Three in a Row Pt. 02

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Big Tits

What had I done? I had arranged for three men to fuck my wife but reality had not turned out like the fantasy. I had not expected her to react as she did, and certainly not to manage the encounter in such a firm fashion. Even worse, I had made the arrangements in the knowledge that they were going away on a long contract and we would not see them again for years. But my darling wife realised they had more than a week to go and had made me ask them back again. And she would surprise me once more.

So on Saturday afternoon they arrived. Unlike the last time she was in a new dress, knee-length and sheer, showing off a figure which is good for her age. The tops of her lovely breasts were visible, and she was wearing full make-up. She greeted each one with a kiss on the lips, and gave them a drink, then sat down opposite so they could appreciate her legs and figure. She asked them about their work and chatted pleasantly.

All four men in the room wondered what was going to happen. Finally, she told us.

“Thank you for coming, gentlemen. I would like something similar to last time, but we will have a half-time break. I have prepared some salad, and sandwiches for tea-time. There will be beer, but please do not get drunk.”

“Oh, yes. Before we start, I would like a few minutes with each of you in private. Let’s start with Dick.”

“Why?” I gasped.

“Use your imagination,” she said in a stage whisper.

“Come on, upstairs, big boy.” She started up the stairs and he followed, as she flipped up her dress to show her gorgeous ass, and the fact that she had stockings and suspenders, but no panties. (I didn’t know she even had a suspender belt.)

A few minutes later he came down with a smug grin on his face, as she called for Harry.

A somewhat longer time later, Harry came down, a bit flushed and smirking with lipstick on his cheek.

Then Tom went up for a considerably longer time, till she called down. “OK, I’m ready, come on up.” So we did.

Her makeup was well smudged and she looked a little flushed. She popped into the bathroom and wiped her face fairly clean, then came back in and slowly undressed, turning around to give a show of her pussy and ass as she removed the stockings and suspenders. Then she gave a twirl.

“Same order as before: Tom, Harry and Dick. Only three players again. There are condoms and jelly on the side. Please put some jelly on, as I was a bit sore last time.” She lay down on the bed like confident queen, her legs apart and her pussy so inviting. She looked so beautiful and I loved her. But I was not going to have her. Three other men were ready. Could I stop it? My erection said no.

I realised that Tom must have already prepared her. With a kiss on the mouth and on the nipples, he slid in, and she smiled. He kissed her neck and whispered things to her as he carefully adjusted his position, then began to fuck. Steady thrusting for a while, then he pulled back and down a little, bringing his face to her breasts, and started humping her clit with his pubic bone. God, he was good!

She was starting to writhe and he changed back to straight pumping as she pulled him to her, then onto the clit again, then back to pumping as he teased her and her desire rose. She was starting to pant as he judged the moment and thrust more vigorously and faster to whatever magic spot he knew. And she was groaning and crying out “Yes, yes, yes!”, and grabbed him so hard her nails dug into her back. That was it, for him, and he was pulsing and thrusting as he shot his load. “You are so beautiful, so beautiful,” he said.

Harry was already by the bed, and was in her almost before she had stopped coming, pumping with desperate lust. “Oh yeah,” she said and lay back with a smile. His technique was simple, but she was already so excited that it was working and she was rising up again. I guess Harry was trying to hold off from his own orgasm, as he slowed down. “No, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” she gasped and he obliged. He was rewarded as she came incoherently, writhing and turning her head from side to side, her features flushed. And he was pumping seed and trying to get as deep as possible. He Escort bayan pulled out with a big bag hanging on the end of his condom, as she lay back still with eyes closed.

Dick looked worried. “Is she all right?”

“Yes, yes,” she said. “Get in quick!”

As he pushed his mighty organ slowly in, she grimaced and grunted.



“Fuck yeah!”

He started to move slowly and she said “Wonderful!” which brought a smile to his face, and he settled down to fulfilling her. I could tell she was concentrating as her vagina stretched; then finally she was in the zone, lying back with an angelic smile. It was not long before this changed to grimaces as her excitement rose again with the regular movement of that great piston and she was reaching a climax, panting and making sounds, grabbing him and the bed. Then it was something I had not seen before. I was not sure if it was one orgasm or two as she came then after half a minute came again.

“Impressive,” said Tom, who had come back from cleaning himself up to see Harry’s finish. “Quite a woman you’ve got there.” I had to agree.

Dick could not hold back and was fucking her really hard now. If she was coming or not, I couldn’t tell. Then he was quivering as he ejaculated. He started to withdraw, but she grabbed him and said “Stay,” in a small voice. Then after a minute or so, she relaxed and pushed him away.

