Trick or Treat

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“This is ridiculous. I love it.”

Ava stood in front of the mirror in her room, looking up and down her body at the skimpy costume she was trying on. the tight spandex Catwoman top exposed her entire midriff and barely covered her perky teenage breasts. She could faintly see her areola poking out of the top of each cup. She brought her latex-gloved hands up to her milky pale tits and cupped them both, jiggling them a bit. She then bounced on her heels for a few seconds, to see how freely they would move in the shirt. After a few seconds, she stopped, and saw that they had fallen out and were now fully on display.

She pushed them back inside the tight top and turned around to admire her round behind. Ever since her body began seriously developing freshman year, her ass was always the topic of discussion. Several of her female friends were so jealous of her thick, heart-shaped booty that they started to pad their pants to gain the same amount of attention she did. And boy, did she get attention. There wasn’t a guy in her class that hadn’t fantasized about fucking those round cheeks, and it would be hard to find any guy’s textbook or notebook that didn’t have doodles or notes about her legendary rear. She had turned down countless boys whom she had never met that surely only wanted to date her to get a chance at fucking her ass. However, she took pride in the fact that her body attracted so much attention, always wearing tight pants, short shorts, and suggestive skirts to school and secretly loving it when her classmates whistled at her in the halls. She even received the occasional slap on the tush from passing upperclassmen in her earlier years, an occasion that often led to a furious yet silent masturbation session in the upstairs girls’ restroom. As she inspected the extremely short latex shorts that hugged her curves hypnotically, she noticed that her panty line could be very clearly seen through them. “Oh well,” she thought to herself, “wouldn’t by the first time I went commando.”

She removed both the shorts and the underwear, thought for a second, rummaged around in her drawer that contained her sexiest clothes, and came up holding a pair of fishnets that she had bought for a party her junior year. She pulled them up her legs, which has gotten slightly larger in the last year, then put the costume shorts back on.

She turned to the mask and cat ears sitting on her bed. She put them both on, then looked at herself again in the mirror. “Meow” she purred to herself, laughing at how dumb that had sounded out loud before noticing that the all-black outfit and hair paired with her ghostly white complexion made the color in her bright blue eyes pop out more than usual. She looked around for some dark lipstick, when her phone vibrated.

“ava you curvy slut i’m outside ur house now. cum down when ur ready xoxoxo”

She smirked at the message then tossed her phone back on her bed. Her best friend, Chelsea, has been planning this night for at least a month now and was very excited now that the night had finally come. The idea was to find the most suggestive costumes they could find and go out trick or treating together until they found a guy (or guys) that would invite them inside. From there, some sort of sexual encounter would hopefully occur. Compared to Chelsea, Ava was rather modest (although to be fair, even pornstars would be modest compared to Chelsea). Ava’s only true sexual experience so far had been with a senior she met at a party her sophomore year of high school. She had given a few blowjobs before, and worked wonders with her slender yet firm hands, but only one guy had ever had the pleasure of seeing Ava’s perfect butt in action.

Chelsea, on the other hand, had quite the reputation around their school for being easier than a 1st grade spelling test. That’s not to say she was easily taken advantage of, or that she was a vapid slut with a black hole for a vagina. It was just that sex was what she enjoyed. It was almost like a sport to her, and she practiced whenever and wherever she was able to. Her body wasn’t perfect; her breasts were small and hung off her chest awkwardly and her butt barely curved, but what she lacked in bodily sex appeal she more than made up for with her face. Her big brown eyes popped out against her bright blonde hair, which she always kept at a near-buzz cut. Her tiny nose poked out daintily above her plump lips, between which you could almost always find either a cigarette or someone’s genitalia. She had a tattoo just above her neatly trimmed bush that read “I do dudes, I do chicks, give me your pussy or give me your dick” in cursive blue lettering. However, despite her highly sexualized reputation, Chelsea was one of the most respected students in the school, by teachers and classmates alike, as she was always enthusiastic and friendly with everyone, as long as they treated her the same way.

