The Wedding Present

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Thinking back to our wedding and honeymoon in Florence, I am lulled into that warm space of comfort and love. With the simple words “I do” you brought me to a place where I would do anything and everything you wanted, needed, demanded and begged.

That fourth night of our Italian escape, I was eager to crawl under the table at the Ristorante La Giostraon Borgo Pinti street on our trip. The long table covers hid our secret activities from the other patrons in the tiny eatery. I was eager to stroke and suck your cock while you ate your prosciutto e melone and sipped on thick red wine. Eagerly squeezing your balls as I took you into the deep recesses of my throat, I wanted to possess your member as you had possessed my heart. I lapped up your warm cum as you clutched the table trying hard not to moan in orgasmic pleasure. As I drank you in hungrily, I was sure not to spill a precious drop of your cum on the Valentino sundress you bought me the day earlier.

I am sure that we would have left unnoticed if that gorgeous Escort bayan Italian waitress hadn’t caught your eye while you breathed deeply trying to regain your composure. Had I just popped out from under the white, pressed linens and seated myself at your side and not looked her over, we would have moved on the tiramisu and back to the hotel for the next round of devouring. But no, I paused to study the rich olive skin and ember-coloured eyes that held you in a trance. I studied the pouted crimson lips that naturally went into a smile at the corners, drifting down her long neck and coming to rest on the plump breasts that were held in place by her tight cotton shirt. As she turned her attention to me, I felt my nipples start to tingle as if an electric current pulsed from the hardened points down to my pussy.

The air was intoxicating and heavy with the smells of heavenly scented flowers. It was me that invited her to return with us to view the village from the balcony. I was fueled by the need to share your cock Bayan escort and see it enter her tight pink pussy. In the quietness of the hotel room however, it was all three of us that began the ‘dance’; the menage of limbs, skin, sensations, and pleasures.

Turning our attention to her almost immediately, you pressed up behind her allowing her to feel your rock hard cock against her ass while I explored her lips and mouth with my tongue, slipping her out of her clothes. She moved from our hands and placed herself on our bed, displaying the beauty of her pink, velvety folds dripping with wetness. In unison, our tongues bathed her with pleasures as you focused on her nipples and collar while I sampled her sweet, slightly metallic cream. She writhed in delicious euphoria, begging to have your cock thrust deep into her and desperately wanting to return the pleasures to my pussy.

I took her place lying on the plush duvet while she leaned over me and began licking my lips and clit. She spread my warm, sweet juices Escort over my smooth slit causing me to begin to moan. I felt my hips raise as you entered her from behind and her moans began to vibrate in my trench. I fucked her face as her fingers teased my asshole, using my slippery juices to lubricate as she entered my ass slowly eventually keeping in time with your rhythm. I was the first to climax, my moans filling the room. Soon after you pumped your warm fluid in to her hot, wet pussy as she screamed in ecstasy.

Falling into a heap of arms and legs in the bed, you fell asleep as we left to shower our skin clean of sweat and cum. Had you been awake when we returned, we would have invited you to join us once more as we lay upon each other with our faces buried in the others sweetness. But there you lay, looking like a man who had been sucked dry of your essence and energy. Keeping our voices to a hush, our moans of joy were muffled by thighs and skin, you slept while we contorted our bodies and writhed in glorious orgasms once again. I watched her as she slowly dressed in front of me without an ounce of modesty and kissed her lightly before she slipped out the door.

The best wedding present came from you…and bringing me my Italian treat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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