Three Days

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This is my first attempt writing a group sex story. Throughout this tale you will read how my weird imagination takes a trip into bi-sexuality, punishment, and trans-sexuality. Images of a wild night of debauchery entered my mind and spewed out through my fingers onto the pages. Presented for your entertainment:

The incessant ticking of the clock reverberated in the silence and echoed deep in the recesses of my mind. Each tick followed by its mandatory tock drove me one more second deeper into sleeplessness.

Faint shapes took form as I lay open eyed staring into the darkness, a dresser here, a chair there. Was I really seeing these things or is my unconscious mind seeing them where they are in the room?

The invitation of sleep offered by the mattress was eagerly accepted a couple hours ago until I was forced into wakefulness by a telephone call. The call was unwelcome when it came; however, answering it provided a welcome dose of a new reality to come in just three days.

Now I lay awake trying to fathom what the new reality will provide, what it will look like, and how it will feel. I played twenty questions with myself and only tried to answer them. Three days.

The months that separated us fanned my fire of desire and I had used every opportunity to have my desires satisfied, now I have to be faithful again to just one person. I don’t want that any longer. I want an array of bed partners who will keep me in heat and full. Some way I have to have one more night of unfaithfulness. I set the wheels in motion as soon light from the rising sun broke the plain of my window.


I set seven dates for tonight, all in my apartment. All seven would arrive at 6:00pm for dinner and by 8:00pm we would be on our way to an unforgettable night of debauchery.

Each of my guests has a special talent to satisfy me and each would likely use that talent more than once tonight and well into tomorrow. I’m hoping for a very long night and a long day tomorrow. When each is spent and unable to provide more satisfaction, the date ends. I have no idea who will be spent first or who last, moreover, I don’t care. In the end, I will be the one suffering most.

They must arrive together.

First is Marty and his heavy leather belt and nine inch cock. He will strap my ass until I beg him to stop, then he will top me with his nine inch cock burried in my ass.

Second is David with a mouth that could suck an ocean dry. He’ll suck my every essence before he too tops me with thick man meat ripping me a new ass.

Third is Mary who is a beautiful woman who turns heads where ever she appears. Mary is a trannie whose cock is the envy of many men. She’ll top me at least three times.

Fourth is Richard who has a talented hand for massaging stiff sore muscles back to life just so he can destroy them again with his forcefulness.

Fifth is Pat, who like Marty, is another spanker whose tool is a paddle. His other tool is almost three inches thick and 11 inches long. He will paddle me hard and drive his cock deep into me.

Sixth is an old pal from school, Anita. She is a real woman who will be my bottom a couple times and probably have a couple of my other guests in her as well. She likes being DPd.

Last is Randy who is always hard. His cock is more normal than the others but still has a proud eight inches. He is a slow lover who will offset the rest who will bang me raw.

I paid meticulous attention to my hygiene making my ass as clean and ready as possible for the best of the worst nights possible. I injected myself with about two tablespoons of coconut oil to make sure my ass slick for the first tool. I had several tubes of lube as well. I napped for a few hours.


They all arrived at the appointed hour and dinner was excellent. I encouraged everyone to take a Viagra. The pill helps women too. The improved blood flow to Anita’s pleasure centers will keep her hopping all night.

Marty and Pat made us all laugh when they started playing rock, paper, scissors to decide who would spank me first. I solved the problem by telling them to use me at the same time. Their smiles told me my idea might not have been a good one. They know my duress word and will stop when they hear it.

We undressed and mingled a bit longer over mild stimulating drinks. I also had some Kush spice and Super Nova spice to smoke. I lit a pipe and inhaled some Super Nova deeply. After three or four hits, I was high and a little paranoid knowing what Marty and Pat were about to do.

David and Randy stretched me over the back of the sofa, both holding my arms. I wasn’t prepared for the first stinging blows raining down from both belt and paddle. The shock forced me to break from David and Randy’s hold but they soon had me back in place as I felt the hot sting of Marty’s heavy leather strap burn across my entire ass. Next came the paddle with a dull crack as it left an imprint on top of the Escort bayan strap mark.

The strikes stung and burned, I knew big blue marks must already be forming. Then it stopped. I knew the next move would be Pat’s eleven inch cock making an entrance, thankfully he lubed me and him before pressing his massive cock head against the only white skin left on my ass. I wanted him in me and opened for him.

