Three Hours , The Cost Of Fuel

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Thursday, July 17th, 2003.

Erin’s jaw dropped open as she looked at her husband,

“THIS weekend? Are you sure you want us to spend THIS weekend at the river?”

Jeff frowned at her,

“Yeah, of course. Don’t you want to?”

Erin bit her tongue as she struggled not to snap at him. She forced herself to calm down as she answered,

“Sure. The river. Fine. I’ll start packing.”

Jeff smiled,

“Great! Oh and honey can you make sure to pack the digital camera? I want you to take some pictures of me and my baby that I can post on-line.”

Erin quietly fumed as she watched him sit down in his favorite spot in front of the TV and begin his nightly ritual of ignoring her as he tuned in to the six o’clock evening news. She huffed loudly and went to begin packing.


Erin silently argued with herself as she packed the last few items -He forgot. That’s all. He told me he wasn’t good at dates. But our first wedding anniversary? How could he forget our first wedding anniversary? Why didn’t I just remind him? Well if I have to remind him of such an important day then it can’t have been that important to him. Give him a break, Erin! Of course I’m important to him! So he forgot a day on the calendar, big deal! Arrrgghh! I can’t believe we’re spending our first anniversary at the river! No wining no dining no romance no alone time nothing special at all. Just boats, beer and people; lots and lots of friendly, sociable ‘won’t get any privacy with my man’ people. Just tell him, then. No. He wants to go and I already agreed to it. Besides if I tell him now and he feels guilty enough to stay home with me he’ll just resent that and wish he was out boating anyway. So boating it is I guess. Happy 1st Anniversary to you too Jeff!


Jeff was already semi-hard by the time his wife climbed into bed beside him. He let out a quiet sigh of relief and reached for her. He felt her flinch from his touch and he froze puzzled,

“Erin? You mad about something?”

Here was her chance. She had his undivided attention, he was inviting her to talk, they were in the dark and he wanted sex -Just tell him- She took a deep breath, rolled over to face him and couldn’t do it,

“No honey, I’m fine. A little irritable, that’s all.”

Erin’s eyes were still adjusting to the dark but she could faintly make out his playful grin as he reached for her again,

“Bet I could improve your mood!”

Erin gasped when he grabbed her thong exposed ass to pull her in closer. He rubbed his ever hardening cock up against her soft, smooth tummy where her nightie had ridden up. He nuzzled her neck and shoulder until she gave in with a small giggle and a sigh of defeat,

“Okay, okay! No tickles! Improve my mood Jeffy. Fuck me happy again.”

Now he knew he was getting some. She only ever called him Jeffy when she was horny. Just to be sure though he slid his hand from her ass cheek, down the back of her thigh and pulled it towards himself so that her knee was over his hip. His hand made a return trip along her thigh back towards her ass. He made a sudden detour reaching around her thigh to slip his fingers into the crotch of her thong from the side. He smiled when he heard her moan and his grin was all the wider for the wet his fingers encountered. He gently ran a finger up the center of her cunt lips and delicately scraped his nail over her clit, “Are you sure no tickles, baby? Not even right … here?”

Her whimper of impatience made his cock twitch. He was glad that thanks to the makers of birth control implants, he’d soon get to feel her hot wet walls gripping his naked hard-on. She tightened her arms around his neck and lifted her mouth to his to be kissed. He rolled her partially under him and tormented her with teasing kisses instead of the deeper tongue dueling kiss her hungry mouth was seeking. He nibbled, licked, and sucked at her lips without letting her into his mouth with her tongue. She was squirming under him. She pressed her D cup mounds into his chest making little noises of frustration as she dug her prettily painted half inch nails into his broad shoulders. Her large dark lust hardened nipples strained against the fabric of her thin silky nightie poking at him.

With one hand he pushed her thong panties down to mid thigh, then slid it back up and under her nightie pushing that up to expose her breasts. He played her nipple between his thumb and index finger, repeatedly rolling, pinching, and tugging on it, then brushing across the aroused tip with his thumb pad. Erin began panting against her husband’s mouth as he stoked her desire into the urgent zone. Her hips started thrusting and gyrating under him almost of their own volition and her pussy throbbed in it’s unwanted state of emptiness. Jeff finally gave in to the kiss she was begging for, swallowing her mewl of protest when his hand left her tit and absorbing the low moan that emanated from deep in her throat as his tongue thrust in sync with his two fingers jamming into bursa escort her slippery tight fuckhole. He stroked the inside of her mouth slowly with the tip of his tongue tickling her palate, petting her velvety soft tongue licking the inside walls of her cheeks while leaving his fingers deep inside her pussy, maddeningly still except for an occasional wriggle. She was likely unaware of the whimpering sounds she was making but Jeff was anything but immune to them. Erin felt the cool wet of his precum on the skin of her abdomen and actively began fucking his fingers. She bucked her hips in search of contact against her clit. Jeff pulled his hand away and couldn’t seem to fully remove her nightie and panties fast enough.

