The VP and the Wife

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As the newest VP for Western Districts Farmers Co-op, I specialize in dairy (Milk) products, it was no surprise to receive an invitation to the company’s annual get together at the CEO’s luxurious home. What was surprising was that the invitation included a hand written note from the big mans wife.

The CEO’s wife in immaculate copperplate handwriting, in real ink, was enthusiastically looking forward to meeting my wife and me and being aware of the long distance we had to travel was only too pleased to be able to offer us a guest bedroom. We could then enjoy the dinner and join in to celebrate our first VP group encounter. We were expected to arrive anything up to 24 hours before the event so we could settle in and rest before the evening’s activities. An RSVP giving an approximate time of arrival was all she wanted, she would arrange to be available to greet us. A map of the state capital with a large sticker, ‘We are here’ was included.

I showed this enigmatic invitation to my wife, what was an encounter? As the junior VP why were we getting such hospitality? It certainly solved the problem of arriving tired and travel worn, or booking an expensive hotel for two nights in the state capital.

We had soon agreed upon an itinerary. Take a full day to drive there arrive at seven pm the day before the big event. I would leave the wives and do a days work in head office meeting and greeting. We would enjoy the event. Then drive back over the weekend making a break half way to do a visit to old stamping grounds and catch up with old friends. The company expense account more than covered the price for gas and motel.

My wife slaved for what seemed like hours writing a reply. She had used many sheets of paper copying and re-copying, trying to get her handwriting anywhere near as good as the CEO’s wife’s. The reply was posted, we received a phone call on the answering machine, a very friendly warm motherly voice. “Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 7:00 pm. Have a safe journey. Laura.”

We set out on our 12-hour drive, we were careful and swapped the driving every two hours. We did not get lost, we did not have a flat nor did we run out of gas, a dream trip. Not one roadside accident site, no speed cops, no road rage incident. Things were going just too good to be true. We rolled up to the iron gate of the CEO’s mansion and saw the TV lens follow us to a stop. The gate opened and admiring the smooth lawn, the flowered garden beds and well-tended roses drove up the horseshoe drive. A garage door was opening, a sure invitation to enter. As we hesitated a florid woman waved to us from within. “Come in Dear’s the coffee pot has just boiled, stretch walk around, and relax. Your base is my home town. I know from experience what a trial that road can be. You are here exactly on time you must have had a good trip. Oh I’m Laura.” She fussed on and on and took my wife into a fond motherly embrace then rushed round the car and gave me a similar hug. “Hello Mrs….” Was all I got out before she interrupted, me. “My name is Laura, I will have it no other way, now let me help you with your bags and I will show you to your room. Now I know you are Jimmy and this lovely person must be Lizbeth. I hope I got that right dear.” The woman was a tad overpowering. She was short, fat and nothing like we expected. A real plain Jane.

I took our two small suit cases from the trunk and refused to let Laura take one. She almost snatched Lizbeth’s vanity case from her hand and said, “Follow me.” The garage door began to descend tecavüz porno and we were in the lions den.

As we were led to our room our hostess pointed out the way back to the less formal rooms of the large house. “Family room there, kitchen there, downstairs bathroom there, and you will be able to find your way back to the garage through the door with a car outline on it. Now I have put you in here.”

She opened a door to a sumptuous bedroom suite all done in Blue. The door said ‘Blue Room’ a door directly opposite said ‘Green Room’. “There is an en-suite through there, fresh towels and robes. You will both want to freshen up. You will be in this wing alone tonight but there will be another of the VP’s in the Green Room tomorrow night. Barry and I live in the other wing.” She waved a hand vaguely back through the open door.

“Ok, Jimmy, Lizbeth I have a late supper and a chilled glass of champagne waiting in the family room. Barry won’t be here this evening so its just us. Get settled in and I will see you soon.” She put the valise on the end of the huge bed and swept out the door closing it gently behind her.

“Wow,” Said Lizbeth. “Very much the mother figure.” She walked to the en-suite door. “There is room for two in this shower.” A woolen jumper flew at me followed by a skirt. I wasted no time getting undressed and joined my sexy wife in the welcoming warm water.

