Chapter 36: The Returning Challenger

Jane tossed her suitcase on her bed, shoving some clean clothes back in her dresser and dumping the rest into her clothes hamper. She shoved the empty case back in her closet before laying down on the bed herself. Just coming home from her family vacation, Jane wanted nothing more than to run next door to talk to her two favorite girls. Unfortunately, getting home and immediately rushing out would be suspicious; especially if she was caught visiting her neighbors. She was going to have to wait this one out.

Scrolling through her phone killed some time but Jane soon found that boring. Her attempts to catch on some TV shows ended similarly and resulted in a move to her computer. Checking emails Jane was hopeful for an acceptance letter for university but, when her inbox was only full of spam and ads, she quickly became depressed and shut her laptop. Only thirty minutes had passed; not a large amount of time but at least it was something.

Jane slid her phone into the front pocket of her shorts and left her room, walking to the front door when she was stopped.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Jane’s mom stood in the doorway; arms crossed.

Jane pushed passed her, bending down to put on and tie her shoes, “I’m going to Claire’s for a bit, probably won’t be back for supper.”

“Claire’s? Your friend Claire?”

“No, mom. The Claire that I met on the street the other day. We really hit it off. She might be a prostitute, but I think it’s rude to judge someone by their profession,” Jane sneered, standing upright, “Yes, obviously my friend Claire.”

‘That was uncalled for,” her mother replied, only half-joking, “Don’t you want to spend some time with us? I mean we just got home from vacation. There’s no need to go running out.”

“That’s exactly why I’m running out. I’ve been stuck with you for two weeks and now I want to go see my friends. Bye.” Jane left before her mom could say anything else, worried she might stop her. She felt a little bad lying to her parents; they had always had a good relationship. Still, it was for the best. Telling them that she was going next door to likely have shit sex with her neighbor and her neighbor’s girlfriend probably wouldn’t go over well.

Looking through the window in her peripheral vision, Jane confirmed that her mother had left before descending the front steps and walking down the street. Just to ensure that her parents weren’t going to see her, Jane walked past Chloe’s house and entered through the gate on the far side; block from the view of her house. She snuck around the side of the house before making it to the backdoor, giving a few solid knocks on the sliding glass door.

Chloe answered, the girl quickly rushing over when she saw Jane and pulling open the door, “Hey Jane!” she hugged the teen, “I can’t believe you’re finally back!”

The warmth of Chloe’s grip felt good as Jane relaxed in the girl’s arms. She had missed this and already felt her sorely neglected pussy ache. Over Chloe’s shoulder, Jane scanned the room, “Is Anna here, or is she at home?” she asked.

“What do you mean? We moved in together, remember? We did that a few weeks ago. I thought we told you but maybe not.” Chloe continued the hug, noticing Jane’s strong smell and appreciating the aroma for a few Ataşehir Grup Escort more seconds, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you kind of stink.”

Finally, Jane felt relief as Chloe released her, “I know you well enough to know that’s a compliment. In fact, I did it for you. Well, you and Anna. Passed on using the shower in the hotel for the last four days of my vacation. Would have gone longer but I think my parents would have been more bothered than they already were. And I was getting itchy,” Jane added.

A toilet flushed and Ann walked out of the bathroom, joining the two girls by the backdoor, “Hey Jane, I thought I heard you. How are you doing?” She too hugged the girl; all be it a much shorter one than Chloe’s.

“Apparently she’s good. But also unwashed and very dirty. Four days without a shower,” Chloe answered for the girl.

Anna looked at the teen wide-eyed, “Is that true?”

“See for yourself,” Jane dropped her shorts to the floor and opened up the front of her panties.

Chloe dipped her hand into the soiled fabric, simultaneously kissing Jane on the lips. Feeling around, it seemed Jane’s claims were true. Thick layers of dried cream were spread on Jane’s lips, her smooth skin now rough. Digging deeper, Chloe pushed a finger inside, wiggling it around before pulling it out and bringing it to her face. Glistening with fresh cum, crusty bits had also stuck to her skin. Sniffing it gave off a rich aroma of both sweet and sour coming from the fresh and old cream respectively. Chloe used her tongue to clean her digit, savoring the musky taste as she rolled Jane’s nectar around her mouth.

