The Warmth of Ice

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Teyla washed her long blond hair in the sink and reflected on the changes the last month had wrought. The old ruins of an ancient city had been unearthed from the frost in northern Canada. The language on the stone tablets told a strange history. A people had risen from the blood tears of a fallen angel forced to be the bride of the demon lord of ice and snow. When she failed to return to her celestial home as punishment she was locked beneath the earth in a land where her husband would not find her. He died of heartbreak cursing the land to 9 months of winter and she was free of her enslavement to him yet died in childbirth giving birth to her child. The child slept imprisoned in the earth the reigning snow queen should she ever be allowed to rise.

So Teyla looked at the stone tablets sitting on her table and wondered at the strange tale as told by the Northern Wind people. How they had worshipped at the altars of the Snow Warriors sacrificing both animal and people in their blood-filled worship. Teyla was particularly interested in the stories of the sacrifices and how they kept the Snow Warriors at bay in the dead of winter and the terror of when the white Europeans stopped the sacrifices. The ancient Northern Wind people had warned their new neighbors about the Snow Warriors and their lust for blood.

Teyla laughed and thought how primitive the Northern Wind people were compared to the Europeans and drank a bit of wine before going to bed. In her dreams the stone tablets sat on the table and she could hear murmurs of voices and a woman’s voice trying to warn her of something. There in the room was a wise woman with black hair and feathers in her hair her buckskin intricately beaded. She was desperately trying to tell Teyla something but Teyla didn’t understand her and before she could understand her a giant wind came from the doorway and blew her out of the window.

The next day Teyla pulled a tight blue blouse over her straining C cup breasts and decided that she would skip wearing her tight uncomfortable bra and opted to wear her thong panties under her tight blue jeans. The dig was going well and they were going to open a large stone mound and possibly the ceremonial altar could be in the mound.

The sky was clear and deceptively the sun shown on the site of the dig. Most of the workers were local and the foreman kept telling her they were uneasy. Teyla had told Andrew Matthews to button his lip and keep the workers working that culture was one thing but stupidity something else. That any more delay and she’d dock his pay. The sun was a bleary yellow orb in the noon sky when the wind picked up and howled a giant polar vortex was supposed to arrive by tonight. None of the workers were willing to stay if it began to snow at night. The large stone door before the altar in the ceremonial room had several seals and the workers who were local to the area couldn’t read the inscriptions but for a few of the men. Twenty five men worked the dig and most of them were descendants of the Northern Wind people. The foreman wasn’t but when fat old Akkerson looked at the seal with his red swollen eyes and went pale Teyla ordered the foreman to break the seal to the door.

Akkerson looked at the foreman and told the others that the door was sealed to the sacred altar. That the price for entrance was one soul and that he wasn’t entering. The ensuing argument went on for thirty minutes and then the foreman fired Akkerson on the spot. Akkerson punched the foreman and a fight broke out between the two men. In the meantime the polar vortex moved in and with the doorway open for the first time in three hundred years when the snow hit a small obscure stone the seal to the sacred altar opened.

A black portal seven feet high stood behind a table sized thick bloody stone altar and a large bonus veren siteler fire pit stood in the middle of the room. The walls were filled with inscriptions and images of the Snow Warriors. The black portal looked like water rippling in the portal strangely held up vertically. A blast of cold blew from the portal and then it’s waters began to ripple like waves in a pond. The foreman had turned and ran when the portal began to ripple and there stepping out of the portal stood a man. His hair was white and silver and his eyes a blood red. Opening his mouth he roared and the room filled with ice that came seemingly from his hands. Teyla shivered and her nipples puckered into hard nubs from the cold. The twenty local workers stared at the Snow Warrior in front of them.

The Snow Warrior spoke oddly enough in English ” I am Dkarn I have risen summoned by the snow and Northern Wind people to rend destruction on the lands I rule should you not appease me. All will suffer and die should I not have a suitable sacrifice gifted to me. I will grant all of you but the sacrifice life and none of you shall have thine eyes removed or your blood drained dry by me if you are here to give my due to me. So now chose Northern Wind people.”

The workers shivered as they remembered the old stories of the Snow Warriors removing eyes and draining people dry of blood. All turned pale and looked at each other frozen in place by fear they had to provide a sacrifice.

