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Big Tits

As she walked around the club looking at the various rooms she spied one hidden away in the corner of a corridor that everyone seemed to be ignoring. There was no sign on this one only a small set of lights unlit above the door. It looked very small almost like an laundry cupboard but outside sat an oldish woman dressed all in black. She looked more like a seaside fortune teller than someone at a fetish club. But something inside Louise’s mind started to intrigue her about the door and the woman and she found herself making her way towards the door.

“What’s behind this door? Are you a fortune teller?!” She laughed as she approached the woman.

“You will be the fortunate one or maybe the unfortunate one if you enter the door.” Smiled the woman sat next to the door.

The vagueness of the old woman’s answer led to more intrigue in Louise’s mind and she decided to see what was behind the door. What was the worst that could happen she could always turn around and come back out again if it turned out to be a disappointment.

Louise walked forward and opened the heavy door to the room and stepped in. To start with there was no lights on only a small red light button on the far wall. As soon as she took a few more steps forward into the room the door closed heavily behind and clicked shut. Now she was unsure about what was going on. Here she was in a very small room no bigger than a small laundry cupboard with a red light for company. She decided this really wasn’t for her and didn’t look like her type of fun and decided to turn around and go and find another room. But when she went to the heavy door and turned the handle she found it wouldn’t open. It was locked shut and she was stuck inside. She banged on the door but it would not budge. She shouted out to the old woman but either she couldn’t hear her or she was ignoring her.

Frustrated Louise sat down on the floor. Her feet ached from the heels and she was now pissed off. All this effort she had gone to with her outfit and wanting some kinky fun and now she was locked inside this ridiculously small empty laundry cupboard.

After a few minutes she composed herself, stood up and tried the door again to no avail. She looked at the red light and thought maybe that was an internal release button. She reached out and pressed the button. At first nothing happened but then suddenly above the button a small screen flickered into life. Confused Louise stood in the cramp box room staring at it when a message appeared. All this message said was would you like to leave? Well of course I fucking would thought Louise somewhat frustrated. The message slowly disappeared to be replaced by another message.

-‘to leave please press red button again’-

Louise pressed the red button and the message disappeared. Expecting the door to open she found herself disappointed that it didn’t and the screen flickered into life again. She pressed the button again and suddenly the screen started showing a load of numbers scrolling around before stopping on the number 8. This is fucking ridiculous thought Louise what kind of game is this.

She slumped back against the door staring at the red letter 8 glowing brightly on the screen. Slowly a small red light on the ceiling started to come on bathing the room in a dim red glow. She looked around the small confines on the room and noticed a small hole waist high on one side and then on the other side a similar hole. Then it dawned on her that she was in a gloryhole! Louise smiled at how stupid the situation was and the fact she was locked in a gloryhole. She looked at the screen and guessed the number 8 meant she would have to wait 8 minutes before being let out. Oh well that won’t be too bad she thought at least she wouldn’t miss too much of the night now. And who knows she might get lucky and get a cock through the hole!

But then she thought that was unlikely due to the location at the end of the corridor and nobody would know she was even in here. Still she might aswell stick a finger through the hole and give it a wriggle about to see if she could attract any attention. And anyway it was only for 8 minutes wasn’t it!

So Louise slipped a finger through the hole and wriggled a carefully manicured finger about and pulled it back. Before she could even think about doing the same in the other hole a hard cock was suddenly thrust through the hole she had just withdrawn her finger from. She stood there in shock looking at it standing proud through the hole.

The cock sat there sticking through the hole. Louise at first didnt know what to think but then she realised she was in a sex club and this was probably quite normal. And that she had come her for some fun and was feeling horny. Rather tentatively at first she reached a hand out Escort and took hold of the cock. In the cool air of small room the cock felt so hot in the palm of her hand and not to mention rock hard.

Just the feeling of the hard cock in her hands filled her with lust. If she was going to be in here for 8 minutes she might aswell make use of this cock she thought. She slowly started to wank the cock with long slow strokes up and down. In the dim red light she watched how the cock moved and twitched to her hand movements. After a few minutes wanking the cock Louise got on her knees in front of it and instinctively opened her mouth and slipped the cock inside.

The cock felt so good in her mouth, maybe getting locked inside the cupboard wasn’t so bad after all. It felt so naughty and exciting to be sucking a cock without seeing who it belonged to. Louise sucked harder and deeper on this mysterious cock getting more turned on by the minute. She was determined to make this cock cum hard using her mouth and make the night out worthwhile. Holding the base of the cock with one hand Louise really started to suck hard on this strange cock in her mouth. Certainly not the biggest she had ever had in her mouth but it was nice and clean and very hard. She bobbed up and down on the cock, going a little deeper everytime.

After awhile of Louise vigorously sucking the cock started to twitch and a knock on the wall from the other side signal the stranger was about to shoot his load. Louise pulled her mouth back so just the head of cock the was resting in her mouth just in time as the cock gave a big twitch and her mouth was flooded with cum. Louise swallowed down the cum as quickly as it filled her mouth. The sweet salty taste making her feel all excited and slutty. Eventually the cock finished pulsing in her mouth and gave it a few licks clean before sitting back feeling a little more satisfied.