Ava found some dark lipstick under her bed and applied it, kissing the mirror afterwards. adıyaman escort She sat down on a chair and pulled on some black high heels, stood up, grabbed her purse and phone, and ran downstairs, her assets bouncing with each step. Her father, stepmother, and stepsister were gone for the night, all out at various parties and events, and would not be home until the next afternoon most likely. Before opening the door, Ava looked through her purse to make sure she had everything. A pack of gum for her breath afterwards, a box of condoms, pepper spray (in case they got some unwanted attention during the night, her keys, a flashlight, and two vibrators, on the off chance that they they didn’t get lucky.

She opened the door and was greeted by a sensory overload of sex dripping from her best friend’s scantily clad body. Chelsea looked less like the actual Poison Ivy and more like someone auditioning for the Batman porn parody. She had spray dyed her short hair bright red and applied bright green eyeshadow and lipstick, exaggerating her already exaggerate features. Shea miniature wore flesh-toned bikini, to which she had taped plastic leaves over her breasts, vagina, and ass. Added to this was a pair thigh-high lime green boots, which overall made her look more like a Garden of Eden dominatrix than one of Bruce Wayne’s foes.

“You like it?” Chelsea teased, feigning innocence before winking at her friend and pushing past her to come inside. The two had been nearly inseparable for years now, after having met for the first time on their first day of third grade. In those nine years, the two girls has done everything together. They were practically sisters. Sisters that constantly fucked each other, that is. On Ava’s sixteenth birthday, Chelsea helped her embrace her newly realized bisexuality by eating her out after school in the girls’ locker room. After that, their friendship evolved into an erotic yet open relationship. Despite their kinky antics, their friendship always came first (as did Chelsea) and both were allowed to see as many other people as they wished, free of jealousy from the other.

Ava sat down on the couch next to Chelsea, who had lit a cigarette and kicked her neon-covered feet onto the coffee table.

“Dude, put that out. Your brand reeks up this place, and I don’t want Di to know you were over tonight.”

Di, or Dianna as most people referred to her, was Ava’s stepmother. She was a generally caring and friendly woman, and she and Ava were on very good terms. However, Di was not the world’s biggest fan of Chelsea. Neither Chelsea nor Ava was entirely sure where this spite came from, but nothing ever came out of it other than some sternly-toned conversations, so they never bothered to question it.

“My parents think I’m going to a party at Georgia’s house tonight,” she said, placing a hand on Chelsea’s thigh. She sighed, took one last puff, and went outside to put it out. Ava admired the swing of her subtle hips as she got up and walked away. “That girl may not have an ass” she thought to herself, “but she sure carries herself like she does.”

They had a few hours to kill, and didn’t want to spoil their appetite for later that night by fucking on the couch, so they decided to put on a horror movie and cuddle instead. Ava’s dad had been watching The Thing the night before, and neither one felt like getting up to put in a new disc, so they decided to watch it. Halfway through the movie, Chelsea’s hands found their way up Ava’s top and began lightly rolling her nipples. Ava shuddered and leaned her head back slightly. They both wanted very badly to fuck each other right then and there, but remembered their anticipation for the night ahead of them. Ava reluctantly swatted Chelsea’s hands away, and they continued the movie.

After watching Kurt Russell being the badass he always is and take down the Thing, they looked outside and saw that it was starting to get dark. They waited a while longer, for it to get very dark, so that disapproving mothers wouldn’t have to cover their children’s eyes from their nearly-naked bodies. At eleven o’clock, they decided to go out on their journey.

The idea of the night was that the man, or men, that they’d be fucking would be complete strangers, so they had picked a neighborhood on the other side of town to explore. They got into Chelsea’s car and drove to their predetermined destination, parking the car in a dollar store parking lot. By the time they arrived there, it was quarter till midnight. They got out of the car and headed for their site. The streets were nearly empty, with only the occasional older trick-or-treater walking by. The dim glow of the streetlights lit every few feet, giving a strangely angelic aura to the exposed flesh of the two babes.

They searched for several minutes, trying to house to stop at. After a while, they came upon a house with its lights on, and they decided to try their luck. adıyaman escort bayan Holding hands in equal parts excitement and nervousness, they skipped up to the porch and knocked on the door.

