Treality Stories Vol. 02 Pt. 01

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Treality Stories Volume II – our adventures in love continue: an introduction

All characters are well over 18 years old and include ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Sparkling Red’ who first met online a few years ago as their alter egos ‘Jardine Man’ and ‘Mimbabe’.

Goddess Rule 2 .I want Genie wrapped around your pulsating penis Mojo right now coming with him on That Spot as only he can do thanks to you.

All Man Rule 2. Time for enjoying Red Bubbles together with lots of sensual butterfly kisses, hugs and cuddling needed.

Sparkling Red, I see from last night that you’re loving the Treality Stories – even I don’t know where to go with all the collation and assimilation of so many of our cool Dreams and Stories … Contrary to my normally getting frustrated when technology doesn’t work for me perfectly, I loved trying to help you use the slider bar last night. What I’ll do is turn Edition 1 into Volume 1 and pop the Index up the front with just 100 of our Top Stories so your laptop works better and we’ll start a Volume II!

Just read a few at a time is my suggestion as most are pretty intense. The Goddess and Mistress ones we just read to each other on Skype are mostly in the draft in the new TS Volume II. I read the “Roadkingtrip” Story from there as asked for by my Goddess – it brought together the latest dream with two old stories I had been playing with. The hottest new ones though are clearly your “Roadtrip to ADL” Story and then your one today of an “Adults Only Weekend to Canberra” just this morning … as you typed I copied it into my Word Tx file and sucked it into my laptop to reformat it and viola …

Beautiful getting your words and perspectives. That makes the Treality Stories so great to me. Please don’t let my loving gift to you overwhelm you. Just a Story at a time and feel our love come out – if it doesn’t we’ll change or put it in my ‘Dud Stories’ file …

Thankyou Rocket Man, ataşehir escort what a wonderful collection to keep our spark. So your fires haven’t been sparked yet?

Yes – I do have a raging fire. Wahoo, you light my fires with love and words … I want to work with you and take some of rough edges off as Dreams turn into Treality as our love is genuinely unique …

Likewise … You have done an exceptional task in writing and compiling both of our Stories. After I read one my pussy is throbbing, tingling wet and during our AO Date Nights over Skype my eyes feel heavy and droopy thinking of you!

I hope some of my Dreams / Stories quirks make you ‘horney as’ and also have a laugh …

Same as me l am sure l have some quirks.

Your quirks, I love. Your practical and think about bigger issues beautifully … i am honoured to know and being in love with me … However I just really setting the scene, soft music playing, low lighting ready for your return in 8 sleeps with some chilled Sparkling. I am going to love you loving me getting to know more about me, and my discovery my beautiful all man. Your so soooo beautiful to me.

Everything, absolutely everything teaches me more about you and understanding my beautiful lover more. I want to be an open book to you and explore loving you more …

I hope you never ever fear you’re ever “in trouble” for telling the truth with your Stories. The past is the past: understand it so we both can enjoy the future without any fear we’re treading on negatives. My transgressions and Night Terrors are about things far worse and I’m a big boy that loves you completely. D&M texts over dinner. You’re amazing.

Later … We need a nom de guerre for you in your 20s … I haven’t thought of anything. Mine was Rambo for instance back in the day when I was handsome and sooo much smarter.

Oh that’s easy: Prudence. It’s what everyone called ataşehir escort me in my 20’s! Handsomer and smarter, Prudence might have liked that!

Oh there just must be a Story there … Here’s a teaser of what is install for Volume 02!

The Picnic on the Lounge Room Floor, the Spa Interuptus, the “non-Hobo” Mojo and then ‘Kevin’s Book’ teasers

We decide to have our Picnic Platter inside after kissing and cuddling on Sparkling Red’s lovely front balcony eating local oysters with lemon as the sun goes down – drinking red bubbles of course… Decadence levels on the rise …

Heater is on, but Rocket Man and I look sceptically at the rug on the floor as I head over to finish the platter using Rocket Mans Dads Australian Champion Duelling silver plate Trophy! We have freshly bought cheeses, carrots, dips and little tomatoes … A Feast.

Rocket Man gets the Spa filling and grabs the outside cushions and the rug covers it perfectly. The clothes come off in a rush as my man cuts a piece of camembert for me and slides it seductively between my lips. He has the platter on the foot stool and Spotify Ultimate Foreplay music playing. Decadence levels go right up instantly.

I tell Rocket Man that I have a plan to shave his balls as per The RAP Games Operating Limitations Agreement from Volume 01 and as per my sms of just now! He laughs and says ok if he can shave me with a love heart too. Wahoo what a great guy.

Lots of kissing and cuddles with my man gets my blood going we check on the Spa and its full of hot water! We resume our picnic with laughter and eating nibbles fondling each other. Spa time and it’s boiling we are going to cook so we add cold water and bravely get in with nervous laughter, my goodness it’s hot. Rocket Man gets fully in first – I hope Mojo survives. I follow and the hot water on my womanhood is hot hot hot wow. We enjoy the bath …

The shavings anadolu yakası escort go really well with no blood in the water. Sparkling Red even put her glasses on to do the shaving of Rocket Mans balls and carve out a love heart on him with his Hobo looking pubic hair too. Very cute and hard to explain in the shower blocks with the lads!

As we’re relaxing getting used to the shaved us, Sparkling Reds Eldest 18 yo is supposed to be staying at her Boyfriends place, and she is freaked out that we’re in the Spa …

Funny as …

Sparkling Red leans over and shuts the door and the Eldest slams two more doors shut getting to her room … She never shows up again unintendedly and unannounced, believe me.

We retire to the bedroom after getting all the leather, whips and clothes from the Lounge Room Picnic, oops … ?? Slammed doors explained. I offer to apologise and Sparkling Red says she will discuss it with her Eldest just as she did after the Pineapple saga in Vol 01!

Then Rocket Man finds out the joy of a “non-Hobo” Mojo and shaved balls as Sparkling Red rubs her hands up his balls and rockhard Mojo … wow wow wow

Sparkling Red then asks whether I knew where she got the idea about the shaving as she’s never shaved any of her partners before and notes repeatedly how brave

she thought I was – my manhood in the hands of an amateur! She then introduces Rocket Man to what we call ‘Kevin’s Book’ – Sex Tips for Straight Women Gay Men by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman dating from 1997 … and then the joys of Tingling Mouth Massages … But that’s another Treality Story of itself!

Great stories with Show and Tell too with experiental learning … hehehe

We shall read more of these … And so should anyone interested in pleasuring their partners …

‘Kevins Book’ is dedicated to all men and women, because boyfriends may come and go, but best friends are forever.

May Kevin rest in peace as he has helped immeasurably in making our best ever lovers also be our friends forever …

Sparkling Red and I hope you enjoy our Treality and we truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer us. Bring them on – please …

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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