Thong Fantasies Ch. 04

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The following morning after a great night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, I got ready for my second swimwear outing. After seeing the skimpy attire of the couple yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and wear one of my swim thongs. I picked out the unlined black one that I had first tried on when I was packing for the holiday last week. My cock twitched as I slipped the diaphanous fabric over my smooth genitals and snapped the thin strap in place between my firm buttocks. As I admired myself in the mirror, I thought about the fun I’d had the last time I’d worn the thong and my cock grew even thicker in the skimpy pouch. I took pleasure in the way my growing arousal pushed against the semi-transparent fabric, revealing every contour of my expanding cock. I resisted the urge to stroke my bulge through the sheer fabric and I reminded myself that I had appointments arranged with both Eric and Gloria for later on. Wanting to save myself for my two new lovers, I distracted myself by getting together the items I would need for the beach. I grabbed my book, sunglasses and some sun cream and slipped some shorts on over the thong. By the time I was ready to go outside, the swelling of my cock had subsided and I set off on the short walk to the beach.

I grabbed a towel from the pool-attendant and headed down to the beach. I had decided to go to the beach rather than pool that morning because I was hoping to bump into the couple that I had spotted there yesterday. I wanted to try and get to know the two of them a bit better and then, hopefully, get to grips with both of their scantily clad bodies! With hope in my heart, I put my towel down on a sun-lounger in the same area as I had seen the couple the previous day.

I slipped off my shorts and settled onto the sun-lounger, enjoying the feeling of the soft towel against my bare buttocks. There was nobody around, so I picked up my book hoping to be able to keep my mind off the fun I had planned for later that day. It didn’t work and I was soon thinking about the way that Eric’s huge, black cock was going to fill my tight, white ass with his creamy cum. I was also thinking about the appointment I had with Gloria and how gorgeous her plump pussy would look when I’d finished shaving it completely bare. As I pictured these erotic scenes, my cock started to engorge once again and I was soon straining against the fabric of skimpy thong. I was suddenly brought out of my reverie by the sound of a woman’s voice nearby and I hurriedly covered my bulging crotch with my book. I looked up to see the female half of the couple from the previous day. Realising that I had not heard her properly the first time, she repeated herself. She asked if I minded if she joined me, as her husband was away scuba-diving at that moment. I smiled at her and said that I would appreciate the company.

She settled herself down on the sun-lounger next to me and I got my first real look at her as she readied herself for sun-bathing. She had auburn, shoulder-length hair, which framed a pretty, almost elfin-like face. I guessed that she was probably in her mid-40s, and, if so, she looked fantastic for her age. When she stood up to take off her sun dress, I got my first chance to admire her body at close proximity. She was wearing a skimpy, red thong bikini, which enhanced her womanly body perfectly. Her breasts appeared to be around a C-cup in size and they were straining magnificently against the tiny triangles of material holding them in place. She was fairly voluptuous and her thick waist and broad hips made me think of the goddess Venus. As she turned round to place her towel down, I had a chance to admire her gorgeous ass. It was wonderfully plump and round, and I had to restrain myself from reaching out and stroking the creamy flesh. Once she had settled herself down, she introduced herself as Maria and her absent husband as David. I introduced myself in return and we settled back to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Despite my admiration of Maria’s voluptuous body, the swelling in my cock had subsided somewhat and I felt safe enough to remove the book covering my groin. As I did so, I saw Maria quickly glance across at my thong-clad crotch. If she was surprised by my skimpy attire she didn’t let on, but as she settled back into her sun-lounger I noticed that she had a wry smile on her face. The tropical sun was beating down on us and our bodies were soon glistening with sweat. I needed to cool off, so I asked Maria if she would look after my things so I could go for a swim. She agreed and I set off down the beach towards the waterline. She would have had a prefect view of my thong-clad backside, as I strolled away from her and I wondered what she was thinking. I knew that her husband wore thongs, but I still really didn’t know what her opinion on guys in thongs was. I was glad to reach the clear, cool water, because the sand had felt red-hot against the soles of my feet. As soon as I was deep enough, I dived under the surface and revelled in the feeling of the cool water against my hot skin.