A man who looked to be about in his late 30s answered the door, wearing only a pair of boxers. “We hit the jackpot,” Chelsea whispered to herself, unable to bring her eyes from the massive bulge that was clearly visible in his underwear. After a few seconds of silence, the man spoke. “Can I help you two ladies with anything?” he asked with a deep, almost seductive tone. This broke their gaze at his crotch and brought them back to where they were. “Yes, uh… trick or treat?” Chelsea managed, both amazed at his girth and upset that the sultriness she had planned for that night was lost.

The man laughed, adjusting his posture. They laughed along with him, hoping he wasn’t laughing at their startled state, when suddenly, a high pitched voice came from inside.

“Mister Harrison? Who is it? What do they want?” a girl about their age appeared behind the man, wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and kneehigh socks. Her hair was in pigtails, her face was dolled up, and her breasts sat high on her toned chest. “Ohmigod, who are these whores? Are they in one of your classes too? I thought tonight was for us to be alone!” She pouted and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. “Make them leave or I’ll tell the the principal that you forced me to fuck you and make you lose your job!”

Not wanting to cause trouble, Ava and Chelsea politely pretended that they must have gone to the wrong address, and left the house as quickly as possible. When they were several yards away, they heard the girl say “Stop staring at their asses!” and the sound of someone being slapped, followed by the door shutting. They stopped, turned to look at each other, and at the very same time and in the very same high pitched voice, whined “Ohmigod, who are these whores?” and broke down laughing. They stood there in the sidewalk, laughing like idiots, before their laughter was drowned out by loud music suddenly starting up in the house across the street from them. They looked up at the house, looked at each other, and smiled. They adjusted their skimpy outfits, which had moved in their hasty retreat from the house of the man who was evidently a teacher of some sort.

They quickly crossed the street, pausing before knocking on the door. “In this one’s a bust, wanna just go back home and fuck each other?” Ava asked.

“Third time’s a charm,” Chelsea winked. Ava rolled her eyes. They approached the door, hoping this house would fulfill their wishes. They knocked on the door. No answer. They knocked again, louder.

“PIZZA’S HERE!” they heard a voice shout from inside. “We didn’t order a pizza, dumbass!” came another. Both voices sounded male. That’s a good sign.

A 20-something shirtless man answered the door. “You’re not pizza…” he mumbled, obviously drunk. “Trick or treat!” they shouted over the music, while keeping the seductively innocent voices they had practiced.

The music stopped, and a crowd of 7 or 8 young guys that all looked to be in their 20s and 30s crowded around the intoxicated man who answered the door. The music stopped. The crowd grew to eleven guys before anyone said anything.

“How old are you two?” asked one guy standing in the middle of the crowd.

“We’re both eighteen… who wants to know?” Chelsea answered. They grinned at the young men who were all very noticeably not looking at their faces.

“We want to know,” the same guy responded. “This isn’t a setup, is it? You aren’t actresses that are really high schoolers and you’re about to get us arrested, right?”

“Well, we’re both still in high school, and I take a drama class, so I am an actress. But no, we’re not here to get you arrested,” Ava took a slight step forward, to get more into the light coming from inside. Nobody said anything for another minute or two. “Can we come inside?” she asked, and was answered with a sudden burst of noise and energy from the guys, who practically scooped up their visitors and plopped them down on the couch. Some of them were in costume, some of them wore regular clothes, a few were shirtless. One guy in the corner who hadn’t come to the door was fully naked and fast asleep.

Ava and Chelsea were overwhelmed. When they had considered the thought of hooking up with multiple men that night, they had been picturing two to four, not eleven. Neither girl had been with that many lovers at once, and the thought of what could possibly happen to them scared them a little bit.

The young man who had spoken at the door spoke up again. “I’m Teddy. What brings you to my house this late at night?”

“Well, we were out trick or treating, and…” Ava started

“Dick or treating!” yelled a guy sitting on the floor in front of them. Some of the other guys laughed escort adıyaman at his extremely clever and well thought-out play on words.

Ava giggled a bit too, before getting back to talking. “…and we heard your music from the street and decided to see if you had anything for us.”

