Touched for the First Time

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To say I was nervous would quite possibly be the biggest understatement of the century. I was standing in front of my mirror, staring at a girl I didn’t quite recognize… at least not dressed up in such erotic clothing. Clasped around my chest was a bra that appeared to be a little too small, my breasts practically spilling out of the tiny thing, soft flesh covered in a thin sheen of sweat. My plump pink lips were slightly parted as my hand wandered to the satiny pink underwear that clung to my most precious, private area, breathing becoming more haggard the closer I got. My friend Marissa had told me all about how she had touched herself the other night, how she had moaned out loud and thrashed around, tangling her sheets in her legs as she rubbed herself into a screaming orgasm.

I wasn’t as close-minded to the idea of touching myself as I let people believe, however. Marissa had explained how amazing it was for her, how her legs had shook for what felt like forever after she had climaxed, her chest heaving and her lips smiling. I was a good girl you could say, pure, a virgin at nineteen… I’d escort şişli never even been kissed, let alone penetrated or touched, but this story shook me to my very core. As she told me every little detail (she was my best friend after all, who else was she going to spill these erotic secrets too?) I could feel myself throbbing, my panties getting wet and sticking to the perfectly shaved lips of my precious flower. It was an odd feeling, but I found myself liking it more than I thought I would… which is how I ended up in front of my mirror, scantily clad and hesitating as I stared myself down.

My brown hair hung in waves down to my lower back, messy in a sensual way as it tumbled across my creamy flesh. My hands were still shaking as I finally touched the hem of my silk panties, a shiver running up my spine as images of a masturbating Marissa flooded my thoughts. Carefully I moved away from the mirror, laying back against my mattress. I bit at my bottom lip as my heart began to race, my thumbs hooking around my panties as I tugged them down, only stopping when I had kicked them off to the escort etiler floor below. I breathed through my mouth as I peered down at my womanhood, the hot throbbing nearly causing me to squirm despite the fact that I hadn’t even touched myself yet.

I closed my eyes and finally relaxed, my hand plunging into the warm flesh of my vagina. I frowned, trying to remember all the things Marissa had said. A warm sensation filled me as my fingers pressed into something I knew was called my clitoris, a gasp leaving my lips as my fingers ghosted across the sensitive area. Without really thinking about what I was doing I raised my fingers to my mouth, sticking them as deep as my body would allow me, wetting them with my saliva before I was viciously shoving them back downwards, my other hand methodically massaging my breast. I had no idea what I was doing to be quite honest, my hands moving and touching on their own.

I gasped loudly as I rubbed at my clit, a sensation like having to pee washing through me. My body began to get hot and my hips started to buck upwards the harder I rubbed, my other bayan escort taksim hand moving downwards and dipping into my hole. I penetrated myself with my own fingers, viciously stabbing them as deep as I could, wiggling them around as I rubbed my clitoris furiously with my saliva soaked hand. The fingers I was using to fuck myself were suddenly at my lips, my mouth eagerly sucking my sweet juices before I was fucking myself again, eager for more.

The sensation of having to pee was getting stronger, my legs shaking almost violently as I spread them as far as I possibly could. My head thrashed and my hips bucked wildly, my fingers rubbing and fucking in a fast fury. There was an explosion somewhere inside of me then, wave after wave of pleasure washing over me, a squirt of something shooting from my throbbing vagina, around my fingers and onto my bed. I didn’t care… I shoved my fingers deep inside, feeling the walls of my pussy clasp around my sodden digits, the muscles inside spasming as I orgasmed. My cries had gotten louder, my whole body hot before finally I went limp on my bed, fingers still rubbing lightly at my clitoris as I slipped my other hand out of my throbbing hole. I raised the soaked fingers to my lips, licking eagerly at the sweet juices, thanking the stars for Marissa’s story.

I’d be doing this again… very, very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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