I splashed around in the water for a few minutes and enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness Escort bayan as I floated on my back. I decided that I’d had enough and got out of sea to head back to the beach. I looked down to check that my swimwear was still in place and was reminded of how transparent my thong went when wet. My smoothly shaved cock and balls were now clearly visible through the clinging, wet material to anybody nearby. I thought to myself, “Well, here goes!”, and strolled back up the beach to my sun-lounger and Maria. She was wearing her sunglasses, but her head was turned towards me as I approached and I got the feeling that I was being appraised. She smiled as I got closer and asked me how the water was. I told her that it was fantastic and I picked my towel up to dry myself off. As I rubbed the towel across my damp body, I could still feel her eyes on me. I dried my front first and lingered over towelling off my crotch as I felt my confidence rising. I then turned round and made sure that Maria had a good view of my bare buttocks whilst I dried my back.

Maria’s head was still turned towards me when I settled back on the sun-lounger, so I took a risk and asked if she would mind putting some sun-cream on my back. She laughed at my presumptuousness, but then agreed to my request. I turned over on to my front and handed her the sun-cream as she came over to my sun-lounger. She sat on the edge and poured some lotion onto her hands. As I felt her slick hands on my neck and shoulders, she told me that her husband also wore thong swimwear. I replied that I had noticed when I had walked past them the previous day. She giggled and then said, “So that’s what you were doing, you were spying on us!”. I coloured slightly at her accusation, but then quickly forgot about my embarrassment as she continued talking. She went on to say that it was a shame that more men didn’t wear thongs, as it gave the ladies a great chance to ogle the goods on display. I laughed at that and jokingly accused her of being sexist and objectifying men. She then asked me if I had ever ogled any women in skimpy bikinis and quickly accused me of being a hypocrite when I said that I had.

We continued with light-hearted banter as she continued to rub sun-cream into my back. I became aware of the proximity of her soft hands to my almost-naked ass, as she moved further down my back and my cock twitched slightly at the thought. She finally reached the strap of my thong and stopped. She told me that it would be better if I did my own backside, as her husband might get jealous otherwise. I jokingly responded by saying, “Why? Would your husband rather that he rubbed lotion onto my backside instead?!”. She snorted with laughter, but surprised me by responding, “Possibly”. I was intrigued. Was she implying that her husband was bisexual? I put these thoughts out of my mind and thanked her for her help. She returned to her sun-lounger and I finished putting sun-cream on the rest of my body, including my buttocks.

We lapsed into silence for a while, but were roused from our hush by the arrival of one of the waitresses from the beach bar. I was disappointed to see that it was not Gloria, but was still interested enough to check her out. We both ordered fruit juice and I watched the waitress walk back to the bar, enjoying the swaying of her hips and firm ass. Maria then surprised me again by commenting, “Nice ass!”. I laughed, but readily agreed and added that I was definitely an ‘ass’ man. She looked over at me and said that she too was an ‘ass’ lady. We both laughed at that, but I was once again intrigued about her comments. Had she really been checking out the waitress’ ass for herself or had she just noticed me doing so? The waitress soon came back over once with our drinks and we once again watched her sashay her way back to the bar. I glanced over at Maria and she did genuinely seem to be interested in the waitress’ ass. Was she also bisexual?

We lapsed into silence once again, until Maria announced that she was going for a swim. I told her that I would look after her stuff as I watched her saunter off towards the sea. I was captivated by the sight of her wonderful thong-clad bottom and wolf-whistled quietly to myself in admiration. I watched Maria mess around in the sea for a while and then picked up my book again. I was getting pretty absorbed in my book, when a loud voice suddenly startled me. I looked up and saw Eric standing next to me with a broad smile on his face. He reminded me of our arrangements for later in the day and said that he would be free at 1 o’clock if that suited me. I grinned and said that would be fine, my cock twitching at the thought of his huge cock entering my willing ass. As he stood talking to me, he stared at my thong covered crotch and my stirring cock further enlarged under his lustful gaze. He laughed at my obvious arousal and made his excuses to leave. As he walked back to the hotel complex, I stared longingly at his toned lycra-clad ass.

