The Window Sill

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I enjoyed your dream. I read it late last night and in my sleep I joined you in your dream . . .

Our taxi had left us standing at the front entrance to the hotel. A very nice, old, tall building. As you wandered around the lobby looking at the art I checked us in. The clerk saw us enter together and after handing me the keys, winked and said “Have a good time!” I smiled at her and licked my lips. She replied by sticking out her tongue and wiggling it in the air. Then another smile.

“If she’ll let me,” I replied.

I walked over and took your hand in mine and together we walked to the elevator. Our last hotel was a 3rd floor walkup and while I loved watching your buttocks sway from side-to-side as you climbed in front of me, we’d both rather save our energy for further delights.

When we got to the room you dropped you bags and rushed to the window. There was a beautiful view of the park, lightly covered with first snow.

I came up behind you, placed my hands on your hips and leaned forward over you. You could feel my erection pressing against your ass and I felt you wiggle a little so my cock was nestled upright between your cheeks. As I leaned over I took your ear lobe between my lips and again began to nibble. You curled your head to the other side and presented me your neck.

I accepted and licked down towards your shoulder, stopping at the place the soft tissues gather where throat joins shoulder. I licked small circles, and then took that place deep into my mouth; sucking hard and I heard you purr.

Your hands moved to mine and pulled them towards your front. You led me to your breasts and as I cupped them I felt your hard nipples right through the thin material. I squeezed your breasts between my fingers, and as I molded them I humped my prick against your denim-covered ass. You humped right back.

We stood together perhaps ten minutes, kissing, touching, Taksim escort melding together again.

I slid my hands from your breasts up to the top button of your blouse and then got it unbuttoned. My right hand slid inside your blouse and under your bra. I felt your body stiffen as my fingers sought out your nipple. When I found it I gave it a squeeze and I heard you sucking in air. My tongue slid into your ear, swirling around, tasting you.

While my hands finished unbuttoning your blouse I saw you undoing your blue jeans, first the belt, then I heard the zipper. You kicked off your shoes and then my cock got harder as it felt your hips wiggle as your jeans hit the floor.

My hands rose to your shoulders and I took your blouse in my hands. You shrugged your arms and all that remained was your bra and panties.

You started to turn around, saying “I’m going to undress you now.”

“No!” I replied, “Stay right where you are.”

So you leaned forward and braced yourself on the window sill. “Start absolutely still,” I ordered. You kept quiet and nodded your head.

I blindfolded you, tying a black, silk cloth over your eyes. I felt your body shudder. In fear? No, in delight, I think.

I nibbled the back of your neck and down your spine. I sucked at a lower point of a shoulder blade, raising a red welt on your skin. Then, back up to take your other ear lobe between my lips.

You felt a bra strap fall forward, then the other. My knife is very sharp but I keep the blade edge up in case you suddenly move.

I hold the back strap on the side, then Snip, slice it. Now the point of my knife is under the other side strap, pressing inward on your skin. Snip. The bra strap falls downward. I pull off the remaining pieces and your breasts are free. I see your nipples are stiff. Good. Very good.

I get down on my knees behind you pressing Taksim escort bayan my face into your buttocks.

Sharply I saw “Present!” And you push your hips rearward, giving me a lovely view of your backward thrusting ass.

I lean forward and take one of your cheeks in my mouth. I bite. Not too hard but when I pull back I see slight indentations of my teeth in your flesh under the silk cloth.

Snip. My knife cuts the side of your panties and they fall off of you. Now you are nude. Not naked (you are, after all, still wearing the blindfold). Nude, very nicely nude.

I close the knife and toss it away. Its job is done — for now.

Taking one of your cheeks in each hand I spread your buttocks apart. I can see your anus and lean towards you when suddenly I hear you say, “Don’t you want to wait until after we bathe?”

I slap your ass. Not hard, but enough so you know that this time I am in charge. Your leg moves, spreading your legs apart to acknowledge my authority.

I lean forward and place my mouth on the small of your back, my hands caressing the inside of your thighs. I lick downward towards the cleft of your ass.

As you feel my tongue descend I see you rising up on your toes. Desire? Perhaps wanting my tongue to go further down? “Be patient, my dear,” I say.

My tongue slides between your buttocks. And stops.

I kiss each buttock, my tongue licking the bottom fold where ass joins leg. I trail wetness from your hips towards the cleft. I can see your cheeks clenching in anticipation.

“Now!,” I say, and my stiffened tongue presses right against your anus. You can feel me pressing inwards. You visibly relax. And soon you know my tongue has slipped between your anal muscles to savor the flavor of your ass. I wiggle my tongue inside your ass, sliding back and forth, my nose pressing between your cheeks. As always, you Escort taksim are delicious.

As I kiss, suck, and enjoy your ass my fingers find dampness dripping out of your pussy. Your lips are very damp.

I lean forward as I lick your anus. You can feel my hard cock rubbing against the back of your leg. You feel the slight dampness of pre-cum leaving a trail across your skin.

I remove my face from your buttocks. Now standing behind you I again take you in my arms, my hands feeling for your breasts. Your hot, stiff nipples pressing into my palms.

You still have your hands on the window sill; your legs spread apart, your juices now dripping down the inside of your leg.

I move my hips, causing my prick to touch your buttocks. I use one of my hands to grab my cock and aim it towards your waiting, dripping pussy. I slide forward, just placing the head against your lips. I feel you pushing back, wanting to impale yourself. I slide inside you.

“Ahhhh,” you moan.

I was going to enter you slowly but in your need you push hard and fast and I am quickly buried deep inside of you, my belly against your buttocks.

I begin to stroke inside you, my cock entering and withdrawing in a rhythm as old as time itself.

“It’s been a long time,” I whisper. “I’m going to cum quickly.”

“Yes, please do. Fill me with your cum. I need you to,” you tell me.

All too soon my balls begin to tingle and I know this is going to be a major, rip-roaring climax. I love this woman and I want so desperately to fill her body with my love.

I begin to spasm, my cock spitting hot cum into her. My hips push deep, my hands gripping her sides. I begin to loose control as my climax takes over.

“Oh, Ohhhhh,” I cry.

My cock soon finishes emptying my balls and it falls out of her as it slowly withers.

I kiss the back of her neck as I remove the blindfold.

She smiles, reaches her hand down between her legs, and brings forth on her fingers a portion of my cum. She puts her fingers in her mouth and cleans my cum off of her fingers. Then, in full agreement, the woman I love kisses me, deeply, sharing what I put into her.

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