Three Man Night

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Jenny climbed behind the wheel of her car and closed the the door behind her. She sat for moment, keys in her hand, staring at the dashboard. Did she really want to do this? She had always told herself that she would, if she could. The thought of being with more then one man at once had always fascinated her, and she knew that if it was ever going to happen, tonight would be the night.

She was supposed to meet him at a bar outside of the neighboring city, far away from her life here. He didn’t know her name, and she didn’t know his. That’s how it was supposed to be. Safe, anonymous, and one time only.

She was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Strengthening her resolve, she started the car and headed down the road.

The sun was just beginning to set, the golden yellows and soft orange of dusk streaming in through the windshield. During the hour long drive her thoughts ran their course through wanting to turn around and forgetting the whole thing to lurid visions of three men standing around her, touching her every sensitive spot with their hands and mouths. She saw their hard cocks sticking out in front of her face and she giggled to herself when she thought it was like being a kid at candy store when you know you can have everything you can see.

She was pulled away from her thoughts by the sign of the Marriot hotel looming in front of her. She parked outside the first floor nightclub and began walking inside.

Jenny had struggled with what to wear all day. She wanted to feel sexy and yet not appear over anxious or inviting, just in case she decided to back out at the last minute. The compromise was both plain and tantalizing. Beneath her blue jeans and conservative blouse she wore a matching set of black satin panties and bra that stood in stark contrast to the soft whiteness of her skin.

In her hand she clutched his picture, a full body shot of a handsome young man in his twenties, smiling at the camera, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. His muscles were well defined without being too large and he had promised that his friends would not be dissapointing.

She strode into the nightclub, trying to look as non-chalant as possible. This time of night, the place was full of mostly after work types, catching a final drink before heading home for the day.

He had told her that he would be watching for her and that she should simply go the bar and ask for drink. As she approached the bar, she knew this was her last chance to leave without embarrasing herself. But instead of turning around, she sat down and ordered a good strong margarita.

The bartender served up her drink and walked to the other end of the bar to continue watching the baseball game with some other customers, playing loudly on the TV. She took a sip of her drink and nearly spit it out when she felt a soft touch on her shoulder and heard a voice behind her.

“Hello. I’m glad you came.”

She started to turn around but met her halfway and sat down next on the stool next to her. He was drinking his beer out of glass, giving him a sense of class she wasn’t sure she had expected.

She just looked at him for moment, unsure of what to do or say.

He smiled, the same smile from the picture. “I’m Nick.” He stuck out his hand. She grasped gingerly and replied, “I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Did you have any trouble finding the place?”

Jenny took a big sip from her drink before she answered. “No trouble at all. Nice place.”

Nick glanced around. “Not bad. Never been here before but these hotel clubs are usually decent.” He returned his gaze to her and looked into her eyes. Jenny could feel her cheeks starting to blush and she looked down into her drink.

“So Jenny. Since you are new at this, I’ll just get right to the point. We are meeting here tonight for you. For you to live out a fantasy.” Jenny just nodded, still looking into her margarita.

Nick continued. “I have reserved the honeymoon suite for this evening, and there are two other gentlemen upstairs anxiously awaiting your arrival.” Jenny smiled at that. For some reason, she didn’t expect any “gentlemen” at all.

Nick noticed her smile. “Let me assure that gentlemen is the right word. It would be a lie to say that we all aren’t looking forward to this, being the beatiful and sexy woman that you are.” More blushing. “But we also understand that No means No. If you change your mind, or decide the evening needs to end, just say so. No hard feelings. Ok?”

Jenny smiled at him. “Thanks Nick. It makes me feel better to hear you say that.”

“Great. So, what do you say we head upstairs? There is a bar up there an Peter, my friend, will make you any drink you want.”

Jenny just nodded again and waited while Nick paid the tab for both of them. He put out his arm, Like a true gentlemen, Jenny thought, and she took it. They walked towards the elevator.

Neither of them had much to say during the elevator ride up to top floor. There were only three suites Escort bayan on this floor and Nick produced the key to the Honeymoon suite. He opened the door and she stepped in.

