They Finally Meet Ch. 01

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Ariella Ferrera

Chapter 1 – Kimpton Hotel, King St, Alexandria VA

He could feel the dampness in his palms. The back of his throat was dry and he could swear that he could hear his heart beating.

*Ding* 6th Floor the elevator chimed. The old doors seemed to scrape the entire way opening.

He took a deep breath and stepped off the elevator. 6th floor. He took 2 steps off the elevator to allow the doors to close behind him so the nice old couple that chatted him up for the 15 seconds in the elevator could reach their destination. They asked if he was in town visiting for business or vacation.

“Ummm…Not sure..” was all he could get out. The couple politely chuckled and then sat waiting for his return question back. However, the thought to ask them didn’t cross his mind. He had bigger things running around in his head.

Really just one thing. One person.

It started innocently enough with some random racy emails and a random cock pic. Slowly progressed into a full on relationship over the course of 3 years. They NEEDED each other. They yearned for each other. The online sex they would have, when she would watch him stroke while she directed or massaged her tits was some of the most exhilarating moments of their otherwise ordinary days.

Was she really here? He thought to himself. He couldn’t believe he was on the 6th floor. He wasn’t sure what he was doing here. He never thought he would cheat on his wife, but he could do nothing to fight this urge his body had. To touch her, smell her…or taste her. He couldn’t fight what his mind wanted and his body needed. He was here as much for the physical as…whatever this relationship was that they had. He was here because he needed her.

He hit the down button to call the elevator. The internal struggle was almost unbearable. He closed his eyes took a deep breath. He turned from the open elevator door and walked toward Room 614.

He wasn’t sure what would happen but he decided at that point that he was tired of always doing the right thing. He needed her and she needed him. The slightly outdated wall paper was dimly lit down the hallway toward the room. A door cracked and he paused. Was it her? He couldn’t tell what room it was.

Then a woman in her late 50s in a business pant suit came out a door and made her way down the hall and to the elevator.

“No turning back now” He muttered under his breath. He found himself standing looking at room 614.

A moment of panic set in. He closed his eyes. His right hand moved to his left and his fingers spun his wedding band on his ring finger. It felt like an eternity had passed before he opened his eyes. One deep breath later, the door was opening and she was standing in front of him. He didn’t knock or really make a move but he was now staring at her face to face. He smiled at her out of instinct. He always smiled when seeing her face. She smiled back.

“Hi” he chirped out.

“Hey” she quipped back.

They stood staring at each other for what seemed like 10 minutes. It was like they had just received their sight and were seeing for the first time. In reality it was probably 20 seconds standing looking at each other.

“You’re here…” He choked out before coughing as if to clear his throat.

“Yup…” She said a bit hesitantly as if she all the sudden regreted the flight to DC.

He picked up on this tone and now felt nervous.

“Want to grab a drink at the bar?” He asked. “The restaurant, Jackson 20, is pretty good.”

“Geez ‘Alex’ its only 12:30 in the afternoon.” She responded tersely.

He actually looked at her for the first time. She’s exactly how he’d always thought she’d be. He’d seen her 100 times but seeing someone for the first time is different. He felt right at home with her.

“I don’t recall asking what time it was…” He playfully responded.

She quickly swung her right hand and slapped him across the face. Not hard to hurt but to let him know she was now in charge. She closed the door behind her, grabbed his left hand and started walking to the elevator lobby.

He was still a bit stunned by the slap but also very turned on by the way she grabbed his hand.

“You will do what I say, when I say, and how I say. This is all about me.” She spoke in a low monotone. She turned to look at him and all he did was nod his head up and down once.

They waited for the elevator.

They ride the elevator in silence. She has her left arm now locked with his right and is standing tight at his side.

The elevator stops at 4. A housekeeping maid gets in with her cart. She pulls his arm to back of elevator so they make more room for the cart.

The maid presses escort 3.

At the back of the elevator, he stands smiling and says hi to the maid.

The maid says hello back and exits with an “enjoy your stay”.

Another slap once the doors close. ” I didn’t tell you that you could speak to her”

She turned so she was standing in front of him and grabbed his crotch with her right hand as she squeezed his face with her left hand.

“Mine.” She shook his face.

“Mine.” She shook his now rapidly hardening cock.

“Don’t do that again” she said as she releases both hands as they arrived on the ground floor.

“Now let’s go get a drink” she said happily.

“Yes ma’am” he replied back in a deflated voice. He was playing the part because he couldn’t have been more turned on by the show of force and authority she used on him so far. He was very eager to keep moving this forward.

She hooked arms with him again and they walked to the restaurant entrance.

“Booth please, just us” she spoke before the hostess had a chance to ask how many.

He placed his right hand on the small of her back to guide her in front of him to follow the hostess to their booth. She was wearing a Red Sox form fitting t-shirt, and a pair of nicely fit jeans. He noticed a gentle swaying of her hips as they walked. Those hips have hypnotized him for nearly 3 years. He couldn’t believe he was here now with her.

The booth they got couldn’t have been more perfect. It was tucked in a corner where only one direction could see the table and if you sat on the near side, then you could see people coming long before they’d see you.

