Thieves Uncovered

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Editing by Shadysweet was much appreciated and remaining errors are mine. The story is written in Australian English.

I was looking forward to relaxing at Roseberry. The all-consuming two months of consulting overseas, visiting sites, endless meetings and midnight report writing had been exhausting. A whirlwind of compounds, armed guards, being aware, being conned, adapting to issues. There were always issues and some of those had the potential to be deadly. Even the choice to take the wrong turn along a road could be deadly. The money was good but I wondered if it was worth it. I wondered that every time I returned. At least when I emailed Paul yesterday, he said the house was fine and that Ashleigh had collected the mail.

One month of a relaxing normal life before I had to fly out for the next consultancy. A month of bliss. Another ten years and then I would retire at fifty, that was the plan. Every time I finished a job, I wondered if I would make it that long. After a month back home, I had forgotten, and was ready for the next assignment. It was useful work, and paid well, and yeah there was the thrill too.

An alert buzzed on my phone. The security app.

A few minutes later I was able to find a side road and park.

Two girls had climbed onto the upper floor balcony at home and they had turned on the spa. One face I recognised, the next-door neighbour’s daughter, Ashleigh. She had brought a friend.

I didn’t really mind. The front fence and front of the home was secure but I had known the Brixton’s for ages, and we had a gate in the side fence so that they could check the property when I was away. I should speak to Ashleigh. I could give her a key so she did not climb up. Or might that result in parties and issues. I would think about it. It was a chance to stretch my legs anyway, while I watched the screen.

When they had become neighbours twelve years ago, Ashleigh had been a shy slip of a girl, with black wavy hair. After school, the eight-year-old girl would appear, quietly, curiously watching while I was gardening or doing a job around the house. I had only had the house for a year when they had arrived. I had been able to be home a lot then, renovating the house and garden.

This year, Ashleigh had started university. Time passed so quickly, but she still seemed a good kid. Although, the last couple of years I had stopped thinking of her as a kid. When I was home last time, she had regularly come to chat.

Calling out hello, she would come through the side gate, a slender young woman of medium height, wearing a sundress or skimpy shorts and cotton top. Chatting about her university plans, she would touch my arm, and give a light merry laugh. Or she would just stand beside me while I was pruning and checking the irrigation. Standing there in the sun, she would stretch her arms back, twist her back, balance on one leg and stretch her other foot out.

Today, the security camera showed her wearing a pale blue string bikini, tied with bows at her hips. Bending over, she adjusted the temperature settings for the spa. Yes, very slender, cute, and pretty. Her friend was much curvier, womanly, tanned with long sandy blonde hair, high cut bikini bottoms and breasts that filled her top.

The blonde went to the balcony door, peering inside the upstairs lounge room. The external camera gave a wonderful image of her taut backside as she bent forward. The interior living room camera showed a perfect shot of her cleavage.

I activated the manual record. Well, it was reasonable, she was a stranger up on my upstairs balcony.

The blonde examined the door and tried the latch. Then she went back to her purse. Ashleigh lay floating in the bubbling water, her head back against the side of the spa, her eyes closed.

The blonde returned holding a short piece of wire, pushing it inside the window frame. She flicked it, trying to catch the latch. I had locked the front and ground floor with deadbolts but had never worried about the upstairs balcony. Now I was a little concerned, but I had known Ashleigh for years, and I would be home in an hour or so. I doubted they would do any damage, but I did not know her friend.

I got back into the car and edged above the speed limit as I drove home. As I neared the highway exit, the traffic slowed to a crawl. Police managed a traffic accident and had one of the lanes blocked. By the time I got home, an hour and forty minutes had passed.

I parked a couple of houses away. The front gate and front door were closed, and I could not hear any voices. Well, no party to worry about anyway. Checking the camera app, I saw the two girls upstairs, laying back on a lounge.

The blonde put her glass down and reached for a bottle, pouring it into Ashleigh’s glass and then her own.

Ashleigh reached for the glass. “We should not be doing this, he will see the bottle.”

The blonde grinned and shook her head. “We’ll come back with a bottle and top it up, he’ll never know. I’ll get Matt to buy gaziantep jigolo one.”

Ashleigh took a mouthful, shivered and coughed. Her cheeks were red. The blonde said something, teasing and took a larger mouthful.

Then she returned the bottle and I saw the label. I gasped. God no!

I opened the front door quietly and ran up the stairs. As I reached the top of the stairs the blonde shrieked, dropping her glass and standing up.

