Trapped in Pants

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I was digging around Olivia’s underwear drawer in my shrunken state, finally a chance to see her underwear and I was loving it.

Suddenly the drawer was flung open and I tried my best to hide inside a pair of black panties I had been feeling. Unfortunately for me, she had decided those were what she was wearing today. I clung desperately to the fabric as I was lifted into the air and she put them on one leg at a time. I could see her ass and vagina above me and suddenly I was flying up towards them both. She pulled the underwear tight against her ass, nestling me right between her cheeks against her asshole.

She still does not realize I’m here, and walks around her house before leaving for her car. She sits down in the seat and I am smashed tightly between her cheeks. This is not how I imagined finally seeing her toilet parts. I counted my lucky stars that I hadn’t been crushed so far then realized. I watched her enough to know that she usually pooped in the mornings, but she hadn’t today. Which meant that no matter where she was going, she was eventually going to have to stop to take a poop. Meaning she would either see me in her pants and kill me or I bursa escort bayan would have to make an escape, stranding me somewhere shrunken down and helpless.

My fears were confirmed as I heard a loud, wet gurgling from her stomach from my position against her ass. She grunts and continues driving. This is not the last sound I hear from her either. Her drive to wherever she’s going is marked with loud groans, gurgles, and moving sounds from behind her asshole. After the loudest rumbling yet from her lower stomach I hear her whisper “oh god, no please let me make it.”

She continues driving and her stomach continues to gurgle and groan the whole time.

Finally her stomach groans and she cuts a small fart and I am immersed in her gas. I can tell she’s desperately holding in a dump because of the smell. It smells exactly like poop, and I can tell her rectum is filled with shit ready to come out as she desperately tries to hold it in.

She let out a couple more farts and I realized, after a little while I had stopped hearing traffic. The reason she hadn’t stopped to use the bathroom was that there was none. She was completely trapped in the middle görükle escort of nowhere with her desperate need to poop.

She continued to grunt, gurgle, and desperately hold it in for a while longer but I began to realize she wasn’t going to make it, and what that might mean for me.

I hoped to god she had the good sense to pull over and squat on the side of the road for my own sake, but I was terrified that she wouldn’t.

Finally she slowed and stopped. I felt her move around, unclicking her seatbelt. I can tell she’s holding onto her stomach but isn’t getting out. She begins to let out quick short farts one after the other in succession, with accompanying groans from her stomach.

I hear her whisper to herself “oh fuck oh fuck, oh no please” as she fights to hold it in. I hear a painful, surprised gasp from her and fear shoots through me. Her asshole is suddenly pressing on me, hard. I can tell the seat is all that’s holding her dump in right now. I hear her give a short, pained exhale before she raises her butt above the seat a little bit and hear her push.

Suddenly I am being pressed painfully against the seat of her pants bursa escort bayan by a reeking, sticky, hot substance I know is Olivia’s poop. She continues to push, filling her panties with disgusting hot shit. Her steaming log finally ends and she cus off, leaving it resting in the seat of her panties. For some reason, instead of getting out of her car she sits back down, squishing and smearing fresh poop all through her pants. She continues to drive for a few minutes before stopping again and getting out, smashing poop between her cheeks as she walks. She walks quickly, and I hear two doors close behind her, then a stall door and realize she’s entered a bathroom. She halfway squats down, then yanks her pants down quickly, spilling their contents, including a large amount of poop and me, into the toilet. I am plunged into the water and still cannot see until I fight my way to the top. I see her sit her poop smeared ass onto the toilet and fart again. I cannot believe what I’m seeing as she pushes and another log of steaming poop slides out of her and splashes into the bowl next to me. I see her readjust herself on the seat and look up at her in terror, and hear a deafening noise about a second before I am sucked down into freezing wet blackness in which I cannot breath with her poop. I give up holding my breath after only minutes and inhale water and poop. I never thought I’d die as a result of Olivia taking a shit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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