He noticed the smirk on her face as she patted the seat next to her, telling him he was to sit there. The hostess offered the menus but they were declined.

“Drinks only for now” she said, “I’ll have a Cosmo, he’ll have a gin and tonic.”

He smiled at the hostess who was impressed at the woman’s authority and control of the situation.

“I’m still a bit in shock you’re here” He said to her without turning his head to the right to look at her.

“What is shocking about this?” She placed her left hand on the table over his right hand as she shifted to turn to face him. As she finished the question, he felt her right hand slide onto his knee, and move up his thigh, resting about 6 inches short of where his cock lay.

“We always talked about it, always tortured ourselves if this day would come, and now it’s here and I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or what…”he said rather candidly. Then he realized she wasn’t talking about what he was. She slid her hand further up his leg until she traced the outline of his hardening cock through his brown khakis.

“Seems like someone is very happy that I’m here” she said with a laugh.

“He’s waited a long time to meet you” he responded, “I guess we don’t have to worry about who is going to make the first move, huh?”

“I didn’t come here to fucking sightsee Alex. I came here to…” she regained her composure a bit, “I came here to fulfill my fantasies. You just happen to be the lucky one who gets to be there for it.” And with that she squeezed his cock with a pulsing grip for 10-15 seconds then stopped as she saw him close his eyes and bite his lower lip.

Not too long after, the hostess returned with the drinks. Some small talk for a few seconds and she was gone again. Silence ensued for the next 30 seconds or so.

“You know I am here to serve you.” He finally responded to her previous statement. “I am yours to do as you please.” He turned and smiled at her.

She grabbed his right hand with her left hand and moved it between her legs. “You better mean that, and if you don’t, you’ll be very sorry” He started to press his fingers against her. The jeans didn’t allow for much but he did as he was told. He rubbed her and pushed against her.

“I will be right back” she said, so he stepped out of the booth to allow her to slide out. “I have to use the ladies room”

A minute later she returns. He has finished his gin and tonic He attempts to get up to let her sit, but she just slides in the booth next to him and he slides into the back of the booth.

“Thirsty much? Geez it’s like you really want to get out of here or something!” She said with a wink and elbow nudge. “We’ll have one more drink, then we can see what to do after that.” She took a sip of her Cosmo.

They made small talk for the next 15-20 minutes while they each had another drink. This time, Alex ordered a Jack and Coke, and he ordered a Malibu Bay Breeze for his Mistress.

They laughed and joked a good deal. They were both very at ease and loved bursa eve gelen escort how comfortable the situation had been so far. Alex was a bit nervous about ACTUALLY crossing the point of no return. He took the last bit of his drink as the hostess dropped the check on the table. “Would you like to charge this to your room, if you are guests, or…” the hostess asked.

“Room 614” as she handed her the hotel room card.

“Thank you, let me just verify that” The hostess said as she made her way back to the register to run the bill on the hotel card.

Once the hostess was far enough away, he turned as he felt a hand run up his thigh once more. “I almost forgot I had something for you.” She said to him, pretty softly. Their faces only 3″ apart.

“Oh yea…what’s that” he said with a sly smile.

“Close your eyes and open your hands, now” she demanded.

He complied. He was secretly craving her lips to touch his. She dropped something in his hands.

“Open your eyes” she ordered.

He looked down at a lacy pair of pink panties that were slightly damp.

She was already making her way out of the restaurant by the time he came back to reality. He shoved the pink panties into his pocket, and followed quickly after her, like a little puppy.

He caught up with her standing in the elevator lobby. “Trying to lose me?” He said with a smile.

“Nope, just making sure you can keep up with me” she retorted. “I’m going back to my room. You are coming with me, understand?”

“Yes I do.” he said. His heart started to race and his throat was dry again. She hooked arms with him again. They stood in the elevator. The tension was palpable in that elevator. The time had finally come. All the built up tension. All the teasing. It was all about to be fulfilled.

“What if I ruin it” he thought to himself, “what if she’s disappointed in me, or I don’t meet these crazy expectations we’ve both probably created for this moment.” A small panic attack started.

He started to imagine all the ways he was going to screw this up when he felt a hand on his ass. She grabbed his ass and squeezed as she looked up and winked at him. It put his mind a bit at ease, but he still was a bit anxious.

The elevator ride ended and they exited the elevators and made the left down the hallway toward her room. For some reason, he felt like he was walking to the gallows, he wasn’t sure what to make of the feeling, but he was sure that he couldn’t wait to get in that room.

She slid the room key into the electronic lock and the little green light flashed and the door unlocked and they were quickly inside. The hotel room was your standard hotel room. He did notice however there were two full beds, instead of a single king bed.

He watched as she walked to the far bed. She very calmly and purposefully sat on the corner of the bed. She turned and smiled at him. He stood at the end of the entrance area adjacent to the closet. He fumbled his hands a bit, looked down, then took a step toward her.

“Stop.” she said sharply.

He did as she said. He turned his gaze to her. Their eyes locked and he knew he was now hers, he was her slave.

“Take your shirt off. Unbotton every button, and take it slowly off each arm. Do not take off your pants or your undershirt.”