We stood in silence for a while. Then in a bright voice she announced “There will now be a one hour refreshment break. Only one beer, please until you have performed again.” I felt a strange mixture of amusement, anger, envy, love and lust.

Dick went to clean himself up, and the others started downstairs. I went hopefully towards my wife, my cock rigid in my pants. “Darling,” I said. “I really need some relief, could…”

“Oh no,” she said quickly. “And don’t do anything yourself. I want you to be hard all the way through. We will see about it at the end. Now go and be a good host. I will be down in a while.”

The guys were talking. I knew what it was about, and why they stopped when I came in, my erection and wet patch painfully obvious. “I see you are enjoying the show,” said Tom.

With beer and sandwiches and small talk, my erection subsided sufficiently for me to be able to go to the toilet for a pee. I was sorely tempted to relieve myself. If I hadn’t asked, then I could have, I thought with annoyance. If I did, then I am sure I would get it up again. Should I? But love, obedience and cowardice said no.

After about half an hour my wife came down in a nightdress and housecoat, helped herself to a sandwich and acted like the hostess of an afternoon tea party, as if nothing had happened, and these three men were just visitors. She asked about the sports they watched and such matters.

It was probably more than half an hour later when she took off her housecoat and walked around, getting close to each of them, asking if they had enough food, and brushing against them with her body. She leaned over so that her breasts were visible while she talked. Then she remarked “Anyone need to use the toilet?” (She is so practical.)

When they had been she walked around again asking “How is it going?” and patting their groins. But I could hardly accuse her of flirting under the circumstances. Finally she said “I think we’re all ready, and Harry certainly is!”

She took off her nightdress and walked proudly nude upstairs, with Harry following and admiring what he saw. Again, I could hardly object to him doing this.

“Now gentlemen, remember the jelly and take your time.”

The guys undressed and she looked with approval. Harry was fully erect and the others were on the way. She walked over and grabbed his cock them walked him over to the bed. I was so envious! She sat him down and offered her lovely boobs to his face. He started sucking on a nipple, and she said “Not so hard,” then stroked his hair. After about five minutes of his paying attention to both, she pushed him gently away, and said in a sexy husky voice “Now fuck me.”

Instead of bending over the bed, she moved away from it and put her Bayan escort hands on her knees facing us, while Harry entered her from behind. Soon he was pumping away, and we could see her boobs swinging, which was mesmerizing. She had a contented look on her face and he was grinning triumphantly at us as he thrust away. He was taking it more slowly this time so as to last longer and both parties seemed contented. However, after about five minutes she said “Stop. I can’t hold this position anymore.” He pulled out and she lay on her back on the bed. He then fucked her in the missionary position for what seemed an age. She didn’t come, but seemed very happy. Finally, he was thrusting and shaking, and she held him tight. “Just exactly how I wanted it,” she said, and he beamed.

She jumped up and bent over the bed to present her beautiful rump to Tom, who of course had got the message, and settled down to a slower and longer session, trying not to overexcite her or himself. When he judged the time was right (how does he do it?), he started his movements to hit her erotic buttons, and she said “Yes please!” Crouching a little, or going on tiptoe, moving a little to one side or the other, he stimulated all parts and she got excited, grabbing the sheets and panting. As he thrust harder, he reached round and fingered her clit as she said “No! Oh! Oh!” and exploded into orgasm. Somehow he controlled himself, holding on to her hips as she shook for quite a long time, then with a few more thrusts he was coming himself and she seemed to orgasm again. They held still for a while. Then she pulled herself forward and he flopped out. “It was only supposed to be fucking, not fingering,” she said in a breathless voice. “But never mind, thanks anyway.” For once he was lost for words.

She lay down on the bed, legs and arms apart and looked at Dick, who knew what to do. This time it did not take long for him to enter. “That’s good!” she said. “Take your time.” And he did, thrusting steadily away for what must have been fifteen minutes. She did not come, but was luxuriating in the motion of that impressive dong until he also came for the second time.

He pulled out and got off the bed. She lay there, legs apart.

“Phew!” she said. “I have been well and truly fucked. That was a great experience, gentlemen. Thank you for your efforts and consideration. No, Harry, I don’t want any more from you. I want to see what my husband can do.”

“What, here?” I said, suddenly embarrassed. “Now?”

Funnily enough, it did not seem right to fuck in front of the people who had been fucking my wife, but I overcame my shyness, and undressed. My erection started to droop. (Wouldn’t you know?)

“In here, quickly,” she said with a smile. I hurried over and flopped it in before it went altogether. The fact that she had been well opened by Dick must have helped.