“Fuck I need some that,” Anna drooled, watching Chloe finish cleaning her finger. She walked Jane to the living room, dropping the girl’s panties and pushing her onto the couch. The brunette seemed to understand what was expected and stuck her legs up in the air, spreading them for easier access. With the doors open, Anna dug her face between Jane’s legs. Sweat was strong on the pale skin, a telltale sign of not showering Anna had come to realize. The better view also let her see just how much cream was coating the teen’s pink lips; globs ranging from white to almost yellow sticking to her flesh.

“Only four days?” Anna asked flabbergasted, “That’s a lot of build-up for four days.”

Jane moaned as she felt Anna begin to stroke her vagina, “I haven’t showered for four days, that much is true, but I also haven’t cum in over two weeks. Every day I woke up wetter with the anticipation of coming back here.”

“Two weeks?” Anna cooed, “That is much too long.” She began slowly petting Jane’s erect clit. With each pass, Anna found the girl’s lips swell, eventually becoming red and swollen as blood flowed freely to them. She could feel Jane shudder under her hand, clearly desperate to cum.

“Mmm… fuck,” Jane bit her lower lip, “I really needed this.” She leaned back into the couch, laying her head on the armrest. Chloe’s lips on her were a surprise as the brunette leaned over and kissed Jane, locking lips in their upside-down position.

Moving her face between Jane’s legs, the smell of the unclean teen intensified. “Was the hotel out of toilet paper?” Anna asked, pushing Jane upward so that her ass was exposed. Sure enough, spreading the pale cheeks revealed thick streaks of dried shit surrounding Jane’s sphincter. The smell of stale feces rushed towards Anna’s face and filled the redhead’s nose with the earthy stench.

“Ugh… No,” Jane moaned as Chloe began pinching the girl’s nipples, squeezing the sensitive nubs and tugging on Jane’s piercings, “I just skipped wiping the last few days I was there. Thought you would like a little surprise. You know just how to turn me on, don’t fucking stop,” she begged Chloe, keeping her eyes shut rather than looking at the girl directly.

Anna inhaled the smell deeply one final time, Jane’s pussy mixing with sweat and the predominate fragrance of shit. “Tsk tsk tsk,” Anna removed her head from Jane’s legs, shaking it from side to side, “You are going to get cleaned up before we go any further. I don’t want to get sick if I end up eating you out.” The ‘if’ in that statement very unneeded; Anna was definitely going to be tasting a week’s worth of cream and sweat. But, staying in character, she stood up and quickly jogged to the bathroom, grabbing a container of baby wipes she and Chloe had bought for their own cleanup, and returning to the living room. Popping open the container, Anna pulled out one of the moist wipes and ran it down Jane’s crack, using the other hand to spread the girl’s cheeks.

Jane jumped slightly, feeling the cool, damp sheet against her skin. “Fuck, that’s cold,” she squirmed. With each stroke from Anna, however, Jane’s skin climatized and she began enjoying the pressure being applied to her rear. The first wipe was tossed to the floor as Anna got to work with a second, Jane staring at the now brown-streaked cloth that was laying just below her head. The moisture seemed to have the desired effect, easily removing any feces Ataşehir Manken Escort that had dried to her skin and leaving flakes on the wipe.

Getting more daring, Anna pushed the tip of her index finger inside Jane’s asshole, still wrapped in the baby wipe she was using. The sudden surprise caused Jane to jump once more before settling into the probing. Between Chloe’s aggressive fondling of her breasts and Anna’s anal exploration, Jane found her body quickly become overwhelmed with stimulation. Her vagina needed attention, now. “That’s good enough Anna,” Jane whimpered, pushing the girl’s finger out with her asshole, “Clean my filthy cunt, and use your tongue. I don’t want any silly baby wipes getting rid of all this flavor.”

Anna didn’t need to be told twice, quickly discarding the final wipe and lowering herself back between Jane’s spread thighs. With one pass of her tongue along Jane’s crusty labia, Anna felt her entire body contract; she almost came on the spot. The richness mixed with salty sweat and a subtle sweetness was stronger than anything she had ever experienced. She couldn’t comprehend how the teen had become so flavorful; both herself and Chloe had gone days without showering before but the aftermath was nothing compared to this.