I was once again startled when Maria, who had arrived back from her swim unnoticed, said, “Hmm, you definitely are an ‘ass’ man, aren’t you?”. Bayan escort My cheeks reddened at her comment and the fact that she had probably noticed my obvious arousal. I was at a loss for a witty reply, so I took the plunge and said that I appreciated beautiful people of both sexes. She looked me in the eye and said, “So, you’re bisexual then?”. I thought about all the possible responses to her accusation and, seeing no alternative, I admitted that I was bisexual. She laughed delightedly at my response and started to dry herself off. My mind racing with the implications of my admission, I took the opportunity to once again gaze at Maria’s glistening body. I was pleased to see that the sea water had turned her skimpy red bikini almost completely transparent. I could clearly see her small, perky nipples poking through the diaphanous material, obviously stimulated by the cool water. My gaze travelled down her body and fell upon her thong-clad crotch. The tiny triangle of material stuck wetly to her flesh and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the clinging fabric. She was completely shaven and I could also see that her clitoral hood was pierced.

I was roused from my admiration of her gorgeous body when Maria asked me if I liked what I saw. I once again blushed at being caught staring, but I quickly replied that I liked what I saw very much. She smiled and settled herself back down on her sun-lounger. We lapsed into silence again, as Maria seemed to be pre-occupied with her own thoughts. After a few minutes, she looked across at me almost shyly and said that she had a proposition for me. I was intrigued and asked her to go on. She explained that she was bisexual and that her husband was somewhat bi-curious. They were very open-minded and had had threesomes in the past, but only with other women. Maria had been trying to convince David to have a threesome with another guy, as she would love to watch him sucking a cock, but she had had no success so far. She was sure that he was up for it, but that they just hadn’t found the right guy yet. She went to explain that she thought I might be the right guy and asked me if I would be interested in helping her set something up. She sat back, her cheeks slightly flushed, and waited for my response.

I thought about it for a millisecond and then eagerly answered that I would definitely be interested. She seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and I asked her what she had in mind. She said that she would have to think about it for a while, but she would get back to me once she had formulated a plan. She asked me if I was free that evening. I explained about my prior engagement with Gloria, but said that I would be free the day after. She seemed happy at that and we lapsed into a conversation about our sexual preferences. I told Maria that I was versatile and loved fucking and being fucked with equal pleasure. She commented that she might have to try her strap-on out on me then and I agreed enthusiastically. I also told her about my interest in thongs and genital shaving. She told me that David and her were both completely smooth and that David obviously also shared my interest in thongs. I reminded her that I had noticed and she smiled at that.

I went on to tell her about Gloria and Eric and she listened very intently as I went into graphic detail about my encounters with them. I noticed that her cheeks had started to colour and her nipples seemed to become more swollen against her thin bikini top as I spoke. I explained about my appointment with Eric for that afternoon and she, almost breathlessly, asked if she could watch us. I could see that she was excited at the prospect of watching two guys together, so I agreed to her presence as long as Eric had no problem with it. She explained that she would only be there as an observer and that we could have no sexual contact until David had given the go-ahead. I told her that I was fine with that and hoped that she would enjoy the show. She laughed and said that she was feeling horny after our conversation and would have to go back to the room to deal with it. I said that I wished I could watch that, but she shook her head and said maybe later.

As she started to gather her things, I realised that she was serious about going to masturbate and my cock started to swell at the thought. She noticed my arousal and playfully told me to save it for later. She asked for my room number and told me that she would be there just before 1 o’clock. She set-off back to the hotel and I once again watched her swaying backside depart. My mind was racing at this recent turn of events and I had to restrain myself from stroking my growing cock as I contemplated the fun ahead. It was just before 12 o’clock so I gathered my stuff and went back to my room to grab a quick shower and get changed for lunch.