Pat slid smoothly into me, slowly. His hands on my burning ass felt cool and his cock warm as he burried about seven inches in me. He withdrew and smoothly slid back giving me a bit more cock. I knew when he was ready to cum, I’d have every inch in me.

I glanced to see Mary and Anita in a 69, Anita on top sucking Mary’s cock deeply. Then I heard Anita scream in pain as Marty laid a stripe across her humping ass. I’m not sure, however, I think Anita came from it. Mary was lapping Anita’s pussy fast. Maybe Mary was cumming too.

David, Randy, and Richard were taking in the scene. Pat had firmly staked his territory in my ass and fucked me with long deep strokes. Marty was now riding Anita in the ass. I beckoned Richard to me and took his cock in my mouth. David and Randy slowly stroked their cocks as Mary left Marty and Anita.

Pat was close to cumming I knew. His stroke were determined, deep, and forceful. With one last push, he sank to his full depth and blew a huge wet load into me. I knew my reward for fucking him would be more paddles. I squeezed my cheeks together holding his wet load in me as his paddle began making new marks. This time, my screams were of my own anal orgasm ripping my body. Pat returned to join the fray; I like his leather belt.

My ass was stretched, full of cum, and Mary took her place behind me. She sunk fully in with one push and began fucking me with a good rhythm. I tried keeping Richard’s cock in my mouth but the force of the spanking and Mary’s onslaught made that difficult.

David tried to position himself between Mary’s legs and against the back of the sofa to get my cock in his mouth. With a little organization, we figured it out. Richard and Mary both came at the same time. That’s three loads, two in my ass and one in my mouth. I savored Richard’s cum before swallowing.

David had me on the verge of cumming when I felt the belt and paddle on my ass again. I shot into David’s mouth in the same rhythm as Marty and Pat spanked me.

David, his mouth full of my cum rose to present his mouth to me, I greedily took his offering in my mouth and swallowed. David spun around and drove his cock hard into my gaping, cum dripping ass.

Across the room, I glanced again seeing Anita trying to mount Pat’s eleven inches. She struggled and winced in a combination of pain and pleasure. David drove hard into me trying to get his release. His efforts also served to get me off again with a deep prostate orgasm. Just as my ass began to spasm in orgasm, David added his load to my ass. Anita had about eight inches of Pat in her and cumming hard.

The belt burned across my ass again, ten forceful strokes, before Marty thrust himself into me. I lost any sense of who fucked me, who hadn’t and how many loads of cum were being released. All I wanted was Marty fucking me now. He withdrew just before I expected him to cum.

Anita had all eleven inches of Pat in her as more leather stroked my ass followed by Marty mounting me again. My glance at Anita saw her spread open for Randy who sunk his cock in her ass. Marty continued fucking me and abruptly pulled out before he came. That meant more stripes from his leather strap.

He strapped me 25 hard strokes before mounting me again. I knew this time I would get his cum. My prostate was swollen and being massaged by Marty’s cock and another orgasm ripped my ass. Marty let his load fill me more. Then his belt burned against my raw skin another 25 times. I screamed my duress word.

Richard appeared with a wet cloth to clean my ass hole, balls, and legs of five loads of cum. Then he produced a large tube of aloe that he gently smoothed over my raw ass skin. I knew I needed a couple hours rest before any more spanking. Pat, Randy, and Anita were locked in their own simultaneous orgasm. Marty took pictures of my punished ass. I’ll be black and blue for a couple weeks. Richard soothed my burning butt with more aloe. It seemed to absorb as quickly as he smoothed it on.

For a few minutes, I wasn’t the center of attention and very thankful for it. Richard and Mary locked in a cock sucking duel that ended well for both. All the fucking seemed to cease for a while as we took time to refresh in the bathroom and get more drinks and snacks. I was well fucked and well spanked. It hurt a little to walk but Richard stayed close to sooth me with aloe.


A surprise knock on the door near midnight was unexpected and unwelcome. There were eight naked people all well fucked and ready for the next round. An intruder would spoil the Bayan escort night. I didn’t answer the knock.

