Transfer – Brook and Nikita Ch. 02

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“Holy Shit! Damn Nikita that was fucking amazing!”

Brook spoke, flopping down on the couch behind her. Her large rod began to go flaccid, shrinking to a 5′ in about 2 mins afterwards. Nikita stood up, jizz still trailing down her chest, some falling on the floor or on her pants the rest clinging to her body. Her top was gone and she was left with a very revealing pink lace bra and her yoga pants. Feeling a drift in her nether regions, Nikita pulled back the black fabric to notice, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Nikita remembered that Nikita, well she, had the reputation for somewhat being a slut, but not this much of a slut! Memories suddenly flooded back to her that before going to Brook’s house, Nikita had deliberately chosen the no panties option.

With this new information in hand Nikita turned to Brook, who was still coming down the high that was Nikita’s deep-throat trigging orgasm. Her jeans and boxers had hit the floor and her jacket was very loose around her shoulders. Grabbing her Nikita pulled her up off the couch, in the process shaking off the jean jacket, and pulled her into a kiss. The cum, still warm and sticky was still on Nikita’s lips and in her mouth and Nikita wanted to give Brook a taste of her own medicine. They enveloped each other, much in the same way as before only this time Nikita was the more active one, painting Brook’s tongue and lips in cum with her own tongue as a brush, groping and pawing at Brook’s top, and reaching down to bring some life back into Brook’s member. Brook on her part was mostly going along the flow at the beginning, her body readjusting after her exhausting unprepared orgasm. Soon enough though with Nikita’s efforts Brook began to become more reinvigorated, matching Nikita’s tongue strokes with her own, creating webs of jizz that connected the two mouths when they came up for air. She also reached round to undo the pink strap of Nikita’s cum covered bra. Pulling it off Brook tossed it aside and began squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples.


Nikita gasped Brook’s touch. Her nipples were very sensitive and Nikita was worried what would happen if Brook decided to pinch them. Thinking fast she grabbed Brook’s chest through her top and pushed them backwards on to the couch again.

“Well what do we have here?”

When landing on the couch they had hit it with such a force it caused the leg rest to automatically pop out, leaving Brook with her back to the chair and Nikita on top of her. In the rapid movement from standing up to lying down shifted Nikita’s yoga pants every so slightly down, allowing Brook to get a view of Nikita’s now exposed bush.

“Um well, I kind of, forgot to put panties on?”

Nikita said, phrasing her obvious lie as a question by accident. Brook looked at Nikita, flashing a We both know that’s bullshit look, before her face changed into a seductive grin.

“You’re such a delicious slut.”

Said Brook. Grabbing Nikita by her yoga pants covered ass, Brook, using an incredible amount of strength, flipped Nikita over landing her on her exposed back and placing Brook on top.

“Now the fun begins.”

The two began locking lips, the white liquid now cooled still clinging to their faces and occasionally slipping into their kiss. Brook reached under grabbing her black top and bra underneath and, with one fluid motion, discarded them. Their bodies begin to move and collapse into each other as Brook moved ever closer to Nikita, her cock slowly tracing Nikita’s inside thigh through her yoga pants, reaching her clit as Brook grabs the seams of the yoga pants with her hands, beginning to pull them down.

“Wait stop.”

Nikita said, her hands holding Brook’s in place. Brook snapped back, a surprised and slightly worried look on her face.

“Why what’s wrong? I’m not hurting you am I?” Brook asked, ever so slightly panicked.

“No no no It’s just, I wanna move to the bedroom before continuing.”

Nikita responded. Brook’s face instantly shifted back into a cocky, seductive grin.

“Oh the bedroom? That’s how you like to play huh? Ok you beautiful slut, your wish is my command!”

Propping herself backward Brook leaped of the chair landing on her two feet triumphantly, striking a hero’s pose, which was quite funny considering her cock was at full mast as she did so. Quickly grabbing Nikita by the waist with incredible strength, she lifted her up and began carrying her to the bedroom, bridal style. As she carried Nikita Brook’s cock continued to bounce up and down, painting Nikita’s still yoga pants covered bottoms with lots of pre-cum. Up Brook went though, ignoring Nikita’s noises as she climbed the stairs to the second floor, all while Nikita desperately held on. Coming to the partly closed bedroom door, Brook lifted one leg and kicked as hard as she could. The door flew back and hit the side wall, reverberating when it did as Brook entered the room, Nikita in her arms and draped around her neck.