Teddy stood up and sat between them on the couch. There wasn’t much room for the three of them, and the only place to comfortably rest their hands were his thighs, so they did. Ava’s hand brushed his cock on its way down to its resting place. “To see if we had anything for you?” he repeated, interested. The young men sitting on the floor in front of the couch moved in closer.

“Anything,” the girls said in unison.

“You heard them, boys. Anything.” Teddy and his friends stood up, surrounding the couch. Chelsea and Ava remained seated.

“How about some… drinks?” Teddy teased. The bulge in his pants was growing rapidly, and was clearly visible to the two girls on the couch. They looked up at their newfound suitors and smiled. “Yes, please get us some drinks. Our throats are dry from walking around all night and not having any drinks,” Chelsea teased back.

“Alright, men. Let’s give these fine young women some drinks, like they asked for.” Chelsea and Ava grinned in anticipation. Following Teddy’s lead, however, they all left for the kitchen. They girls were confused and felt led-on, until they heard Teddy yell from the other room “Close your eyes!” They did as they were instructed, and heard the sound of rushed footsteps at the couch as surrounded again.

“Open them,” Teddy commanded. They did just that, and were greeted by the sight of eleven erect dicks on all sides of them, all at eye level. Teddy, who had also removed his shirt, had written in black ink “DRINK ME” on his abs, with an arrow pointing downwards underneath. The girls laughed at the silly gesture, but quickly positioned themselves on their knees on the couch, with Chelsea facing the towards the back. Ava removed her gloves and dropped them onto the floor. Taking firm hold of the penises of the men on either side of the party host, Ava began to stroke slowly. The warm and firm feeling in her hands excited her, making her gasp in pleasure.

Her moment was interrupted, however, by Teddy taking the opportunity to position his cock at the opening of her pouty lips and thrust quickly inside. Ava had been facefucked before, but never this unexpectedly. She choked a bit before pulling back, gasping for air. She looked up at him sweetly and kissed its tip before slowly opening her mouth and engulfing it. She swished her tongue around the shaft, bobbing her head up and down while retaining eye contact and still stroking the other two dicks. None of them was the largest she had ever experienced firsthand, but they were still relatively big. She momentarily snapped out of her blissful fellatio state to notice the choking and slapping sounds she heard to her right, but was too engaged in the three dicks she was servicing to pay too much attention to what was going on outside of her own pleasure.

After a few minutes of this, the cock in her left hand spurted its seed unexpectedly, showering her hair and part of her cheek in sticky cum. She took a break from blowing Teddy to suck him clean until he went limp in her mouth and pulled away to watch some more. She angled her body on the couch so that Teddy’s boner filled her right hand, leaving her mouth and left hand open to be filled. Seeing these vacancies, two black guys on the opposite side of the couch rushed around to satisfy her. In her many years of experience, Ava had encountered several black cocks, all of which fit the stereotype to a T, and these two were no different. Ava let go of Teddy for a minute to grab the two enormous penises and place them on either side of her face to demonstrate their size. Thankfully for Ava’s throat, the larger one was positioned in front of her hand. She gripped it tightly and stroked it from base to tip, before remembering that she was in the middle of jerking Teddy off too.

Not wanting to be surprised with another throatfucking, Ava quickly took the other black cock in her mouth, sucking hard and fast. He threw his head back, shouted “Aw, yes!” and reached down to her top. “Let’s get these titties out now, alright?” He reached into her top, which was falling down anyway, and pulled out her milky white breasts. He pinched her thick nipples, causing her to moan around his enormous member and squeeze the other two in her hands painfully tight.

This sent Teddy over the edge, and he let loose a stream of cum that mostly landed on Ava’s mask, which reminded her that she was still wearing it. She let go of both dicks, took it off, and wiped the cum off and licked it off her fingers. She smiled at the taste and sucked the rest off of Teddy’s already limp dick before returning to the two black cocks eagerly awaiting her attention. She adjusted her body again, so that she could take turns sucking them while jacking them both off.

She was an expert at this maneuver after a few years of practice, making sure to cup both of the men’s heavy balls. Every once in a while, she would slap her face with whichever cock wasn’t sliding down her throat. Her slim white fingers made the dicks look even bigger in comparison.

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