Tony The Limo Driver Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Hey, how all yous doin out there. This is Tony. Antony to my nonna, but to all of yous, it’s just plain ol Tony. I’m the owner of several businesses in a medium sized California town. Now some of these establishments I cannot discuss with you all but a couple I can. Like my limo business. Owning a business such as this gives me insight into many of the inner workings of the high society players in this town. Not like I needed something different to help me get dirt on people but hey it comes in handy. It also comes in handy with the sex life. Yep that’s right the sex life. Not that I need extra help in that department but hey every piece of ass you can get right? Which brings me to the point of this story.

See it’s prom time in my town and prom time means limos. It also means partying, horny teens wanting limos to take them to their dinners and dances. All of which leads to opportunity for people like me. Typically I do not drive my limos but hey, I’m the owner and if I wanna take one out, so be it. Prom time I always take one. Like this year.

Colleen Debassi called me up and said she wanted to book a limo for her son’s senior prom. Now her son, mind you, is Trevor Debassi, star quarterback and all around stud with a scholarship to a Div. I school. He also has one of the hottest babes in town as his girl, Jeanna Conti. Jeanna, man, let me tell you, is so hot she makes the paint peel off the walls as she walks by. Excuse me while I recover. O.K. Back to Colleen’s call. See she needs to book the best ride I got for Trevor’s big sendoff, his last major High School event besides graduating. But Colleen, she has a slight problem. A problem I already know about but not hinting to her that I do. So I take the stretch Hummer on over to the Debassi place to have her take a look at it and see if she’s gonna be up front with me on her “situation”. I arrived in the middle of the afternoon to find Colleen’s husband, Trevor Sr., out in front of the house clipping the hedges. The Debassi’s live in one of the more upscale neighborhoods here in town and typically had landscapers doing their yard work. Although knowing what I know, it was no surprise to see Mr. Debassi out there. See, he lost his job as executive VP for one of the big telecom companies here after allegations he porno was screwing the help. Between you and me they were more than allegations. Let’s just say that the back of a couple of my limos were where the alleged acts took place, not to mention the Motel 6 along the highway.

After I pulled up and got out Trev Sr. meets me and shakes my hand. I return the grasp and make small talk. Hell he’s an alright guy just not smart about who and how he did his fucking around. No reason not to at least be civil especially with what I have in mind for how this limo booking is gonna get paid for. Colleen came out to greet me, giving her husband a sideways glance that spoke volumes to an observer of human nature such as myself. It was obvious the missus was highly pissed at the mister. Now Trev Sr., being a highly educated and fairly wealthy man, managed to marry well, at least in the looks department if not the dollar signs one. Colleen came from a fairly normal family here in town but one without a whole lotta dough. I think you’re getting the drift here. She married his dollar signs and he married her hot looks. Too bad he was dippin’ the wick into everything else besides his fine wife. Enough about the Debassi’s an their situation.

Colleen smiles at me with that mega watt smile, framed by her auburn hair, green eyes twinkling, she takes a deep breath showing off her nice firm tits. I also can’t help but notice she is in a tennis skirt that reveals all of her tanned, smooth, long legs. This was gonna be fun. She makes some small talk and then starts walking towards the limo asking questions which I readily answer, following that fine ass. She finally asks the question I was waiting for: can she take a ride. I smile and nod, opening the back door for her with a flourish, spying her pretty white thong as she raises her legs to get into the seat. My mind wonders what that pussy looks like behind that thin white cotton and I almost want to fall into it right there but I restrain myself. Before I shut the door I give her a chance to let the old man know what she’s doing but she never gives him a second look. Poor schlep, she’s got him by the short ones. I nod in his direction feeling only slightly sorry for him. After all, if things go as I think they will I’ll be banging his anime porno wife in the back of that Hummer limo in about twenty minutes.

I hop in and start it up, driving around, showing her all the features and such, making small talk and glancing into my wink mirror as she moves around and her skirt opens giving me more shots of that great ass and hidden treasure. Finally I reach my planned destination at the regional park and slide the limo into a spot behind the maintenance shed. It’s a spot that is not visible to prying eyes until you walk right up on it. Colleen is asking another set of questions about operating the DVD monitors so I come around and hop into the back with her. I fiddle with some dials and switches my mind on fiddling with Colleen. Finally she slumps into the seat with a frown. Here it comes, the big sob story.

She goes on to tell me about Trev Sr. and his fucking around and losing his job and how they have no available cash right now, that they need to keep their trust accounts solid for the long term but that Trev Jr., Mr. All-State Quarterback, deserves the best and yada-yada. I listen with a concerned look on my face, hearing what I already know and expected. Finally after she stops I tell her that the limo aint cheap and that it would put me back to book up my best limo on a customer that can’t foot the bill. I stare hard at her in the silence that follows and then, drop the bomb. I would be willing to waive the standard fee if she could come up with some type of collateral. Her eyes almost widened a bit as she realized what I was alluding to. But she was a realist and hell her husband was a no good cheat and deep down she knew she needed a good fucking. Her hand reached out and rested on my thigh. I smiled and sealed our deal by leaning in and kissing her hard on the lips.

There was nothing tentative about her at that point. Ol Trev Sr. must not have given her the dick for awhile because this bitch was horny and wanting some cock. Her hands were getting at my clothes faster than mine at hers. For a forty year old mother of one she had a smoking body. Once I got those tits free I was all over the eraser tip looking nips, sucking and nibbling on them. She had my cock free at that point and was stroking arap porno merrily away on it bringing it to it’s full nine inches. Yep boys and girls I’m hung like the Italian stallion I am.

Pretty soon she had me leaning back and was sucking madly away on my cock, massaging my balls. Damn she could suck a dick. After a few minutes of this I needed to see what was behind that thong. It was her turn to lay back and spread her legs. I reached out and pulled the thong away revealing a very neatly trimmed but very wet pussy. It went all along with the rest of the hot body. My mouth latched onto that wet, hard clit and sucked. She screamed, clawing at the seats. Not only did the pussy look good, it tasted good as well. I lathered her up good with my tongue bringing on a hard orgasm and her begging me to fuck her. Me, being one to service my customers needs, obliged her, putting my long, hard fuck stick into her hot, wet hole. Man, this bitch was hot. As I fucked her I came to the realization that this was going to have to be a regular thing, that one fuck was not nearly enough to cover the limo costs.

I had her legs apart and up in the air, driving my man steel into her, fucking her well, and fully. She was moaning and grasping my forearms as I plugged my cock deep into her. She shuddered in another series of orgasms and it was time for me to release my load. I pulled out and shot thick ropy streams of man juice all over her while she shook with another orgasm.

Dripping with sweat I collapsed on the seat next to her, panting, watching as she wiped up my cum and took a little taste, moaning from the released pleasure. This woman was a real sex kitten. I definitely would be fucking her some more regardless if she was married. Then again, she was married to that dumb ass any way. I smiled as I gathered my clothes back up and started dressing.

We drove back to her house and she fondled my dick through my pants, even going so far as to say she was gonna suck me off while I drove. As tempting as that was, I held her off not wanting to risk my limo license on a blow job I would no doubt be getting soon anyway.

We reached her house and she hopped out waving and smiling, her cheating husband still working in the yard. I smiled to myself as I watched her tight ass walk up the driveway knowing that I’d be fucking it much more often than poor old Trev Sr. As I pulled away I let those thoughts slip away. Colleen was now a sure fuck, it was time to concentrate on the plans to get some prom princess pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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