Seconds later we heard a key in the door. “Shit!” It was the only thing to say. In quick reflex, I checked the message I’d received. “Three days! That’s today! I read the message wrong. She’s back today, now!”

She being my wife was home from a month in South Korea visiting her older and dying brother. When she sees what we had going on, it would be a trip straight to divorce court. The door swung open and we all greeted her at the door.

The look of shock on her face became anger and disgust in an instant. She spun on her heals and left as quickly as she came. Interestingly, I felt a load lifted from me and asked Richard to sooth more aloe over my punished ass.

The pain subsided somewhat as Richard continued to sooth me with his touch. I wanted him in me and he accepted the invitation. Seeing me initiating more sex set the group going for round two.

I saw Mary and Pat hooking up and not sure who would get cock. Pat likes being fucked sometimes but he prefers his eleven inch cock in play. Richard, usually forceful, was being surprisingly gentle with me. I had to push back against him with all my energy and beg him to fuck me. He obliged and soon we were bouncing to a hard rhythm sure to mean a wet cum in my ass.

Anita and Marty were having a discussion that soon ended with Anita over his knee receiving a serious hand spanking. Anita seemed to raise her ass to meet each blow. I realized she was near orgasm with her fingers working her pussy hard. I heard her scream now. Marty began raining hard hand spanks against her ass faster than my blurring vision could focus. Anita squirted her juice all over Marty’s lap as her orgasm drove her into temporary unconsciousness.

Mary was busy with Pat trying to accept his cock in her ass. Richard was close to cumming and drove his cock deeply into me to release his warming load. The two spankers were busy and I knew I was safe from another belting for a while. Richard did not withdraw from me and did sooth more aloe over my ass. My cock was rigid.

Randy saw my rigid state and took me in his mouth while Richard began sliding out and into me with new strength and energy. Randy’s mouth was warm as he lapped my cock. Richard pounded me harder, my ass muscles squeezing and relaxing to his thrusts and Randy’s mouth. I was very close to an anal orgasm and my cock was ready to shot. Suddenly, my cock spewed into Randy’s mouth as my ass contracted around Richard’s cock with my anal orgasm. On cue, Richard came in me again. All that was left was for me to pleasure Randy and I did. His load filled my mouth and I swallowed again.

As the clock began reaching 4:00am, the door opened and my wife appeared again and her clothing began falling off. “Before the divorce, I’m getting fucked by everyone here.” She spied Marty and his elongating cock.

She didn’t know about Marty and his spanking skills. I knew she was about to learn. She licked his cock and sucked it into her mouth just as he laid a heavy blow against her ass. Her scream opened her mouth and Marty gave her a throat full of cock that she gagged on. Her initiation was underway with the next strap blow on her ass. Two bright red marks exploded on her ass. I smiled.

Marty didn’t wait to spin my wife around and bend her over the back of a chair. He laid ten good lines across her ass and she began meeting them pushing out her ass. His cock disappeared into her pussy making her cum instantly. I wondered, would he pull out and strap her like he did me. The answer was yes, just not as ruthlessly. Blue marks appeared quickly. Now I was becoming jealous.

David took Richards place and slipped his cock up my ass as I watched Marty pound into my wife’s cunt and blow a load in her. Mary quickly replaced Marty. Mary fucked my wife with ruthless strokes. David was working his cock in me knowing he could make me have a good anal orgasm again. He had skills fucking just like his skills sucking.

My wife was crying now and it was from the onslaught she asked for but could have had no idea about the severity of the punishment she would take. Mary didn’t relax her drive into my wife. David drove me over the top and I screamed like a girl as my ass contracted with the arrival of another anal orgasm. My wife got a glimpse of my pleasure that burned on her mind.

David spent his seed in me. Marty was next with his big leather belt. I looked at him resigned to take another belting. I knew it would be brutal but thankfully, Marty knows the limit. His first 15 strikes were hard and I cried out with each one. Richard was close with aloe before the next 15 rang out. Next came a 50 count that extended into over three minutes as Marty let me relax between slaps. Twenty more blows would make 100 and Marty showed no mercy raining each strike hard and fast.