Ashleigh tried to stand but the lounge was soft. She slipped back down into the seat. “Sierra, it’s Mr. Witten. Sorry. I used the spa.”

Ashleigh managed to climb up straight as I removed the bottle of single malt from the table. Sierra stood to the side of the couch.

I was furious and disappointed. “Please both sit but first…” I turned towards the blonde. “Your name is Sierra?”

She looked at me for a moment then nodded.

“Thank you, Sierra. Could you pick up the glass you dropped and put it on the table before you sit?”

She did as I asked as I calmed myself. Why did they drink that bottle? If only I had secreted it. But it was my house, I shouldn’t have to hide things.

Ashleigh continued. “Sorry, we…, I have used the spa before. I didn’t mean any harm. Today was the first time we’ve come inside. I…, We are very sorry. Very, very sorry. Please don’t tell Mum and Dad.”

I waited for her to run out of words, then held up the bottle. “I would not have minded you using the spa. But you drank a gift given to me by a friend ten years ago. It is a forty-year-old single malt.” I held the bottle towards them. “Sierra please search for the value of that bottle on your phone, you have the name and year. Ashleigh, you too.”

Sierra responded a moment later. “Fuck.” She just stared at the phone.

Ashleigh squeaked, “Sixteen thousand dollars? Sierra!”

I nodded. “Yes, you robbed me of at least fifteen thousand dollars. I don’t mind you using the spa, though you should have asked me. I do mind about you breaking in. And I do mind you robbing me. Shall you pay me back seven thousand five hundred each, or shall I report it to the police?” They had to learn a lesson.

Ashleigh burst into tears, while Sierra stared at me.

Moments later Sierra responded, “Like fuck you will.” She grabbed Ashleigh’s arms hard, then ripped at the shoulder strap of Ashleigh’s bikini top.

Ashleigh yipped in surprise and pain, and then the strap broke. Wrapping her arms about herself, she huddled into the end of the lounge, tears shining on her cheeks.

As I reached for Sierra to restrain her, she leant backwards, and sneered. “Don’t touch me. As I remember it, you invited us here, gave us the whiskey to drink and tried to molest Ashleigh. How about you just let us go? No trouble?”

“I don’t think so.” I spoke softly, restraining myself from shouting back. “Watch the TV.”

I switched on the television and activated the security app. After increasing the volume, I replayed the security camera video. The edge of the frame captured Sierra attacking Ashleigh. “I have forced entry by you Sierra, theft, assault and now blackmail. All stored on the web.”

Sierra looked shocked, she held out the palms of her hands and sat back on the couch, dropping her face into her hands.

“Ashleigh, would you like to go to the bathroom over there, wash your face. Then I would like to talk to you separately in the other room?”

She nodded and stood up. As she was passing, I touched her hand. “Are you hurt?”

She shook her head, briefly looking at Sierra, and looking away. “Just bruises.” There was a red line where the bikini strap had pulled at her shoulder, as well as bruising under her arm, but it was only slight. Likely the strap had broken easily.

When she had left, I looked back at Sierra. Looking subdued, she watched me neutrally. “Do you have seven thousand dollars you can transfer? Then you can leave.”

“No, not seven. I could give two and a half. I have been saving for a holiday.”

“Any jewellery you can give me as surety, I can give back when you pay me the rest?”

“Some gold necklaces and a ring of my grandmother. I want the ring back though.” She swallowed and looked directly at me. “Look, I am sorry, I had no idea it was worth more than a couple of hundred dollars. I just saw it was good and… wanted to try something good I guess.” She shrugged. “Sorry for trying the other stunt too,… just trying to get away.”

I nodded. “Thank you. I’ll go and see Ashleigh and be back.”

Ashleigh was sitting on the end of the bed, holding the bra of her bikini in place. She looked pale but had washed her face and was calm.

“Sorry, I didn’t break in or take the whiskey, but…. yeah I didn’t really try and stop her. And I drank it. You won’t really call the police? Or tell my parents?”

“Can you pay me for it?”

“Mum and Dad pay the rent and fees for uni. I can’t pay. I have less than a thousand dollars.”

I jigolo gaziantep nodded. “And your mum and dad?”

“That much would be hard for them. It would not be fair, and they are already doing heaps for me.” She reached forward and took my hand with both of hers. “Please, I’ll pay you when I can, and I could clean, garden, cook, anything else.”

“That’s a lot of cooking and there is not much of a garden. Yeah, cleaning would be a start.”

“No police?”

