The Voice on the Phone

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About a year ago I started a new job, which requires me to answer the phones from time to time. Most of our calls are from regular clients and other firms that we work with on a consistent basis.

As I became more confident in my position, I started doing more and more with the client interaction. This has lead me to deal with some other firms on an almost daily basis, including one legal firm in particular.

Now, I’m sure many of you have heard that voice on the phone that just gets you all worked up and you may not even know why. This firm has one such employee, a paralegal by the name of Molly. She just sounds hot and she makes legal speak sound sexy! Over the last few months I have talked to her many times and I have a picture in mind that I see every time we talk.

Luck was with me one December day. The boss decided to send gifts to all our regulars for the holidays, your typical thank you package of candy and nuts. Since I am the new guy still, I get to make the deliveries. Twenty gift packages are loaded and I’m on my way.

I wind around from location to location, dropping off a gift at each business or home. My final stop is Granderson and Jones, the firm where Molly works. I hop out of the truck, cross the street and enter the plain looking little office building.

“Can I help you?” asks a woman at the front counter. Her name plate says Mary, so I know I need to figure something out to talk to Molly.

“Oh sure, thanks. I am with Brandsen Service Company and I was going to drop off this package for you all to share.”

She perks up and looks at the candy. “Oh, ok, I can take that. I’ll put it in the break room, the gifts from Brandsen are always really good!”

“I’ll let Mr Brandsen know you said that. Oh, is Molly in by chance?”

Mary just grins a little more, “Sure, you need to talk to her?”

“Well, I don’t NEED to, but you know mobil porno how it is nice to put a face with the voice on the phone sometimes.”

Mary hits a couple buttons and then buzzes me in through the office door.

“Molly is the third door on the left.”

I thanked Mary and reminded her to enjoy the candy. I walked calmly back down the hallway and found a door slightly ajar with the name Molly Green on a door plate. I knock gently and hear that voice from inside.

“Come on in Tom,” she says.

I open the door and step in. I barely get in the door when I get a look at Ms Molly Green. She is seated, but she looks quite fit. Her hair is in a neat pony tail and her jacket makes her look quite smart. I must have been staring or something…

“Have a seat!”

“Oh, yeah, thanks,” I say as I find a chair. “I just figured since I was here I would come back and say hi. You know… put a face with the voice.”

“Sure, I’m glad you did, now we both know who we are talking to.”

We chat for a few minutes and she offers me a drink. I decide since it is my last stop I can have one anyway. She makes a couple of mixed drinks and hands me one. Instead of returning to her desk chair, she sits on the edge of her desk letting her legs dangle.

Molly is only about 5 foot 3, but she has an amazing body. Lucky for me on this day she is wearing a skirt that falls just above her knees. Every time I take a sip, I take a quick glance at that dark void between her legs or at her chest. I can’t help myself, this is one hot woman.

“Are you hot? Feels like Mary must have turned the furnace up a little much. She does that from time to time,” she says.

“Yeah, it is a little warm in here,” I say as I take off my jacket. Molly nearly blows my mind as she peels off her jacket, leaving only a thin white blouse with what is clearly a lacy bra underneath. I swear alman porno I can see the exact shape of her tits as she sits there sipping her drink.

We chat for a few another fifteen minutes or so and have another drink each. Finally the alcohol begins to take effect, and I wonder just how strong she made these things. She gets off her desk and turns to reach for something on the other side. I decide to go for it and I reached up, grabbing her hips… pulling her down onto my lap. She plops down, a little startled at first. My little soldier is at full attention, and makes himself very well known through my khakis and her skirt. She doesn’t move, but instead takes a sip of her drink. I reach over and push her door shut.

She sets her drink on the desk and leans back against me. I run my hands around her hips and up across her abdomen. I unbutton the blouse in a gentle but speedy fashion. I waste no time opening her shirt and grabbing two big handfuls of her beautiful breasts. The bra is a front clasp, so I free those soft and bountiful mounds from their restraint.

She begins moaning lightly and I can feel my heart begin to race. She stands up slighty and unzips her skirt… sliding it down to about her knees. She takes my and slides it underneath her. My fingers make instant contact with her moist slit… no panties… gotta love it. I begin to massage her gently as she holds herself in that position. My other hand reluctantly leaves her breast and quickly unzips my pants. I raise my ass a little and force the pants down to about my knees. She begins to sit and reaches between her legs. She grabs my cock and gets it in a fully upright position.

With no hesitation she lowers herself down onto my cock, sinking it fully to the hilt. She rocks back and forth as I reach around and continue enjoying her large tits. My cock is being massaged alexis texas porno by one of the tightest and hottest pussies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She begins to rock faster and faster, slamming her pussy down against me.

Suddenly she grabs my hands and squeezes them with all her might. Her pussy simultaneously milks my cock and I make no attempt to stop it. My seed erupts from deed inside my balls to deep inside her pussy. I raise up, forcing my cock deeper inside her as I pump a huge load of cum into her.

She holds her breath and then lets out a huge moan. There is no way the neighboring offices could avoid hearing us at this point, or even avoid smelling us! The stench of sex seems to have filled the room and probably even found its way out through any crack possible.

Finally she relaxes against me and I continue to massage her tits. She turns her head slightly and gives me a kiss. We sit like this, our bodies united as one, for a few minutes until my cock begins to soften. She then reluctantly stands and begins straightening her clothes. I just enjoy the show as she flashes me one more time before pulling up her skirt and putting her jacket back on. I stand to pull up my pants and she gives my balls a quick squeeze.

“I think you should hand delivering more documents or maybe we should discuss more of these clients face to face,” she says.

“I couldn’t agree more! I think maybe I’ll find a way to justify the twenty minute drive to the boss.”

“How about if I request that we meet here, so we can discuss these matters directly?”

“That would be perfect!” I add with as much enthusiasm as I can without sounding like a school boy with a new toy.

She gives me another good kiss and slip my tongue in. We french for a couple minutes and then she goes back behind her desk. I open her door slightly and give her a wink. She smiles as I leave her office and make my way back to front door, Mary gives me a little wave and a smile as I leave this office.

(Author’s note – This one is a little shorter, but I’m leaving the door open to write some more parts for this one. I’ll look for commentary!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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