The room was quite sparse, not an awful lot in there, some cupboards, one small mirror that was it. Most of the room was taken up by the bed, a large king size bed that was the height of Brook’s waist. The bedroom belonged to Brook’s parents who were out of town at present, so they wouldn’t mind if their daughter decided to say, fuck her female friend on it. Brook threw Nikita down on the bed, breasts first. Nikita landed on the bed with a soft plop, feeling only slight discomfort in her breasts at the fall. Nikita went to stand up but felt Brook’s hand on her ass and decided to stay and see where this went. Brook then, just as before, went to remove Nikita’s cum stained yoga pants, and this time Nikita gave no resistance. Brook did so, stripping the pants all the way off before looking directly at Nikita’s eyes which had turned round to meet her. There was no need for words at this point, both parties knew what the other wanted as Nikita nodded her head.

Moving away from Nikita and towards the left cupboard’s top drawer and opened it. Scavenging around in it for a few moments Brook stopped and grinned, turning around and pulling out the two items she had been looking for, a bottle of lube and a condom. Of course Brook had both of these in her room but it was easier to use her parents supply. Moving back around again to Nikita, Brook began applying the cool sticky lube up and down Nikita’s ass, Nikita moaning into the bed. Brook then slipped on the condom and applied lube to her now protected member, up and down her shaft. Inspecting her shiny new rod, Brook turned to her prize, grabbed hold of Nikita’s ass cheeks, lined up and plunged deep inside.

Nikita’s ass muscles offered some resistance as Brook’s hard hot throbbing cock entered it, but Brook pushed past the defences while Nikita let out small groans of pain and large moans of pleasure. Pardon the pun but it was neither of their’s first “rodeo”. Brook quickly hit the end of Nikita’s anal tunnel, then pulled out and then in again, creating a receptive slamming effect, rocking Nikita/s entire body and any part of the bed that wasn’t fully nailed down. Soon Brook increased to the speed of a jack hammer, drilling her way into Nikita’s ass while keeping Nikita’s ass cheeks down with her palms.

“Oh, OH, UGH FUUUCCCCKKKK! Please Brook, DONT STOP! Yes, yes, yes, yes yes YES!”

Nikita started to scream as the intense waves of pleasure rocked her body, her ass convulsing as it buzzed to Brook’s human vibrator rod. Eventually the rolling pleasure became all too much for Nikita, her pussy spewing out wave after wave as Nikita’s body moved the lips like tidal waves crashing against the shore. This dam breaking orgasm in no way slowed Brook down however, only further encouraging her to keep going. Her hands dug into Nikita’s rear, forming red imprints on Nikita’s white curved buttocks. Her phallus continued to bore past Nikita’s sphincter, pressing Nikita down with her shear strength, Nikita melding more and more into the bed, her moans getting louder and yet more muffled by the pillow, her juices forming a small puddle in between her thighs and on the mattress.

Over and over the two went, orgasm after orgasm, Brook never letting up, sending Nikita into an seemingly endless loop of pleasure. The intense sensation built and built, until it became to much for Brook to bear. Finally she felt the running rush of her climax coming, and with expert reflex removed her beast from Nikita’s ass and from it’s condom holding just in time to unleash a hot sticky white torrent of jizz that covered Nikita’s back like a Jackson Pollock painting. From her ass to the bottom of her hair a white river of sweet sticky cum flowed down the crevices in Nikita’s back. Brook stood resolute, her pipe finishing the final round of her orgasm. When the last of the frosty white stream left her slowly shrinking, yet still impressive, member, she collapsed onto the bed and sighed. Nikita, needing to let her bare chest breathe, turned over, giving little concern to the cum on her back which had already started to pour onto the bed. Brook followed suit.

They both lay there for a few moments, not a word between them, only grunt, moans and frantic panting, as if the smell of sex had absorbed all the oxygen in the air. The two were breathing in deep, the colour of red or pale all over, faces a flush, hair in a mess, breasts heaving, and all over covered in semen, the smell of which had permeated the room. They were also both reeling from the sex they just had. Brook, although she would never admit it, hadn’t had a fuck like that in some time now, at least not with another girl. Nikita on her end had never had such a mind blowing orgasm, and for Tim still in Nikita’s conscience it was his first female orgasm. They both lay there for a few more silent moments, before Brook was the first one to speak.

“My god. Nikita that was…. That was amazing. That was so fucking good. I uh, I really liked it. I hope…I hope we can do this again sometime, ok?” As she said this Brook slowly began to peel herself off the bed. Her words bounced in Nikita’s head for a second before a few of them struck a cord. She spoke while grabbing Brook’s retreating arm and looking her dead in the eye with a seductive look.

“Wait wait wait, hold on a second.” She spoke while grabbing Brook’s retreating arm and looking her dead in the eye with a seductive look.

“What made you think we were done?”

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