“No, no police. But I will tell your parents if we can’t work something out.”

She took a deep breath. Her bikini had fallen half off her right breast. As she took the breath her breast swelled out of the damaged bikini, drawing my eye.

With her right hand, she flicked the cup down completely, bearing her creamy beige breast and delicate dusty brown nipple. Her left hand squeezed my hand lightly. “Would topless cleaning earn me a little more?” Pulling the bow, she let the bikini fall completely.

“You are 18?” I knew she was, but I could not think of anything else to say.

She raised her eyebrows, amused. “You know I am. I would have invited you to my eighteen but you were… wherever you go.” Drawing my hand to her breast, she whispered, “You liked watching me last time you were home, didn’t you?” Pressing my fingers against her soft breast, she asked, “Would that help pay off my debt?”

I nodded, the back of my fingers stroking her breast. “Mmmm…” Her skin was so soft. “Topless cleaning and cooking, serving could earn more.” My mouth was dry. She rested against my hand, her hands still lightly holding mine. “What did you mean by you would do anything?” I smiled. “Like you are not really going to do anything. You would not kill someone, nor walk naked into the shopping centre.”

She whispered. “Perhaps you need more imagination. I could be walking with you, at the shopping centre, naked under a long jacket. You would know I was naked beside you, even if nobody else did.”

I went to sit on the end of the bed beside her. “Okay, I would not do anything to cause you pain or harm you. Well, maybe pinching a nipple lightly causes pain.” I lightly rested the back of my fingers against her nipple, lightly pinching it between them. “But I would not want to distress you, so what would you really feel happy doing?”

She rested her head on my shoulder. “Do I look distressed? As long as you won’t tell my parents, or anyone else?”

“No, I wouldn’t.” Her shoulder and back were so soft to stroke. I explored her skin as she stayed resting her head on me. “What are you unsure about, or might be uncomfortable about?”

Looking up at me, she whispered, “Ask me before you put your cock into me and let me decide whether I want to. Otherwise, I am happy to be naked and you can touch me as you wish or have me touch you. Fifty dollars an hour for anything I do, and I pay my half of the debt for your fifteen-thousand-dollar bottle within the next four weeks?”

“Okay. Yes, I agree.”

Ashleigh smiled and took my hand in her slender, soft hand. We shook hands. It felt surreal.

“Take your bikini off.” My heart was racing. I did not want to think, I just wanted to enjoy the fantasy.

A moment later she was naked, standing in front of me, her hands at her side and her bikini at her feet. She stepped out of it. Pale creamy skin, breasts able to be cupped easily in my hand, light brown nipples, trimmed tightly curled pubic hair and slight build.

“You are beautiful.” I leant forward and kissed her cheek. She turned her mouth towards me and I kissed her lightly a second time, on her lips. “Play with your nipples.” I kissed her fingers as she massaged, twisting and squeezing. I licked between her finger and thumb.

“Touch between your legs, masturbate yourself,” I whispered.

Without hesitation, she smiled and lifted one foot onto the bed next to me. Parting her slit with her finger, she massaged her lips, then lightly touched her clit. Spreading her legs more, parting herself, rubbing it, then moistening her finger with her mouth. It felt so good watching her, having her respond to my requests.

Her thighs were velvet smooth as I stroked her. I let my fingers glide over her perfect skin, brushing my knuckles against her dusty brown crinkled lips.

“Have you had sex?”

She slid the tip of her slender finger into her soft pink folds, inserting it into her vagina, curving it forwards. “With a vibrator…” She slid her finger out, then pushed it in further. “… and a couple of guy’s fingers… and a friend’s tongue.” She pushed it inside again, then a second finger joined it.

Her legs spread, she twisted her slender hand and long fingers.

“Come out and see Sierra again.” I gave her a light dressing gown, though it was too long.

Sierra looked at us curiously as we entered.

I sat on the arm chair across from Sierra, patting my armrest for Ashleigh to sit. Sierra looked at Ashleigh sitting gaziantep escort comfortably on the arm of the chair. The dressing gown was open. It was apparent she was no longer wearing the bikini top.

Sierra frowned, looking curiously at Ashleigh, then glanced at me. “So, you two have come to an agreement?”

“Yes,” I confirmed. I smiled at her. “Sierra, you can transfer the two thousand, five hundred dollars? And I keep your phone until you bring the ring and necklaces, which you get back when I get paid the other five thousand. I will keep your jewellery safe.”

I went downstairs, got my laptop and returned. Sierra sucked at her bottom lip.