“Fuck, you need to taste this,” Anna mumbled, unable to pull her mouth away.

Ending her lengthy kiss with Jane, Chloe walked around the side of the couch, tracing her hand down the teen’s body as she walked until she reached her erect clit. Holding the back of Anna’s neck, Chloe pulled her girlfriend’s head up and pushed her tongue into the girl’s mouth. Jane’s sweet cum was spread throughout and Chloe worked to remove it, enjoying the musky flavor of unwashed cunt. Not satisfied, Chloe lowered her head between Jane’s spread legs, sucking on the pale labia and enjoying the flavor directly from the source. By licking the areas that her girlfriend seemed to miss, Chloe found the flavor of sweat to be much more prevalent then what was in Anna’s mouth. Gathered between the folds of her skin and just below her vagina, Jane’s skin had a salty flavor that was quite enjoyable. Whether the perspiration was from a prior date or caused by their promiscuous activities, Chloe didn’t know.

With focus shifting to Jane’s clit, it wasn’t long before the girl felt her orgasm, two weeks in the making, finally get set free. Jane’s toes curled as Chloe continued to furiously flick her tongue across ever increasingly sensitive clit, a few squirts of cum spraying between her lips and coating the bottom of Chloe’s face. “Ugh… Chloe… You need… You need to stop,” Jane panted, pushing the brunette off her. After such a long period of time without release, Jane needed a moment to compose herself. She took a few deep breaths, closing her eyes and waiting for the moment to pass.

Wiping her chin with the back of her hand, Chloe sat up, “Sorry, Anna was right. You just taste so good!” With all the excitement, Chloe found her own clit aching for attention but chose to ignore it. If Jane waited for two weeks she could wait a few more hours. When Jane came to, Chloe helped the girl get dressed, holding her shoulder as she stood to pull up her pants. Wanting to continue to wallow in her filth, Jane decided to put her filthy panties back on; a decision that only furthered Chloe’s hunger.

It seemed their fun was over, however, the three girls sitting back down on the couch together, Jane talking about her trip. Soon the conversation ran dry and matters turned to what the rest of the day would hold for the trio. “So, do you have any plans for the rest of the day?” Chloe was the first to change the subject.

Jane shrugged, “I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone. I told my parents that I was going to a friend’s house and probably wouldn’t be back for dinner. That gives us at least the night and worse case I could call and say I decided to sleep over.”

“Mmm… I wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with you tonight,” Anna moaned, mindlessly tracing Jane’s nipple through the girl’s shirt, “And what are these ideas you have?”

“It might take some shopping, but I was thinking that we could have a little challenge between the three of us. We all take laxatives and see who can last the longest.” Jane purred.

“And what does the winner get?” Anna whispered.

A smile crept onto Jane’s face, “That’s the best part. Everyone has to release in a bucket and then the winner gets to dump it on the two losers. When they’re nice and dirty, they have to make the winner cum.”

“Fuck that sounds hot,” Chloe felt her pussy drip at the thought of coating Anna and Jane in a shit slurry, “And, I’m pretty sure we have all that stuff too. From the uh…”

“Oh! The camping trip!” Anna excitedly interrupted. Leaping from the couch, she ran to the bathroom and swung open the medicine cabinet. Sure enough, the bottle of extra strength laxatives was sitting front and center. She quickly grabbed them and ran back into the living room, tossing the bottle into Jane’s lap, “Will these do?”

“Perfect!” Ataşehir Masöz Escort Jane smiled, “And something to shit in?”

“There’s a pail in the garage, I’ll go get it,” Chloe groaned, standing up from the couch.

“When was the last time you went?” Anna asked Jane ass he pulled her top overhead, unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the floor shortly after.

Jane started with her pants, taking them off for the second time in twenty minutes, “A couple days. You? I heard you in the bathroom when I first got here, that better have just been pee.”

“Don’t worry, it was,” Anna confirmed, “I think the last time I went was… Thursday? So three days. I don’t know for sure though, I’ve been in the habit of holding it for so long now that everything just kind of blurs together.”