The cock slipped back through the hole and Louise licked the remaining cum off her lips feeling very proud of her efforts and pleased she had relieved some of frustrations. Then she realised she had better check the screen. To her suprise it still said the number 8 but then it changed to the number 7. She was more than a minute sucking that cock surely? Then it struck her, it was not a clock countdown but a cock countdown! She recoiled in horror for a second at the thought she would be locked in here until she had serviced another 7 cocks! Part of her felt horror but also part of her was now very much turned on.

Before she had time to think anymore another cock poked through the hole. This one was similar in size to the other one and she started to vigorously wank this one off. Part of this was down to how turned on she was and partly down to anger at herself for getting into this situation. But she decided to make the most of this. After all she had come to the club for some fun but had expected either a cheeky threesome or a spanking, certainly not having to service 8 cocks to get out of a locked room.

She started to suck on number 2 enjoying the sensation of a second cock in her mouth. At least she thought with her previous blowjob experiences it wouldn’t take long with her oral skills to make the guys cum. Or at least that’s what she hoped! After a few minutes of almost deep throating this cock came the knock on the wall followed by the familiar gush of fresh hot cum in her mouth. As with the first cock she swallowed it all down and carefully licked the cock clean before it slipped back into the darkness of the hole.

As she sat back down she wiped her mouth clean thinking that if she was going to swallow 8 loads of cum in total it might be a bit too much. Some of them would need to be wanked off only so Louise decided getting topless was the best way forward. Standing up she unclipped her small leather bra top letting her boobs swing free. By the time she had took her top off she looked down and cock number 3 was already poking through the hole. This one wasn’t fully hard yet and she bent over and started to stroke it into life.

Suddenly she felt some against the back of her thigh as she wanked off number 3. She felt it again and stopped and looked over her shoulder where she saw another cock sticking through the other hole. Excellent she thought that meant the counter would go down by two numbers in one go if she could service them both quickly at the same time. By moving herself around she managed to squat and was able to take a cock from either side in each hand. She started to tug on both cocks and alternated between sucking each one.

The first one was now fully hard and although not very big the guy it belonged to seemed to be enjoying it going by how it was jerking about in her hands. The one on other side was much bigger Escort bayan and she was enjoying getting her tongue around the head. As she knelt in the middle of the box room with a cock in each hand Louise felt incredibly slutty and turned on. Maybe tonight was turning out fun after all!

Louise kept alternating sucking between both cocks, her previous most amount she had one in her mouth in one night was three so this was her best yet. Although she did keep thinking how much her jaw would ache after a total of 8 though! Suddenly a knock on the first hole brought her mind back to the job in hand and the smaller cock was about to cum. Louise wanked this cock with more intensity now and aimed it at her boobs. With one last jerk the small cock shot forward a massive load, much bigger than the first two, all over her boobs. She gave a little moan of delight as he shot his load all over her boobs. Then without warning, or indeed a any knocking the cock from the second hole suddenly shot it’s hot cum aswell! The first shots splattered against the side of Louise’s face before she had time to react. But by now she didn’t care too much as her boobs were covered and she was feeling so horny and she managed to turn round just in time to aim the rest at her boobs.

Louise sat down on the floor now that both cocks had disappeared back through their respective holes. She felt a bit exhausted but incredibly turned after sucking and wanking four cocks to completion. Halfway there she thought as the counter clicked down to the number 4. With cum drying on her boobs and face she felt how wet she was. As no cock had replaced the last two she stuck her hand underneath her black short leather skirt and pulled her thong to one side and started to finger herself.

She worked a finger over her clit moaning in the darkly lit confined space. Diving two fingers in her pussy she fingered herself as she kept an eye on the holes. Suddenly after a bit of a rustling noise a long hard cock poked through the second hole. Only this one was covered with a condom. By now Louise was a little bit more switched on than what she was when she got locked into the room and she knew straight away what this one wanted.

She stood up and backed herself up against the wall, reached round and grabbed hold of the cock in her hand. Standing her legs wide she bent over a little and positioned the cock over her pussy. Fortunately the high heels she wore gave her the extra height she needed to be at the correct height for the hole. She delicately rubbed the head of the cock over pussy lips feeling how hard and big he was. When she was ready she slowly eased the cock into her pussy. She moaned out loud as the big cock slipped deeper in her pussy and wondered if the owner was moaning at the same time.

She let go of the cock once it was a few inches inside of her and began to slowly rock backwards and forwards on it taking it deeper in her soaking wet pussy with each movement. She felt so full and stretched by this big cock but felt on fire inside and turned on. Eventually she worked herself all the way down on the cock and started to ride it confidently, her ass cheeks bouncing off the wall. She reached a hand down and found her clit and started to rub herself the best she could in this position.