The room was lavish to say the least. A large room opened up before her, with a full set of living room furniture and full bar in one corner. Large glass doors led out to a full balcony and she caught a quick peek of the bedroom to her left. No doubt a king sized bed.

But what caught her eye most of all were the two young men sitting on the couch, watching the TV. Nick introduced them.

“Gentlemen, this is Jenny.” Gentlemen or not, Jenny could see them sizing her up, taking almost imperceptible pause on her large breasts before resting on her face.

“Jenny, this is Peter.” Jenny watched as the handsome black man walked over to her. She hadn’t been expecting a black man. He was bald and wearing a sports jersey, running pants and sneakers. Must be an athlete she thought. She had never been with a black man and it made her somewhat nervous. She tried not to let it show.

Tony took her hand and brought it to her lips for a gentle kiss. “A pleasure to meet you Jenny. Can I fix you something to drink?” Jenny could feel herself blushing again, but managed to say that she would enjoy another margarita.

Nick continued. “And this is Antonio.” Antonio appeared to be Italian, but he spoke perfect English. His hair was jet black, and fell just above his shoulders in large waves. He didn’t look as muscular as Nick and Peter, but he was slim, and taller then both of them. Jenny extended her hand, but he slipped past her and embraced her in a strong, warm hug, which she tentatively returned. “Call me Tony,” he said.

“Margarita is ready,” she heard Peter say. Nick touch her arm and gentle pulled her aside before she could go to the bar.

“I hate to sound unromantic, but I’d like to ask you some questions, just so we can avoid and unpleasant interruptions later.”

Jenny just looked at him as he went on. “First, this is a group event.” They both smiled at his use of the term. “That means everyone is involved at the same time. That OK?” Jenny nodded her agreement. “Good. Most importantly, if you could tell me what sort of things you aren’t into, I can pass it along to Peter and Tony.” It took Jenny a moment to realize he meant sexual things.

“Well, I don’t think I would like anal sex.” Flushed again.

Nick nodded. “Great. That leaves us plenty to do, right?” He smiled again. “Why don’t you have that drink. I’m going to head to bathroom and clean up.

He excused himself, and Jenny sat down with Tony and Peter at the bar. This sat, having normal converations about everything but themselves. Neither men probed about who she was, where she was from, which made her feel good. Nick came out of the bathroom freshly showered, wearing nothing by a white terrycloth robe, still drying his hair with a towel.

“I for one have been looking forward to a dip in that hottub all day. Anyone else up for it?”

Jenny had to admit it sounded like a good idea, but she hadn’t brought a bathing suit. As if he was reading her mind, Nick said, “Jenny, I took the liberty of getting some swimwear for you. It’s in the bedroom. I trust you’ll find something you like.

“Thanks Nick.” Jenny walked toward the bedroom and gave a sassy grin over her should at the three men watching her. “No peeking now.” She heard them laughing as she closed the door behind her.

Nick wasn’t kidding. On the bed where 12 bathing suits, bikinis and one-piece in a variery of colors and designs. Jenny took a moment to size up her options. She was surprised to find them all in her size. Nick must have a good eye to able to do that from nothing but a picture.

She settled on a one-piece. It was black, with high cut hips and a low cut front. She put it on and checked her self out in the large mirror. Happy with how she looked, she opened the door and walked back out. She saw the three men already sitting in the hottub, talking and laughing quietly amongst themselves.

When they saw her the grew quiet and just watched as she walked towards them.

“Excellent choice,” said Tony. He stood up and extended his hand, helping her into the hot, steaming water.

The tub was large, but as she settled in, she felt her feet and lower legs brushing against her three companions. Peter had freshened up her drink and brought it for her.

Peter’s shoulders and chest were sticking out above the water and she quickly realized that the baggy sports jersey had been handling a large, muscular man, much more so then Nick. As she thought, Tony didn’t have the muscles of his friends, but his lean body was appealing just the same.

They sat in the hot top for awhile. Occasionally Jenny would feel someone sliding their feet against hers, even daring to wander up her calf on occasion. At first, she tried glancing around, trying to figure out who it was, but none of them gave any indication.