I resisted temptation and re-dressed and urged Lizbeth to hurry, “Laura obviously expects us to unwind in her company we better go taste the food and drink, at least a glass of bubbly.” I know only too well how my wife likes to unwind after a long road trip. I had almost had to get cross to escape from the shower. And watching Lizbeth toweling off in a very provocative way was not helping my resolve to be good.

“You know what champagne does to me Jimmy you had better be extra special tonight.”

She opened her suit case, put on sexy underwear and short skirt, and scoop necked blouse. I watched her stow away her beautiful body. She ran a brush through her short red hair put a touch of lipstick to her cupid bow lips and ruffled my hair.

“Come on then, run a comb through this I’m ready and there you watching like a voyeur.”

I hastily complied. I had been picking up discarded clothes.

Lizbeth led the way, she has an instinct for houses. She politely knocked the door to the family room and we joined Laura beside a roaring real wood fire. “Come sit Lizbeth while Jimmy opens the champagne. It’s in the bar fridge, dear boy.”

I did as I was told and Lizbeth sat beside Laura on the large leather settee. We spent a very pleasant evening with Laura being a very gracious hostess. Talk ranged from our life in her home town and how it had changed since she lived there to how good it was that the company had a resident VP to represent the dairy industry interests. He father had been a milk producer.

Laura had produce a variety of club sandwiches and mini pizza’s and some spicy chicken wings and a second bottle of champagne had been opened and emptied when I finally agreed to Lizbeth’s imploring glances towards the bedroom. Laura caught Lizbeth yawning.

“I am keeping you young people up, off you go I will leave cereal and bread out for you to make your breakfast Jimmy as I know you are expected at the office. You need to leave just before 8:00 am to miss the worst of the traffic it will get you there by 8:30 leave ten minutes later and it will take twice as long. I rarely 18 porno rise before 11:00 so I will see you when I see you Lizbeth, good night dears.” And she shooed us off.

Lizbeth was as demanding as she had warned me, she had my pants undone before I could shut the bedroom door and was licking up and down and round and round while trying to get out of her clothes. It was at least an hour before I had satisfied her itch. I would get only 7 hours sleep.

Friday morning was also uneventful, the drive into the head office was as Laura described easy before the worst of the traffic, with only one major and two minor through city roads to cross. I found the company car park and was delighted to find the man at the entrance knew who I was and that a parking space was reserved for me. I had a productive day in the office. I drove back to the CEO’s home I had not caught up with him all day. I was a little alarmed when the same garage door opened to let me into the house, with no-one in obvious attendance.

I found Lizbeth in her black half cup bra and lace panties. ” I had such a nice afternoon with Laura she really looks upon all the VP’s wives as her children she has been busy checking up that they all have baby sitters and limousines to pick them up and take them back. She has been really busy yet found time to talk to me about you and the job and the farmers back home. She is so nice. I have your Tux pressed and even ironed your shirt, well actually Laura did that she guessed I did not know how to iron a shirt!”

I stripped off and showered then joined Lizbeth who was burnishing her hair. She was still counting ninety eight, ninety nine, and one hundred. Her hair shone like spun copper.” I got into the freshly ironed clothes and Lizbeth fixed the clip on bow tie the put on her ‘come fuck me dress’. And we were ready, 10 minutes early. I talked about my day in the city office to fill in the time. Lizbeth had seen the CEO briefly, he had got home an hour before me, but had just briefly waved to her and taken Laura aside for urgent business.

“Ok Lizbeth onwards and upwards, rumors have it that the CEO is rather a ladies man and as you are new he will be after you this evening. Be careful but don’t disappoint. This company is going places and we want to go with it.” Lizbeth hugged me and gave me a brief kiss.

“Of course darling shall I let him grope my bottom or can I let him go a little further?”

“Hussey I will watch you like a hawk but a little grope would seem to be his idea of getting to know the wives.”

“Know what he likes darling? I bet it’s the same as all you men like.”