The pain was back and so was Pat. Would he continue the spanking Escort or give me his cock again? We both wanted the same thing. My ass stung deeply as I felt his paddle rip across my ass. Mary came in my wife. That is two loads dripping from her cunt, her ass well punished from her spanking. Pat knew I was close to my pain threshold and backed off on the force of his blows. He drew some blood before stopping the whipping. Now his cock was at my opening pushing into me. He was oiled, I guessed with aloe or lube.

My wife watched as eleven inches of cock disappeared into my ass. As well fucked as I was, his cock made its way home in me easily. He withdrew until barely his cock head was in me then slid back in fully but slowly as my ass expanded to accommodate. The sun began its rise as Pat came in me again. My cock was ready to fuck something, my wife in her ass.

I lubed my cock, bent her over the same chair Marty and Mary used, lined up my cock and sunk into her virgin ass. She screamed against the invader but quickly relaxed, she already had two cum loads in her pussy and said coming through the door she would fuck everyone here. I pounded away and finally came in her ass. To accentuate the finale, I laid some good hard hand spanks to her ass. Then she had a DP with David and Richard.

By about seven-thirty in the morning, the showers began running as we began cleaning up ourselves and the apartment. Marty gave me a final belting, 20 strokes that bit deeply into my skin and with all his strength behind each. I wanted what he offered although the pain was nearing me to unconsciousness. I did not call out my duress word.

Then it was done and only my wife and I were in the apartment. We were both disgusted with the other and both collapsed in different bedrooms. I took the master. After sleep and giving our bodies a chance to recover we could sort out the divorce.

I found a prescription of codeine pain medicine. “Take one for pain as needed.” I took two. To help her sleep, I gave my wife one that she accepted. I slept through the day and into the night. I woke up once for more pain pills and fell back into a deep sleep again until the next morning.

The damage to my ass was significant not to mention magnificent. I’ll be a month or more healing. I found the douche wand for the shower, attached it, and gave my ass a deep cleaning. A mixture of shit and cum washed out. I didn’t stop until the flow was clear. Then I showered. Somehow, I got pants on over my hips, a shirt wouldn’t be a problem.

My wife was waiting at the kitchen table with hot coffee and a toasted bagel for me. I couldn’t believe the smile on her face. Her look was one of complete sexual satisfaction with hidden lust for more. “I was going to fix you something,” I said.


“Are you gay,” my wife asked.

“I was last night,” I replied.

“Fool,” she seemed to joke, “that was two nights ago.”

“I lost a day and a half asleep? No, not gay, maybe bi. I like women and all kinds of sex with women but I also like men sometimes. I really liked them, and Mary, though. I’ve never taken the abuse I did from Marty and Pat spanking and fucking me.”

“How long before my butt heals,” she asked.

“Well, you’ll have to show me the damage.” Usually she is a prude about being naked but I guess her first night of swinging changed her a little.

She lifted her dressing gown to display a freshly shaved pussy, a first for her hairy cunt, then turned to show me her ass. She was lightly bruised and most of the redness was gone. “You’ll be better in a couple days. I’ll be mending for several weeks.”

“Who is the guy with the mammoth cock?” I saw a look in her eye that told me she wanted to try him”

“That is Pat. He fucked me twice with his eleven inch cock. It is about three inches thick. Are you thinking of trying it?” I was already thinking about a cuckold video with me filming.

“You already know he is a spanker. If you want to fuck him, be prepared to have your ass whipped hard.” I knew she had received an initiation of spanking and fucking from Marty.

“You won’t believe it, maybe you will, I came so many times from him spanking and fucking me. You are not small in the cock but I’ve never had that much in me before.”

I could see she was getting turned on by the talk of fucking and spanking so I went for gusto. I grabbed her arm and pulled her over my knee and began spanking her hard with my hand. She didn’t protest but she did stop me.

“Will you belt whip me?” I knew she meant it and I dragged her to the bedroom where I took out my only heavy leather belt and snapped it a couple times.

“Lay on the bed. I’ll start when you’re ready. Tell me a safe word that tells me to stop.” When she gave it to me, she laid across the bed.

“Start easy, I’ll tell how hard.” She grabbed the head board rails and gripped them, then said a single word, “Ready.”

I laid a somewhat medium stripe across her ass, she winced yet asked for harder. The next slap was harder but not excessively hard. She asked for five more like that. I obliged.

“Five more,” she begged through tears. I gave them, she squirmed and winced, new red marks appeared.

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