“Poor darling,” she said. “I do love you.” I started to move slowly and carefully as we kissed and hugged. Things began to be better, and she whispered “Just think of your favourite fantasy, me with three cocks.” Remembering what I had seen, the hardness came back and in less than two minutes as I pumped a load into her. “Well done!” she said, and the guys clapped. (After what was the least impressive fuck of the day. But still I deserved it.)

I pulled out and lay there. She kissed me and got on her hands and knees, so we could all see her pussy, then twitched a little. “Look at that,” she said as my seed dripped from her hole. “My husband’s sperm.” And they clapped again. Somehow I felt proud, despite the fact that my wife was showing her spunk-dripping cunt to other men. Yes, they had fucked, her, but I was the only one allowed to come inside her.

+ – + – + – + – + – + – +

We both slept well that night, and she was pleased to tell me that she was not sore. But after so long in such a sexually charged atmosphere, my libido was worn out, and it took another day to recover. “No problem, darling,” she said. “I have had enough sex for a while, and I am sure you will be back to your randy self soon enough. Probably randier, at least I hope so.”

I asked her how the experience had Escort been, and why she had called them back again.

“Well,” she said, “the second one was mainly to teach you a lesson, but I actually enjoyed it more because I knew what was going to happen. Never mind orgasms, I realised there is satisfaction in simply being fucked a lot. And, yes, three men in one go is about right, six was too much. Three in a row. Yum yum! For the second session I was looking forward to some long fucks, even if I never came. I didn’t expect Tom to use his fingers, but it was well-intentioned, and orgasms are still OK.”

“But you had plenty of orgasms!”

“Yes, of course. I was in an orgy so I was excited. I didn’t say I didn’t want them, I just said I also enjoyed being really thoroughly fucked. Instead of that moment of disappointment when you have finished and I have not, then another cock sliding in immediately was unusual but wonderful. The variety of ways they did it was also very exciting, I can’t deny that. It was also good to have a really big dong for a change, but I guess if I were Dick’s wife I would have got bored. Nice once in a while, but not necessary on a regular basis.”

“By the way, do you want to know why I wanted to speak to them privately?”

“Yes, I did wonder. What were you up to?”

“Well, I only wanted to speak to Dick, but didn’t want to make it obvious. I told them all not to tell the others.”

“What I really wanted was to measure his cock. I borrowed your metric calipers for the diameter. I discovered how nice it could be to be well-filled sometimes, so I am going to buy a dildo of the same size.”

I was flabbergasted. “So you will use it and think of him?”

“No, of course not, though that is what I told him – “in strictest confidence”. He is a very dull man and I don’t like him or his sex technique, so I will definitely not be thinking of him. However, he has a big cock, so I will be thinking how nice it is to have my pussy well filled.”

“And I let him have a quick feel of my boobs and bum, but that’s all.”

“And the others?”

“Well, I do like Harry as a young man, but he could never be my lover. I let him have a good grope and feel of my pussy. It got me a little excited, but only physically.”

“Now for Tom, you know what he is like. I couldn’t love him, but he was as good on foreplay as he is with sex, as I expected. So we sort of made out, as if on a date. I actually let him finger me to an orgasm, so I was really ready to go straight for the fucking.”

I was not entirely reassured and showed it.

“Darling, I really do love you, just you, and would never cheat on you. I promise I will never have sex with another man unless you are there.”

Is that the promise I wanted? If not, it was my own fault.

“So will you be wanting something like this again?”

“Probably not, but to be honest I am not sure. I started with a mixture of anger and curiosity, but now I’m not angry and my curiosity has been satisfied. I haven’t had as much as a kiss with tongues from another man for years, so it has been quite an experience which makes me feel good about myself. I am truly glad I did, and I am sure we will both be looking back on it to get us going.”

“I am also glad that they don’t live around here, and I am sure they will soon be in other relationships. I wouldn’t have done it if they had any other partners. But I can’t promise that I will never fancy something like that again.”

She did as she said she would and went out and bought a large dildo, which she now uses often with her vibrator. “I thought you only liked the real thing?” I asked.

“Ah well, I have learned something. Filling myself up with the dildo and using the vibrator on my clit is something different from either and from fucking. If I’m not having three cocks at a time, I am sure you won’t begrudge me a few more orgasms.” Which was fair enough, really, considering what I had started.

It took a while, but I gradually got over what I suppose was shock, and we have both started to recall the experience together, which does get us excited. Well, there is a lot to talk about. Her using the dildo for orgasms does not make her any less keen on sex with me: in fact we have it more frequently. She says there is a totally different satisfaction for a woman in being fucked which the toys cannot provide. And she should know.

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