“Behave Lizbeth, lets go.”

The way to the large formal wing of the home was obvious by the noise of many people in animated conversation and we were swept up in the meet and greet activities. We were sat quite a way down the large table, 14 VP’s and spouses plus two other company officials and their wives and the CEO and Laura presiding over the sumptuous meal. There was at least five waitresses and a competent cocktail waiter. The dinner was a splendid if raucous affair.

With a knife struck against his glass the CEO called us to order and we toasted his wife for such a splendid dinner. He declared the dance floor open joking that he would soon have to buy a bigger house if Laura insisted in entertaining all the VP’s in this ‘at home fashion’. The dance floor had room for four couples for any fast numbers perhaps ten for slower dances. A DJ had an impressive sound system set konulu porno up and invited us to make requests. He also told us that there was a smoking room beyond the side door and bathroom facilities were available to the left on this floor and the one above.

I held back and let the more senior VP’s use the dance floor and we made small talk. Lizbeth wanted a cigarette, she only smoked occasionally, I am an ex-smoker, our one point of contention, in an otherwise perfect relationship. I reluctantly accompanied her to the smoking room. Laura and The CEO were there already with one other VP and another’s Wife. Laura was smoking a small cheroot and Barry had a large Havana cigar billowing fragrant smoke around the room. I made my way towards an open doorway to the cool night air. Lizbeth lit up one of her weeds. Laura came to talk to me while the CEO engaged Lizbeth in conversation.

Laura was a really nice person to talk to she was knowledgeable attentive and being from our town had lots of good information for me about the older families and properties. We had somehow drifted on to the balcony outside the smoking room, and were in deep conversation when he CEO stuck his head trough the doorway. “I’m going to dance this wife of yours off her feet, young Jimmy.” I hardly had time to respond as he ducked back inside and I saw Lizbeth take his arm and move towards the main room.

Laura’s conversation turned to more personal questions about Lizbeth and my plans for the future, when we planned on having a family and how many. Her questions seemed quite natural just the sort of questions a mother would ask a son or son-in law. The conversation flowed easily and ranged from Lizbeth and me to Barry and her and their early marriage then back to Lizbeth and me. Barry and Lizbeth had been gone some time and the smoking room was empty. I sensed someone entry but then the lights went off. I heard a key turn in the lock, it took a while for my eyes to see inside, but I did recognize Lizbeth’s voice.

“Barry you are so out of order, I will have to explain to Jimmy where I got these bruises.”

I recognized Barry’s voice. “Sorry Lizbeth, but you have such a beautiful ass I just could not help myself. How about a fair exchange you can pinch me so I have some explaining to do.” He laughed almost giggled. Lizbeth obviously took him at his word and Barry stifled an “Ouch.”

I was standing beside Laura who has obviously heard what transpired between her husband and my wife. I felt a small pudgy hand grip mine and a tiny whisper in my ear.

“She is going to suck his cock.” A shiver went down my spine.

We watched as my wife sank to her knees. There was a sound that could only be a zipper being pulled. “I know that feels better.” Said Lizbeth. We watched her free Barry’s cock from the confines of his boxer shorts.

“I know you want me to do this, so don’t resist.” Lizbeth’s voice was a sultry zephyr wind upon a tropical beach.

I watched as she began to lick then suck Barry from interested to undeniably rampant. Lizbeth sucked him in and down. All the way down, her nose was hard against his pubic bush. She began to pull back, the push down, at first slowly then faster, each motion out to the rim of his glans and back in to his bush. Faster and faster she gave him a deep throat, driving him to the inevitable climax.

Barry had been silent while she drove him towards his climax, but suddenly he was vocal. “Laura I hope he is ready to come, because I am coming now!”

I ejaculated into Laura’s warm throat as Barry emptied his load into Lizbeth’s throat.

It was silent for a minute or so.

Then Laura with a warm hand wrapped round my cock said, “You can come sleep in our room tonight, welcome to VP land!”

Lizbeth gave me a high five sign. We had arrived!

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