“So you’re full too then, good. What is this camping trip by the way? I don’t remember you talking about it ever,” Jane asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Anna wriggled out of her pants and panties, “A week after Chloe and I first met… fuck that was like three months ago,” Anna realized just how long she had been with Chloe, somewhat taken aback. “Anyways, I went on a camping trip with my family and Chloe made a bunch of rules and made me take laxatives and stuff.”

“You should have seen the shit she made when she came home,” Chloe walked back into the room, pail in tow, “A week of not shitting and four laxatives… Probably the biggest load she’s ever had.”

“It was a good one,” Anna grinned, “Now get naked, we’re going to have some fun.”

Chloe obliged, stripping out of her clothes and joining the other two girls in full nudity. The air conditioner left the room cool and immediately Chloe’s nipples stiffened in the chilling air. She gave them a little squeeze while inspecting the pill bottle that she grabbed from the couch, “Two pills is the recommend amount.” Unscrewing the top, Chloe peered inside the bottle, “We’ve got one two three four five… nine pills left! So, enough for three each!” Starting with Anna, Chloe shook out three pills in each girl’s hand, ending with her own. Jane seemed nervous as she gulped down the pills, drinking the glass of water that Anna provided to wash them down.

“How long do these take to work?” Jane asked, rubbing her stomach.

“The bottle says twenty minutes but, speaking from experience, it’s closer to an hour. Buckle in though, when it hits, you’ll know it,” Anna hopped back down on the couch, enjoying the soft fabric against her naked ass.

“What are we going to do while we wait?” Jane asked, sitting in the middle of the couch with Chloe filling the remaining seat seconds later.

“Pizza and a movie?” Chloe asked, pulling out her phone to make the order before getting an answer. Having done this before, Chloe knew what to get; 2 large pizzas, one meat lovers, and one deluxe. She wasn’t a huge fan of deluxe pizza (green peppers were not a flavor she enjoyed) but it was Jane’s favorite and Anna didn’t mind it.

The movie took more discussion, the three girls eventually deciding on a rom-com on Netflix that none of them had watched. Truthfully, they weren’t very interested in the predictable flick. Given their situation, however, they knew that the movie likely wouldn’t be paid much attention anyway.

“Shit the pizza is here,” the chime of the doorbell notified Chloe of the arrival of their dinner. “Go answer the door babe, I’m watching the movie,” Chloe gave Anna a light spank as the girl stood up.

Anna sighed, “Pretty sure you just don’t want to get up.” The redhead grabbed the twenty-dollar bill off the counter and walked to the door before remembering that she was completely naked. “Shit. Chloe, can you toss me clothes?” Anna called into the living room.

“Come get them yourself!” Chloe called back.

The excessive ringing of the doorbell caused Anna to stop after walking only a few steps. “Fuck it, I don’t want this person leaving while I get dressed…” she muttered, spinning back around. Anna opened the door, trying her best to hind behind it but the frosted glass did little to cover her silhouette. She stuck her head around the door and took a good look at the person behind it. The delivery boy looked to be about twenty, greasy dirty-blonde hair almost as long as Jane’s spilling out from under a company ball cap.

“Uh, eighteen dollars,” he stuttered, red in the face.

Anna reached her hand out, handing the kid the twenty-dollar bill, “Keep the change,” she felt herself blushing.

“Thanks,” he took the cash and stuffed it in his pocket. He attempted to hand Anna the boxes but couldn’t fit them through the small crack in the door, “I’m sorry but you’re going to have to open the door a little more so I can give you these pizzas. The boxes are just a little… big.”

Nervously, Anna pulled the door open just wide enough to let the boxes in. Unfortunately, the trade was fumbled, and she stepped forward to grab the pizzas, exposing the entire right half of her body to the teen. Immediately Anna saw his face turn a deeper red as his eyes fell to her exposed nipple and breast. The bulge in his pants didn’t go unnoticed either, ‘I guess that’s to be expected,’ she thought to herself. With her hands full, Anna couldn’t cover herself and stepped back behind the door, calling out an awkward “thank you” before slamming it shut.

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