“Well, I have something Bayan escort I need to do,” Tony said as he climbed out of the tub. For the first time, Jenny got a good look as his whole body. Lean, with light brown skin and black hair. He was wearing a Speedo which displayed a noticeable bulge in the front. Jenny tried to hide the fact that she was staring at his crotch. No one seemed to notice.

Tony walked back inside. Peter followed him, going in to make some more drinks and check on the game, still playing on the TV. That left Jenny and Nick alone in the tub. As soon as Peter disappeared inside, Nick slid over and sat down right next to her, moving his face in close to her ear.

“I had no idea you would look so good in that suit. I’m embarassed to say so, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes off your cleavage. It kept bobbing above the water.”

Jenny felt a shiver run through her body as his breath, warmer even then the steam around them, caressed her ear. He brought up a hand and started stroking her face, tracing a line down to and across her lips.

“I really want to kiss you right now.” It was as much a question as a statement, and Jenny turned her face to his in answer.

He kissed her slowly at first, one arm up around her shoulders, the other still dangling in the water. Their lips, wet with water came together as drips of steam ran down their faces. She could feel the tension in his motions. He was waiting for her to take the lead. Jenny opened her mouth and felt him immediately do the same. Their tongues weaved out around each other and Jenny brought her arms up to his shoulders, trying to pull him in close.

They sat in the water, making out like a couple of teenagers. Nick brought his lips away and worked them down her neck, slipping and sliding his tongue across her wet skin. Jenny leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feelings he was giving her. She then felt his hand, still under the water, running up and down the outside of her leg, starting at her calf and up to the top of her thigh, only to work it’s way back down again.

Each time his hand came up she felt it inching closer to her most intimate place, which was now starting to get wet all on it’s own. With his other hand he was holding her head, keeping his lips pressed against hers. She felt his hand sliding up her leg again, slower this time and on the inside. As he reached her thigh, Jenny’s legs parted slightly, preparing for the touch she knew was coming.

“Ok kids, time to get out of the water!” It was Tony. He was standing over them, wearing a nothing but a pair of loose shorts.

Jenny felt Nicks hand leave her leg as their lips parted. She was stunned for a moment. She had been so caught up in the moment that she had forgotten the others were even their.

Nick climbed out and Tony again gave Jenny a hand as she stepped out. Her knees felt weak and she held onto Tony’s hand a moment longer as she steadied herself.

“Jenny, I’ve prepared a little enjoyment for you in the bedroom. There is robe in the bathroom. Please put it on after you freshen up and join me there.” Jenny glanced at Nick, feeling almost guilty that she was leaving him, but wanting nothing more to pick up where they had left off. He just smiled and waved.

Jenny took off her suit and freshened up in the bathroom before putting on the robe. Nick watched her intently, with lust in his eyes, from the couch as she walked past. Peter was still intent on the game.

She entered the bedroom, not knowing what to expect. Tony had set up a massage table. There was soft music playing and bright candles cast a sensual light across the room.

“Please make yourself comfortable on the table. I’ll be back when you are ready.”

Tony left the room. Jenny let the robe fall from her body and tossed it onto the bed. She climbed onto the soft table and pulled the heavy warm blanket over her body.

After a minute Tony returned.

“Excellent. Perhaps Nick did not mention it, but I am a masseuse by trade. I hope you don’t mind if I practice on you a bit.”

Jenny moaned something like “Mm-mmm”.


She heard him rustling around and then the sound of oil being put onto his hands. Slowly, his hands wrapped around her feet, pulling and rubbing them. Jenny let out and involuntary moan.

“I’ll take that to mean it feels good?” he asked.



The blanket covered her down to he knees, but as Tony worked his way upwards, the blanket slid higher and higher, revealing more of her white skin as it went. She relished the feel of his strong hands as they chased away the tension in her muscles. She had had massages before, but knowing what lie ahead of her that evening made this one sensual, even sexual in a way she hadn’t experienced before. She knew that he his hands could move to any part of her body and she wouldn’t be able to stop him. The feeling was mesmerizing.

“Would you like me to rub your buttocks?”

She paused Escort a moment, but finally said a simple “Yes.”

She felt the blanket being lifted and laid against her lower back, exposing her backside to him. Tony put more oil on to his hands and began rubbing her buttocks, first one then the other before working both at the same time.

