Those Eyes Alone Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Him: Weeks passed and things were going great. It was a week before Trystynne’s birthday and I had something very special planned, I even had Craig and Havannah in on it. One day I was out getting lunch and you can only guess who I bumped into.

“Nathan! How are you?” Keaton said hugging me.

“Hi Keaton.”

“You aren’t having lunch alone are you? Lets have lunch, please? Just as friends.” she said smiling.

“I’ll sit for a minute but I won’t stay too long.”

“O-k I understand. Well how are things?”

“Everything is great, how about you?”

“Ummm, well I’ve been a little down…Nathan, I just wanna know how could you have moved on so quick? What happened between us? Why can’t there be another chance?”

“I knew it. I knew that’s what you wanted to talk about, look Keaton I know this isn’t easy, but I’m in love with Trystynne-“

“Wait, I know her. Didn’t I meet her?”

“She’s Havanna’s best friend, and you met her at that party you threw.”

“That fat girl???? Come on Nathan tell me this is a sick joke.”

“See this is why I didn’t want to talk to you.” I said getting up. She grabbed my arm and I snatched away and walked out. The day just kept getting worse because I just happened to see Trystynne riding with some other guy I had never seen him before. They were at a red light, she was smiling and he was playing with her then she pointed at the light for him to go. My heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest. I was so hurt, sad, and mad…I just drove as fast as I could to her apartment. I wanted to beat her there. I wanted to catch her in the act. I waited and waited for what seemed like hours but was only 25 minutes. I looked out the window and they had arrived and they both got out of the car and hugged tight, long. I saw her bury her face in his neck and he bedava bahis squeezed her tighter then they broke away but continued holding hands. They finally pulled away and parted ways. I saw her wiping tears from her eyes while she walked up to the apartment. I stood there waiting, trying to control my anger. When she walked in she was a little shocked .

“Oh hey Nathan.” she said turning her face from me.

” Who was that?” I asked voice trembling. She turned to me confused.


“I saw you…I saw you riding with that guy on your way home. I saw you when you were at the light, playing in the car. I saw you when you pulled up. How you hugged him like you wanted to morph into him.”

She closed her eyes and turned away.

“That’s my brother.”

“Don’t lie to me.” I said behind gritted teeth trying not to yell.

“I’m not. I haven’t seen him in a looong time. This is my first time seeing him since I left my moms home. I miss him…I miss all of my brothers so much but I couldn’t build enough strength or desire to go back. We all planned to leave just not on terms such as these. The only one I get to see is my sister. I knew he’d be successful and he’s getting ready to get drafted into the NBA and he came to ask me to be there…with my mom. I won’t let him down…not even for her. I have proof if you want it.”

“No…Trys…I’m a serious …asshole.”

“Nathan I would never cheat or hurt you in any way. I love you.”

“I know Trys I just didn’t think about it because I’ve never seen any of your family except your aunt and sister.”

“Yea and that’s my fault…I want you to meet them but its so much-“

“I don’t care I wanna meet them and I wanna be there for you in whatever way I can…plus I gotta make up for not trusting you and being an asshole.” She laughed casino siteleri and nodded her head.

“Yea you were an asshole.”

“You’re not supposed to agree.”

“Well you said it!” she said laughing harder. I walked up to her remembering that her smile was one of the reasons I couldn’t be without her.

“I love you Trys. I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too.” she said kissing me then she pulled away and looked at me with a huge grin.

“Guess what’s coming up next week?”

“I know I know its your birthday. What are you doing?”

“Well of course Havannah is dragging me out to some loud head banging club so I guess that’s about it.”

“Why the hell does it have to be a club?” I said thinking out loud. I had asked Havannah to take her out so I could get things set up for her surprise but I didn’t want her to take her to a club where guys would be touching all over her.

“Well its Havannah of course, if its quiet its not fun. I’ll go but I won’t get on the dance floor. I don’t like being touched”

“Oh you don’t like being touched?” I said grabbing her and pulling her close to me making her giggle.

“You know what I mean.”she said wrapping her arms around me.

“So anyway…about my birthday. I was thinking about going for a picnic that afternoon-“

“No Trys…stop that you know I’m not going tell you what I’m doing for you until the time comes.”

“Whaaaat??? I was just thinking out loud and hoping you would drop a little hint.”

“You’re going to get in trouble now don’t ask again.”

“In trouble? Hahaha!!”

“Yes in trouble…I’ll take you over my knee keep it up!!”

“Yes sir.” She said looking up at me innocently. I wanted to take her. She made me obsess over her but I would have to pin all of my sexual tension up until bahis siteleri her birthday and then I would wear her out. It would be hard waiting a whole week but it would be worth it. She went to her kitchen and started cooking something for us to eat then she stopped and looked at me.

“Excuse me…why am I cooking? Shouldn’t you be cooking since you got here first?”

“But you already started and I don’t cook as good as you do.”

“Hmmm…this is manual labor you know.”

Her: I was getting ready to turn another year older and I really wanted to do something unforgettable. I had never really had a birthday party so I wanted to do something memorable for once. I was at a sex shop looking for ideas and all of a sudden, there’s Keaton. I had even forgotten she was back I was hoping she didn’t see me or remember me and if she did I was hoping she wouldn’t try to start anything, but that was just wishful thinking. As soon as I turned to leave she spotted me.

“Um Trystynne?”

“What?” I said turning to face her,

“Who do you think you are? How dare you try and take him from me?”

“I didn’t take him from you he chose me.” I stopped and thought and laughed a little.

“This is crazy. Why am I indulging you? Keaton if he wanted to be with you he would be with you now and its quite obvious where he wants to be.”

“Its just a phase. I know him honey I was fucking him for years. Nathan is like night and day. One minute he’s one way and the next…well you get it. It won’t be long. He’ll be back in my arms and you’ll realize you’re investing your emotions for nothing.”

“You would know since it happened to you.”

Her face fell flat and turned red. I turned and walked out. I called Havannah and told her what happened.

“I’m gonna kick her ass!!”

“No. It doesn’t have to be like this. Its all on her.”

“Well are you gonna tell Nathan???”

“Yeah. I guess. I don’t know.”

“He needs to know…something happens he doesn’t need to be in the dark about it.”

“You’re right. I’ll tell him.”

“You better…if you don’t I will.”

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