Old Akkerson spoke softly to the others in the language of the Northern Wind people and said “Brothers it wasn’t I or you who wanted to disturb the Snow Warrior from his rest. The foreman has fled but the archaeologist remains and we would not lose to sacrifice her to him. Maybe he will be pleased and we won’t all die.”

The workers murmured in agreement and then grabbed Teyla by her arms. They stripped her naked except for the thin thong panty and forced her ankles into the iron shackles on the cold stone altar and her arms up above her head to the cuffs that bound her wrists. The workers then knelt and the Snow Warrior smiled and then asked.

“Is this then your sacrifice to me?”

“Yes Lord Dkarn” Akkerson answered trembling in fear.

A cold smile crept across the Snow Warrior’s face.

“Leave and be blessed your blood still lies in your veins and you still see.” said Dkarn as he accepted the sacrifice.

Teyla watched in horror as her worthless workers backed out as fast as they could and then Dkarn turned his blood red gaze on her.

Her legs were spread and her back felt frozen to the stone altar. He quickly approached and lit the fire in fire pit. Along the wall held swords, knives, rings, slave collars and a ceremonial brand. Picking up the brand Dkarn put the brand in the fire and began to turn it as it drew heat to it to a terrible glowing red. Terror flooded Teyla as she struggled in the locked shackles. The brand burnt fire red and Dkarn looked straight at Teyla and leaning over he kissed her and she drifted into a warm golden pleasure. The haze blurred her mind and Teyla failed to notice him lifting the hand that held the brand and placing it on the soft upper part of her breast above her areola. Screaming a white searing pain cut into her mind a tidal wave of pain Teyla smelt her flesh burning and her mind rebelled as she strained against the restraints holding her to the altar with the brand burning into her silky flawless skin. A soothing darkness rose up and the last thing Teyla heard before she surrendered to the soft black blanket of unconsciousness was a metallic clink of metal against metal.

The next thing Teyla knew she was a cocoon of a warm soft blanket and the fur was the softest thing she’d ever felt against her naked skin. Sitting up she observed she was in bahis a dimly lit tent alone. Memories of what had brought her here were hazy.

The wind ripped like wolves outside the tent howling endlessly enraged. Teyla shivered and then noticed the flap of the tent opening. Her hands flew to her neck as she worried about having her blood drained out of her and then she felt the hard metallic collar tightly locked around her neck.

Standing before her stood the Snow Warrior and his blood red eyes landed squarely on her.

“Awake I see. You have a choice: you may run and all the tribe hunt you for your blood and if you are caught give your eyes and every last drop of your blood for the feast of blood in two days time. Or you may decide to dance at the blood festival.”

“what is the blood festival?” Teyla asked trembling in fear.

“You and the other slaves dance and all of the slaves are freed to return to your people but one. That one of the slaves is chosen to pleasure the tribe and then may marry a Snow Warrior the Snow Queen assigns. “

Teyla thought about her odds and that the odds were good of being freed.

As the festival day approached Teyla relaxed and decided her odds were good. The other slaves wore metallic collars in gold and silver but Teyla’s collar was bronze and she wondered what that meant.

The night of the festival Dharn took a large knife and sliced her clothes off of her and left her only her a soft piece of red silk that slid over her anus and pussy. Over her nipples tiny red gemstones covered her breasts and a wispy see through material covered the rest of her breasts. Dharn also rubbed a thick clear fluid on her clitoris and nipples and Teyla felt a terrible heat burning between her legs as she began to grow increasingly horny.

The other slaves arrived after Teyla and the slaves with golden collars wore elaborate dresses and feathers in their hair. The slaves with silver collars wore bras with gemstones and gem encrusted panties and thin strands of gold and silver in their hair.

The music was a steady rhythm and all the slaves danced while the fire roared heating them despite the roaring blizzard around the camp. The Snow Queen and her husband sat in their throne with a table spread full of fancy goblets and strange fruit. One of the high lords of the Snow Warriors stood in front of the royal couple and announced all the prey were captured and were displayed in hall of heroes.

Shivering a cold ball of ice in her stomach Teyla continued to dance looking to see if any were dressed or not dressed as she was feeling the blood red gaze of several warriors on her flesh. Finally the Snow Queen rose and raised her arms. The music stopped and all the dancers froze.