He complied. He untucked his button down plaid blue and white shirt. He reached his hands, shaking slightly, up to the top button and worked his way down.

“Look at me while you do it, damn it” she demanded.

He once again turned his eyes to her. He slowly removed one shoulder from his shirt, and slid the arm out of the sleeve, and did the same for the other side. He was not holding the shirt in his hand.

“Hang it up in the closet, we don’t want it to get wrinkled, now do we?” she said, again in that monotone emotionless tone.

He reached to the closet, creaked open the metal bi-fold doors and hung his shirt on the hanger. He buttoned the top button as he typically does when hanging up his shirts.

“Undo your belt buckle, but don’t take it off, and unbutton your pants, and untuck your shirt.” she barked at him as he closed the closet door and returned his eyes to her.

He made sure to keep his eyes on her, as he undid his belt, with a flick of his wrist and unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. He made sure he flashed his abs as he untucked his white undershirt and returned to a relaxed standing position waiting for his Master’s next orders.

His cock started to harden as he started to relax and just be in the moment with her. He put his left hand on his hip, then stretched görükle escort with the right arm a bit, again trying to flash his abs and hip area.

“I did NOT tell you to move.” she stood up as she said this to him. She made her way to him until she was standing directly in front of him. He didn’t notice her smell until now. Reminded him of his summers at the beach. Smelled like a good mix of sun tan lotion and a coconut.

“Hands behind your head, and don’t move them” she whispered in his ear, as she leaned into him, and placed her left hand on the side of his head, and her right hand on chest. She moved her left hand from his head to match her right hand, as it explored his chest. He had his hands folded behind his head. Her hands moved slowly until they moved under his tshirt. Her warm hands on his skin now got his heart going. She could feel his excitement and smiled.

She moved her hands back down toward his hips, and pulled his pants away from his body until they dropped on their own. He was now standing in his white shirt and solid gray boxers. It was quite obvious that he was thoroughly enjoying this as his cock was very visible as it stood at attention pointing directly at her. She was still fully clothed. She even had her sunglasses propped on top of her head.

“What is that?” she playfully asked, as she moved her left hand from his hip to trace her pointer finger down the length of his hardening cock through the thin fabric of his boxers. “Let’s find out” she said as she moved his boxers down his legs and exposed his now raging hard on. She bent over at the waist to move his boxers to his feet and as her face passed by his hard cock, she blew on it and motioned to lick it, but did not. His cock pulsed at the tease and a small drip of pre-cum oozed onto his pink swollen head.

“Oh how I’ve waited to meet you” she said as if talking to it, “I’m sure you’ve very excited to meet me..” She looked back toward his face and said “Now laugh at my stupid pun!”

He obliged because it helped to ease his nervousness. He laughed a bit, smiled and had the smile wiped from his face, when she grabbed his cock hard with her right hand, her thumb and index finger wrapped at the very base of his cock. She used the palm on her other hand to rub the pre-cum into the head of his cock. She alternated squeezing those fingers tighter and closing her other fingers down the length of his shaft as she massaged the head of his cock with her palm.

He stood there staring at her using all his will to keep his hands above his head as he had been directed. He wanted to grab her, kiss her and throw her on the bed. He did not. He did as he was told. He stood still. She leaned in close to his face as her grip grew tighter on his cock. “You’re going to beg me to let you cum, and when you do, you’re going to beg me to stop.” She then completely released the grip she had on his cock.

She stepped on his pants and boxers that were wrapped around his ankles and said “Step out of them, and go sit in that chair” she pointed to the slightly plush seat in the corner of the room. He wondered if this is what captured animals felt like at the zoo. He felt like he was being detained and viewed like a freshly capture animal. “Not sure an animal would be this excited” he thought to himself.

He turned to sit in the chair. Completely nude. Except for his brown dress socks. For some reason those remained on. He thought about removing them, but remembered he was under her control, so he stopped himself. He turned his attention back to his Master. She was busy going through a bag. She pulled out a tube of ky jelly and brought it over and set it on the desk next to the chair. She plopped down on the ottoman at the foot of the chair.

His arms were resting on the arm of the chair, when she flicked the head of his semi-hard cock. “Hands above your head, dumbass” she said with sass and sarcasm.

He did as he was told. Almost instantly she leaned over and and kissed the spot on his cock where she had just flicked. She then moved up slightly and licked the pre-cum that had oozed out from the almost instant softening due to the pain. She sat back up and licked her lips as she tasted him for the first time. His eyes almost rolled back in his head. He didn’t want her to stop there. He hadn’t had a mouth on his cock for a few years and it was all he wanted now. He had to fight himself, and she knew it.

“Did you like that?” she purred. She grabbed the base of his cock with her right hand and swallowed about 3″ into her mouth, swirled her tongue around his head, and released. “Or would you prefer that?” she teased.

He let out an audible sigh, as his breathing became short and he could feel his balls tightening beneath his now painfully hard cock. She reached with her left hand and squeezed his balls to bring him back down to earth.

“Don’t be getting any ideas just yet, we’re just getting started.” she said with a wry smile.

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