He was about to lay down beside her again when he felt her hot mouth on his cock,

“Oh sweet Jesus! Fuck Erin! Fuck you’re good at that! Baby it’s your call I got work in the morning one round is all I can spare! Mmmm… fuck baby that feels so good!”

There was a drawn out wet sound of suction as she slowly slid him out of her mouth and then a small pop,

“I know. I just wanted a little taste. You make me so horny! Put it in me now, Jeffy, please?”

Even though the smell of her ready sex had his dick screaming at him to do just that Jeff had a few other paces he wanted to put her through before he gave in to his own lust. He put his hands on her and turned her so she had her back to him. He lay behind her and slid his hand between her knees . He lifted her leg just enough so that he could slide his cock between her drenched and quivering thighs, resting the throbbing length flush against her slick slit. She ground her ass against his groin as she reached down to fondle her clit. He stopped her attempt and nipped at her ear,

“I wanna watch you play with your tits.”

She whined in frustration but obliged anyway. He slowly began thrusting his hips as he watched her busy fingers twirling and pinching her own nipples. The feeling of him rubbing against her but not in her was driving her nuts,

“Jeffy please!”

He ignored her plea, continuing the slow thrusting as he began licking, kissing and sucking at the pulse in her neck never taking his eyes off her hands at her tits. She let out a loud yelp of surprised delight when she felt his fingertip lightly stroke her clit and tried to move towards the sensation. He kept his finger in barely there contact with her despite her desperate efforts for stronger pressure. He knew she wouldn’t push so far forward as to lose his cock from between her thighs and he took full advantage of that fact as he mercilessly teased her clit. When he knew she was close to cumming he took his hand away from her pussy and lifted his mouth off the hickey on her neck,

“Knees and elbows, baby.”

Erin scrambled to comply with her knees spread wide. Jeff paused for a glimmer of a second to appreciate the sight of his nude wife poised to be fucked doggy-style and then he drove his stiff cock deep inside her needy cunt in one smooth quick thrust. His balls continued in the momentum of his thrust to slap at her sex lips. He slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out then rammed back into her again. He gained speed with every repetition and his wife pushed eagerly into his every thrust. Her communication skills no longer included the English language but were reduced to vowel sounds, chirps, shrieks, moans, sighs, and whimpers. He thought he might have heard her say his name once but chalked it up to overactive imagination as he pounded into her again and again. He held her convulsing body as she hit her high several times and he still hadn’t cum. He pulled out of her completely, placed his palms on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. His cock was dripping with her pussy cum.

He rubbed some of it off on her ass crack and then pushed the head of his cock into her anus. He paused as she yelped in discomfort. He pushed in another couple inches and felt her trying to adjust. Within moments she had accepted all nine inches and he waited. Erin moved her hips forward slightly letting him slide out a bit then pushed herself back onto his full length. Jeff let her set the pace and then he began thrusting with her. Erin’s loud vocal approval warned him she was about to cum again. He knew he was close too so he drove deep in her, held still and reached around to rub her clit. Her orgasm rhythmically gripped his cock in fierce tight hot pleasure. She felt his cock twitch and the sudden wet heat of his first spurt of cum in her bowels. She suddenly regained her use of English,

“On me! Jeffy please!”

He understood what she wanted and obliged, pulling out as the geyser continued erupting from the head of his cock. She turned so suddenly that he didn’t even spill onto her back or cheeks just the outside of her thigh, her hip and finally her tummy. He directed the remainder of the shot at her navel. When he was spent he flopped down beside her. The sound of their in-tandem, ragged breathing bursa ucuz escort filled the dark as they each struggled to breathe normally again. Jeff had closed his eyes but they snapped open suddenly and he looked at his wife in amused surprise,

“So that’s why you wanted it on you huh?”