“Bountiful winter we are blessed. Golden slaves may leave with my blessing never to feel winter’s kiss or be tasted of til my reign ends. Silver slaves bow thine proud head and all may drink of thee before you leave yet none may die from being the feast. Bronze slave you are marked and the only one beholden to all for your keep all may taste your ripe and tender swollen fruit and you are the pleasure for all tonight to be wed to whom I chose. You who would defile my sacred altar as most of your people don’t hesitate to do yet also bringing us back from our sunlit prisons. I will select your husband at dawn.”

In shock Teyla shivered and thought to run away but Dharn hooked a leash to her collar and led her to a tent and forced her onto the bed.

“You made your choice and now must serve as you agreed and do not dare to speak to any who bed you.” Dharn sternly warned her.

The smoky lit tent was richly decorated with beautiful blue diamonds and sparkling crystals in various shades of green and purple. Laying in the bed with her deneme bonusu legs tied open to the bedframe and her hands cuffed over her head Teyla shook with fear. Dharn smiled and placed a blindfold over her eyes. The first snow warrior bit her harshly and drew her blood til she felt a strange heaviness seeping over her. His ice cold penetration burnt inside of her and his lips although softly on her hair felt like ice cubes on her. Trying desperately to close her legs Teyla found herself squeezing tighter against his thighs impaling herself even more on him. As he stroked inside of her she felt her breasts being stroked and her nipples rolled between the fingers of another man. Gently he rubbed his fingers over her anus and then pressed into her until she felt his ball sack at her rectum. It felt like being impaled by two ice picks to Teyla and so the night wore on and Teyla felt the icy dripping cum deep inside in what felt like an ice melt inside her depths. No pleasure despite hours of repeated penetration and Teyla began to despair of ever being warm again between her legs as the icy cum flowed freely down her thighs. Her breasts were painful from her nipples being pinched and squeezed repeatedly. She had no idea how many men had lain between her legs or come inside her mouth or anus.

Tears flowed down Teyla’s cheeks and then she felt a hand on her face wiping the tears away. Her lips were soothed by a gentle kiss where most had roughly claimed her mouth and then laid on top of her. He cupped her breasts and began rubbing the red rubies covering her nipples and she couldn’t help but press her breasts into his hands. His thick hard penis slid easily between her opened legs and when he pressed inside of her slick pussy he felt unbelievably warm between her legs. Pressing into her his girth so wide it stung a bit fitting him inside her body filled with his thick hard warmth Rubbing against his incredibly hard penis Teyla willingly rubbed her clit against him and begged him to never stop. His gentle touch and the burning warmth between her legs made Teyla come very hard. When he finished coming in her now warm depths he pulled out and wiped himself on her breasts. The rest of the night was horribly long as Teyla took snow warrior after snow warrior between her legs and let them take her blood til she was barely conscious when dawn arrived.

Dharn removed the blindfold at dawn and Teyla found herself put back on the leash taken back before the Snow Queen. Dharn pulled her along and shoved her down before the Snow Queen on her knees. The Snow Warriors stood and she ordered all the Snow Warriors who had laid with her to present themselves so their eyes might be seen. Stealing glances up Teyla was aghast when man after man presented himself and yet all had the same blood red eyes. Finally a frightening Snow Warrior walked with his head down so none could see his eyes. His bloody axe and tool for removing eyes hanging at his belt. His hair was silver with dark blood red cloth between his hair in a gruesome looking headband and his hard body gleamed with a icy shimmer.

“Raise your eyes for inspection Akren Lord of the Ice.” The Snow Queen Commanded.

Raising his head a gasp went through the entire village and Teyla looked up and saw Akren’s blood red eyes were a brilliant glowing purple shade like amethyst stones.

“Rise and now you are wed to Akren Lord of the Ice and as his wife you will be his blood giver and bearer of children.”

Lord Akren approached and took firm hold of Teyla’s leash pulling her into his arms and in that instant his sharp black teeth descended into her neck drawing her blood fully into him. As Teyla thought she was about to die she felt him give her his thick black blood.

None saw her again when he drew her into his cape afterwards and took to the winds of the blizzard. Yet the darkest nights held a shiver and many claimed they heard the cry of children in the ice blizzards that flowed like fury for the next thirty years. The haunting purple eyes frequently spoken about by those who were lost in the storm.

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