Just as she was getting close to her own orgasm cock number 6 popped through the hole opposite her. Without even thinking she stopped rubbing herself and grabbed hold of it and starting tugging on it. She had just enough height to bend over a bit more and slipped the head in her mouth. Unable to bounce back on the cock in her pussy she just bent over and let the cock fuck her. She held one hand on a wall for balance and one on the cock in front of her as the cock behind her pistoned in and out of her pussy.

Eventually it all became too much for Louise to concentrate on the cock in front of her and she just held on to it wanking it as she came close to reaching her own orgasm. Her thighs trembled as it built inside her, her pussy contracted around the huge cock thrusting inside of her. Then it hit her, her orgasm, she screamed out in ecstasy as it ripped through her body. She closed her eyes as wave after wave of pleasure passed through her.

She opened her eyes just at the time the cock in her hand started to cum and spurt all over her hand. She had heard no knock but by now she didn’t care. She bent down licked the head just as the cock in her pussy gave a few short thrusts and held still. Excellent she thought I’ve just made 6 men cum! She leaned forward and eased herself off the big cock. Looking round over her shoulder she saw he had shot his massive load into the condom as it withdrew back though the hole.

Louise leaned back against the wall feeling satisfied Bayan Escort but slightly exhausted. She watched the screen countdown go down to the number 2. Two more to go she thought and that’s it!

From the first hole cock number 7 appeared. This one was also condom covered. Word must have got around Louise thought. As with the previous condom covered cock Louise gave it a few tugs then eased herself onto it. After her last fucking combined with this one being a bit smaller she was able to ease her pussy all the way down on it in one go. Once she had got the cock as deep inside of herself as possible she pulled back and then settled on a nice rhythm of riding it. After a few minutes she was really starting to work up a good pace despite her bum cheeks slapping against the hard wall. Rather than let the cock fuck her like the last one she decided to keep riding this one herself.

Louise was now really enjoying herself and was slamming back on the cock with some force impaling herself on it. She heard the knock on the wall but carried riding the cock as hard and fast as she could. She felt the cock swell inside and jerk depositing its load in the condom. Only now did she ease down her rhythm and slowly eased herself off the cock. She spun round quickly and grabbed hold of the cock before it could disappear and gave it a few quick licks and a suck tasting her own pussy juices on the condom before letting it slip back into the darkness of the corridor.

Now very satisfied with her work on seven cocks Louise smiled as the counter changed to the number 1. One more to go and then she could get out of the room and hopefully freshened up. Sure enough after about 30 seconds cock number eight poked through the second hole. Only semi erect this one was already looking like a big one. The biggest of the eight! Louise decided she was going to take her time with this one a savour every minute.

She started by taking it gently in her hands and running her fingernails over it lightly and then down the shaft. She lightly kissed the head all over as her hands started to work up and down the shaft, the cock growing bigger with almost every stroke it seemed.

Louise knelt before the cock and looked at it and admired it. She had got it to full hardness now and whilst stroking it realised this was the biggest cock she would have taken in her mouth. Well for number eight she thought I might aswell go for it. She opened her lips mouth wide and sucked the head in. A little quiver from the cock suggested he was enjoying it. With her lips now forming a seal just below the head she sucked gently and few times swirling her tongue around the head. With one hand on the base of the cock she slowly started sucking up and down the thick meaty shaft. The further she went down the more her cheeks bulge and the fuller her mouth. Soon she was gagging a little and drooling all over it. The drool running down and around her fingers. It was a good job she had sucked all those others tonight as practice for this monster she thought.

She gagged again as she got it in as far she could, her nose almost touching the wall. She slowly pulled her mouth back and took a deep breath. This was exhausting work! She changed position and squatted on her heels and got hold of her boobs and rubbed them over the cock. The cock again twitched in appreciation as Louise smothered it with her boobs. She worked her boobs around the cock until it was nestled between her boobs.

She decided a cock this size needed a proper tit wank and proceeded to rub her boobs up and down the cock. The owner of the cock soon got the hint and started to push back and forwards himself. After a few minutes of this a knock on the wall signalled this hot shaft was about to erupt. And with one final big jerk did it erupt. Cum shot out of this big cock between her boobs, the initial first few spurts splattering her chin until she wrapped more of her boobs around it. She hugged the erupting cock in her cleavage, the cum covering her boobs. Eventually the cock finished shooting its load on her boobs and she released it from the grip of her cleavage and watched it slip back through the hole.

Louise grabbed her bra top and watched the counter as the number 1 disappeared and was replaced by a zero. Immediately she heard the door click unlock and smiled at what had happened. Trying the door handle she found the door swung open easily and she stepped out into the corridor where the old woman handed her a towel.

“So did you find you was fortunate or unfortunate?” Said the old woman.

“I think was very fortunate to get 8 cocks!” Laughed Louise as she got used to the light in the corridor and wiped her boobs clean.

“Eight?!” Said the old woman, “The counter has only ever gone up to four before, there must be an error with it!”

“Oh well it was fun!” Replied a giddy Louise as she put her top back on and headed off back to the main room thinking that next time she come here she may well have to visit that door again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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