“You have your account number?” I asked.

Sierra nodded. “Is there any way I can reduce what I owe you?”

“How old are you Sierra?”

“Nineteen. How about I pay you two thousand, five hundred, you have sex with me. As long as you use a condom. And we forget about the rest?”

I nodded. “Okay, I wear a condom, you pay me the money. But not just having sex. You do what I ask you to do tonight and tomorrow? I won’t do anything to harm or hurt you. You do what I ask and I forget about the other five thousand – agree?”

“You do what you like, but with a condom if you are inside me, and we agree it is all finished tomorrow?”

I nodded. “Yes. Transfer the money now.”

Once she had done so, I looked at her. Without speaking, she removed her bikini. I indicated for her to stand and turn around. She was more rounded than Ashleigh, with breasts larger than I could cup. Prominent nipples. Her hair was longer than Ashleigh’s, down over her shoulder blades and her pussy was neatly shaved with just a narrow strip of blond hair.

“Thanks, Sierra. Sit in the middle of the couch. I will be back.”

I returned with some cut strips of tablecloth. “I want to bind your arms and feet lightly. I won’t hurt you.”

I looped one strip about her hand and tied it to the back of the sofa, then did the same with her other hand. Then I took her feet and tied them apart to the front legs.

I smiled. “I just don’t want you hitting or bruising again.

“I won’t. Remember the condom. Please.”

“I will remember.” I turned to Ashleigh. “Take off your gown and suck Sierra’s nipples. Make them hard.”

Ashleigh took her gown off and knelt against the couch. Sierra’s nipples were much larger and thicker, reddish in colour.

Ashleigh sucked, swapping from breast to breast. “Like this?” she asked, her voice catching.

I nodded. Each breast was becoming wet and pink. As her nipples grew redder, Sierra squirmed, then she closed her eyes and lay back.

“Now lick her clit, Ashleigh.”

Sierra’s eyes opened. “We are not lesbians.”

I stroked and kissed her cheek. “I don’t care. I just want a couple of photos to make sure the money is transferred.” Ashleigh licked her. “And this is my fantasy, which is not hurting you, is it? As I promised.” I reached down, feeling her wet clit, exploring its firmness. “And it is swelling nicely.” I kissed her cheek again. “Just enjoy it and let yourself come.”

I gently caressed her breast, kissing her nipple, while I watched. “Tell Ashleigh if she can do things better?”

“Fuck you.”

I grinned and whispered, “Later.”

Then I reached for my phone to take a closeup of Ashleigh’s tongue licking Sierra’s lips and vulva.

I moved Ashleigh’s head slightly for a better photo. “Better, yeah that’s good. Suckle her lips. Hold your tongue there.” I took a photo. “Now lightly stretch her lips, grasping them in your mouth.

Sierra’s face was impassive, her eyes closed again. Then she gasped as Ashleigh licked higher, pressing her tongue against Sierra’s clit. Rubbing and massaging her clit with her tongue. I took more photos.

I caressed Sierra’s breasts with my lips, kissing, pulling at her nipples. Arching her back, she pushed her shoulders back against the chair.

I leaned down to where Ashleigh was licking Sierra’s clit. “Suck it.” I took a photo. “Now put your finger in too.” I took another photo.

When I returned to suck and kiss Sierra’s breasts some more, her eyes were closed, her muscles taut and she strained against the ropes. Ashleigh licked her more vigorously, slipping two of her slender fingers inside Sierra’s open wet pussy.

I plucked at Sierra’s rubbery hard nipples with my lips.

Sierra had given up not being affected, breathing fast, gasping and straining. “No, stop.” Her hips jerked. “Please.” Ashleigh looked up at me and I nodded. She stopped.

Then Sierra jerked again and gasped as Ashleigh licked the length of Sierra’s slit, and jerked again as Ashleigh kissed her clit.

“Keep going,” I whispered, putting Ashleigh’s other hand on my cock. “Just hold me too.”

Ashleigh’s fingers squeezed my cock as she lashed Sierra’s clit again. Her fingers slid in and out of Sierra again, faster.

I licked and sucked Sierra’s nipples. She moaned and shook, but we gave no respite.

Again, she tried to rock her hips from side to side, moving away from Ashleigh. Ashleigh grasped Sierra’s backside, pressing her tongue against Ashleigh’s hole. I took another photo of Ashleigh’s face pressed tight against Sierra’s pussy. She let go of my cock and grabbed Sierra’s ass with both hands, pulling her tight against her.

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