Erin smiled, nodded and continued scooping up her husband’s cum off her abs to then noisily lick and slurp it off of her fingers. When she was done she kissed his cheek,

“Thanks Jeffy that was yummy!”

He chuckled and shook his head,

“Horny cum loving little slut! Gotta have your cake and eat it too, huh?”

She faked a pout,

“Is that a complaint?”

He held his hands up in surrender grinning,

“Not even! Just quit with the Jeffy stuff! I already told you one round is all you’d get out of me tonight.”

She sighed in disappointed defeat and nodded,

“I know, I know. Can’t blame a girl for trying, though! Anyway neither of us can sleep until we get cleaned up a little. Come on I’ll help.”

He nodded and followed her to the washroom. Ten minutes later they climbed back into bed together. Jeff didn’t like to cuddle after sex. His concession to his wife’s need to maintain physical contact was to hold hands with her as he drifted off to sleep. As Erin waited for sleep to claim her an idea began to form in her mind. Maybe she and Jeff could both get what they wanted this weekend. He’d get to do the boating thing but she was more and more determined that she would also get to do the romantic private anniversary thing too. Plans and ideas swirled in her mind as she drifted into dreams with a small smile still on her lips.


Saturday July 19th, 2003.

Erin awoke disoriented by the gentle rocking and swaying of her bed until she remembered where she was. She wondered briefly what time it was. She stretched and glanced over at her husband sleeping soundly beside her. She smiled softly and smoothed a hand over his sleep tousled hair, nearly giggling when he snorted loudly and rolled from his side onto his back. She wondered if he would ever be sensible enough to not stay up all night with his buddies on Friday nights after working all day. She grinned to herself knowing it wasn’t likely. Monday through Thursday he couldn’t last more than an hour past his usual bedtime but on Friday nights give him his boat his buddies and some beer and he was Mr. Night Owl personified. She shook her head with an affectionate smirk on her face as she watched him sleeping. Her curiosity about the time got the best of her and she squinted with bleary eyes at the small travel alarm beside the bed. She thought he’d come to bed just before 4 and it was now just a few minutes past 10 am. She turned back to him with the intention of waking him up. Her eyes lit up in delight when she saw the tent in the blanket. She licked her lips greedily and reached out to uncover her favorite treat. She dropped her hand in disappointment when she heard a familiar voice holler,

“YO JEFF?! You gonna sleep all day or what? Get the fuck up! Hey Erin you decent? Can I haul his lazy ass outta there?”

Erin grimaced and made to roll off the bed to go talk to Bret. The hand on hers stopped her,

“What time is it baby?” She gave him a small smile,

“A little after ten. I’ll go talk to Bret why don’t you grab a shower?”

Jeff halted her again,

“I’ve got a better idea. Check it out. YO BRET! I’m already awake! Erin’s not decent though so don’t come down here! I’ll be topside in twenty or so!”

Erin looked down at her decently clothed self and smacked her husband’s chest, “What did you tell him that for?”

Jeff just grinned and waited for Bret’s response. He heard him chuckle,

“Okay then see you in a bit! Sorry to interrupt!”

Erin frowned and pushed at Jeff’s chest,

“Great Jeff now he thinks we were getting it on!”

Jeff raised his eyebrows in amusement,

“And that’s a problem why exactly?”

Her eyes widened incredulously,

“Well for one it isn’t true and for another even if we had been that’s private dammit!”

Jeff sobered somewhat but his smirk didn’t go away entirely,

“You could help me with the lie part of that. I know you want to. I saw what you were about to do when Bret got here. Come on baby look he’s waving at you ‘Hey hot stuff over here help I’m stuck under the blankets rescue me!'”

Erin shook her head with a light laugh,

“Cute Jeff but no. I’m not in the mood anymore and especially not with Bret thinking we’re going at it. Go grab your shower honey I’ll make you some breaky and coffee.”

Jeff watched his wife’s cute ass bounce away from him and out of sight. He pouted and muttered, “Thanks a helluva lot Bret!”

He rolled out of bed and looked down at his best friend patting him gently,

“Don’t you worry big guy we’ll get inside her again- she LOVES us!”.


