Trisha is Finally Satisfied Ch. 01

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Part I: The Confrontation

As Michael peered threw the living room window he could see the hands of his twenty year old girl friend Trisha wrapped around the muscular ass cheeks of the stud she was sucking off. She made sure she kept an open view of her sucking clear to the picture window were she knew Michael might be watching. The stud had one hand around the back of her head as he guided his huge prick into her young tight mouth. From the corner of the room another well hung stud made his entrance, he was wearing only a pair of cutoffs with no shirt and dirty work boots.

He was carrying an expensive bottle of her Fathers good scotch in one hand and what looked like a pair of Trisha’s panties in the other. Trisha’s little frame sat on the couch, she had the base of the standing stud’s cock wrapped with one hand as the swollen head pushed in and out between her pouted tight lips. It looked as if the stud was about to blow his load as Trisha quickly jerked the horse cock in and out of her mouth, as the second stud came over to the couch he unzipped then dropped his cutoffs to the floor a cock at least 8 inches in length sprang out as she grabbed it with her free hand. She was now jerking one off while she sucked the other, then she started going from cock to cock sucking each one with a frenzy.

Michael still watching his young girlfriend from the window, managed to spring his own cock free as he slowly jerked himself off. As Michael watched closely he thought he recognized one of the studs, yes it looked like one of her ex-boy friends Danny if he remembered right. One of the men started to blow his nut, pulling out he sprayed his load all over his Trisha’s red little bra which was the canlı bahis only thing she was left wearing. The stud with the scotch took a seat on the couch resting back he pulled her between his legs and pushed her head down onto his rock hard cock, she sucked willingly. The other stud that just blew his nut was hard again in no time. Getting down behind her as she kneeled he parted her tight tanned ass cheeks and slowly inserted his middle finger into her fiery pussy.

He fucked her with his finger, as she raised her head off his friend’s cock moaning, she reached back grabbing one of her own ass cheeks pulling it apart to make room for the finger. As she pulled her ass cheeks apart her ex boyfriend drooled some spit between her ass cheeks, and slowly started to rub the huge head of his eight inch hard-on against her virgin asshole, a hole that even Michael didn’t get a chance to penetrate yet. Michael couldn’t believe his eyes was she really going to let the stud fuck her in the ass for the first time? But before Michael could even finish the thought he could hear his young girlfriend moan through the living room window. Michael looked back at the threesome as the stud slid his throbbing member into Trisha’s hot virgin ass. He grabbed her tight little ass cheeks with his big hands, as the other one sitting on the couch directed her moaning mouth back to his hard cock, she took it back in her mouth with no hesitation. The ass fucker started slapping her on the ass as she sucked his buddies cock.

Meanwhile Michael quietly walked into the front door of the house and walked his way down the hall way now clearly hearing the moans coming from his girlfriend’s mouth. He slowly kaçak iddaa peered around the wall looking into the living room he could see the two men having their way with his little girl. How’s it going honey Michael blurted out stunning all three of the naked participants. Hi honey, want you to meet to good friends of mine, Todd and Danny.

Michael walked over to the threesome stretching out his hand to the one fucking his girlfriend in the ass. Danny looked shocked but kept fucking her tight ass, ‘ahaha nice to meet you’ he said to Michael, taking one hand off Trisha’s ass to shake Michael’s hand. You guys keep doing what your doing, looks like she’s really enjoying it. Relax guys, Michael said calmly, this has been a fantasy of ours for awhile now and your helping us fulfill it, keep fucking her. They seemed to relax but still didn’t seem to sure that this situation was cool. Trisha went back to sucking, Todd went back to fucking and Michael just sat in the chair beside them with cock in hand jerking himself off.

Trisha started to jerk the cock off in her mouth faster and faster Todd was ready to unload fill her up guy she’s a little slut she loves it hu baby ‘yes I fuckin love it a cock in my mouth and ass, big enough to satisfy’. Todd started shooting pulling out he threw a load of sperm all over her pretty young face. She rubbed it all over her lips just as Danny started coming in her ass, pulling out he sprayed a huge load which dripped between the crack of her ass and down over her pussy. She turned to Michael, “I want to fuck you baby want some sloppy seconds” better than nothing at all. She stood up as Michael pulled his pants down to his ankles sitting in the chair. kaçak bahis Her sexy little body walked its way over to him she straddled his lap grabbing his cock with her cum soaked hand, haven’t got it in the pussy yet baby its waiting for you after they get it. Fuck me she turned to Danny yelling, his cock already for another run.

She sat on Michael’s lap as Danny came up behind her. Michael held her around the waist as Danny was about to enter her pussy. Michael could feel Danny’s body weight pushing Trisha’s small frame against his chest as Danny started to penetrate her hot hole. ‘Yes fuck me hard baby fuck me”, Trisha cried, she turned towards Michael, ‘feel OK baby’ Michael asked, yes honey feels unfuckin believable. Michael started to kiss his young girlfriend deeply on the mouth, as her ex-boyfriend continued to pound her from behind. He could taste the salty sperm that was shot in her mouth just moments before by the biggest dick of the two. He kissed and licked her pouted lips, Todd now hard and with cock in hand came over from the couch slapping his buddy on the ass, let me have a turn on the bitch dude, Danny withdrew from her pussy just as Trisha was having another orgasm, grabbing Michael around the neck she screamed, “I’m fucking coming, her pussy wasn’t empty long as Todd sank his horse cock into her dripping hole.

Fuck her fuck her good, Michael yelled, stick it in her ass, ya my ass Trisha agreed. Todd withdrew placing the head of his cock at the entrance of her hot now not so virgin asshole. He slid in inch by inch as Michael reached underneath his girlfriends little frame to find her pussy with his fingers, her cunt still waiting for its first load to be fed to it from one of these hard studs. Michael could feel the thrusting of Todd’s cock being rammed in and out of his young girlfriends tight pussy. A joint was being passed around now with everyone taking a hit, the party was just getting started.

(End of Part 1)

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