After lunch, I had only just got back to my room when there was a knock at the door. It was Maria and she smiled broadly as I invited her in. I explained that Eric wasn’t there yet and reminded her that he still had to agree to her presence. She said that was fine and hoped that Eric wouldn’t Escort have a problem with it. As we chatted, I took the chance to admire her gorgeous body again. She was still wearing the same red bikini as earlier, but had slipped on a pair of white shorts to cover up for lunch. She noticed my attention and did a twirl, asking if I liked her outfit. I said that I did and told her that I had still not decided what to wear for Eric’s impending visit. She said that she would help me pick out something appropriate and we went across to the chest of drawers. It felt a bit weird having a practical stranger rummaging through my collection of intimates, but she seemed to be enjoying herself so I relaxed. She complimented on my collection and said that David would be very impressed. She continued rummaging and after careful consideration, she handed me a black mesh jockstrap. She explained that I not only would I look good in the underwear, I would also be able to keep it on whilst Eric fucked my willing ass.

I couldn’t fault Maria’s logic and so took the skimpy garment from her. I started heading towards the bathroom to get changed, but she called me back and said that she wanted to watch me get ready. I shrugged and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down my legs, leaving me stood only in one of my many thongs. I hesitated and she told me to stop being shy, explaining that if she was going to let me fuck her husband she wanted to see the goods first. I nodded at her reasoning and pulled the thong down, exposing my genitals fully to Maria for the first time. As I stood there, with my discarded thong around my ankles, she took a long lingering look at my smooth cock. “That will do nicely”, she said and after waiting for her nod of approval, I slipped the jockstrap on. She asked me to do a twirl and I spun round slowly for her. Although the pouch of the jockstrap cocooned my cock and balls tightly, the mesh fabric ensured that my genitals were still on full display. My ass was also left fully exposed by the garment and Maria whistled appreciatively at the sight.

There was a knock at the door at that point and I slipped on a bathrobe to go and answer it. It was Eric, bang on time. He was still dressed in the muscle-top and tight lycra shorts that I had seen him in earlier and he looked fantastic. He seemed surprised to see Maria in the room, but readily agreed to her presence once I had explained the situation. Maria thanked him and grinned broadly as Eric turned his attention back to me. He ordered me to strip off my bathrobe and I did so willingly. Eric looked me up and down with a lustful gaze and commented on my appropriate choice of underwear. I told him that Maria had chosen the jockstrap for me to wear and he complimented her on her good taste. My cock was starting to swell and strain against the mesh pouch under Eric’s piercing stare and I told him that I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside my willing ass. Both he and Maria laughed at that and then Eric went on to call me his little cock slut. My stirring loins confirmed that it was true and I asked Eric what he wanted his little cock slut to do for him. He thought about it for a moment and then turned to Maria to ask her, as the guest, what she wanted.

Maria didn’t hesitate with her response and told us that she wanted me to undress Eric and suck his cock until he was hard enough to fuck my eager hole. Eric nodded in agreement and I pulled his muscle-top off over his head. I took a moment to admire his bulging chest and firm abs before I dropped to knees in front of him and grabbed the waistband of his lycra shorts. I tugged the clinging, stretchy material slowly down his muscular thighs and then removed them altogether. I looked up at his god-like ebony body and drank in every detail. His midnight-black skin seemed to glisten in the strong afternoon light shining through the window. His bulging arms were folded across his massive chest as he looked down at me expectantly. His strong thighs were tensed as he stood dominantly above me and I shuddered with pleasure looking at his powerful body. My attention was then naturally drawn to his crotch and my own cock started to throb as I once again gazed upon his monster. He was not wearing any underwear, but instead was sporting a metal cock-ring which thrust his swollen shaft and pendulous balls forward, making his endowment look even larger than it did previously.

Maria had moved to a better position and gawped at Eric’s cock with the same wonderment as I did. She told him that it was shame that he was only interested in men, as she would love to feel that monster inside her. He laughed at that, but then immediately barked an order at me to suck his cock. I flinched at the harshness in his voice, but quickly leant forward and started to run my tongue and lips around his swelling shaft. I swirled my tongue around the sensitive flesh of his glans, relishing the manly taste of the throbbing, purple flesh. I ran my tongue down each side of the rapidly hardening shaft, his ebony rod glistening with my saliva. As I continued to worship Eric with my mouth, I glanced over to where Maria was stood. She had pulled the material of her bikini top to the side and was cupping and stroking her exposed breasts. Her nipples were swelling and hardening to her touch and her face was flushed with desire.

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