The rest of the morning and most of bursa elit escort the afternoon was filled with people, food, beer, laughter, sunshine, loud motors, the smell of fuel mixed with the smell of hot sweaty skin, suntan oil, BBQing and the ever present smell of the river itself. All of it familiar, relaxing; even comforting. Jeff didn’t have much time to dwell on lascivious thoughts of his wife but he wasn’t oblivious to her either. Her new bikini was taunting him badly. He was helping one of the new boaters launch his 29′ Nordic when he heard a shrill whistle above the other noises. He looked up in time to see Erin put her fingers in her mouth and whistle again. He grinned, then groaned as she waved making her tits shake enticingly. He was glad he was in waist deep water. She let him know with hand gestures she was going to take a nap and wanted woken up at six. He looked at his watch . It was just after three-thirty. He nodded his comprehension. She smiled at him and he watched her walk away wishing he was going to ‘nap’ with her. A chuckle from the guy he was helping brought him up short. Jeff just grinned at the knowing look, shrugged and continued assisting his new acquaintance.

By the time they got the boat launched it was a little past four. Jeff wondered if he could successfully break away from the hubbub and go ‘nap’ with Erin. He was headed over to do just that when he saw two very friendly familiar faces approaching him. He groaned inwardly as he pasted a huge smile on his face,

“Hey Chuck, Lynds! Been a while! How’s it going?”

Lyndsey gave him a puzzled smile,

“We’re great! Where’s Erin? I’m a little surprised to see you here this weekend! Woulda thought you two would be celebrating somewhere a little less crowded!”

Jeff didn’t disguise his blank look,

“Celebrating?” Lyndsey and Charlie both made little oh’s with their mouths. Charlie shook his head smiling sympathetically,

“Oh dude! That’s bad! Remember your bachelor party? When was that again?”

Jeff frowned,

“My bach … oh fuck!! Shit! Fuck me! Okay okay wait maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe she forgot too.”

Lyndsey busted a gut laughing hard at that notion,

“Don’t bet on it, hon!”

Jeff pushed a hand through his hair,

“Well shit! What the fuck do I do now? Why the fuck didn’t she tell me? Fuck!”

Charlie made a loud kiss noise and Jeff glared at him even as his whole body sagged with the knowledge that his best man was right, he was in for doing some serious ass kissing. He smiled uncomfortably at his friends,

“Thanks for the heads up guys. I gotta go talk to my wife. I can’t fucking believe I forgot our anniversary!”

His friends exchanged sympathetic looks as they watched Jeff walk away. His reluctance obvious with every step he took.

Jeff was taking his time on purpose suddenly wishing people would waylay him, but Murphy’s Law was in full effect. Not one person stopped him from going to talk to his wife. Something was niggling at him. He flashed back to Thursday night and Erin’s reaction to his suggestion they go boating this weekend and then her subsequent moodiness at bedtime then her resistance to being charmed this morning. He was getting a little ticked at her the more he thought about it. He clenched his jaw and resolutely climbed aboard their ‘kitchen sink’ boat. He slipped quietly into their sleeping quarters. He stood there for several moments just watching her sleep. Love and anger fighting for top spot. She must not have been fully asleep because she rolled over and looked at him in concern,

“Oh! It can’t be six already, is it? Jeff? What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

He didn’t answer her right away. Just stared at her. She sat up and seemed about to approach him. His words stopped her cold,

“Do you enjoy playing the martyr?”

She reeled back in surprise,

“Excuse me?”

He broke eye contact and let out a short laugh,

“You get to be the perfect little wife and I get the role of the asshole husband who forgot our anniversary. For fuck sakes Erin why didn’t you say something before we left? I thought something was bugging you and I even asked you if you were mad and you remember what you said? You said “no honey, I’m fine”! What the fuck Erin? Why tell me nothing’s wrong when something definitely is? I’m not a fucking mind reader! I forgot that this weekend was our wedding anniversary but it wasn’t intentional! Can you say the same for this little game you’ve been playing pretending everything is good when the truth is you’re pissed at me? Just when were you thinking of throwing it in my face? I’m not perfect but I’m not a complete asshole either thanks for your vote of confidence! All you had to do was say something and we could have decided together what to do for our anniversary. Instead I’m standing here feeling like shit for not having a perfect memory; for disappointing you. Fuck don’t do that, babe. Don’t cry. Shit.”

He ducked into the washroom and grabbed a wad of toilet paper. He crouched down in front of her and thrust it at her,

“Here. Come on babe, take it.”

Jeff sat beside her and put an arm around her shoulders. He rubbed at her arm in an attempt to soothe her. She wiped her face and blew her nose,

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