As his hands moved, the motion caused her pussy lips to slide back and forth, and she could feel a familiar stirring. Casting aside all pretense, Tony simply removed the blanket from her entire body and paused for a moment. She could feel his eyes staring at her.

“Exellent,” he whispered.

Tony continued up her back, paying special attention to her shoulders and arms before finishing with her neck.

“Time to turn over. Would you like the blanket back?”

She answered by rolling over and smiling at him. She had expected another “Excellent” but instead his eyes took her in, admiring every part of succulent body. He worked the front of her legs now, up around her crotch. He took special care to only brush it “accidentally” as his hands moved, even though her legs had relaxed, falling ever so slightly apart.

Jenny was getting wet again, and her nerves began to tingle as his hands finally found their way to breasts. With one in each hand he rubbed them, firmly but not hard.

“Forgive me, but I cannot resist any longer.” Jenny felt his fingers brush across her nipples and then pinch them. Her back arched and she pressed against his touch. And then she felt the soft, warm touch of his mouth as it wrapped around her left nipple, his tongue flicking across it and then sucking it in. His did this to each one, and then moved his mouth to hers.

Without hesitation this time, Jenny’s mouth came open and her tongue reached out for him and her hands grabbed his head. He continue to rub her breasts and nipples. Jenny put her hand on his chest and began to slide it down his belly, finally resting on the hard cock that lay beneath his shorts.

It was Tony’s turn to moan this time as Jenny began to slide her hand up and down. Tony, still kissing her passionately, began to move his hand down toward her crotch. Jenny spread her legs in anticipation.

“Hours up!” It was Peter, he had snuck into the room and had been watching. He beamed a wide grin at the them as the quickly composed themselves. Tony stepped away from the table and handed Jenny her robe.

She was really getting frustrated now. Twice she had started to get really turned on and twice she had been stopped before things could get serious.

“I’ve had room service bring up some deserts. Anyone interested?” Peter said as he walked out of the room with Tony close behind.

Jenny considered going out to the living room naked but decided to put her robe back on, careful to leave it a bit loose in the front so some real cleavage was showing through.

Peter had hadn’t just ordered up desert. It looked more like he had ordered up EVERY desert. Jenny took a moment to take in all the cookies, pies, ice cream, fruit and much more laid out on the table.

Nick had already started on a big piece of chocolate cake. Oddly enough, Jenny noticed that he had put some clothes back on.

Peter motioned Jenny to take seat on the large couch. “What can I bring you?” Jenny wasn’t really all that hungry so went for something light. “How about some strawberries and whipped cream?”

“Ahhh. Good choice.” Peter put some strawberries into a bowl with some cream next to them for dipping. He grabbed a piece of apple pie for himself and sat down next to her on the couch.

Tony had disappeared back into the bedroom and emerged a few minutes later also fully dressed.

“Nick, I’d like to get my stuff packed back into the car so I don’t have to worry about it later. Can you give me hand.”

Nick gave a muffled “Sure” past a piece of cake he had just put into his mouth. He stood up and he and Tony grabbed the table and headed out the door. “Be back shortly!”

That left Peter and Jenny alone with there deserts. The strawberries were absolutely succulent: large, sweet, and juicy and the sinful cream made them all the better.

Peter watched her as she bit into one, wrapping her lips around it so suck off the cream. Before she could grab another, he put down his plate and said “Here, let me help you.”

He reach into the bowel on her lap and pulled out a strawberry. He dipped it into the cream and moved it to her lips. Jenny looked at him and she opened her mouth to take a bite. But rather then put it in, he traced it along her lips, leaving drops of whipped cream. He let her take a bite and said “Looks like I’ve made a mess of your mouth. Let me help you with that too.”

Peter leaned towards her and stuck out his tongue, sliding it across her mouth. Jenny just sat, letting him lick her. His tongue was warm as it worked on her open mouth. She fought the urge to suck his tongue in, letting him finish. Peter moved close so that he was sitting pressed against her and let his tongue find it’s way to hers.

Jenny felt his large, strong body pushing against her. His kiss was urgent, passionate and demanding. She knew she was helpless to do anything, and it made her feel sexy and erotic.

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